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RCA CRK76TE1 TV Remote Control

RCA CRK76TE1 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 242524
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Product Description:

PN: 242524

Model: CRK76TE1
Catalogue No.: 767
Battery Required : 2 AA

RCA CRK76TE1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: RCA 32648, RCA 535317, RCA CRK62F, RCA CRK62J, RCA CRK70G1, RCA CRK71B1, RCA CRK83DPL1, RCA CRK83E1, RCA CRK83ML1, RCA CRK84A1, RCA CRK84B1, RCA CTC203CA, RCA F19625, RCA F19625YX1, RCA F19625YX1A1, RCA F19627, RCA F19627TX51, RCA F19627TX51L5, RCA F19627YX1, RCA F19627YX1L, RCA F19627YX51, RCA F19627YX51L5, RCA F20625, RCA F20625YX1, RCA F20625YX1B1, RCA F20625YX1B7, RCA F20645, RCA F20645YX1, RCA F20645YX1B1, RCA F20645YX1B7, RCA F20648TX51, RCA F20648TX51M5, RCA F20648TX51M9, RCA F20648YX51, RCA F20648YX51M5, RCA F25423, RCA F25423TX41AC4, RCA F25423TX41AC8, RCA F25423TX51, RCA F25423TX51AC5, RCA F25423TX51AC9, RCA F25625, RCA F25625YX1, RCA F25625YX1AX, RCA F25625YX2, RCA F25625YX2AX1, RCA F25645, RCA F25645YX1, RCA F25645YX1AX, RCA F25645YX2, RCA F25645YX2AX1, RCA F25648, RCA F25648TX1, RCA F25648TX1AA, RCA F25648TX41, RCA F25648TX41AA4, RCA F25648TX51, RCA F25648TX51AA5, RCA F25648YX1, RCA F25648YX1AA, RCA F25648YX51, RCA F25648YX51AA5, RCA F25649, RCA F25649TX51, RCA F25649TX51AA5, RCA F25649TX51AA9, RCA F25649TX71AA14, RCA F25649YX51, RCA F25649YX51AA5, RCA F26317, RCA F26317YX1, RCA F26317YX1AA, RCA F26317YX51, RCA F26317YX51AA5, RCA F26645, RCA F26645YX1, RCA F26645YX1AW, RCA F26645YX2, RCA F26645YX2AW1, RCA F27318, RCA F27318/TX51, RCA F27318TX41AA4, RCA F27318TX41AA8, RCA F27318TX51, RCA F27318TX51AA5, RCA F27318TX51AA9, RCA F27318TX71AA14, RCA F27443, RCA F27443TX01, RCA F27443TX01BA1, RCA F27443YX1BA1, RCA F27450, RCA F27450TX01BB1, RCA F27450TX2BB1, RCA F27450YX1BB1, RCA F27450YX2BB1, RCA F27625, RCA F27625TX, RCA F27625TX1, RCA F27625TX1AX, Show more models

