Ordered a replacement receiver and remote for my approx. 20 year old Hunter fan. Order came in a timely manner and was a perfect fit. Plug & Play as they say. Everything works as it should and took less than a day to install. Vey happy and a great company to do business with.

I have a 68" altura fan which I love. It stopped working bit by bit. I learned from this website that the problem was probably a defective receiver module located in the fan . An upgraded unit was available but would require a different remote.I ordered both and recently easily installed both since the module was a " plug & play ". The fan is back in action for which I am very happy. Thanks to all.

I have been looking for replacement remote for a ceiling fan with many functions and was having a difficult time finding one until I contacted Eric at replacement remotes.com. I gave him the description and sent a photo and he found me a replacement and had the order placed in minutes. Eric made my day by getting this handled so quickly with good old fashioned customer service. Thanks very much for the excellent service!!!

Hunter Model 23457 Ceiling Fan with Hunter 85112-02 Receiver, missing Remote. Purchased ANDERIC RR7078TR/UC7051R Replacement Ceiling Fan Kit for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan. Your Part UC7051RKIT. This works great. The only change I had to make was the wiring going to the lights. The original receiver had a male and a female connector. The new receiver has two male connectors. I simply cutoff the white wire on the original module about half way back. This wire had the proper female gender for the lamp wiring. I then used an insulated 1/4" Tab Male & Female connector to splice the wires to the new module. You could use a butt connector. The idea is to keep the wiring as flat as possible when you install the receiver in the cover. It works great!! Hunter wanted me to buy a new fan for over $300 since this part was no longer available from them. They even offered 15% off. The hardest part was finding your company. It took several days. I kept looking for an answer to bypass the remote function. All I had was turning on/off the light by a wall switch. I finally caught a comment in a service blog about using a Hampton Kit. When I dug deeper I found your company. Thank You!!!

I needed an "AN-MR600" LG remote control for my much-loved LG TV to replace one that stopped working after water spilled onto it. I found out that LG discontinued making those. What it didn't say on that same LG web page is that they make a newer one now that controls several of their discontinued TV models, including my OLED55C6P. (The reason I didn't get an off-brand universal remote is that they don't have the ability to control certain functions on some LG TVs such as controlling an on-screen pointer and a program guide for all local, over the air, broadcast channels). After much more searching on the internet, I found out about the new remote, model "AKB75455602". LG doesn't directly sell them from their website though. Even more searching, and I couldn't find anyone that sells new ones, except Dan's Electronics. Thank you guys. It arrived on time and undamaged.

Bought a remote for 6-speed ceiling fan, remote model ANDERIC RR787T. I don't recommend this remote. It uses a special little 12V battery and this remote eats batteries even when hardly used.

I'm going to be completely honest -- after trying and failing to program too many remotes to control my old Hitachi TV, I didn't think this one was going to work. I mean, I was totally prepared to put in the batteries, press power and be disappointed. So when *everything* worked, exactly as it should, I literally jumped up and down with excitement. It's the little things, right? Anyway, great product, on time, as promised. Too rare!

I ordered a replacement remote for my celling fan 2 days ago I got it as, It worked with my fan without doing anything extra. The one you order from other places they say it does work right from the box and when you read the reviews you find unhappy clients. Thank you Erick and Dan electronics.

I lost my previous AT&T Remote and so I needed a replacement unit. Saw this one on line and the description was exactly what I wanted. The price was very reasonable and so decided to give it a go. I was glad I did as I am very pleased with the Remote Control. Works exactly as the original unit. A happy customer.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Very impressed...I ordered the replacement remote June 1, 2021 at 11:45 AM, and received it in only 24 hours. Now just have to take it over to my daughters to make sure it works and all is good!

Had previously ordered one from another site, waited three weeks and the order had not been processed yet. So I called and they informed me it would take 4-6 weeks....cancelled immediately.

Just got the replacement remote for my Hampton Bay fan (Model:FAN9T). It came 3 days ahead of schedule. Step 1 - Opened the box. Step 2 - Put in the batteries. Step 3 - Dip Switches were already set the same as my old remote. Step 4 -Turned it on. Everything worked perfectly. The price was good. Shipping was ahead of schedule. Instructions were excellent. I couldn't have ask for better Service. Thank you.

