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RCA CRK76TA1 TV Remote Control

RCA CRK76TA1 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 240895

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RRU401.5 with Macro and Learning 4-device universal):

Click here for Code Lookup Tool

New with Version 5

• More extensive code database
- Fixed issue with Channel Master Power key

The Anderic RRU401 4-Device Universal Remote control is great for combining up to 4 remotes into one for your home entertainment use. The RRU401 can easily be programmed to work for most all brands using the provided instructions. The RRU401 is a 4-Device Universal remote and can be programmed for use with up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB, and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your TV like APPS (if applicable), CC, Sleep, Menu, and of course, all other buttons for normal operations.

• Download FREE manual at http://www.anderic.com/rru401
• Programs for TVs, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Sat Boxes, Set-top-boxes, Audio equipment, Roku, and more.
• Smart keys for HOME, NETFLIX, APPS
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
Macro ability
Learning ability
• Full key Back-lighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Large easy to read buttons
• Can individually assign any keys to automatically punch-through to the mode of your choosing
• Can program for multi-unit combine POWER off/on of multiple devices with the single press of the POWER key
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty by Anderic.com

Pre-programmed for the following:
TV - LG (2698)
DVD - Samsung (3229)
STB - Motorola (5260)
Audio - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

Quick Reference Guide for Programming to Roku Enabled TVs:
Note: The following codes must be programmed under TV mode, and disabling "ROKU PUNCH-THROUGH (no D-Pad)" is required (see instructions in manual).

  • TCL TVs with Roku - Code 2654 (RC280) - (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)
  • Hisense Roku TVs - Code 2722 (EN3A32, EN3B32HS, HU-RCRUS-18)
  • Insignia Roku TVs - Code 2723, 2724 (NS-RCRUS-16, NS- RCRUS-17, NS-RCRUDUS-17, NS-RCRCA-17, NS-RCRUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-19, )
  • Sharp Roku TVs - Code 2725 (LC-RCRUS-16, LC-RCRUS-17, LC-RCRUS-18, EN3B32R)
  • LG Roku TVs - Code 2726 (LF-RCRUS-16)
  • Haier Roku TVs - Code 2654 (HTRR01)
  • Hitachi Roku TVs (101018E0002, 101018E0003)

Most Roku Tv's do not allow for the number pad to change the channels and most use the arrows to navigate


Note: When programming to a DirecTv box, you may have to change the settings for the remote control to IR. Using DirecTv remote, press MENU > Settings & Help > Settings > Remote control, then find the option to change from RF to IR mode.


Dish Hopper 3 (but will work all other Dish boxes, IR only)
Roku Stick/TV (but will work all other Roku boxes that accept IR)
Amazon Fire Stick

Model: RRU401.5 with Macro and Learning
Part Number: RRU401
Catalogue No.: 196618

The replacement for original RCA CRK76TA1 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original RCA CRK76TA1 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: CRK76TA1

PN: 240895


Model: CRK76TA1
Catalogue No.: 765
Battery Required : 2 AA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2767 (click here for programming instructions)

RCA CRK76TA1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: RCA 13GP411F01, RCA 20111, HITACHI 20AB2B, RCA 20GT372FB1, RCA 20GT375FB1, RCA 20GT377, RCA 210668, RCA 210827, RCA 212237, RCA 212688, RCA 221113, RCA 22124710, RCA 224265, RCA 224266, RCA 231541, RCA 238545, RCA 25GC722, RCA 25GT510FE1, RCA 25GT537TX1, RCA 25GX309, RCA 25GX390N01, HITACHI 27122, RCA 27GC903KF1, RCA 27GT614FE1, RCA 27GT619TX1, RCA 27GT619TX1AB3, RCA 27GT620TX1, RCA 27GT622FE1, RCA 27GT630, RCA 27GT630TX, RCA 27GT630TX51AA5, RCA 27GT630TX51AA9, RCA 27GT630TX71AA14, RCA 27GT630YX51AA5, RCA 27GT720, RCA 27GT720TX, RCA 27GT720TX1, RCA 27GT720TX1AX, RCA 27GT720TX2, RCA 27GT720TX2AX1, RCA 27GT720YX, RCA 27GT722, RCA 3020224511, RCA 3126490004, HITACHI 31CX513, RCA 31CX58B, RCA 31CX63, RCA 31CX68, HITACHI 31DX10B, RCA 31DX20, HITACHI 31DX21B, HITACHI 31DX31B, RCA 31GT657FM1, RCA 31GT658, RCA 31GT659, RCA 31GT659FM1, RCA 31GT660FM1CN3, RCA 31GT660YX1CN3, HITACHI 31KX8K, RCA 31UX5, RCA 31VX6B, HITACHI 32CX32B, RCA 32CXX11B, HITACHI 32TX78, HITACHI 32TX78B, HITACHI 32TX79K, RCA 35750ST, RCA 35830WK, RCA 35GT681JX1, HITACHI 46UX11KA, RCA 504616183, RCA 52750WK, RCA 60425, RCA 6852507M, RCA 729691130M, RCA 82033C01, RCA A23CDW, RCA A26CD, RCA BS35180, RCA C35830WK, RCA CC4252, RCA COM0960, RCA COM0960A, RCA COM3101A, RCA COM311ADA, RCA COM312AD/TV, RCA CRK17TB1, RCA CRK62B2, RCA CRK62D, RCA CRK62F, RCA CRK62J, RCA CRK62J1, RCA CRK62S2, RCA CRK70A1, RCA CRK70F2, RCA CRK70G1, HITACHI CRK70VHL, RCA CRK70VK, RCA CRK71B1, RCA CRK80C, Show more models