RCA F27625TX1AX, RCA F27625TX2, RCA F27625TX2AX1, RCA F27628, RCA F27628TX41AA4, RCA F27628TX41AA8, RCA F27628TX51, RCA F27628TX51AA5, RCA F27628TX51AA9, RCA F27628TX71AA14, RCA F27628YX1, RCA F27628YX1AA, RCA F27628YX51, RCA F27628YX51AA5, RCA F27628YX51AA9, RCA F27629TX51AA9, RCA F27644, RCA F27644YX1, RCA F27644YX1AX, RCA F27644YX2, RCA F27644YX2AX1, RCA F27645, RCA F27645BC, RCA F27645YX1, RCA F27645YX1AX, RCA F27645YX2, RCA F27645YX2AX1, RCA F27647, RCA F27647TX51, RCA F27647TX51AA5, RCA F27647YX1, RCA F27647YX1AA, RCA F27647YX51, RCA F27647YX51AA5, RCA F27648, RCA F27648TX41, RCA F27648TX41AA4, RCA F27648TX51, RCA F27648TX51AA5, RCA F27648YX1, RCA F27648YX1AA, RCA F27648YX51, RCA F27648YX51AA5, RCA F27649, RCA F27649TX41, RCA F27649TX41AA4, RCA F27649TX41AA8, RCA F27649TX51, RCA F27649TX51AA5, RCA F27649TX51AA9, RCA F27649TX71AA14, RCA F31317, RCA F31317YX1, RCA F31317YX1CA, RCA F31317YX3, RCA F31317YX3CA2, RCA F31317YX51, RCA F31317YX51CA5, RCA F31317YX51CA9, RCA F31317YX53, RCA F31317YX53CA10, RCA F31317YX53CA6, RCA F31317YX71CA12, RCA F3137, RCA F32444, RCA F32444TX1CA1, RCA F32444YX01CA1, RCA F32444YX5CA2, RCA F32444YX7CA2, RCA F3245, RCA F32450, RCA F32450TX1CA1, RCA F32450YX01, RCA F32450YX01CA1, RCA F32450YX5CA2, RCA F32548, RCA F326450, RCA F32645YX1, RCA F32645YX1CX, RCA F32645YX2, RCA F32645YX2CX1, RCA F32645YX3, RCA F32645YX3CH, RCA F32645YX4, RCA F32645YX4CH1, RCA F32645YX5, RCA F32645YX5CH2, RCA F32645YX6, RCA F32645YX6CH3, RCA F32645YX7, RCA F32645YX7CH2, RCA F32645YX8, RCA F32645YX8CH3, RCA F32646, RCA F32646YX5, RCA F32648, RCA F32648YX3, RCA F32648YX3CA2, RCA F32648YX50, RCA F32648YX50CA5, RCA F32648YX50CA9, RCA F32648YX53, RCA F32648YX53CA10, RCA F32648YX53CA6, RCA F32648YX55, RCA F32648YX55CA10, RCA F32648YX57, RCA F32648YX57CA10, RCA F32648YX57CA6, RCA F32648YX59, RCA F32648YX59CA5, RCA F32648YX7, RCA F32648YX7CA2, RCA F32649YX50, RCA F32649YX50CA5, RCA F32649YX50CA9, RCA F32649YX51, RCA F32649YX51CA5, RCA F32649YX51CA9, RCA F32649YX53, RCA F32649YX53CA10, RCA F32649YX53CA6, RCA F32649YX57, RCA F32649YX57CA10, RCA F32649YX59, RCA F32649YX59CA5, RCA F32649YX59CA9, RCA F32649YX71, RCA F32649YX71CA12, RCA F3264S, RCA F326648, RCA F32G45, RCA F3517, RCA F35317, RCA F35317YX1, RCA F35317YX1CA, RCA F35317YX51, RCA F35317YX51CA5, RCA F35317YX51CA9, RCA F35317YX71CA12, RCA F36444, RCA F36444YX01, RCA F36444YX01CA1, RCA F36450YX01, RCA F36450YX01CA1, RCA F364650, RCA F36645, RCA F36645CB, RCA F36645YX1, RCA F36645YX1CX, RCA F36645YX2, RCA F36645YX2CX1, RCA F36648YX1, RCA F36648YX1CA, RCA F36648YX51, RCA F36648YX51CA5, RCA F36648YX53, RCA F36648YX53CA7, RCA F36649, RCA F36649YX51, RCA F36649YX51CA5, RCA F36649YX51CA9, RCA F36649YX71CA12, RCA FF32645, RCA G27646, RCA G27646YX1, RCA G27646YX1AX, RCA G27646YX2, RCA G27646YX2AX1, RCA G27647, RCA G27647YX1, RCA G27647YX1AX, RCA G27647YX3, RCA G27647YX3AX, RCA G27647YX4, RCA G27647YX4AX1, RCA G27648, RCA G27648YX1, RCA G27648YX1AA, RCA G27648YX51, RCA G27648YX51AA5, RCA G27648YX51AA9, RCA G27648YX52, RCA G27648YX52AA5, RCA G27648YX52AA9, RCA G27649, RCA G27649YX1, RCA G27649YX1AA, RCA G27649YX51, RCA G27649YX51AA5, RCA G27649YX51AA9, RCA G27649YX52AA5, RCA G27649YX52AA9, RCA G27701YX51, RCA RCR160TCM1, SONY RM763, RCA S32645, RCA S32645XX1, RCA S36648, RCA S36665