Good Day, Just want to say that you folks are awesome! Great Site, Great Service, Great Product and Fast Shipping!!! It was really a pleasure doing business. Thank You...Stay Safe and God Bless.

Just wanted to thank you for your help and service. Sorry I wrote this to your comments page before I noticed the testimonial page.

I just want to thank this company for having the information of operating the fan with a fresh set of batteries. I follwed the steps, let the fan run to reset itself...and now our master bedroom fan is back to 100%

I received the replacement remote for my Channel Master DVR that was lost over the holidays. It came earlier than expected. I plug in the four code numbers that was on the information diagram that I copied before ordering, since Channel Master is not in the instruction manual, and the remote worked great. In fact I feel that it works better than the original. Plus I coded in the numbers for my other devices so I only need one remote now. Thank you.

Hi, i acquired a remote from work excelent with my equipments...satisfied with my prodicts and fast delivery and cheap price....thanks Dans

Thank you for the quick response and sending me the remote control.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Kit worked perfectly. Devin H was very helpful. Right part. Day later than expected but USPS was just plain bogged down with deliveries.

The Replacement remote we got from Dan's Electronics works great! Set up with our LG television was super easy, even though it is not the original model. The remote arrived quite quickly in spite of COVID and being shipped from the US to Canada. Thank you Dan's Electronics!

The replacement remote and receiver work perfectly. It was shipped quickly and easy to install. I couldn't be happier with this product. I would highly recommend this remote and Dan's Electronics.

Ordered the replacement remote for my air-condition it arrived 2 days early. Programming was very easy. I highly recommend this company

I ordered a ANDERIC RR7078TR/UC7051R Replacement Ceiling Fan Kit for Hampton Bay to replace the one in our old Hunter MODEL 23529 ceiling fan. The fan was intermittent and stopped working all together. Replaced the receiver unit with this part and now it is working like a champ! Hope to get another 20 years out of it. Thank you Dans Electronics!

Perfect replacement part. 100% match with original failed part with foolproof wiring male and female connectors, housing size, color coding of wires, etc. Plus very fast free shipping (arrived 1 day earlier than quoted). A+++ seller.

I bought a replacement remote for my Ceiling Fan after searching endlessly on Amazon and everywhere else. I easily found the remote on Dan's Replacement Remotes and was thrilled to put in the batteries and have it work without having to adjust anything inside the fan itself...I went out and bought a lottery ticket after that!! I have never had anything work so easily and seamlessly, thanks Dan's and Anderic !

great job....on time and original equipment....i'm very happy

I needed a replacement remote for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan and I found one right away through Replacement Remotes. I quickly found the one I needed, not overpriced, free shipping. I even received it two days early. I will definately tell my friends about Replacement Remotes. Thank you Replacement Remotes!!!

Good dependable company. It immediately sent a replacement at no charge when it learned I had not received my order. I believe the replacement was ordered simultaneously as it began inquiry into the "lost" remote. I was relieved to receive instructions on what to do if both remotes were delivered.

My remote came promptly and was obviously new. Worked well, but then faltered. I message support and they quickly responded and sent me a new remote at no cost to me. Thank you!

I ordered a new remote for my cable box...it came within a matter of days. I put some batteries in and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much

Ordered a replacement remote came on time. Just opened the package popped in the batteries and it worked right away. So so happy I found this site. I thought I'd be forever using the buttons on the tv(pain in the butt).

I cannot believe how quickly they turned my order around. Not only that, but they helped me find the correct remote and wireless sensors for my fans. If it were not for them, I would have to remove 2 fans that I paid over $350 each for. Good job!!

I needed a new remote for my tv box, and I found this website. I was able to order what I needed and it is perfect. Very nice businessmen helped me, and I had excellent customer service. Fast shipping and will be recommending them to others in the future.

my dog as a tendency to destroy remotes, I've been able to replace my remote three times and every time it's been easy to find, reasonably priced and works perfectly every time; just at batteries. Shipping to Canada was quicker than I was expecting!