RCA CRK80C, RCA CRK80D2, RCA CRK830PL1, RCA CRK83BA3, RCA CRK83C1, RCA CRK83D1, RCA CRK83DPL1, RCA CRK83E1, RCA CRK83F1, RCA CRK83ML1, RCA CRK84A1, RCA CRK84A2, RCA CRK84AA3, RCA CRK84B1, HITACHI CRK84B2, HITACHI CT2085B/W, RCA DF32668, KENWOOD DPMA5, RCA DRD221RD, RCA DRD22RD, RCA DSM735RH, RCA DSR708R17, RCA EMR348ER, RCA ET0WSRXML01, RCA F19442TX1, RCA F26433, RCA F27230, RCA F27230EM, RCA F27230EMFB1, RCA F27230EMJX1, RCA F27230ES, RCA F27230ESFB1, RCA F27230ESNB1, RCA F27235, RCA F27235ET, RCA F27235ETNB1, RCA F27235ETNX1, RCA F27338, RCA F27338TX51AA5, RCA F27338TX51AA9, RCA F27338TX71AA14, RCA F27338YX51AA5, RCA F27442, RCA F27442TX1, RCA F27442TX1AD, RCA F27442TX41AD12, RCA F27442TX41AD8, RCA F27442TX51, RCA F27442TX51AD5, RCA F27615, RCA F27651, RCA F27664, RCA F27664YX1AX, RCA F27664YX2AX1, RCA F27665YX1AX, RCA F27665YX2, RCA F27665YX2AX1, RCA F27667TX1AA, RCA F27667TX51AA5, RCA F27667YX1AA, RCA F27667YX51AA5, RCA F27668TX51AA9, RCA F27668YX1AA, RCA F27668YX51AA5, RCA F27669, RCA F27669TX51AA13, RCA F27669TX51AA5, RCA F27669TX51AA9, RCA F27669TX71AA14, RCA F27669YX51, RCA F27669YX51AA13, RCA F27669YX51AA5, RCA F27669YX51AA9, RCA F27673, RCA F27679, RCA F27679BC, RCA F27679BCFE1, RCA F27679BCJX1, RCA F27683, RCA F27683GY, RCA F27683GYFE1, RCA F27683GYFE1AK2, RCA F27683GYFE1AK3, RCA F27683GYJX1AK2, RCA F27683GYYX1AK2, RCA F27683GYYX1AK3, RCA F27685YX1AM, RCA F27685YX2AM1, RCA F27689YX1AS, RCA F27690BC, RCA F27690BCFE1AC3, RCA F27690BCYX1AC3, RCA F27690BCYX2AC2, RCA F27695, RCA F27695BC, RCA F27695BCFE1AK3, RCA F27695BCFE1AK4, RCA F27695BCYX1AK3, RCA F27695BCYX1AK4, RCA F27730, RCA F27730EM, RCA F27730EMJX1, RCA F27731BKFE1, RCA F27731BKJX1, RCA F27733SB, RCA F31226, RCA F31226E5, RCA F31226ES, RCA F31226ESJM1, RCA F31226ESNM1, RCA F31226NM1, RCA F31665YX1CX, RCA F31665YX2CX1, RCA F31665YX3CH, RCA F31665YX4, RCA F31665YX4CH1, RCA F31700, RCA F31700GG, RCA F31700GGFX1, RCA F31700GGJX1, RCA F32645, RCA F32665YX1, RCA F32665YX1CX, RCA F32665YX2CX1, RCA F32665YX3, RCA F32665YX3CH, RCA F32665YX4CH1, RCA F32665YX5CH2, RCA F32665YX6CH3, RCA F32665YX7CH2, RCA F32665YX8CH3, RCA F32668YX3CA2, RCA F32668YX50CA5, RCA F32668YX50CA9, RCA F32668YX53CA6, RCA F32668YX57CA6, RCA F32668YX7CA2, RCA F32669YX50, RCA F32669YX50CA5, RCA F32669YX50CA9, RCA F32669YX51CA5, RCA F32669YX51CA9, RCA F32669YX53, RCA F32669YX53CA10, RCA F32669YX53CA6, RCA F32669YX59CA5, RCA F32669YX59CA9, RCA F32669YX71CA12, RCA F32674SB, RCA F32676SBFM1CD, RCA F32676SBFM2CD2, RCA F32676SBFM2CD3, RCA F32676SBJX1CD, RCA F32676SBJX2CD2, RCA F32676SBYX2CD4, RCA F32683ET, RCA F32683SB, RCA F32683SBFM1, RCA F32685, RCA F32685YX0CN1, RCA F32685YX14CN6, RCA F32685YX1CN, RCA F32685YX2CN1, RCA F32685YX3CN2, RCA F32685YX4, RCA F32685YX4CN3, RCA F32685YX5CN4, RCA F32685YX9CN, RCA F32689YX1CR, RCA F32689YX3CR1, RCA F32689YX5, RCA F32689YX5CR1, RCA F32689YX9, RCA F32689YX9CR, RCA F32690, RCA F32690BCYX1CA3, RCA F32691YX1CY, RCA F32691YX3CY1, RCA F32691YX9, RCA F32691YX9CY, RCA F32695BCYX1CL, RCA F32705YX1CL2, RCA F32705YX3, RCA F32705YX3CL3, RCA F32705YX5CL4, RCA F32705YX9, RCA F32705YX9CL2, RCA F32715, RCA F32715YX1, RCA F32715YX1CW, RCA F32715YX3CW1, RCA F32715YX9CW, RCA F32TF600, RCA F32TF600YX1CT, RCA F33674ET, RCA F3510057, RCA F35665YX1, RCA F35665YX1CX, RCA F35665YX2CX1, RCA F35730STFM1, RCA F35731MBFM1, RCA F35731MBJX1, RCA F35750, RCA F35750ST, RCA F35750STJX1, RCA F35751, RCA F35751MB, RCA F35751MBFM1, RCA F35751MBJX1, RCA F35751MD, RCA F35753MB, RCA F35753MBJX1, RCA F35755MB, RCA F3575MB, RCA F35760, RCA F35781, RCA F35830WK, RCA F36665YX1CX, RCA F36665YX2CX1, RCA F36665YX3CE1, RCA F36668YX1CA, RCA F36668YX51CA5, RCA F36668YX53CA6, RCA F36668YX53CA7, RCA F36669, RCA F36669YX51CA5, RCA F36669YX51CA9, RCA F36669YX53, RCA F36669YX53CA7, RCA F36669YX71, RCA