Compatible with TV models: RCA 13GP411F01, RCA 20GT372FB1, RCA 20GT375FB1, RCA 20GT377, RCA 212688, RCA 22124710, RCA 224265, RCA 224266, RCA 238545, RCA 25GC722, RCA 25GT510FE1, RCA 25GT537TX1, RCA 25GX309, RCA 25GX390N01, RCA 27GC903KF1, RCA 27GT614FE1, RCA 27GT619TX1, RCA 27GT619TX1AB3, RCA 27GT620TX1, RCA 27GT622FE1, RCA 27GT630, RCA 3020224511, RCA 3126490004, RCA 31GT657FM1, RCA 31GT658, RCA 31GT659, RCA 31GT660FM1CN3, RCA 35GT681JX1, RCA 504616183, RCA 60425, RCA 6852507M, RCA 729691130M, RCA 82033C01, RCA BS35180, RCA CC4252, RCA COM312AD/TV, RCA CRK62B2, RCA CRK62D, RCA CRK62S2, RCA CRK70F2, HITACHI CRK70VHL, RCA CRK70VK, RCA CRK80C, RCA CRK80D2, RCA CRK830PL1, RCA CRK83D1, RCA CRK83F1, RCA CRK84A2, RCA CRK84AA3, HITACHI CT2085B/W, KENWOOD DPMA5, RCA DRD221RD, RCA DRD22RD, RCA DSM735RH, RCA DSR708R17, RCA F19442TX1, RCA F26433, RCA F27230ESNB1, RCA F27442, RCA F27442TX1AD, RCA F27442TX41AD12, RCA F27442TX41AD8, RCA F27442TX51, RCA F27442TX51AD5, RCA F27615, RCA F27651, RCA F27664, RCA F27665YX2, RCA F27669, RCA F27669YX51, RCA F27673, RCA F27690BC, RCA F27695, RCA F27695BC, RCA F27730EM, RCA F27731BK, RCA F31665YX4, RCA F31700GG, RCA F32665YX1, RCA F32669YX50, RCA F32669YX53, RCA F32674SB, RCA F32685, RCA F32690, RCA F32691YX9, RCA F32715YX1, RCA F32TF600, RCA F35665YX1, RCA F35731, RCA F35830WK, RCA F36669, RCA F3668, RCA F36688, RCA F36688YX1, RCA F52731WK, RCA G27750WKA, RCA G31750, RCA G31750WK, RCA G31750WKA, RCA G32665YX5, Show more models