After calling to be sure I was ordering the correct remote kit for my fan, they initially sent the wrong one. Couldn't cancel in time, so I ordered the correct one and am returning the old one for credit. The second one works great and only took a few minutes to install. Very satisfied.

Bought a ceiling fan on clearance (just a price I couldn't pass) from Lowes about eight years ago and put it in a closet an forgot about it. Cleaning out and came across it, put it up and found it had mismatched remote and receiver in the box. Called manufacturer and of course now it was an old and obsolete product and parts no longer available. Ordered from this company and had new remote and receiver in two days! 20 minutes later my fan and light are working just fine. Thank you for your help and quick service.

Outstanding customer service! Great inventory. They have all the parts to replace and repair my remote controlled Hampton Bay ceiling fan- but I wasn't certain which part failed. Exchange was no problem, delivery was prompt. Knowledgeable staff helped lead me to the correct parts. Guaranteed I could return any or all parts that weren't correct or needed. Proved to be an invaluable resource, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me repair my fan. Thanks Timothy for helping to make quick work of this

I had to get a new remote for my Home Theatre System and is older. I was frustrated on where to get a new remote and worried about programing it, We are not savvy on doing things like that and get frustrated. I called Dan's Electronics and he helped me to the right one to get and helped me save money for shipping. I received it Quickly and well packed. I popped the batteries in and used it. He assured me there would be no programing and others said I did. I recommend Dan's Electronics if you are looking for a remote or other electronics. HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Remote worked right of package. I've bought a few remotes from Dan's and they all work great with ultra fast shipping. Thanks Dan.

It was here on time. Works great

What a great experience I had dealing with you. I was surprised to find you not only had the remote for my OTA DVR, but that it was less expensive than the manufacturer. I also received it in less than 5 days. I was quite impressed! Thanks.

I was skeptical when I bought my replacement remote 21 months ago. Now that I have been using it daily and it has withstood my raging two-year old toddler's attacks, I am confident in saying that you should give Dan's Electronics a chance. I am very happy with my remote.

I had a original remote I had been using for my stereo receiver for many years before the control buttons failed to operate. On searching the internet, I learned that the remote was no longer available. Before giving up on purchasing a replacement, I came upon Dan's Electronics. I called and spoke with a rep who advised me of the exact remote that would be sufficient for the replacement. I took my chances and purchased the remote he suggested. Within two days, the remote arrived and was fully operating my receiver with absolutely NO issues or problems! SO wonderful to receive a remote to replace an original that was 100% PERFECT for my needs!

I was shocked to see the negative reviews. I took a chance and ordered a replacement remote control on a (at least) 17 year old Philips TV that is my bedroom TV that won't quit. That's right, the old fashion bulky heavier than you know what. I ordered what I was told was the new replacement remote the day before Thanksgiving. Imagine my surprise when I received my new updated remote the following Monday that works like a charm? I could not be more pleased...!

I ordered a new remote for my sons new Samsung Blu-ray player. Ordered the he part on Saturday and it arrived Wednesday. Dry fast and prompt service and great price.

I searched everywhere including Sony and and Amazon and no one had the remote for my Bravo TV that I purchased in 2010. I bought a universal remote from Walmart and couldn't get it programmed so I returned it. I stumbled across Dan's Electronic Inc. website and put in the model of TV and this remove came up. No programming was necessary and the remonte works great!! I'm extremely satisfied.

I order a replacement remote for an older model Sylvania flat screen TV. It arrived within two days of ordering, but didn't work. Replacement Remotes sent another one at no charge to me, which did work, and they didn't even require that I return the first one. This was the second time I've ordered from them and am completely satisfied with their products and service. Highly recommend.

Fast shipping (from US-Israel), very reasonable price, and it worked immediately (for my broken Onkyo receiver remote). Great company!

I ordered a replacement remote for the FRIGIDAIRE a/c unit in my apartment. Guess they weren't built to take a tumble onto a hard floor!

Got it today, via U.S.P.S., actually a day SOONER than expected believe-it-or-not.

THANKS . . . for the FAIR pricing as well as the great service when I called in my order. Most professional and courteous.

