SONY RMDX53 CD Player Remote Control

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Notice: The original SONY RMDX53 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the SONY RMDX53 remote control is stocked!

SONY RMDX53 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with CD Player models: CDPCX5, CDPCX53, CDPCX55, CDPSX53, RMDX55, RMU301, RMU302, SAW442, SONSTRDE315, SRSE481, STR315, STRD415, STRDE351, STRDE415, STRDE418, STRDE515, STRE315, STRED315, STREDE315, STRSE481, CDPCX53

Compatible with CD Player models: 146747211, 147380111, 147510811, 147513611, 147513621, 147565411, 147571011, 147572611, 147580221, 169302211, CDCPX210, CDP231, CDPC211, CDPC221, CDPC231, CDPCX2, CDPCX200, CDPCX205, CDPCX210, CDPCX225, CDPCX250, CDPCX5, CDPCX53, CDPCX55, CDPCX681, CDPX200, CDPX205, DS2430RW, HST211, HST221, HST231, HT805, HTD805, HTW700, NS6800, PCX200, PV4025S, R2100, R2100CD, R2200, R2300, R2800, R4100, R4700W, R4800, R48002, R5800, RMDX200, RMDX220, RMDX250, RMDX55, RMLJ301, RMS102, RMS241, RMU301, RMU302, RMU421, RMU475, RS800, SAW442, SCN581CD, SE481CD, SEN205B, SEN211, SEN221, SEN221CD, SEN231, SEN231CD, SEN301, SEN301CD, SEN311, SEN311CD, SEN4471CD, SEN471CD, SEN481CD, SEN581, SEN581C2, SLRV200, SLVR200, SONHTW700, SONR5800, SONSEN231CD, SONSEN481CD, SONSTRDE325, SONSTRV200, SRSE481, SRTDE325, SSU221, SSU471AV, SSU481AV, STDE325, STDRE325, STJX311, STJX411, STJX421, STJX431, STJX500, STJX521, STJX531, STR315, STR5E81, STR741, STRAV200, STRD315, STRD325, STRD360, STRD360Z, STRD415, STRD460, STRD460Z, STRDE25, STRDE315, STRDE324, STRDE32S, STRDE351, STRDE355, STRDE414, STRDE415, STRDE418, STRDE5, STRDE515, STRDE825, STRE315, STRE325, STRED315, STRED325, STREDE315, STRSE381, STRSE481, STRSE581, STW700, SUS2310, SUS4610, SUS4710, SUS471CD, SUS4810, SUS5810, TAAV221, TAAV481, TAAV531, TAAX311, TAXX285, WMFX487

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Product description

P/N: 147520821

Model: RMDX53
Part Number: RMDX53
Associated Number: RM-DX53
Catalogue No.: 1230
This remote control controls units : CD Player
Battery Required : 2 AA

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