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Tips for Projector Care

Posted on May 25, 2015

LCD and HD projectors provide a flexible and highly useful medium for making presentations and teaching lessons via desktop slideshows. Projectors are also quite costly, so you’ll want to make sure that you take good care of your device to avoid repair and replacement costs.
To keep your HD or LCD projector in top working order, consider these tips for projector care:

  • Read the instruction manual. Knowing how to properly operate and maintain the device will make it more useful to you and your business.
  • Let the device cool before shutdown. Shutting down projectors too quickly will damage projector components. Users should allow the fans to run for a few minutes before shutting the device down.
  • Let the device cool down before packing it up. Packing up the device while it is still hot may result in broken lamp filaments and other wires.
  • Frequently clean the device. Airflow is important to keeping the projector from overheating. When projector air filters are clogged, they don’t get the ventilation they need, which can cause severe damage to the device. The air filters should be cleaned every few weeks.
  • Make sure the projector has enough room to get adequate airflow if it is mounted.
  • Avoid touching the projector bulb with your bare hand. If the bulb is hot, you can get a burn. And, hot or cool, touching the bulb puts it in contact with the oils of your skin, which does not react well with the glass used in projector bulbs.

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