I did send an inquiry to you and if you can assist with THAT, I may be far more than a 'REPEAT CUSTOMER".

Keep up the great customer service . . . 'IT' is rare to come across, these days.

Jay L. Toubman Lorain, Ohio

Found the replacement remote here for my Onkyo receiver. Works perfectly and it completely replicates the original remote down to every detail (might even be a little better--I like the feel of the buttons). And for a very good price. Shipping was very fast as well. Very happy!

I ordered 2 replacement remotes, one for a VIZIO tv and another for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. I placed my order on Wed and received it in TWO days! Needless to say I was happy at the fast shipping!! I put batteries in both remotes and they both immediately worked perfectly. Now I'm really happy!!! Thanks Replacement Remotes, I'll definitely be a return customer should another remote get lost or breaks. :)

Thanks so much for the quick service and great price for my Sony remote. It is wonderful to have my stereo up and running properly once again. If I ever need a other remote replaced, I have you bookmarked. Thanks again!

Great product and excellent customer service. I ordered my remote on Thursday evening and it was delivered to me on the following Saturday! The remote worded perfectly. I have ordered from replacement remotes previously and have never been disappointed. Thank you for your fast delivery.

I ordered a GENERIC REMOTE CONTROL KEYPAD REPAIR KIT REMOTE CONTROL:and this product works fine, i used it on my satellite remote and it works like a new one,thanks from a satisfied customer from The Netherlands

Tjalling Buursma Fiesland The Netherlands

Order 3121865-382526 INSIGNIA NSRC03A13 (p/n: 158141) TV Remote Control (new) from Dan's Electronics Etc. Inc./Replacement Remotes.com

I ordered a remote control for my brother, who needed a replacement for his Insignia NS32L120A13 television. My niece gave him this television and had lost the original remote control.

I'm glad that I found you. After a few minutes of searching on the internet, I was able to locate the original manufacture's remote control. The price was more than reasonable, the ordering process easy, and the shipping was quick (the remote arrived two days before it was expected).

According to my brother, the remote control works great. He popped in the batteries and the television came to life. He now can access all of the functions the television has to offer.

Thank you for making a large paperweight into a totally functioning second television that his grandchildren can enjoy when they visit (it solved the problem of two grandchildren who have very different tastes in tv programming).

My replacement remote took awhile to get,but is perfect and reasonably priced.Thank you.Ray.

Wow Great service, great price shipped fast remote works great.Thanks

Ordered a replacement remote for a Yamaha receiver. The original wasn't made anymore but the one I ordered not only worked, ("right out of the box" without needing setup) I like it a lot better than the original. On top of that, shipping was FAST..all of the way across the country and to my PO Box in the boonies on the West coast of Washington State in just a few days. I'm impressed. So much so that I've toled friends that if they ever have a remote that goes south, et me know. I know where they can go for help. A+ on product info, the product itself, shipping, and the comp[any in general. It';s nice to deal with a good honest company. And oh, btw, payment methods are great. Felt very secure.

So thankful to replacementremotes.com for helping me locate a TV replacement remote for my original remote that just stopped working. Through this company I found out that the remote was no longer available but that there was a replacement one similar to. The front panel was locked on this TV and could only be unlocked with the remote. I was thinking I was going to have to throw out the TV along with the broken remote! Ordered the replacement remote and received it six days later. Pressed the "on" button and the TV came on with no programming. Unlocked the front panel and I'm one happy customer. Will be spreading the word. THANK YOU!

THE BEST ! I bought a Sony RMAAU020, and am awesomely happy. JOY !! These folks have OEM original remote controls that you can't get anywhere else. If you by from &mazon or 3Bay, you'll get a cheap counterfeit remote that doesn't really work. Don't waste your time and money; SHOP HERE FIRST. Save yourself hassle and anguish; accept no substitutes and get the real thing. These folks really have what you need.

I bought a refurbished One Connect box for my Samsung tv, it worked just as expected and I saved a good amount of money in the process. Shipping and packing were great. Thank you very much replacementremotes.com


On September 3, 2017 I ordered a replacement remote for my Onkyo receiver. My old remote was no longer able to control the volume. This new one arrived in 4 days and it works great. It looked absolutely the same as the old one except for the name written on it and had a slight coloration difference. The receiver is Onkyo HT-SR800 and the remote number was RC-681M. The new remote is Anderic RR682M. I am more than pleased with the remote and replacementremotes.com.

