COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Cable Box Remote Control

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COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Cable Box models: RC1475507/02B Operating Manual and Codes

Compatible with Cable Box models: RC1475507/02B Operating Manual and Codes

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Product description

The original COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Pre-programmed to Scientific Atlanta, Motorola & Verizon boxes, but will program to any cable box. Instructions are provided. 
Comcast Universal Remote - Red OK/Select Button. Works the HD and none HD cable boxes.


Works with the following brands:

Audio Amplifiers, GE, JVC, Soundesign, Victor, Wards, Yamaha

Audio Receivers, ADC, Aiwa, Bose,  Capetronic, Carver, Denon,  Harman/Kardon,  Integra, JBL, JVC, Kenwood , Linn, Magnavox,  Marantz, Onkyo,  Optimus,  Panasonic,  Philips,  Pioneer , Polk Audio, Proscan, RCA, Sansui, Sony, Stereophonics, Sunfire, Technics,  Victor, Wards, Yamaha 

Cable Boxes,  ABC,  Americast, Bell South, Comcast, Digeo, Director, General Instrument , GoldStar, Hamlin,  Jerrold , Memorex, Motorola, Pace, Panasonic, Paragon, Philips,  Pioneer , Pulsar, Quasar, Regal,  Runco, Samsung, Scientific Atlanta , Sony, Starcom, Supercable, Torx, Toshiba, Zenith  

DVD Players, Accurian, Aiwa, Akai, Alco, Allegro, Amphion Media, AMW, Apex Digital , Arrgo, Aspire Digital, Audiovox, Blue Parade, Broksonic, Cinea, Cinego, CineVision, Citizen,  Coby , Craig, CyberHome , Daewoo     , Denon,  Disney,  Durabrand, DVD, Emerson , Enterprise, ESA,  Funai, Gateway, GE,  Go Video      , GoldStar, Harman/Kardon,  Hitachi, Hiteker, iLo,  Initial, Insignia, Integra, JBL, JVC  , Kawasaki, Kenwood,  KLH, Koss, Lenoxx, LG, LiteOn, Loewe, Magnavox     , Marantz, Memorex, Microsoft,  Mintek,  Mitsubishi,  NAD, NEC, Norcent, Onkyo,  Oritron, Panasonic   , Philips     , Pioneer, Polaroid, Polk Audio, Presidian, Proscan, ProVision, Qwestar, RCA    , Rio, Rotel, Sampo,  Samsung     , Sansui, Sanyo,  Sharp , Shinsonic,  Sonic Blue,  Sony    , Sova, Superscan, Sylvania, Symphonic,  Teac, Technics,  Theta Digital, Tivo, Toshiba   , Urban Concepts, US Logic, Venturer, Vizio,  Xbox,  Yamaha, Zenith   

DVD-R Players, Accurian, Apex Digital, Aspire Digital, Broksonic, Coby, CyberHome, Funai,  Gateway, Go Video,  iLo, JVC, LG, LiteOn,  Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Polaroid, RCA, Samsung,  Sharp, Sony , Sylvania, Zenith

TVs, Admiral,  Advent   , Aiko, Akai  , Albatron,  America Action, Anam, Anam National, AOC, Apex Digital  , Audiovox   , Aventura, Bell & Howell, BenQ, Bradford, Broksonic,  Candle, Carnivale, Carver, Celebrity, Celera, Changhong, Citizen, Clarion, Commercial Solutions,  Contec, Craig, Crosley, Crown, Curtis Mathes      , CXC, Daewoo   , Dell,  Denon, Denstar, Dumont, Durabrand  , Electroband, Electrograph, Electrohome, Emerson     , Envision,  ESA, Fisher,  Fujitsu, Funai , Futuretech, Gateway,  GE    , Gibralter,  Go Video, GoldStar,  Grunpy, Haier,  Hallmark, Harman/Kardon, Harvard, Havermy, Helios, Hello Kitty, Hewlett Packard,  Hisense, Hitachi , Hyundai, iLo, Infinity, Initial, Insignia , Inteq, JBL, JCB, Jensen , JVC, KEC, Kenwood, KLH,  Konka,  Kost, KTV,  LG    , Loewe, LXI  , Magnavox      , Marantz , Matsushita,  Maxent, Megapower, Megatron,  Memorex , MGA, Midland, Mintek, Mitsubish  , Monivision,  Motorola,  MTC,  Multitech, NAD, NEC,  NetTV, Nikko, Norcent,  NTC, Olevia, Onwa, Optimus , OptomA, Optonica,  Orion, Panasonic   , Penney    , Petters, Philco,  Philips, Pilot, Pioneer, Polaroid     , Portland, Prima  , Princeton,  Prism, Proscan, Proton,  Pulsar, Quasar  , RadioShack   , RCA      , Realistic  , Runco,  Sampo,  Samsung      , Sansui, Sanyo, Scotch, Scott, Sears    , Sharp , Sheng Chia, SigneT, Simpson, Sony, Soundesign,  Squareview, SSS, Starlite, Studio Experience, Superscan,  Supreme, SVA    , Sylvania   , Symphonic,  Syntax, Tandy, Tatung,  Technics,  Techview, Techwood, Teknika  , Telefunken, TMK, TNCi, Toshiba      , TVS, Vector ResearcH, Victor, Vidikron, Vidtech, Viewsonic   , Vizio , Wards   , Waycon, Westinghouse  , White Westinghouse,  YamahA, Zenith    

