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Compatibility Guarantee Information:

Before ordering, please make sure the substituted remote has all the buttons you need. Because it is a substitute, it WILL usually have buttons that are different. The substitute may have some absent buttons that your original remote may have had; if those buttons are not on the substitute, you will not be able to control the features of your equipment that those buttons where intended for. Check the images to compare buttons. We guarantee that the substitute we offer to replace your original equipment remote, will work the equipment it was intended for and will be compatible without any programming. Please always click on the link to view the substitutes page's for more information about the substitute remote. (excluding universal remotes, obviously)

If the remote doesn't work due to a compatibility issue then we will take full responsibility for the exchange or refund. Please read the description or look closely at the pictures to make sure the replacement remote has all the functions/buttons you need.


Price Match Information:

We only price match under certain conditions. If you find any original manufacturers remote cheaper, please let us know and we will adjust our price if possible. We try to keep our prices at or below manufacturers retail. We do offer Price Matching when possible on in-stock items only. We need proof. E-bay and similar sites, including non-US companies don't qualify.


Product Warranties:

  • All items (new and refurbished) come with a limited warranty from defects under normal use* for 60-days (or 1-Year for ANDERIC® brand) unless otherwise stated in product description of detail page. If the product breaks or stops working for you within the 60 days from purchase date, we will replace it free of charge.

  • Anderic brand products the warrant is extended for 1-Year. Or you can pay us for normal shipping + a $2.00 handling fee and you will not have to worry about sending it back to us. We will just send you out another one.

  • Please read the Return Policy page if you receive your remote and it does not work right out of the package (non-universals).


  • * Normal use - is defined as using the product under normal circumstances the way the product is supposed to be used. Normal wear and tear and the occasional dropping of the product is considered normal use, however, dropping the product in water, or your dog chewing it up is not considered normal use.


Universal Remotes Guarantee Information:

All Universal remotes are NOT guaranteed to work you units. Even if the description says it will work your brand unit, it still may not. If returning a Universal remote, we will refund all but shipping and restock fee.


Repair Service Guarantee Information:

If you sent us your broke remote control and received it back from us and it is still not working after we have stated that we fixed it. We will be happy to take the remote back and try again free of any additional charge. We cannot pay for your shipping back to us, nor refund you. You must send remote back for additional repairs.


We appreciate your business and will try to make your purchase with us as pleasant as possible. If for any reason you need to contact us, you can call our toll free number at: 1-877-671-7173.