I bought a replacement for an older model Hampton Bay ceiling fan and it worked perfectly!!! I am purchasing another for an additional fan (remotes were taken by previous owner) I have lived in this house 6 years and it's great to finally be able to use the fans and lights

Works! Got here fast! Pleased as punch!

Very easy to find the correct item and complete the order. Good clear confirmation info and tracking number received. Arrived very well packed, and very fast for international posting. Put batteries in, worked right away. Great job, perfect, highly recommended.

I had a bit of a mix up when I placed an order. The gentleman I talked to was very helpful in getting the mix up cleared up. Everything was handled promptly and accurately. I just received the item I ordered. It had been back-ordered and it wasn't supposed to arrive until next week. All in all, I have a great experience even with a mix up that was my fault. Thank you Andy!

Great! The remote arrived FAST, and worked on my fan as soon as I put in the battery. Saved me from buying a new fan. THANK YOU.

Thanks so much for getting our replacement remote here so quick! It works perfectly!

What can I say about this company that the other 100 people befour me hasn't said. This is a genuine and honest company who deliver just what you order and the product works and looks almost new. In today's world with all the scams going on with purchasing online products you won't go wrong giving them your business. We need more company's like this that we can do business with.Thank you replacement remotes for my remote . I will be doing business with you again.

My dog chewed up my remote so I purchased a refabbed remote at replacementremotes at $50 less than the manufacturer wanted for a new one. It arrived quickly but wasn't working - would only turn the tv on and off. I emailed customer support and Andy informed me that I had to "pair" the new remote as per my tv owner's manual. Worked like a charm. Very happy.

Was very skeptical of ordering from a company I didn't know and for a control you can't see. But amazingly i put batteries in the replacement and it works GREAT!! I just ordered a replacement remote for a different TV!! Thank you!!!!

Amazing service. I had a remote for a Pioneer Elite SC-05 in which the volume buttons failed. Pioneer Customer Service wanted ~$270 for a replacement, and when I balked, they suggested I try Replacement Remotes. $30.00 and about two weeks after shipping it in, my remote was returned to me fully functional. One Happy Customer.

great company super fast shipping i would reccomend


I ordered 2 refurbished remotes for my Samsung plazma TV. Fast shipping looks like new and works great. Thank you

My Mitsubishi remote was lost almost a year ago. I tried to contact there service parts center and it has permanently closed. I stumbled across this website and I have to be honest I was a little sceptical due to previous experience but not only did I receive the exact remote but my order arrive in 3 days...very impressed I give you 5 stars people!!!!

Placed my order for replacement remote for Philips HD TV as I had contacted the company and cost of a new remote was expensive. Searched online, found Replacement Remotes, talked to a gentleman there, he asked me my TV model no. Told me the price of 2 different remote models, I chose the generic model remote already programmed for my TV. My order was shipped and received in the time I was told it would be received in 5 business days. Back in control of the TV and enjoying how smooth remote operates, I like it better than the original. Thanks.

This company is unreal! Not only was I able to find a replacement for my yamaha surround receiver, but the price was very reasonable as well. Even better, the remote got here sooner than expected. Wish every online purchase was this simple and efficient. Hopefully my "orally fixated" husky will not be eating anymore remotes, but, if so, I know where to order from.

I have a 12-year old Hampton Bay outdoor ceiling fan that has been great. But for the past 5 years, it only worked with the light switch, as the remote was broken. I found a remote on this site that looked exactly the same, but not Hampton Bay -- checked the model number on the back of the broken one, and ordered a 7080T. Just got it today. I configured the back tabs to match the old one, and had it working perfectly in 2 minutes. Not sure why I didn't spend this $25 5 years ago! Thanks! Tim

Thank you so much for the remote control for my JVC television. Without this remote I could not use my other devices that are hooked up to my tv. The remote works great and I was so happy to find a company that was able to provide me exactly what I needed.