F36669YX71CA12, RCA F36674E7, RCA F36674ET, RCA F36674ETFM1, RCA F3668, RCA F36683, RCA F36683AT, RCA F36683CT, RCA F36683ET, RCA F36683ETFM1, RCA F36683ETFM1CE2, RCA F36683ETFM1CE3, RCA F36683ETJX1CE2, RCA F36685YX1CA3, RCA F36685YX1CN, RCA F36685YX2CN1, RCA F36688, RCA F36688YX1, RCA F36688YX11CN5, RCA F36688YX1CN1, RCA F36689YX1CR, RCA F36690BCYX1CA3, RCA F36690BCYX2CA2, RCA F36691YX1CY, RCA F36695BCYX1CL, RCA F36705YX1CL2, RCA F36715YX1CW, RCA F3690BC, RCA F3750ST, RCA F52731WK, RCA FF35751MB, RCA G2750, RCA G27669YX1AX, RCA G27669YX2AX1, RCA G27701YX51AA5, RCA G27701YX51AA9, RCA G27750WK, RCA G27750WKALM1, RCA G27750WKDX1, RCA G27750WKLM1, RCA G27751, RCA G27751AT, RCA G27751ZT, RCA G31151, RCA G31151LM1, RCA G31151LMI, RCA G31151M1, RCA G31151WK, RCA G31151WK0AK, RCA G31151WKLM1, RCA G31151WKOAK, RCA G31153LM1, RCA G31159, RCA G31159TP, RCA G31159TPLM1, RCA G31750, RCA G31750WK, RCA G31750WKA, RCA G31750WKALM, RCA G31750WKALM1, RCA G31750WKDX1, RCA G31750WKLM1, RCA G31750WOAK, RCA G31850WKA, RCA G32665YX1CX, RCA G32665YX5, RCA G32665YX5CH2, RCA G32665YX6CH3, RCA G32665YX7CH2, RCA G32665YX8CH3, RCA G32686LV, RCA G32686LVLX1, RCA G32695L, RCA G32695LV, RCA G32695LVYX1CL, RCA G32695LVYX2CL, RCA G32705, RCA G32705YX0CL2, RCA G32705YX10CL5, RCA G32705YX11CL5, RCA G32705YX12CL5, RCA G32705YX13CL6, RCA G32705YX14CL6, RCA G32705YX15CL6, RCA G32705YX16CL6, RCA G32705YX19CL5, RCA G32705YX1CL2, RCA G32705YX2CL2, RCA G32705YX3, RCA G32705YX3CL3, RCA G32705YX4CL3, RCA G32705YX5CL4, RCA G32705YX6CL4, RCA G32705YX9CL2, RCA G32710YX01CB1, RCA G35030WK, RCA G35100, RCA G3510WKOAK, RCA G35302, RCA G35302HK, RCA G35302LM, RCA G35302LMI, RCA G35302WK, RCA G35302WKLM1, RCA G35302WKLX1, RCA G35303, RCA G35303SK, RCA G35303SKLM1, RCA G35311CK, RCA G35311CKLM1, RCA G35311CKLX1, RCA G35665, RCA G35665YX1, RCA G35665YX1CX, RCA G35665YX2CX1, RCA G35830AT, RCA G35830OWK, RCA G35830W, RCA G35830WK, RCA G35830WKDX1, RCA G35830WKDX2, RCA G35830WKLM1, RCA G35830WKLM2, RCA G35830WKOAK, RCA G3583AT, RCA G3583OWK, RCA G35850, RCA G35850CK, RCA G35850CKLM1, RCA G36695LV, RCA G36695LVYX1CL, RCA G36695LVYX2CL, RCA G36705TV, RCA G36705YX11CL5, RCA G36705YX12CL5, RCA G36705YX1CL2, RCA 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P46151WKDG2, RCA P46159, RCA P46159WK, RCA P46159WKDG1, RCA P46160, RCA P46160WK, RCA P46160WKCG1, RCA P46160WKDG1, RCA P46720B, RCA P46720BA, RCA P46728, RCA P46729BA, RCA P46730WK, RCA P46731, RCA P46731A, SONY P46731AT, RCA P46732, RCA P467325A, RCA P467326A, RCA P46732BA, RCA P46770, RCA P46770CK, RCA P46770CKDX1, RCA P46770CKLG1, RCA P46770CKN, RCA P46770CKOAK, RCA P46770OCK, RCA P4677OCK, RCA P4680BLK, RCA P46820BC, RCA P46820BL, RCA P46820BLLG2, RCA P46920BL, RCA P46920BLLG1KA_K, RCA P46920BLLG1KAK, RCA P46920BLYX1, RCA P46920BLYX1KA_K, RCA P46920BLYX1KAK, RCA P46920BLYX3K2A_K2, RCA P46920BLYX3K2AK2, RCA P46920BLYX3KA_K, RCA P46920BLYX3KAK, RCA P46921YX10M26A_M2, RCA P46921YX10M26AM2, RCA P46921YX11M21A_M2, RCA P46921YX11M21AM2, RCA P46921YX12M4A_M4, RCA P46921YX12M4AM4, RCA P46921YX1MA_M, RCA P46921YX1MAM, RCA P46921YX2MA_M, RCA P46921YX2MAM, RCA P46921YX3M1A_M1, RCA P46921YX3M1AM1, RCA P46921YX4M1A_M1, RCA P46921YX4M1AM1, RCA P46921YX5M2A_M2, RCA P46921YX5M2AM2, RCA P46921YX6M11A_M1, RCA P46921YX6M11AM1, RCA P46921YX7M31A_M3, RCA P46921YX7M31AM3, RCA P46921YX8M3A_M3, RCA P46921YX8M3AM3, RCA P46921YX9M34A_M3, RCA P46921YX9M34AM3, RCA P46922YX10M26A_M2, RCA P46922YX10M26AM2, RCA P46922YX11M21A_M2, RCA P46922YX11M21AM2, RCA P46922YX1MA_M, RCA P46922YX1MAM, RCA P46922YX2MA_M, RCA P46922YX2MAM, RCA P46922YX3M1A_M1, RCA P46922YX3M1AM1, RCA P46922YX4M1A_M1, RCA P46922YX4M1AM1, RCA P46922YX5M2A_M2, RCA P46922YX5M2AM2, RCA P46922YX6M11A_M1, RCA P46922YX6M11AM1, RCA P46922YX7M31A_M3, RCA P46922YX7M31AM3, RCA