ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control

RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight
ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control


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 RR0777S Printable Operating Manual

ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following 4-Device Universal models

Compatible with 4-Device Universal models: CT-2736ST, CT27D11E, CT-27S18, CT-27S18S, CT-27S18US, CT-27S61, CT-27S61S, CT-27S61US, CT-27SF21 CT-27SF21S, CT-27SF71, CT-27SF71S, CT-3136, CT-3136ST, CT-3146, CT-3146SFS, CT-31S18, CT-31S18S, CT-31S61, CT-31S61S, CT-31SF21, CT-31SF21S, CT-35S21, CT-35S21S, CT-35S31, CT-35S31S, LC46LE835U, N2QAYB000120, N2QAYB000705, PT-50LCX7, PT-50LCZ7, PT-50LCZ70, PT-56LCX7, PT-56LCX70, PT-56LCZ7, PT-56LCZ70, PT-61LCX7, PT-61LCX70, PT-61LCZ7, PT-61LCZ70, PTG4073R, PTH4064R, PTH4073, PTH4073R, TC-26LE70, TC26LX14, TC-26LX14, TC-26LX70, TC-26LX85, TC-26LX85N, TC-32A400, TC-32A400U, TC-32LB64, TC-32LE70, TC32LX14, TC-32LX14, TC32LX14N, TC-32LX24, TC-32LX34, TC-32LX44, TC-32LX44S, TC-32LX70, TC-32LX700, TC-32LX70N, TC-32LX85, TC-32LX85N, TC-32LX85U, TC-32LZ800, TC-37LZ800, TC-37LZ85, TC-39A400, TC-39A400U, TC39AS530, TC39AS530U, TC-40A420, TC-40A420U, TC40AS520U, TC42AS630U, TC-42LD24, TC-42LS24, TC42P1, TC42PS14, TC-42PS14, TC42PX14, TC-42PX14, TC-42PX24, TC42PX34, TC-42PX34, TC46PGT24, TC-46PGT24, TC47LE54, TC-47LE54, TC47LE54 47 LCD / LED TV, TC47LE541, TC-47LE54-1, TC-50A400, TC-50A400U, TC50AS530, TC50AS530U, TC50AS530UE, TC50AS630U, TC50ASU534, TC50LE64, TC50PS14, TC-50PS14, TC-50PS24, TC50PS64, TC-50PU54, TC-50PU542, TC-50PU54-2, TC50PX14, TC-50PX14, TC-50PX24, TC-50PX34, TC54PS14, TC-54PS14, TC55AS530, TC55AS530U, TC55AS530UE, TC55AS680U, TC55ASU534, TC55DT50, TC-55DT50, TC55LE54, TC-55LE54, TC55LE54 55 LCD / LED TV, TC55LE541, TC-55LE54-1, TC55LET64, TC-58AX800, TC-58AX800U, TC58LE64, TC58PS14, TC-58PS14, TC-58PS24, TC60AS530, TC60AS530U, TC60AS530UE, TC60AS640U, TC60ASU534, TC-60PS34, TC-60PS34U, TC-60PS34UA, TC-60PU54, TC-60PU542, TC-60PU54-2, TC-60PUT54, TC-60PUT542, TC-65AX800, TC-65AX800U, TC-65AX900, TC-65AX900U, TC65PS14, TC-65PS14, TC-65PS24, TC65PS64, TC65PST34, TC-85AX850, TC-85AX850U, TC-L19C30, TC-L22X2, TC-L24C3, TCL26X1, TC-L26X1, TC-L3232C, TC-L32B6, TC-L32B6P, TCL32C12, TC-L32C12, TCL32C12K, TC-L32C12K, TCL32C12N, TC-L32C22, TC-L32C3, TC-L32C3S, TCL32DT30, TC-L32DT30, TC-L32E3, TCL32E5, TC-L32E5, TCL32E5 32 LCD 3D TV, TCL32E51, TC-L32E5-1, TCL32G1, TC-L32G1, TCL32LX1N, TCL32S1, TC-L32S1, TC-L32U22, TC-L32U3, TCL32X1, TC-L32X1, TC-L32X2, TC-L32X30, TC-L32X5, TC-L32X51, TC-L32X5-1, TC-L32XM6, TC-L37C22, TC-L37D2, TCL37DT30, TC-L37DT30, TC-L37E3, TCL37E5, TC-L37E5, TCL37E5 37 LCD 3D TV, TCL37E51, TC-L37E5-1, TC-L37E5X, TCL37G1, TC-L37G1, TCL37S1, TC-L37S1, TC-L37U22, TC-L37U3, TCL37X1, TC-L37X1, TC-L37X2, TC-L39B6, TC-L39EM60, TC-L42D2, TC-L42D30, TC-L42E3, TC-L42E30, TCL42E5, TC-L42E5, TCL42E5 42 LCD 3D TV, TCL42E50, TC-L42E50, TCL42E50 42 LCD 3D TV, TCL42E501, TC-L42E50-1, TCL42E51, TC-L42E51, TC-L42E5X, TCL42E60, TCL42ET5, TC-L42ET5, TCL42ET51, TC-L42ET5-1, TCL42ET60, TCL42U12, TC-L42U12, TC-L42U22, TC-L42U25, TC-L42U30, TCL47DT50, TC-L47DT50, TCL47E5, TC-L47E5, TCL47E5 47 LCD / LED TV, TCL47E50, TC-L47E50, TCL47E50 47 LCD / LED TV, TCL47E501, TC-L47E50-1, TCL47E51, TC-L47E5-1, TC-L47E5X, TCL47ET5, TC-L47ET5, TCL47ET51, TC-L47ET5-1, TCL47ET60, TCL47WT50, TC-L47WT50, TC-L47WT50X, TCL47WT60, TC-L50B6, TCL50E60, TCL50EM5, TC-L50EM60, TC-L50EM60E, TCL50ET60, TCL55DT50, TC-L55DT50, TCL55DT60, TCL55E50, TC-L55E50, TCL55E50 55 LCD / LED TV, TCL55E501, TC-L55E50-1, TCL55ET5, TC-L55ET5, TCL55ET51, TC-L55ET5-1, TCL55ET60, TCL55WT50, TC-L55WT50, TCL55WT60, TCL58E60, TCL60DT60, TCL60E55, TCL65E60, TCL65WT600, TC-P4232C, TCP42C1, TC-P42C1, TC-P42C1N, TC-P42C2, TCP42G10, TCP42G15, TCP42G25, TC-P42G25, TCP42GT25, TC-P42GT25, TCP42S1, TC-P42S1, TC-P42S2, TC-P42S30, TCP42S60, TCP42ST30, TC-P42ST30, TCP42ST30L, TCP42U1, TC-P42U1, TC-P42U2, TC-P42UT50, TC-P42UT502, TCP42X1, TC-P42X1, TC-P42X1N, TC-P42X3, TC-P42X5, TC-P42X52, TC-P42X5-2, tcp42x60, TC-P42X60, TC-P42XT50, TC-P42XT502, TCP4632C, TC-P4632C, TC-P46C2, TCP46G10, TCP46G15, TCP46G25, TC-P46G25, TCP46S1, TC-P46S1, TC-P46S2, TC-P46S30, TCP46ST30, TC-P46ST30, TCP46U1, TC-P46U1, TC-P46X3, TC-P5032, TCP50C1, TC-P50C1, 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Product description