The best customer service and quick shipping too. Do not hesitate to place your order.

Thanks again, Annmarie Brooklyn, N.Y.

We are very happy with the romote we ordered, it does every thing the original did when it did work. We also appreciated the prompt service, we recieved the remote a lot sooner than we expected. Thank you very much it's nice when a company does what it says it'll do

I had my remote repaired by these guys and the process was flawless. After months of not havinga remote I decided that I would get a replacement and came across the web-site for replacement remotes and decided to give then a try before buying a new remote. Not to brag but I usaually make the right decision and this was another - GREAT ONE !! You guys rock!!

I am very satisfied with my Replacement Remote. Thank you so much. I will continue to order from you if needed. Claudette Bethune in Nixa, MO.

I have a 39" philips LED Flat screen Smart TV. I had always heard that Philips was a good BRAND overall. TV is nice Great picture,Features etc. Since I have had TV 3 yrs now I have had 2 issues with this Model 1 the WIFI signal in TV is Horrible, and I am running the best WIFI extenders and Booster antennas around, My router will pick up another signal 1000ft away!! I have a Roku in the Bedroom with NO ISSUES. So finally I had to resort to HARDWIRING TV (Ran ethernet cable directly from router through crawl space and straight into TVs Ethernet port) (PROBLEM FIXED) The 2 issue is that the factory remote, might has well been a Dog toy. (USELESS) The ABSOLOUTE worst Remote I have ever owned. The eye or (emitter) is recessed in remote almost 1/4" I found this Website and spoke to someone on the phone. So I purchased the ANDERIC-RRHG003. Probably the best Remote Control I have ever owned, They told me "If I had any issues with this Remote to Return it for a Refund" (NOT!!)Simply put 2 (PROBLEM FIXED) Sorry this is such a long post, but I feel I needed to warn others about this Particular Model of TV and its issues. Anyway thanks guys, you certainly know what your doing and if I need another Remote for a different component rest assured I will BE BACK. You have earned a place on my Favorites list THANK YOU MARK

I found an older vcr to replace one that had broken. Of course no remote, but this company had one that worked great. The shipping wad very fast ordered on Monday had it by Thursday. I would do business with them again,

I just got my remote for an older model Toshiba tv. I love the tv but it was given to me without a remote! So I finally ordered one. It was refurbished but they had one! It came on time and works beautiful. I'm very happy with it. Ordering was simple and I'm definately going to order from this company again.

Feels like a local company. The guy called me from replacement remotes after noticing my name come across his desk twice having ordered the same remote. He called me up and cleared up the card issue that prevented the first one from shipping and canceled the other having correctly deduced that I had only wanted one of the remotes and something had gone wrong with the first transaction. Even though the phone number on the first transaction didn't work he found a way to contact me and clear this up in less than 2 minutes. I haven't seen someone just pick out a customer issue from memory like that unless I have walked into a store twice and talked to the same person. Well done!.

Wonderful service. My remote works better than it has in years. It came back just in time! It was the only access to the menu and I needed to set the VCR for a new program the next day. Thanks so much.

Ordered my remote Friday. Got it Monday! The remote for my 2007 Emerson CRT works beautifully! The price was cheaper than in other site and the shipping super.I got the remote wrapped in a bubble paper envelope. I am super happy. Will buy again from them. I highly recommend this company.

WOW! Ordered Saturday and received on the opposite coast by Wednesday! My TV is over 20 yrs old, and many of the often used buttons on my original remote stopped working. This remote is a recommended substitution because the original is no longer available. It worked perfectly right from the start! Thank you!

I have an OLD Panasonic DVD player and the remote stopped working. I ordered a remote from Replacement Remotes and within a week, I had a new one that worked perfectly. I really was shocked by the professional service and support from this company. Everything is first rate. Thank you Replacement Remotes!!!!

Ordered the remote replacement, received it sooner than expected, put in batteries and it worked. Just like the website said. Easy to order, reasonably priced, and does what it says. Hard to find an honest company now adays. Thank you very much. Would recommend to others in a heart beat.

Great Item, Great Shipping Item Was Correct.