P46922YX8M3A_M3, RCA P46922YX8M3AM3, RCA P46922YX9M34A_M3, RCA P46922YX9M34AM3, RCA P46924, RCA P46924YX10M26A_M2, RCA P46924YX10M26AM2, RCA P46924YX11M21A_M2, RCA P46924YX11M21AM2, RCA P46924YX12M4A_M4, RCA P46924YX12M4AM4, RCA P46924YX1MA_M, RCA P46924YX1MAM, RCA P46924YX2MA_M, RCA P46924YX2MAM, RCA P46924YX3M1A_M1, RCA P46924YX3M1AM1, RCA P46924YX4M1A_M1, RCA P46924YX4M1AM1, RCA P46924YX5M2A_M2, RCA P46924YX5M2AM2, RCA P46924YX6M11A_M1, RCA P46924YX6M11AM1, RCA P46924YX7M31A_M3, RCA P46924YX7M31AM3, RCA P46924YX8M3A_M3, RCA P46924YX8M3AM3, RCA P46924YX9M34A_M3, RCA P46924YX9M34AM3, RCA P50830, RCA P50830BL, RCA P50830BLLG1, RCA P51731WK, RCA P51929, RCA P52100, RCA P52100EB, RCA P52100EBLG1, RCA P52121WK, RCA P52151, RCA P52151WK, RCA P52151WKCG1, RCA P52151WKDG1, RCA P52152ST, RCA P52152STCG1, RCA P52152STDG1, RCA P5231WK, RCA P52652N, RCA P52721WK, RCA P52730, RCA P52730CK, RCA P52730CKLG1, RCA P52731, RCA P52731VK, RCA P52731WK, RCA P52732, RCA P5273IWK, RCA P5273WK, RCA P52750WK, RCA P52750WK0AK, RCA P52750WKLG1, RCA P52751WK, RCA P52753, RCA P52753A, RCA P52753AL, RCA P52753ATLG1, RCA P52755, RCA P52755ST, RCA P52755STDX1, RCA P52755STLG1, RCA P52756, RCA P52756SBDX1, RCA P52756SBDX2, RCA P52756SBLG1, RCA P52756SBLG2, RCA P52757, RCA P5275OWK, RCA P5275WK, RCA P52770, RCA P52770EBDX1, RCA P52770EBDX2, RCA P52770EBLG1, RCA P52770EBLG2, RCA P527731WK, RCA P52812, RCA P52812BC, RCA P52820, RCA P52820BL, RCA P52820BLLG2, RCA P5282OBL, RCA P52830, RCA P52830BL, RCA P52830BLLG1, RCA P52835, RCA P52835LV, RCA P52835LVLG1, RCA P529201BL, RCA P52920BLYX1K2B_K2, RCA P52920BLYX1K2BK2, RCA P52920BLYX1KB_K, RCA P52920BLYX1KBK, RCA P52920BLYX3, RCA P52920BLYX3K2B_K2, RCA P52920BLYX3K2BK2, RCA P52920VL, RCA P52921YX1MB_M, RCA P52921YX1MBM, RCA P52921YX2MB_M, RCA P52921YX2MBM, RCA P52921YX3M1B_M1, RCA P52921YX3M1BM1, RCA P52921YX4M2B_M2, RCA P52921YX4M2BM2, RCA P52923YX1K2B_K2, RCA P52923YX1K2BK2, HITACHI P52923YX2, RCA P52923YX2K3B_K3, RCA P52923YX2K3BK3, RCA P52923YX3K3B_K3, RCA P52923YX3K3BK3, RCA P52923YX4K31B_K3, RCA P52923YX4K31BK3, RCA P52923YX5K4B_K4, RCA P52923YX5K4BK4, RCA P52923YX6K41B_K4, RCA P52923YX6K41BK4, RCA P52923YX7K51B_K5, RCA P52923YX7K51BK5, RCA P52923YX8K5B_K5, RCA P52923YX8K5BK5, RCA P52923YX9K46B_K4, RCA P52923YX9K46BK4, RCA P52924YX1, RCA P52924YX1MB_M, RCA P52924YX1MBM, RCA P52926SYX1R1B_R1, RCA P52926SYX1R1BR1, RCA P52926SYX2R16B_R1, RCA P52926SYX2R16BR1, RCA P52926SYX3R2B_R2, RCA P52926SYX3R2BR2, RCA P52926YX1, RCA P52926YX1RB_R, RCA P52926YX1RBR, RCA P52926YX2, RCA P52926YX2R01B_R, RCA P52926YX2R01BR, RCA P52926YX3R11B_R1, RCA P52926YX3R11BR1, RCA P52926YX4R1B_R1, RCA P52926YX4R1BR1, RCA P52926YX5, RCA P52926YX5R16B_R1, RCA P52926YX5R16BR1, RCA P52927YX10, RCA P52927YX10M26B_M2, RCA P52927YX10M26BM2, RCA P52927YX11M21B_M2, RCA P52927YX11M21BM2, RCA P52927YX1M1B_M1, RCA P52927YX1M1BM1, RCA P52927YX2, RCA P52927YX2M2B_M2, RCA P52927YX2M2BM2, RCA P52927YX3M11B_M1, RCA P52927YX3M11BM1, RCA P52927YX4M12B_M1, RCA P52927YX4M12BM1, RCA P52927YX5M13B_M1, RCA P52927YX5M13BM1, RCA P52927YX6M32B_M3, RCA P52927YX6M32BM3, RCA P52927YX7M33B_M3, RCA P52927YX7M33BM3, RCA P52927YX8M31B_M3, RCA P52927YX8M31BM3, RCA P52927YX9M3B_M3, RCA P52927YX9M3BM3, RCA P52928, RCA P52928YX1, RCA P52928YX1NB_N, RCA P52928YX1NBN, RCA P52928YX2NB_N, RCA P52928YX2NBN, RCA P52928YX3, RCA P52928YX3N1B_N1, RCA P52928YX3N1BN1, RCA P52928YX4, RCA P52928YX4N2B_N2, RCA P52928YX4N2BN2, RCA P52929YX1SB_S, RCA P52929YX1SBS, RCA P52929YX2S01B_S, RCA P52929YX2S01BS, RCA P52929YX3S11B_S1, RCA P52929YX3S11BS1, RCA P52929YX4S1B_S1, RCA P52929YX4S1BS1, RCA P52929YX5S16B_S1, RCA P52929YX5S16BS1, RCA P52930BL, RCA P52930BLLG1EBE, RCA P52930BLYX1EBE, RCA P52930BLYX3, RCA P52930BLYX3EBE, RCA P52935BLYX3E3B_E3, RCA P52935BLYX3E3BE3, RCA