The original ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RR0777S 4-Device Universal remote control is great for combining up to four remotes into one. The RR0777S is an advanced universal remote that can be programmed to up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your Panasonic/Vizio/Samsung TVs like APPS, NETFLIX, HOME and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. All Anderic remotes come with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

• Pre-programmed for Panasonic TVs (but can be programmed to any brand using the provided operating manual)
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
• Learning ability
• Full key Backlighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty

Pre-programmed to the following:

TV - Panasonic (2731)

DVD - Samsung (3229)

STB - Motorola (5260)

Aux - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

NOTE: by default, this remote [TV] mode is locked. When enabled, this feature allows for locking a device mode so that it cannot be re-programmed. To allow for programming the TV mode, please follow instructions for disabling the lock feature below. 

  1. Press and hold the mode key (e.g. TV) you wish to enable/disable device mode lock for, for about 3 seconds until mode key lights and remains on, release the mode key.
  2. Input code “9 9 8 1”.
    • a. if Enabled - Mode light goes out directly
    • b. if Disabled - Mode light blinks 2 times

Model: RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight
Part Number: RR0777S
Catalogue No.: 80890
This remote control controls units : 4-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    I like this remote. It worked right out of the box with no programming.

    by Dominick on January 08, 2018.
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    by Keith on September 25, 2017.
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    Worked right out of the package, great buy!!!

    by Hazel on September 16, 2017.
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