I found the exact remote for my stereo. They shipped it right away. Unfortunately I sent it to my old address but with tracking and mail forwarding I received it in perfect condition. Very happy with the company and service 'replacement remotes'. Rocky S.

I received my remote control to my shelf stereo and was extremely satisfied. It seems like a miracle, because I was told since my stereo was so old, I could never get a replacement. If you ever need a remote please contact this company. It is the best thing since the invention of the remote. This is truly a wonderful service, and the best I have ever had a pleasure to do business with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Been looking all over the net to find replacement remote for my old Pioneer receiver. I can't believe I finally find it here. Everything works as expected, i only need to find a pair of batteries then everything goes smoothly... Thank you very much replacementremotes.com

I found the remote I needed very quickly on your website, Ordered it and it arrived two days later.....works perfectly...very satisfied..would recommend you to my friends.....thanks

Thanks so much. I thought my TV wasn't going to work anymore, but someone told me about buying a remote control replacement , Your service was so fast and convenient for me. Instead of looking in the stores I found just what I needed in minutes. And my TV works perfectly, thanks for your service . it"s excellent. Truly yours : Sandra Q. Las Vegas, Nevada.


Thank you so much for the outstanding service and fast shipping! The new receiver module that I purchased for my Hampton Bay fan was an exact replacement. Within in five minutes, I had the fan working again with all speeds and light dimmer options functional using the original remote control!



Everything to the fullest satisfaction. Exactly, as desired.

Many thanks from Germany

Received my remote in 3 days - over a weekend. And it worked! I had my doubts since it was for a fairly rare older device from a manufacturer that no longer exists. I had found other websites offering replacement remotes for as much as $45. I paid $15 for an original remote. Also received a friendly and courteous email when I made the purchase. These people are awesome. I wish I had other remotes to replace just so I could deal with them again.

Received the Anderic RRVSB210 today, two days ahead of schedule! This the remote my Vizio SB4021M-A1 should have come with, instead of the poorly made original that was supplied by Vizio. Worked instantly, no set up, installed batteries and it was fully operational and compatible.

Received replacement remote sooner than predicted date and the item is exactly as promised. New and working well. Very satisfied with this company.

Thank you so much for the fast shipment of my remote! It works very well; I'm very pleased. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a remote!

Hi, There just aren't the precise word(s) for me, to express to you, the value you have invested in you employee "Jean." I am not easily impressed these days with service, we the customers receive when dealing with companies, etc., via phone or other means of communication. Every customer service departments in other companies, corporations, should have a "Jean" representing their company. Knowledgeable, warm, friendly, kind, smart, witty, get business done and done right, we'll figure t out, and so on and on was who I had on the other end of my phone, trying to tell me how to set up a new remote, I ordered from your company. I am a 77 year-old woman who knows nothing about computers, technology, etc. I'll tell you the truth, my body has traveled forward and my brain, head and heart stayed in the fifties. Please know there have to be other customers of yours who appreciate "Jean" but may not have put pen to paper to tell you. Thanks, C. Morris.

Fantastic customer service!! Fast shipping, received new original remote rather than replacement as ordered, well-packaged. I had a problem with set-up but it was remedied promptly with immediate, courteous phone assistance. I even received a follow-up call to verify satisfaction. I couldn't be more impressed with this company and their service. Highly recommended!!!!!!

MANY THANKS to Jean for her work in assisting me to get the right equipment for my blind sister to use. She was quite the time saver and just a very pleasant person. THANKS JEAN !

I have several remotes. Didn't want to spend lots of cash replacing them so I tried the "keypad repair kit". Best investment ever. Works great. Thanks.

thanks for my new replacement remote ct-90325 work perfect with my toshiba 40 inch tv super fast service thank you again

I ordered a replacement remote for my Dad's DTV Converter Box on December 21, 2011. I really wasn't expecting to have the remote delivered by Christmas, but the folks here at replacementremotes.com did a great job of getting the order filled in time to arrive on Friday, December 23, 2011. That was very efficient service! And by the way, the remote works great, and the buttons have all the original crispness which had faded to a mushy touch in the old remote. Thanks for the speedy delivery!