RCA G32665YX5, RCA G32705, RCA G34170AT, RCA G35302WK, RCA G35303SK, RCA G35665, RCA G35830WK, RCA G35830WKLM1, RCA G36695LV, RCA G36705TV, RCA G36710, KENWOOD KDCP5900, SONY KV27TS27, SONY KV27TS31, SONY KV27TS35, SONY KV27TW75, SONY KV27TW76, SONY KV32TS20, SONY KV32TS35, SONY KV32TW75, SONY KV32TW76, KENWOOD KVT915DVD, RCA LDE26CD, RCA LDG26CD, RCA MAT10DAAAL, RCA MAT10PDABL, RCA MAT25DAAAL, RCA MDE12PDADW, RCA MDE12PDAEW, RCA MDE12PRACW, RCA MDE12PSAGW, RCA MDE26DAACG, RCA MDE26PCACG, RCA MDG10DAAAL, RCA MG31526YX2, RCA MM3211, RCA MM36110JX1, RCA MR27310, RCA O52920BL, RCA P35130, RCA P36665, RCA P46151WKDG1, RCA P46159, RCA P46160WK, RCA P46728, RCA P46728WKLG1, RCA P46729BADX1, RCA P46729BALG1, RCA P46730WK, RCA P46730WKLG1, RCA P46731, SONY P46731AT, RCA P46731ATDX1, RCA P46731ATLG1, RCA P46732, RCA P46732BA, RCA P46732BADX1, RCA P46732BALG1, RCA P46738, RCA P46738AT, RCA P46738ATLG1, RCA P46770, RCA P46770CK, RCA P46920BL, RCA P46920BLYX1, RCA P46924, RCA P51929, RCA P52151WK, RCA P52731, RCA P52731EK, RCA P52731WK, RCA P52738, RCA P52738WK, RCA P529201BL, RCA P52920BLYX3, RCA P52920VL, HITACHI P52923YX2, RCA P52924YX1, RCA P52926YX1, RCA P52926YX2, RCA P52926YX5, RCA P52927YX10, RCA P52927YX2, RCA P52928, RCA P52928YX1, RCA P52928YX3, RCA P52930BL, RCA P52930BLYX3, RCA P52935LVYX1, RCA P52937SG, SAMSUNG P52937YX1, RCA P52945, RCA P52950YX1, RCA P52950YX4, RCA P52950YX5, RCA P52955YX5, TOSHIBA P52990BL, RCA P5355653, RCA P56820BLLG1, RCA P56921YX1, RCA P56923BLYX3, RCA P56926, RCA P56930BLYX3, RCA P56937, RCA P56937YX1, RCA P56938YX2, RCA P56940, RCA P56950YX2, RCA P60153EB, RCA P60750, RCA P60750CKLG1, RCA P60820BL, RCA P60920, RCA P60920BLYX1, RCA P60921YX1, RCA P60923, RCA P60924YX2, RCA P60928, RCA P61926, RCA P61937YX3, RCA P61946, RCA P61950YX5, RCA P61960, RCA P66921, RCA P935680, RCA PO52920BL, RCA Pro844, RCA PS2711, RCA PS27121, RCA PS2715, RCA PS2731WK, RCA PS31122JX1, RCA PS31151NM2, RCA PS32109FM1CH, RCA PS3210B, RCA PS32120, RCA PS321303A, RCA PS32152, RCA PS3512, RCA PS35120NX1, RCA PS35123FM1, RCA PS35130FMI, RCA PS35151, RCA PS35153, RCA PS3535682, RCA PS35560, RCA PS3562, RCA PS3565, RCA PS35651LG2, RCA PS35653LW1, RCA PS35660LM2DJ, RCA PS35660LMl, RCA PS36123, RCA PS36123FM1, SONY PS36123JX1, RCA PS36126, RCA PS36126FM1, RCA PS36126JX1, RCA PS36127AJX4CI2, RCA PS36130FM4CJ2, RCA PS36161FM1, RCA PS507000, RCA PS52652DX1, RCA PS52652LG1, RCA PS52680CG1, SAMSUNG PS52682CG1, RCA PS526882, RCA PS52731WK, RCA PS52750WK, RCA PS52750WKOAK, RCA PS53123, RCA PS5652, RCA PS56662, RCA PS60752, RCA PSN27112, RCA PSN27121, RCA PSN35123, RCA PSN60682, RCA PSNPS27153, RCA PSPS35122, RCA PSPS35123, RCA RS27160, RCA RS35150, SAMSUNG S32665, RCA S35123, RCA SP35652, RCA TS35160, SAMSUNG TXN2726X/XAA, KENWOOD XXV05V

Customer Reviews:


    This item was purchased for an elderly relative who does not have access to the web. The condition of the unit was like new, and tested good on a similar RCA analog TV after being received.

    by Anonymous on September 11, 2014.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • F26317OM
    F26317, F35317 Operating Manual


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