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  1. Ensure that the batteries are properly inserted and in good working condition. Note that even "brand new" batteries can sometimes be non-functional.
  2. Activate your digital camera or open the camera app on your smartphone. Please note that for iPhones, the front-facing camera must be used as the backside cameras may not function.
  3. Direct the top side edge of the remote, where the IR Emitter is located, towards the camera lens.
  4. Test each button on the remote by pressing them while observing the IR emitter on the digital camera screen. A functioning remote will display a flickering light on the camera screen.

**Buttons that will not work on any remote control:**

- Device select buttons (e.g., MODE) such as TV / DVD / VCR / Cable / SAT buttons.
- Program or Setup buttons.

**Diagnosis and Solutions:**
  • If the remote control is functional, a flickering or steady light will be visible through the camera screen when any button is pressed. Test each button to ensure they all emit a signal. If all buttons function, the issue might lie with the base device rather than the remote. If the remote is universal, it may require reprogramming.
  • If some buttons work while others do not, it is possible that the remote operates in different modes. You might need to select a specific mode before using corresponding buttons. Check if your remote can be programmed for different modes. Press a different mode button before retrying.
  • If the remote partially works, with the light appearing only when specific buttons are pressed or when buttons are pressed firmly, the problem can be easily resolved.

**Possible Solutions:**
  • DIY Repair: You can repair the remote yourself by ordering our Key-Pad-Repair Kit.
  • Purchase New: Explore our website using your remote's model number to find replacement options.

**Commonly Affected Buttons:**
  • Power
  • Channel up/down
  • Volume up/down
  • Keypad numbers

In case the remote does not work at all, no light will be visible when any button is pressed.