P52935LVYX1, RCA P52935LVYX1EB_E, RCA P52935LVYX1EBE, RCA P52935LVYX3E3B_E3, RCA P52935LVYX3E3BE3, RCA P52936YX1R1B_R1, RCA P52936YX1R1BR1, RCA P52936YX2R16B_R1, RCA P52936YX2R16BR1, RCA P52936YX2W16B_W1, RCA P52936YX2W16BW1, RCA P52936YX3R2B_R2, RCA P52936YX3R2BR2, RCA P52937SG, RCA P52937SGYX1, RCA P52937SGYX1M4B_M4, RCA P52937SGYX1M4BM4, RCA P52937SGYX2, RCA P52937SGYX2M26B_M2, RCA P52937SGYX2M26BM2, SAMSUNG P52937YX1, RCA P52937YX1M2B_M2, RCA P52937YX1M2BM2, RCA P52937YX2M26B_M2, RCA P52937YX2M26BM2, RCA P52937YX3, RCA P52937YX3M4B_M4, RCA P52937YX3M4BM4, RCA P52937YX4, RCA P52937YX4M3B_M3, RCA P52937YX4M3BM3, RCA P52939YX1S1B_S1, RCA P52939YX1S1BS1, RCA P52939YX2S16B_S1, RCA P52939YX2S16BS1, RCA P52939YX3S2B_S2, RCA P52939YX3S2BS2, RCA P52940YX1E2B_E2, RCA P52940YX1E2BE2, RCA P52940YX2E2B_E2, RCA P52940YX2E2BE2, RCA P52945, RCA P52945YX1E2B_E2, RCA P52945YX1E2BE2, RCA P52945YX2E2B_E2, RCA P52945YX2E2BE2, RCA P52950YX1, RCA P52950YX1WB_W, RCA P52950YX1WBW, RCA P52950YX2W01B_W, RCA P52950YX2W01BW, RCA P52950YX3W11B_W1, RCA P52950YX3W11BW1, RCA P52950YX4, RCA P52950YX4W1B_W1, RCA P52950YX4W1BW1, RCA P52950YX5, RCA P52950YX5W16B_W1, RCA P52950YX5W16BW1, RCA P52955YX1, RCA P52955YX1WB_W, RCA P52955YX1WBW, RCA P52955YX2W01B_W, RCA P52955YX2W01BW, RCA P52955YX3W11B_W1, RCA P52955YX3W11BW1, RCA P52955YX4W1B_W1, RCA P52955YX4W1BW1, RCA P52955YX5, RCA P52955YX5W16B_W1, RCA P52955YX5W16BW1, RCA P52955YX6W2B_W2, RCA P52955YX6W2BW2, RCA P52960YX1Y06B_Y, RCA P52960YX1Y06BY, RCA P52965YX1Y06B_Y, RCA P52965YX1Y06BY, TOSHIBA P52990BL, RCA P5355653, RCA P56820, RCA P56820BL, RCA P56820BLLG1, RCA P56830BL, RCA P56830BLLG1, RCA P56920BLYX1KP_K, RCA P56920BLYX1KPK, RCA P56921BLYX3KP_K, RCA P56921BLYX3KPK, RCA P56921YX1, RCA P56921YX1AP_A2, RCA P56921YX1APA2, RCA P56923BLYX1KP_K, RCA P56923BLYX1KPK, RCA P56923BLYX3, RCA P56923BLYX3KP_K, RCA P56923BLYX3KPK, RCA P56924YX1MP_M, RCA P56924YX1MPM, RCA P56924YX2MP_M, RCA P56924YX2MPM, RCA P56926, RCA P56926YX1RP_R, RCA P56926YX1RPR, RCA P56926YX2R01P_R, RCA P56926YX2R01PR, RCA P56926YX3, RCA P56926YX3R11P_R1, RCA P56926YX3R11PR1, RCA P56926YX4R1P_R1, RCA P56926YX4R1PR1, RCA P56926YX5R16P_R1, RCA P56926YX5R16PR1, RCA P56927YX1M1P_M1, RCA P56927YX1M1PM1, RCA P56927YX2M2P_M2, RCA P56927YX2M2PM2, RCA P56927YX3, RCA P56927YX3M11P_M1, RCA P56927YX3M11PM1, RCA P56927YX4M31P_M3, RCA P56927YX4M31PM3, RCA P56927YX5M3P_M3, RCA P56927YX5M3PM3, RCA P56927YX6M26P_M2, RCA P56927YX6M26PM2, RCA P56927YX7M21P_M2, RCA P56927YX7M21PM2, RCA P56928YX1NP_N, RCA P56928YX1NPN, RCA P56930BL, RCA P56930BLLG1EP_E, RCA P56930BLLG1EPE, RCA P56930BLYX1EP_E, RCA P56930BLYX1EPE, RCA P56930BLYX3, RCA P56930BLYX3EP_E, RCA P56930BLYX3EPE, RCA P56937, RCA P56937YX1, RCA P56937YX1M2P_M2, RCA P56937YX1M2PM2, RCA P56937YX2M26P_M2, RCA P56937YX2M26PM2, RCA P56938, RCA P56938YX1S1P_S1, RCA P56938YX1S1PS1, RCA P56938YX2, RCA P56938YX2S16P_S1, RCA P56938YX2S16PS1, RCA P56938YX3, RCA P56938YX3S2P_S2, RCA P56938YX3S2PS2, RCA P56940, RCA P56940YX1E2P_E2, RCA P56940YX1E2PE2, RCA P56940YX2E2P_E2, RCA P56940YX2E2PE2, RCA P56950YX1WP_W, RCA P56950YX1WPW, RCA P56950YX2, RCA P56950YX2W01P_W, RCA P56950YX2W01PW, RCA P56950YX3W11P_W1, RCA P56950YX3W11PW1, RCA P56950YX4W1P_W1, RCA P56950YX4W1PW1, RCA P56950YX5W16P_W1, RCA P56950YX5W16PW1, RCA P57250WK, RCA P60100, RCA P60100EBLG1, RCA P60101, RCA P60152, RCA P60152CKCG1, RCA P60153EB, RCA P60153EBLG1, RCA P60750, RCA P60750CK, RCA P60750CKLG1, RCA P60751, RCA P60751EBDX1, RCA P60751EBLG1, RCA P60752, RCA P60752EB, RCA P60752EBDX1, RCA P60752EBLG1, RCA P60752EBLG2, RCA P6075EB, RCA P60820, RCA P60820BL, RCA P60820BLLG1, RCA P60920, RCA P60920BLYX1, RCA P60920BLYX1KC_K, RCA P60920BLYX1KCK, RCA P60920BLYX3KC_K, RCA P60920BLYX3KCK, RCA P60921YX1, RCA P60921YX1MT_M, RCA P60921YX1MTM, RCA