Established in 1987, Dan's Electronics Etc., Inc. swiftly transitioned to an online presence in 1999 with the surge of internet popularity. Committed to unparalleled customer satisfaction, we strive to cater to our customers' needs by delivering exceptional products and top-notch service. Our expansive inventory boasts a diverse range of products, including remote controls, operating manuals, code booklets, TV stands, wall mounts, cables, hospitality remotes, and an array of home audio and video accessories.

Proud owners of the registered trademark for the esteemed "ANDERIC" brand, we specialize in providing replacements for discontinued or high-demand original equipment remotes through our premium "ANDERIC" remote line, which has been manufactured for over a decade.

As for, our virtual platform has been live since 1999, coinciding with the early days of internet giants like Amazon and eBay. Our commitment to innovation has been a hallmark of our journey. We were among the pioneers in the industry, presenting product images when most websites were limited to mere textual descriptions. Notably, our groundbreaking "product compare" feature, facilitating side-by-side comparisons of two remotes, was one of our early additions, and we are proud to offer this feature even today.