LCD TVs, Apex Digital, Audiovox, Dell,  Envision, Funai, Go Video, Hyundai, iLo, Initial, Insignia,  Kost, LG, Magnavox , Marantz, Maxent, Mintek, Mitsubishi, Olevia, Panasonic,  Petters, Philips, Polaroid , RCA,  Sampo, Samsung, Sharp,  Signet, Superscan, SVA, Sylvania, Symphonic, Syntax, Techview, Toshiba,  Viewsonic  , Vizio , Westinghouse  , Zenith

DVR/PVR Units, Panasonic, Philips, ReplayTV, Sonic Blue, Sony, Tivo 

VCRs And TV/VCR Combos, ABS, Admiral, Adventura, Aiwa,  Alienware, American High, Audiovox, Broksonic, Calix, Canon, Carver, Citizen,  Craig,  Curtis Mathes , CyberPower, Daewoo,  Dell, Denon, DirecTV, Durabrand, Dynatech, Electrohome, Electrophonic, Emerex, Emerson     , Fisher, Fuji,  Funai, Garrard, Gateway, GE  , Go Video, GoldStar,  Gradiente, Harley Davidson, Harman/Kardon, Hewlett Packard, HI-Q, Hitachi, Howard Computers, HP, HNS,  Humax, Hush, iBUYPOWER, JVC, KEC, Kenwood, Kodak,  Linksys, Lloyd’s, LXI, Magnasonic,  Magnavox     , Marantz,  Marta, Matsushita,  Media Center PC, MEI, Memorex     , MGA, Microsoft, Mind, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Motorola,  MTC, Multitech, NEC, Nikko, Niveus Media, Northgate, Olympus, Optimus  , Orion,  Panasonic    , Penney  , Pentax, Philco, Philips , Pilot, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Presidian, Proscan,  Pulsar, Quasar, RadioShack, Radix, Randex, RCA    , Realistic  , Ricavision, Runco, Samsung, Sanky,  Sansui, Sanyo, Scott , Sears   , Sharp,  Sony    , Stack,  STS, Sylvania    , Symphonic, Systemax, Tagar Systems, Teac, Technics,  Teknika, Thomas, Toshiba    , Totevision, Touch, Vector, Video Concepts, Videomagic, Viewsonic, Villain, Voodoo, Wards, XR-1000, Zenith , ZT Group

Model: RC1475505/02SB
Part Number: RC1475505/02SB
UPC: comcast
Associated Number: RC147550502SB
Catalogue No.: 78680
This remote control controls units : Cable Box
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    I am very happy with the remote very easy touse

    by Anna on October 18, 2016.
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    Website says that they only send the remote that is pictured. This is not true! I specifically ordered the silver remote with the "RED" select button, instead I received one with the "GREY" button. It still works, but not what I had ordered.

    by Antoinette on June 11, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    The remote worked perfectly! Your instructions on how to set it up was even better since it only took a few minutes and I was back in business.

    by Francis on June 04, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    So much better than my original remotes! Ordered and received them easily and quickly. Very happy with your service.

    by Anonymous on October 31, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Works great and excellent quality

    by Anonymous on June 10, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    works perfectly!

    by Anonymous on March 19, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    perfect replacement

    by Anonymous on September 16, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Used with a Comcast DCT700 SD Motorola box. Original remote. Fully functional after coding. Highly recommended. Excellent price.

    by Anonymous on April 05, 2014.
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