P60921YX2MT_M, RCA P60921YX2MTM, RCA P60921YX3M1T_M1, RCA P60921YX3M1TM1, RCA P60923, RCA P60923BC, RCA P60923BL, RCA P60923BLYX1KC_K, RCA P60923BLYX1KCK, RCA P60923BLYX3, RCA P60923BLYX3KC_K, RCA P60923BLYX3KCK, RCA P60924YX1MT_M, RCA P60924YX1MTM, RCA P60924YX2, RCA P60924YX2MT_M, RCA P60924YX2MTM, RCA P60928, RCA P60928YX1NT_N, RCA P60928YX1NTN, RCA P60928YX2NT_N, RCA P60928YX2NTN, RCA P61830, RCA P61830BL, RCA P61830BLLG1, RCA P61926, RCA P61926YX1RT_R, RCA P61926YX1RTR, RCA P61926YX2R01T_R, RCA P61926YX2R01TR, RCA P61926YX4, RCA P61926YX4R1T_R1, RCA P61926YX4R1TR1, RCA P61926YX5R16T_R1, RCA P61926YX5R16TR1, RCA P61927YX1M1T_M1, RCA P61927YX1M1TM1, RCA P61927YX2M2T_M2, RCA P61927YX2M2TM2, RCA P61927YX3M11T_M1, RCA P61927YX3M11TM1, RCA P61927YX4M31T_M3, RCA P61927YX4M31TM3, RCA P61927YX5M3T_M3, RCA P61927YX5M3TM3, RCA P61927YX6M26T_M2, RCA P61927YX6M26TM2, RCA P61927YX7M21T_M2, RCA P61927YX7M21TM2, RCA P61929YX1ST_S, RCA P61929YX1STS, RCA P61929YX2S01T_S, RCA P61929YX2S01TS, RCA P61929YX3S11T_S1, RCA P61929YX3S11TS1, RCA P61929YX4S1T_S1, RCA P61929YX4S1TS1, RCA P61929YX5S16T_S1, RCA P61929YX5S16TS1, RCA P61929YX6S2T_S2F, RCA P61929YX6S2TS2F, RCA P61930, RCA P61930BL, RCA P61930BLYX1ET_E, RCA P61930BLYX1ETE, RCA P61930BLYX3ET_E, RCA P61930BLYX3ETE, RCA P61936YX1R1T_R1, RCA P61936YX1R1TR1, RCA P61936YX2R16T_R1, RCA P61936YX2R16TR1, RCA P61937, RCA P61937YX1M2T_M2, RCA P61937YX1M2TM2, RCA P61937YX2M26T_M2, RCA P61937YX2M26TM2, RCA P61937YX3, RCA P61937YX3M4T_M4, RCA P61937YX3M4TM4, RCA P61939YX1S1T_S1, RCA P61939YX1S1TS1, RCA P61939YX2S16T_S1, RCA P61939YX2S16TS1, RCA P61939YX3S2T_S2F, RCA P61939YX3S2TS2F, RCA P61940YX1E2T_E2, RCA P61940YX1E2TE2, RCA P61940YX2E2T_E2, RCA P61940YX2E2TE2, RCA P61946, RCA P61950YX1WT_W, RCA P61950YX1WTW, RCA P61950YX2W01T_W, RCA P61950YX2W01TW, RCA P61950YX3W11T_W1, RCA P61950YX3W11TW1, RCA P61950YX4W1T_W1, RCA P61950YX4W1TW1, RCA P61950YX5, RCA P61950YX5W16T_W1, RCA P61950YX5W16TW1, RCA P61960, RCA P61960YX1Y06T_Y, RCA P61960YX1Y06T_Y0F, RCA P61960YX1Y06TY, RCA P61960YX1Y06TY0F, RCA P66921, RCA P82731WK, RCA P935680, RCA PA35182, RCA PO52920BL, RCA Pro844, RCA PROV714, RCA PS20111, RCA PS20111FB1, RCA PS20111NB1, RCA PS2151WK, RCA PS25123, RCA PS257123, RCA PS2711, RCA PS27111, RCA PS27111NX1, RCA PS27121, RCA PS27121NE11, RCA PS27121NE12, RCA PS27121NX11, RCA PS2715, RCA PS2731WK, RCA PS2750WK, RCA PS31122JX1, RCA PS31151NM2, RCA PS32109FM1CH, RCA PS3210B, RCA PS32120, RCA PS321303A, RCA PS321330, RCA PS32152, RCA PS3512, RCA PS35120NM1, RCA PS35120NX1, RCA PS35123FM1, RCA PS35130AFM4, RCA PS35130AJX4, RCA PS35130FMI, RCA PS35150NM2, RCA PS35152JX1, RCA PS35153, RCA PS3535682, RCA PS35560, RCA PS3562, RCA PS3565, RCA PS35651, RCA PS35651LG2, RCA PS35652LG2, RCA PS35653LW1, RCA PS35660LM2DJ, RCA PS35660LMl, RCA PS35693, RCA PS36123, RCA PS36123FM1, SONY PS36123JX1, RCA PS36126, RCA PS36126FM1, RCA PS36126JX1, RCA PS36127AJX4CI2, RCA PS36130FM4CJ2, RCA PS36161FM1, RCA PS507000, RCA PS52151, RCA PS52652DX1, RCA PS52652LG1, RCA PS52680CG1, SAMSUNG PS52682CG1, RCA PS526882, RCA PS52731WK, RCA PS52750WK, RCA PS52750WKOAK, RCA PS53123, RCA PS5652, RCA PS56662, RCA PS60752, RCA PS61800YX1, RCA PSN27112, RCA PSN27121, RCA PSN35123, RCA PSN35653, RCA PSN60682, RCA PSNPS27153, RCA PSNPS35652, RCA PSPS35122, RCA PSPS35123, RCA PSVR62, RCA R46730WK, RCA RCU8700MSL, RCA RS27160, SAMSUNG S32665, RCA S35123, RCA TC21F87H, RCA TLPX10, RCA TLPX10E, RCA TLPX10U, RCA TLPX10Y, RCA TLPX11, RCA TLPX11E, RCA TLPX11U, RCA TLPX11Y, RCA TLPX20, RCA TLPX20C, RCA TLPX20DE, RCA TLPX20DU, RCA TLPX20E, RCA TLPX20U, RCA TLPX20Y, RCA TLPX21, RCA TLPX21C, RCA TLPX21DE, RCA TLPX21DU, RCA TLPX21E, RCA TLPX21U, RCA TLPX21Y, RCA TS35160, SAMSUNG TXN2726X/XAA, RCA TXPX20, RCA TXPX21, RCA VR0212A, RCA VR0313

