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The 2014 Sharp Aquos Quattron Plus

Posted on April 22, 2014

This 1080p offering from Sharp is a lot more reasonable in price compared to Samsung's 4K offering, and it comes in a large size, along with a nifty universal TV remote. For just under $5,000 for the 70-inch, and a little less for the 60-inch, you could have one of your very own. The TV is a Smart TV with active TV technology. In addition to this, the TV is incredibly flat. It offers up a decent universal remote that allows you to control several different devices with it. Beyond that, the remote is easy to use while scrolling through the apps or when using the web browser. The TV itself looks sleek in the living room and can be wall-mounted, or you can use the stand on an entertainment center. Be wary, as the TV is very heavy and setup takes two people. Pros:
  • Plays 4K video content
  • Upscales resolution of HD content
  • Low cost for what it offers
  • Smart TV
  • Active 3D technology
  • Great picture quality
  • The standard USB are not 2.0, making it slightly outdated
  • Expensive for the average Joe
  • Advertised as a true 4K TV
Bottom Line: This 1080p TV almost mimics 4K resolution. You won't be able to tell the difference at all. It does offer many more pixels than most TVs and a very large amount of sub-pixels. What this means for you is a better picture at a lot lower cost than a full 4K resolution TV. For more information about TVs, remotes, and future technology, contact us at Replacement Remotes.

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