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VIZIO XRT136 Hulu/Redbox TV Remote Control


Part Number: 00111200133

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Product Description:

The original VIZIO XRT136 Hulu/Redbox TV Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original VIZIO XRT136 Hulu/Redbox TV Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Vizio HDTV Sept 2019 Series Remote Control


Model: XRT136 Hulu/Redbox
Associated Number: 398GR14REVZY0002DP
Catalogue No.: 204742
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2741 (click here for programming instructions)
Dimensions: 2.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

VIZIO XRT136 Hulu/Redbox TV Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: VIZIO D24fG1, VIZIO D24hG9, VIZIO D32fG1, VIZIO D32fG4, VIZIO D32hF4, VIZIO D43fxF4, VIZIO D65xG4

Compatible with TV models: Home Decorators Collection 26660 ALTURA 60 INCH, Home Decorators Collection 53366 Altura 60 Inch, Home Decorators Collection 60ATO ALTURA 60 INCH, Home Decorators Collection 987787 ALTURA 60 INCH, VIZIO D24-173D1, VIZIO D24-D1, VIZIO D28H-173D1, VIZIO D28H-D1, VIZIO D32-D1, VIZIO D32173-D1, VIZIO D32H-D1, VIZIO D32H173-D1, VIZIO D32X-D1, VIZIO D39FE1, VIZIO D39H173-D0, VIZIO D39HD0, VIZIO D40-173D1, VIZIO D40-D1, VIZIO D40U173-D1, VIZIO D43-173D2, VIZIO D43D2, VIZIO D48-D0, VIZIO D48173-D0, VIZIO D50-D1, VIZIO D50173-D1, VIZIO D50FE1, VIZIO D50U-173D1, VIZIO D50UD1, VIZIO D55173-D2, VIZIO D55D2, VIZIO D55FE0, VIZIO D55FE2, VIZIO D55U173-D1, VIZIO D55UD1, VIZIO D58U173-D3, VIZIO D58UD3, VIZIO D60-173D3, VIZIO D60-D3, VIZIO D65-173D2, VIZIO D65D2, VIZIO D65U173-D2, VIZIO D65UD2, VIZIO D70-173D3, VIZIO D70-D3, VIZIO E24C1, VIZIO E28HC1, VIZIO E32173-C1, VIZIO E32C1, VIZIO E32H173-C1, VIZIO E32HC1, VIZIO E40173-C2, VIZIO E40C2, VIZIO E40X173-C2, VIZIO E40XC2, VIZIO E43-173C2, VIZIO E43C2, VIZIO E48-173C2, VIZIO E48C2, VIZIO E50-173C1, VIZIO E50C1, VIZIO E55-173C1, VIZIO E55-173C2, VIZIO E55C1, VIZIO E55C2, VIZIO E60173-C3, VIZIO E60C3, VIZIO E65173-C3, VIZIO E65C3, VIZIO E65X173-C2, VIZIO E65XC2, VIZIO E70-173C3, VIZIO E70C3, VIZIO M507G1, VIZIO M558G1, VIZIO M658G1, VIZIO P659G1, VIZIO V555G1, VIZIO V585G1, VIZIO V655G9, VIZIO V705G1

Customer Reviews:


    Works wonderfully and it's the right remote for my son tv

    by Tamicya on February 20, 2021.
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    The remote works PERFECTLY, as did the other one that I just purchased from Dan's Electronics. I cannot recommend Dan's Electronics highly enough to anyone looking for replacement remote controls!

    by Jesse on February 08, 2021.
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    it came very fast!

    by terry on July 20, 2020.
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