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MISCELLANEOUS MRF300 BASE Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: MRF250, MRF300, MX3000, MX350, MX650, MX850, MX950

Compatible with models: MRF250, MRF300, MX650, MX850, MX850AEROS

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original MISCELLANEOUS MRF300 BASE Remote Control is available for special order.
The original MISCELLANEOUS MRF300 BASE Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: MRF-300 RF BASE
MSRP- $199.95 Save $20.00
Used With Remote Models: MX-350 (Click Here), MX-650 (Click Here), MX-850 (Click Here), MX-950 (Click Here), MX-3000 (Click Here)
The MRF-300 allows up to three separate antenna locations throughout the home, providing the ultimate in range and reliability.

  • Advanced RF Circuitry
    - RF Addressing For Multi-Zone Systems
    - The MRF-300 is addressable via 15 separate station IDs and six addressable IR outputs. This allows up to 90 components (or zones on a multi zone system) to be simultaneously controlled in one household via multiple base stations, more than enough for even the largest multi-zone systems.
  • Extending 'No More Pointing' RF Automation
  • The six buffered IR outputs of the MRF-300 are engineered to comply with the multi zone IR inputs of the most popular multi-zone systems and for use with Direct IR inputs on A/V components.
  • Each RFX-150 antenna module can be separately calibrated to ignore RF interference via its RF interference LED and RF level attenuator. The MRF-300 base station is similarly 'installer friendly'. It is equipped with industry standard 3.5 mono mini jacks and ships with six visible LED flasher/emitters featuring new, improved emitter adhesive. The IR output is preset for emitter placement on top of the components IR sensor, however, each output is adjustable individually via gain controls on the top of the MRF-300 chassis.
  • Installer Friendly
  • Base Station Mounting Versility
    The base station can be mounted to a wall or cabinet with all jacks facing up, so that accidental unplugging is avoided. The combination of installation features eases troubleshooting and prevents problems from occurring.
  • Plasma proof system operation via RF at 418MHz in North America.
  • RF addressing with 15 different ID addresses selected via MX Editor software and a rotary knob on the bottom of the MRF-300.
  • One RFX-150 antenna module included, optional RFX-150 modules available. Up to three RFX-150 modules can be used in parallel with three-conductor wire when using the standard AC power supply. The RFX-150 can be extended up to 150 feet away from the MRF-300 multi-zone RF base station.
  • IR routing using six IR emitter outputs, featuring Standard 3.5mm jacks. Number six output features a special amplified output for RPTVs.
  • Fully adjustable RF sensitivity and IR output level.
  • MRF-300 RFX includes :
    • 1 - MRF-300 Base Station
    • 1 - RFX-150 Detached Antenna Module
    • 2 - Wall Mount Plates w/ 6 screws (one for the MRF, one for the RFX)
    • 2 - 12 Connecting Cables (one is 3.5 mm TRS jack terminated on both ends, the other is only terminated on one end and bare wire on the other - data, 5v, ground)
    • 1 - AC Adapter
    • 6 - Emitters w/3.5 mm Jacks
    • 1 - Installation Manual
    • 1 - Adjustment Tool (for adjusting the RFX attenuation & tightening the IR/RF Inwire claps)
  • RF Frequency: 418MHz
  • Range: RF - Up to 100 feet IR
  • Power Supply: 9V 300mA/110V 60Hz (included)

Model: MRF300 BASE
Part Number: RF BASE
Catalogue No.: 36373

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