I thought I would really be in trouble when my dog chewed my VCR remote. I found a replacement VCR remote here that was affordable, received it within 5 days after ordering, and it works great. Wonderful experience and so glad to have come across this website.

Inherited a Memorex TV that did not have a remote. No universal remote would work with it. Ordered an OEM replacement remote and it worked right out of the package and for a reasonable price. Only down side is that it took a little over 3 weeks to get it since it was a special order and not an "in stock" item. But it was worth the wait and I'm happy!

someone gave us a good running t v but it was missing a remote that was ok except it was stuck on closed caption i didnt need remote as i have cable but you cannot cancel closed caption without a remote so i did not want to spend a lot of money on a remote as the only thing i needed it for was to cancel the cc i ordered one of your used remotes that matched and it worked immediately so my problem was solved by a 10 dollar refurbished remote i am so pleased that i felt compelled to thank you for offering a economical solution

The remote for my older TV broke; I need the remote to switch from TV to DVD. I was hesitant about ordering from a company I'd never heard of, but after reviewing the website decided to give it a try. The remote took almost two weeks to arrive, but it was worth it! It worked right out of the package and allowed me to salvage what is still a perfectly good TV. This is a great service you're providing -- thanks so much!

Ordered replacement remote for Panasonic Inverter 12,000 BTU mini split, unit arrived super fast, as advertised, factory new, works great. Great service, will buy again from this vendor.... Victor.

I have a Sanyo DS35510 tv needed a remote to switch to DVD... tried numerous universal remotes from other places with no results (although some said oh, it'll work.. yeah right, none did) Once i came to replacement remotes they hooked me up with a remote RRFXVG this worked PERFECT with no programming and now i can use my DVD player!! Delivery in a week!! You guys Rule!! Thanks. I'd recommend you to anyone that needs a remote.

thanx for the remote it works great and your service is exellent . i got the remote for a daewoo dvd player and it came in the mail fast that is most cool too all in all i am very happy will all you did and thanx again for the remote paul , florence, al , u.s.a

The remote for my cablebox broke. The oem original from the cable company was $125.00. A used replacement from one of the auction houses was between $50 to $75.00. Researcing a replacement remote with all of the advertized companies on the internet either turned up no repkacement unit or one that might ??? work. Your company not only was able to cross my oem remote to a replacement but guaranteed it to work. Witch it did perfectly upon recepit. And the price was unbelievably reasonable even with the batteries. It was less than the shipping charges. Great job, and thank you very much.

I would like to thank replacementremotes.com for the good service. I just received the remote which I ordered (YAMAHA RAV180) Best Regards Johann Stivala from The tiny island Malta


Ordered Thur, shipped Friday and received Monday... Already referred one person if needed and will post link on my FB page.

The remote that I required was no longer available. The replacement that they offered was guaranteed to work, and it did!! I am very happy with replacementremotes.com

I just bought a repalacement remote for my RCA CRK74A2 with RR62A model, and I just want to say that my new remote work just as good or better then the original remote. RCA do not make my remote anymore and the one I had was not working that good. So when I call Replacement remotes and they said that they had a replacement remote for me, and all I need to to do is just add the batteries. They was so right no programming just use it the same I did with my RCA remote. I am very happy with my new remote, and Will reccomend Replacement Remote to all my friend. Thank You Replacement Remotes, I am a Happy Customer. Kenneth Williams

My Vizio remote broke while under warranty and after several hoops and interrogation from Vizio they agreed to send me a new remote. Well after several follow up phone calls, chat session and back and fourths I continued to receive the same response from Vizio "Yes its ordered, will be shipped in 7days." So after two months of waiting the 7days I contacted Replacement Remotes and placed my order. Within a couple of days I have a new remote from Replacement remotes working with my new tv set. Yeh! Thanks to everyone at Replacement Remotes we now can use our Vizio tv.

I found the exact model of a remote (for an archaic JVC i-Art TV)I was looking for and it was reasonably priced. The shipping was from North Carolina to Ontario and it was reasonable also. It was easy to place the order and it arrived about 8 days later. The remote works great. Thank you Replacement Remotes!!!!!!!!

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