Ushio 8000430 Specialty Equipment Lamp

Ushio 8000430 Specialty Equipment Lamp
Part Number: 8000430

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Product Description:

The original Ushio 8000430 Specialty Equipment Lamp is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Ushio 8000430 Specialty Equipment Lamp carries a 60-Days Warranty.

SM-50067 23 Volt, 100 Watt, X514SP Base, Specialty Halogen Lamp - Replaces Dr. Fisher LT 23V 100W Lamp

Model: 8000430
Catalogue No.: 86044
Dimensions: 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

Ushio 8000430 Specialty Equipment Lamp is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: Ushio PJ256D, Viewsonic Pro8300

Compatible with models: PHILIPS 151104300 Bulb, DUKANE 4568755G, DUKANE 4568755H, PHILIPS 5J.J1M02.001 Bulb, 3M 78-6969-9917-2, HITACHI 78696699172, 3M 78696999479, PHILIPS 9281 357 05390, Acer Astrobeam X10 Bulb, Optoma BLFU180B Bulb, PHILIPS BLFU180C Bulb, PHILIPS BLFU220B Bulb, PHILIPS CP220 Bulb, HITACHI CPWX410, HITACHI CPX200, HITACHI CPX201, HITACHI CPX205, HITACHI CPX206, HITACHI CPX300, HITACHI CPX301, HITACHI CPX305, HITACHI CPX306, HITACHI CPX308, HITACHI CPX400, HITACHI CPX401, HITACHI CPX417, HITACHI CPX450, HITACHI CPX467, PHILIPS CS.59J99.1B1 Bulb, PHILIPS CS.5JJ1B.1B1 Bulb, PHILIPS Domino D60 Bulb, PHILIPS DP7259 Bulb, HITACHI DT00911, PHILIPS EC.J2302.001 Bulb, HITACHI EDX30, HITACHI EDX31, HITACHI EDX32, HITACHI EDX33, PHILIPS EP1690 Bulb, PHILIPS EP7161 Bulb, PHILIPS EP7169 Bulb, PHILIPS EP7190 Bulb, PHILIPS EP7195 Bulb, PHILIPS EP7199 Bulb, HITACHI HCP800X, HITACHI HCP80X, HITACHI HCP880X, HITACHI HCP900X, DUKANE Imagepro 8755G, DUKANE Imagepro 8755H, PHILIPS Imagepro 8762 Bulb, DUKANE Imagepro 8781, DUKANE Imagepro 8782, DUKANE Imagepro 8912, DUKANE Imagepro 8912H, DUKANE Imagepro 8913, DUKANE Imagepro 8913H, DUKANE Imagepro 8916H, DUKANE Imagepro 8917H, 3M LKX64, Ask M3 Bulb, PHILIPS Medical Projection Design F20 SX, PHILIPS Model 65 Bulb, PHILIPS Model 75 Bulb, BenQ MP770 Bulb, Optoma MP775 Bulb, HITACHI MU04951, Dell P47841007 Bulb, BenQ PB2145 Bulb, BenQ PB2245 Bulb, BenQ PB2255 Bulb, Acer PD113P Bulb, Acer PD115 Bulb, Acer PD123 Bulb, Acer PD123D Bulb, Acer PD123P Bulb, Acer PD526D Bulb, PHILIPS PE2240 Bulb, Acer PH110 Bulb, Acer PH112 Bulb, Acer PH113P bulb, Viewsonic PJ258D Bulb, PHILIPS PJ260D Bulb, Viewsonic PJ758, Viewsonic PJ759, Viewsonic PJ760, PHILIPS Projection Design ACTION 2, PHILIPS Projection Design ACTION M20, PHILIPS Projection Design CINEO 20, PHILIPS Projection Design EVO2, PHILIPS Projection Design EVO2 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design EVO20 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design EVO22 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design F2, PHILIPS Projection Design F2 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design F20, PHILIPS Projection Design F20 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design F22, PHILIPS Projection Design F22 SX, PHILIPS Projection Design M20, Show more models