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ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control


ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-Device Universal Remote Control
Part Number: RR0777S

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RR0777S 4-Device Universal remote control is great for combining up to four remotes into one. The RR0777S is an advanced universal remote that can be programmed to up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your Panasonic/Vizio/Samsung TVs like APPS, NETFLIX, HOME and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. All Anderic remotes come with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

• Pre-programmed for Panasonic TVs (but can be programmed to any brand using the provided operating manual)
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
• Learning ability
• Access INTERNET app by Pressing APPS key and selecting on the Internet app
• Full key Backlighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty

?Pre-programmed to the following:

TV - Panasonic (2731)

DVD - Samsung (3229)

STB - Motorola (5260)

Aux - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

NOTE: by default, this remote [TV] mode is locked. When enabled, this feature allows for locking a device mode so that it cannot be re-programmed. To allow for programming the TV mode, please follow instructions for disabling the lock feature below.

  1. Press and hold the mode key (e.g. TV) you wish to enable/disable device mode lock for, for about 3 seconds until mode key lights and remains on, release the mode key.
  2. Input code “9 9 8 1”.
    • a. if Enabled - Mode light goes out directly
    • b. if Disabled - Mode light blinks 2 times

Model: RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight
Part Number: RR0777S
Catalogue No.: 80890
This remote control controls units : 4-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2680,2731 (click here for programming instructions)
Dimensions: 2.00 x 7.50 x 1.25 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following 4-Device Universal models:

Compatible with 4-Device Universal models: N2QAYB000120, N2QAYB000705, PT50LCX7, PT50LCX70, PT50LCX7K, PT50LCZ7, PT50LCZ70, PT56LCX7, PT56LCX70, PT56LCX70K, PT56LCZ7, PT56LCZ70, PT61LCX7, PT61LCX70, PT61LCX70K, PT61LCZ7, PT61LCZ70, TC26LE70, TC26LX14, TC26LX70, TC26LX85, TC26LX85N, TC32A400, TC32A400U, TC32LB64, TC32LE70, TC32LE70N, TC32LX14, TC32LX14N, TC32LX24, TC32LX34, TC32LX44, TC32LX44S, TC32LX70, TC32LX700, TC32LX70N, TC32LX85, TC32LX85N, TC32LX85U, TC32LZ800, TC37LZ800, TC37LZ85, TC39A400, TC39A400U, TC39AS530, TC39AS530U, TC40A420, TC40A420U, TC40AS520, TC40AS520U, TC42AS630, TC42AS630U, TC42LD24, TC42LS24, TC42P1, TC42PS14, TC42PX14, TC42PX24, TC42PX34, TC46PGT24, TC47LE54, TC47LE54 47 LCD / LED TV, TC47LE541, TC50A400, TC50A400U, TC50AS530, TC50AS530U, TC50AS530UE, TC50AS630, TC50AS630U, TC50ASU534, TC50LE64, TC50PS14, TC50PS24, TC50PS64, TC50PU54, TC50PU542, TC50PX14, TC50PX24, TC50PX34, TC54PS14, TC55AS530, TC55AS530U, TC55AS530UE, TC55AS680, TC55AS680U, TC55ASU534, TC55DT50, TC55LE54, TC55LE54 55 LCD / LED TV, TC55LE541, TC55LET64, TC58AX800, TC58AX800U, TC58LE64, TC58PS14, TC58PS24, TC60AS530, TC60AS530U, TC60AS530UE, Show more models

