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The Sony Bravia KD65X9005B Reviewed

Posted on November 18, 2014

The Sony Bravia KD65X9005B is bulky, but offers a good picture. Instead of just one TV remote, it comes with two. The TV does have top of the line picture quality, but the overall design is questionable. It comes with a Smart TV suite, but it lacks a lot of apps. Aside from the missing apps, the Smart TV menu offers an easy to use interface. It also has 3D, but the performance of this system is iffy at best. It does offer 4K or UltraHD video and has very good sound quality, but, for this, Sony sacrificed design. Let's face it: this TV has some design flaws. Most people either love it or hate it. The TV is extremely wide for a 65-inch model. So wide, in fact, that it will not fit on most stands suited for 65-inch TVs. However, it does offer additional slots to place the stand to accommodate it. It has several speakers on the sides, which have shiny black housing that is very distracting. The wedge design makes the TV look odd and, again, some people will either love it or hate it. The remotes are excellent, and they are almost as good as Samsung's similar models. The TV offers a basic wand remote and a smart clicker that has a touchpad and motion control. Pros:
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Deep black levels
  • Great sound quality due to massive speakers
  • Excellent remotes
  • Design is too bulky
  • Smart TV system lacks apps
  • 3D performance could be much better
Bottom Line: This is a decent TV, but some of its features could stand to be better. For the money, you're better off with a HDTV that offers better features and a less-bulky design. For more information about the latest in televisions and their remotes, contact us at Replacement Remotes.

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