Compatible with TV models: TOSHIBA 102040, RCA 20F650T, RCA 20F650TECY, RCA 237909, Proscan-RCA 240896/RCA, Proscan-RCA 240896RCA, RCA 24F650T, RCA 24F650TNCY, RCA 25GC732, RCA 25GC732KF1, RCA 25GC744KF1, RCA 25GC752, RCA 25GT510, RCA 25GT536, RCA 25GT536FE1, RCA 25GT536JX1, RCA 25GT537, Proscan-RCA 27400, Proscan-RCA 27500, Proscan-RCA 27600, RCA 27F650, RCA 27F650T, RCA 27F650TYX1, RCA 27F650TYX1FCY, RCA 27F650TYX3, RCA 27F650TYX3KCY, RCA 27F670T, RCA 27GC732, RCA 27GT615JX1, RCA 27GT6618, RCA 27R410, RCA 27R410T, RCA 27R410TYX1, RCA 27R410TYX1FAM, RCA 27R430TYX1FAR, RCA 316T658, RCA 31GT657JX1, RCA 31GT659JX1CN2, RCA 31GT660FM3CH3, RCA 32648, Proscan-RCA 32700, Proscan-RCA 36500, Proscan-RCA 36600, Proscan-RCA 36700, Proscan-RCA 400, Proscan-RCA 4070, RCA 46720BA, Proscan-RCA 50700, RCA 535317, HITACHI 60EX01B, HITACHI 60FX32B, Proscan-RCA 931431224X, Proscan-RCA 9527500K, Proscan-RCA 9SVR72, RCA BD20TF10, RCA CRK76TCI, TOSHIBA CRK76TW1, RCA CRV4, RCA CTC203CA, Panasonic CTP1956R, TOSHIBA CX35F70, TOSHIBA CX35S70, TOSHIBA CX36F70, RCA DAV2100, RCA F19625, RCA F19625YX1, RCA F19625YX1A1, RCA F19627, RCA F19627TX51, RCA F19627TX51L5, RCA F19627YX1, RCA F19627YX1L, RCA F19627YX51, RCA F19627YX51L5, RCA F20625, RCA F20625YX1, RCA F20625YX1B1, RCA F20625YX1B7, RCA F20645, RCA F20645YX1, RCA F20645YX1B1, RCA F20645YX1B7, RCA F20648TX51, RCA F20648TX51M5, RCA F20648TX51M9, RCA F20648YX51, RCA F20648YX51M5, RCA F20FT10, RCA F20TF10, RCA F25423, RCA F25423TX41AC4, RCA F25423TX41AC8, RCA F25423TX51, RCA F25423TX51AC5, RCA F25423TX51AC9, RCA F25625, RCA F25625YX1, RCA F25625YX1AX, RCA F25625YX2, RCA F25625YX2AX1, Show more models