TC60AS530UE, TC60AS630, TC60AS630U, TC60AS640, TC60AS640U, TC60ASU534, TC60PS34, TC60PS34U, TC60PS34UA, TC60PU54, TC60PU542, TC60PUT54, TC60PUT542, TC65AX800, TC65AX800U, TC65AX900, TC65AX900U, TC65PS14, TC65PS24, TC65PS64, TC65PST34, TC85AX850, TC85AX850U, TCL19C30, TCL22X2, TCL24C3, TCL26X1, TCL3232C, TCL32B6, TCL32B6P, TCL32C12, TCL32C12K, TCL32C12N, TCL32C22, TCL32C3, TCL32C3S, TCL32DT30, TCL32E3, TCL32E5, TCL32E5 32 LCD 3D TV, TCL32E51, TCL32G1, TCL32LX1N, TCL32S1, TCL32U22, TCL32U3, TCL32X1, TCL32X2, TCL32X30, TCL32X5, TCL32X51, TCL32XM6, TCL37C22, TCL37D2, TCL37DT30, TCL37E3, TCL37E5, TCL37E5 37 LCD 3D TV, TCL37E51, TCL37E5X, TCL37G1, TCL37S1, TCL37U22, TCL37U3, TCL37X1, TCL37X2, TCL39B6, TCL39EM60, TCL42D2, TCL42D30, TCL42E3, TCL42E30, TCL42E5, TCL42E5 42 LCD 3D TV, TCL42E50, TCL42E50 42 LCD 3D TV, TCL42E501, TCL42E51, TCL42E5X, TCL42E60, TCL42ET5, TCL42ET51, TCL42ET60, TCL42U12, TCL42U22, TCL42U25, TCL42U30, TCL47DT50, TCL47E5, TCL47E5 47 LCD / LED TV, TCL47E50, TCL47E50 47 LCD / LED TV, TCL47E501, TCL47E51, TCL47E5X, TCL47ET5, TCL47ET51, TCL47ET60, TCL47WT50, TCL47WT50X, TCL47WT60, TCL50B6, TCL50E60, TCL50EM5, TCL50EM60, TCL50EM60E, TCL50ET60, TCL55DT50, TCL55DT60, TCL55E50, TCL55E50 55 LCD / LED TV, TCL55E501, TCL55ET5, TCL55ET51, TCL55ET60, TCL55WT50, TCL55WT60, TCL58E60, TCL60DT60, TCL60E55, TCL65E60, TCL65WT600, TCP4232C, TCP42C1, TCP42C1N, TCP42C2, TCP42G10, TCP42G15, TCP42G25, TCP42GT25, TCP42S1, TCP42S2, TCP42S30, TCP42S60, TCP42ST30, TCP42ST30L, TCP42U1, TCP42U2, TCP42UT50, TCP42UT502, TCP42X1, TCP42X1N, TCP42X3, TCP42X5, TCP42X52, tcp42x60, TCP42XT50, TCP42XT502, TCP4632C, TCP46C2, TCP46G10, TCP46G15, TCP46G25, TCP46S1, TCP46S2, TCP46S30, TCP46ST30, TCP46U1, TCP46X3, TCP5032, TCP50C1, TCP50C1N, TCP50C2, TCP50G10, TCP50G15, TCP50G20, TCP50G25, TCP50GT25, TCP50GT30, TCP50GT50, TCP50GT502, TCP50PX34, TCP50S1, TCP50S2, TCP50S30, TCP50S60, TCP50ST30, TCP50ST50, TCP50ST501, TCP50ST502, TCP50ST50T, TCP50ST50T1, TCP50ST50T2, TCP50ST60, TCP50U1, TCP50U2, TCP50U50, TCP50U502, TCP50U50T, TCP50U50T2, TCP50UT50, TCP50UT502, TCP50UT50T, TCP50UT50T2, TCP50V10, TCP50VT20, TCP50VT25, TCP50X1, TCP50X1C, TCP50X1N, TCP50X2, TCP50X3, TCP50X5, TCP50X52, TCP50X60, TCP50XT50, TCP50XT502, TCP54G10, TCP54G20, TCP54G25, TCP54S1, TCP54S1 TCP58S1, TCP54S2, TCP54V10, TCP54VT25, TCP55GT30, TCP55GT31, TCP55GT50, TCP55GT502, TCP55S60, TCP55ST30, TCP55ST50, TCP55ST501, TCP55ST502, TCP55ST60, TCP55UT50, TCP55UT502, TCP55VT30, TCP55VT50, TCP55VT502, TCP55VT60, TCP58S1, TCP58S2, TCP58V10, TCP58VT25, TCP60GT30, TCP60GT50, TCP60GT502, TCP60S30, TCP60S30UA, TCP60S60, TCP60ST30, TCP60ST30UA, TCP60ST50, TCP60ST502, TCP60ST60, TCP60U50, TCP60U502, TCP60UT50, TCP60UT502, TCP60VT60, TCP60ZT60, TCP65GT30, TCP65GT50, TCP65GT502, TCP65S1, TCP65S2, TCP65S60, TCP65ST30, TCP65ST50, TCP65ST502, TCP65ST60, TCP65V10, TCP65VT25, TCP65VT30, TCP65VT50, TCP65VT502, TCP65VT60, TCP65ZT60, TH32LRH30, TH32LRH30U, TH32LRU20, TH32LRU50, TH32LRU6, TH32LRU60, TH32LRU60U, TH32LRU7, TH32LRU70, TH37LRU20, TH37LRU50, TH37LZD850A, TH39LRU6, TH39LRU60, TH39LRU60A, TH39LRU60U, TH39LRU6U, TH42LRU20, TH42LRU50, TH42LRU6, TH42LRU60, TH42LRU7, TH42LRU70, TH42PC77U, TH42PE77U, TH42PE7U, TH42PX75U, TH42PX75UP, TH42PX75X, TH42PX77U, TH42PX80, TH42PX80U, TH42PX80UA, TH42PZ700A, TH42PZ700U, TH42PZ700UA, TH42PZ77U, TH42PZ80, TH42PZ800, TH42PZ800U, TH42PZ800UA, TH42PZ80Q, TH42PZ80U, TH42PZ80UA, TH42PZ85, TH42PZ85U, TH42PZ85UA, TH46FD18, TH46PZ80, TH46PZ800, TH46PZ800U, TH46PZ80U, TH46PZ80UA, TH46PZ85, TH46PZ850, TH46PZ850U, TH46PZ850UA, TH46PZ85U, TH46PZ85UA, TH50LRU60, TH50LRU70, TH50PC77U, TH50PE700U, TH50PE700UA, TH50PE77U, TH50PE8, TH50PE8U, TH50PX700A, TH50PX75U, TH50PX77U, TH50PX80, TH50PX80U, TH50PX80UA, TH50PY700H, TH50PZ700, TH50PZ700A, TH50PZ700U, TH50PZ700UA, TH50PZ750, TH50PZ750U, TH50PZ77U, TH50PZ80, TH50PZ800, TH50PZ800U, TH50PZ800UA, TH50PZ80Q, TH50PZ80U, TH50PZ80UA, TH50PZ85, TH50PZ850, TH50PZ850A, TH50PZ850U, TH50PZ850UA, TH50PZ85U, TH50PZ85UA, TH50VX100, TH50VX100U, TH55LRU50, TH58PE75U, TH58PZ700A, TH58PZ700U, TH58PZ750, TH58PZ750U, TH58PZ800, TH58PZ800U, TH58PZ850, TH58PZ850A, TH58PZ850U, TH65LRU60, TH65LRU60U, TH65PX700A, TH65PZ750, TH65PZ750U, TH65PZ850, TH65PZ850A, TH65PZ850U, TH65VX100, TH65VX100U, THC42FD18, THC42FD18A, THC42HD18, THC42HD18A, THC46FD18, THC46FD18A, THC50FD18, THC50FD18A, THC50HD18, THC50HD18A, THL32X15M, THL32X15R, THL32X15X, THL37X15K, THL37X15M, THL37X15R, THM50HD18, THP42S10D, THP42S10K, THP42S10M, THP42S10P, THP42S10R, THP42S10S, THP42S10T, THP50S10D, THP50S10K, THP50S10M, THP50S10P, THP50S10R, THP50S10S, THP50S10T, TX26LXD8, TX32LXD700A, TX32LXD80A, TX32LXD8A, TX32LZD800A, TXL42ET60/61, TXL42ETW60, TXL47ET60, TXL47ET60/61, TXL47ETW60, TXL50ET60, TXL50ETW60, TXL55ET60/61, TXLR32C10, TXLR32C11, TXLR32C12, TXLR32C20, TXLR32C21, TXLR42ET60, TXLR50ET60, TXLR55ET60, TXP42ST60, TXP42STW60, TXP50ST60, TXP50STW60, TXP55ST60, TXP55STW60, TXP65ST60, TXP65STW60, TXPR42ST60, TXPR50ST60, TXPR55ST60, TXPR65ST60

Product documentation available for free download:

RR0777S Printable Operating Manual

Customer Reviews:


    Very good service...much quicker then I had expected...thanks so very much.

    by Robert on September 02, 2020.
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    it's ok some buttons press too hard to activate function. not the same as original, of course

    by dale on May 15, 2020.
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    I like this remote. It worked right out of the box with no programming.

    by Dominick on January 08, 2018.
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    by Keith on September 25, 2017.
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    Worked right out of the package, great buy!!!

    by Hazel on September 16, 2017.
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    Works great, like the light feature. Pricing was very reasonable and the free shipping was an added bonus. Remote arrived quickly. Would purchase from again.

    by Rene on January 22, 2019.
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    i LOVE MY NEW REMOTE HAD NO PROBLEM. LOVE THE LIGHT FEATURE ON IT. When I order it everyone was very helpful. i rate it a 5.

    by Candice on August 09, 2018.
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    The learning functionality is exactly what I wanted/needed!

    by Kennneth on July 09, 2018.
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    Did what it was supposed to do.

    by JOE on July 09, 2018.
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    Love it. I did not even had to set it up. It came ready to go.

    by Velda on April 17, 2018.
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