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Founder: Controlling our World with Remotes

Posted on April 16, 2014

It seems we have a fixation with remote controls. There are remote controls for TVs, VCRs, Stereos, Garage doors, Cars, Model toys, Ceiling fans, House lights, Door locks, Thermostats, Computer mice, and Video games just to name a few. Many people call us with stories of why they need a replacement remote. Some stories include reports of stomping on them, throwing them, spilling drinks on them, being eaten by their dogs, children flushing them down the toilet, birds chewing the buttons off and I once had a guy tell me that they had their house broken into and the thief left their set but stole the remote. Many remotes are simply lost. A good place to find most remotes are in the couch or chair were they will migrate to the bottom. Dogs love to chew them because of the smell of their owners on the remote. They will carry them off and sometimes even bury them. I was self employed working in local flea markets selling reconditioned customer returns, TV's, VCR's & Stereos from major stores and would hardly ever get the remotes to sell with the units. One day I came across a huge box of misc. remotes left in a warehouse, purchased them and then sat on them for 2 years not knowing how I would ever get rid of so many remotes. Knowing little about the internet decided to offer them for sale. So I started I was the first to offer scanned pictures of the remotes so people didn't have to know the model numbers, they could view the one they wanted and email me for price. After several months I was getting hundreds of emails a day asking for prices and how to purchase them. Eventually I added prices and an on-line ordering system to take credit cards. Our company based in North Carolina has supplied hard to find original remote controls to customers nationwide since 1999. We have been quoted in the New York Times, Satellite Guide, Charlotte Observer and more recently in On-Sat magazine; among others. We have sold over a million remote controls and have shipped remotes as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We carry new, used and hard to find remotes and can also do repairs on your original, for more information regarding repairs go to ourĀ Repair Service Page. To contact us please go to ourĀ Contact Us Page.

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