HITACHI VTRM625A VCR Remote Control

Notice: The original HITACHI VTRM625A remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the HITACHI VTRM625A remote control is stocked!

HITACHI VTRM625A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with VCR models: VTF530, VTF540A, VTRM625A, VTUX625, VTUX6258, VTUX625A, VTUX625AA, VTUX625AW, VTUX625SA, VTVX625A, VUTX625SA

Compatible with VCR models: 1018, 5614881, 5614898, 5616202, 5616203, 5616491, 5616492, C21TF750S, CDPCX153, CLU851GR, F362, F362A, f372, FV621A, FX600, FX613, FX621, FX623, HFTVTM281A, HITRM613A, HITVTFX624A, HITVTM281A, HITVTUX615A, HITVTUX617A, HL10151, HL10154, HL10211, HL10213, HL10321, HL10332, HL10622, HL10883, HL10991, HTF372A, MD5000CD, MTF370A, RCU01A, REMM17VD, RM613A, SRC1351101, TTM290A, UTM290A, UTUX617A, UX617, VF390A, VFT391A, VFT462A, VFT494A, VFT623A, VFX624A, VMT151A, VMT161, VPFX623A, VT0X627A, VT181, VT2700, VT2700A, VT2805A, VT3000, VT3000A, VT3006, VT3006A, VT370A, VT371A, VT3800A, VT3805A, VT494A, VTE494A, VTF329A, VTF352, VTF361, VTF361A, VTF362, VTF362A, VTF365, VTF365AW, VTF370, VTF370A, VTF371, VTF371A, VTF372, VTF372A, VTF375, VTF375AW, VTF380, VTF380A, VTF381, VTF381A, VTF382, VTF382A, VTF382AW, VTF385A, VTF385AW, VTF390A, VTF391, VTF391A, VTF391AC, VTF392A, VTF462, VTF462A, VTF482, VTF482A, VTF494, VTF494A, VTF621A, VTF623A, VTF624A, VTF92A, VTFM281A, VTFM284, VTFM382A, VTFX13A, VTFX524A, VTFX600, VTFX600A, VTFX600AC, VTFX600C, VTFX6134, VTFX6138, VTFX613A, VTFX614, VTFX614A, VTFX616A, VTFX621, VTFX621A, VTFX623, VTFX623A, VTFX624, VTFX6247, VTFX624A, VTFX627, VTFX627A, VTFX633A, VTFX6424A, VTH370A, VTM140, VTM140A, VTM140AW, VTM141, VTM141A, VTM151, VTM151A, VTM151AW, VTM161, VTM161A, VTM161AW, VTM170, VTM170A, VTM171, VTM171A, VTM171AW, VTM181, VTM181A, VTM181AR, VTM190A, VTM190AW, VTM191A, VTM241A, VTM248A, VTM261, VTM261AW, VTM262, VTM262A, VTM264, VTM265, VTM2658, VTM265A, VTM270, VTM270A, VTM272, VTM272A, VTM272D, VTM273A, VTM275, VTM275AW, VTM281, VTM281A, VTM281M, VTM282, VTM282A, VTM284A, VTM285AW, VTM28IA, VTM2909, VTM290A, VTM291A, VTM292A, VTM294, VTM294A, VTM294AW, VTM361, VTM361A, VTM370A, VTM372A, VTM380A, VTM381A, VTM382A, VTM392A, VTM482A, VTM787EM, VTM838, VTMF372A, VTMX211AC, VTMX221A, VTMX411, VTMX4110, VTMX411A, VTMX411AC, VTMX411C, VTMX416, VTMX423S, VTOX617A, VTR370A, VTRM13A, VTRM141A, VTRM151A, VTRM161A, VTRM241A, VTRM265A, VTRM273A, VTRM290A, VTRM290B, VTRM292A, VTRM361A, VTRM370A, VTRM380A, VTRM382A, VTRM390A, VTRM391, VTRM391A, VTRM392A, VTRM441A, VTRM462A, VTRM462AA, VTRM494A, VTRM611A, VTRM613A, VTRM617A, VTRM621, VTRM621A, VTRM627A, VTRW370A, VTU615A, VTU617A, VTU627A, VTUX615A, VTUX617, VTUX617A, VTUX617U, VTUX621A, VTUX625SA, VTUX627, VTUX6274, VTUX6278, VTUX627A, VTUX627AA, VTUX627U, VTUX67A, VTVX617A, VTVX627A, VYM270A, VYUX627A, VYUX917A, ZTM265A, ZTM281A

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


P/N: HL10883

Model: VTRM625A
Part Number: HL10883
Associated Number: VT-RM625A
Catalogue No.: 1171
This remote control controls units : VCR
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    As advertised. Good product,fast turn around. Thank you.

    by Anonymous on February 23, 2014.
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    Remote is used for my Hitachi Hi-Fi VCR. Worked great out of box, just add batteries!

    by Anonymous on February 03, 2014.
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