Magnavox RC1112501/17 TV Remote Control

Notice: The original Magnavox RC1112501/17 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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Magnavox RC1112501/17 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: MS2530C1, MS2530C121, MS2530C199, MS2530C3, MS2530C321, MS2530C399, MS2730C, MS2730C1, MS2730C121, MS2730C199, MT2501, MT2501C, MT2501C101, MT2501C121, MT2501C125, MT2501C199, MT250LC, PR1306, PR1306C, PR1306C1, PR1306C121, PR1906, PR1906C, PR1906C121, PR1906C122, PR1906C125, RC111250104

Compatible with TV models: 13MT1435, 13MT143S, 13MT1532, 13MT1533, 13MT153S, 13PR20, 13PR20C121, 19PR20C1, 19PR21, 19PR21C, 19PR21C1, 19PR21C121, 19PR21C122, 19PR21C125, 19PR21C222, 19PS57, 19PS57C, 19PS57C121, 19PS57C125, 20MS233S, 20MS334R, 20MS33R, 20MS343R, 20MT133, 20MT1335, 20MT1335S, 20MT1337, 20MT1338, 20MT133S, 20MTB35, 20MTS133, 25Feb, 313922883603, 313922887012, 313923803401, 313923804701, DS19580, MS2530, MS2530C, MS2530C121, MS2530C199, MS2530C321, MS2530C399, MS2730C121, MS2730C199, MT2501, MT2501C, MT2501C121, MT2501C125, MT2501C199, PR1306C121, PR1320, PR1320C, PR1320C121, PR1906C, PR1906C1, PR1906C121, PR1906C122, PR1906C125, PR1921, PR1921C, PR1921C1, PR1921C121, PR1921C125, PS1947, PS1947C, PS1947C1, PS1947C121, PS1947C125, RC1112501/17, RC1112901/04, RC111290104

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

MODEL: RC1112501/17, RC1112501/17


PN: 313922883591, 313922887012


ASSOCIATED #'S: 313922887011, MS2730C, RC1112501/17C, BLACK, MT250LC, 313922888101, MS27306, MS2730L, 483521917407

Model: RC1112501/17
Part Number: 313922887012
Catalogue No.: 4675
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    This is a remote control for an older T.V. When it broke I was afraid I wouldn't be able to replace it. When I ordered it, it was stated that it was a reconditioned remote & was missing the battery cover. Man, when it arrived it looked brand new & had the cover plate! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

    by Anonymous on June 01, 2015.
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