RCA F25625YX2AX1, RCA F25645, RCA F25645YX1, RCA F25645YX1AX, RCA F25645YX2, RCA F25645YX2AX1, RCA F25648, RCA F25648TX1, RCA F25648TX1AA, RCA F25648TX41, RCA F25648TX41AA4, RCA F25648TX51, RCA F25648TX51AA5, RCA F25648YX1, RCA F25648YX1AA, RCA F25648YX51, RCA F25648YX51AA5, RCA F25649, RCA F25649TX51, RCA F25649TX51AA5, RCA F25649TX51AA9, RCA F25649TX71AA14, RCA F25649YX51, RCA F25649YX51AA5, RCA F26317, RCA F26317YX1, RCA F26317YX1AA, RCA F26317YX51, RCA F26317YX51AA5, RCA F26645, RCA F26645YX1, RCA F26645YX1AW, RCA F26645YX2, RCA F26645YX2AW1, RCA F27318, RCA F27318/TX51, RCA F27318TX41AA4, RCA F27318TX41AA8, RCA F27318TX51, RCA F27318TX51AA5, RCA F27318TX51AA9, RCA F27318TX71AA14, RCA F27443, RCA F27443TX01, RCA F27443TX01BA1, RCA F27443YX1BA1, RCA F27450, RCA F27450TX01BB1, RCA F27450TX2BB1, RCA F27450YX1BB1, RCA F27450YX2BB1, RCA F27625, RCA F27625TX, RCA F27625TX1, RCA F27625TX1AX, RCA F27625TX2, RCA F27625TX2AX1, RCA F27628, RCA F27628TX41AA4, RCA F27628TX41AA8, RCA F27628TX51, RCA F27628TX51AA5, RCA F27628TX51AA9, RCA F27628TX71AA14, RCA F27628YX1, RCA F27628YX1AA, RCA F27628YX51, RCA F27628YX51AA5, RCA F27628YX51AA9, RCA F27629TX51AA9, RCA F27644, RCA F27644YX1, RCA F27644YX1AX, RCA F27644YX2, RCA F27644YX2AX1, RCA F27645, RCA F27645BC, RCA F27645YX1, RCA F27645YX1AX, RCA F27645YX2, RCA F27645YX2AX1, RCA F27647, RCA F27647TX51, RCA F27647TX51AA5, RCA F27647YX1, RCA F27647YX1AA, RCA F27647YX51, RCA F27647YX51AA5, RCA F27648, RCA F27648TX41, RCA F27648TX41AA4, RCA F27648TX51, RCA F27648TX51AA5, RCA F27648YX1, RCA F27648YX1AA, RCA F27648YX51, RCA F27648YX51AA5, RCA F27649, RCA F27649TX41, RCA F27649TX41AA4, RCA F27649TX41AA8, RCA F27649TX51, RCA F27649TX51AA5, RCA F27649TX51AA9, RCA F27649TX71AA14, RCA F27731BK, RCA F31317, RCA F31317YX1, RCA F31317YX1CA, RCA F31317YX3, RCA F31317YX3CA2, RCA F31317YX51, RCA F31317YX51CA5, RCA F31317YX51CA9, RCA F31317YX53, RCA F31317YX53CA10, RCA F31317YX53CA6, RCA F31317YX71CA12, RCA F3137, RCA F32444, RCA F32444TX1CA1, RCA F32444YX01CA1, RCA F32444YX5CA2, RCA F32444YX7CA2, RCA F3245, RCA F32450, RCA F32450TX1CA1, RCA F32450YX01, RCA F32450YX01CA1, RCA F32450YX5CA2, RCA F32548, RCA F326450, RCA F32645YX1, RCA F32645YX1CX, RCA F32645YX2, RCA F32645YX2CX1, RCA F32645YX3, RCA F32645YX3CH, RCA F32645YX4, RCA F32645YX4CH1, RCA F32645YX5, RCA F32645YX5CH2, RCA F32645YX6, RCA F32645YX6CH3, RCA F32645YX7, RCA F32645YX7CH2, RCA F32645YX8, RCA F32645YX8CH3, RCA F32646, RCA F32646YX5, RCA F32648, RCA F32648YX3, RCA F32648YX3CA2, RCA F32648YX50, RCA F32648YX50CA5, RCA F32648YX50CA9, RCA F32648YX53, RCA F32648YX53CA10, RCA F32648YX53CA6, RCA F32648YX55, RCA F32648YX55CA10, RCA F32648YX57, RCA F32648YX57CA10, RCA F32648YX57CA6, RCA F32648YX59, RCA F32648YX59CA5, RCA F32648YX7, RCA F32648YX7CA2, RCA F32649YX50, RCA F32649YX50CA5, RCA F32649YX50CA9, RCA F32649YX51, RCA F32649YX51CA5, RCA F32649YX51CA9, RCA F32649YX53, RCA F32649YX53CA10, RCA F32649YX53CA6, RCA F32649YX57, RCA F32649YX57CA10, RCA F32649YX59, RCA F32649YX59CA5, RCA F32649YX59CA9, RCA F32649YX71, RCA F32649YX71CA12, RCA F3264S, RCA F326648, RCA F32G45, RCA F3517, RCA F35317, RCA F35317YX1, RCA F35317YX1CA, RCA F35317YX51, RCA F35317YX51CA5, RCA F35317YX51CA9, RCA F35317YX71CA12, RCA F35731, RCA F36444, RCA F36444YX01, RCA F36444YX01CA1, RCA F36450YX01, RCA F36450YX01CA1, RCA F364650, RCA F36645, RCA F36645CB, RCA F36645YX1, RCA F36645YX1CX, RCA F36645YX2, RCA F36645YX2CX1, RCA F36648YX1, RCA F36648YX1CA, RCA F36648YX51, RCA F36648YX51CA5, RCA F36648YX53, RCA F36648YX53CA7, RCA F36649, RCA F36649YX51, RCA F36649YX51CA5, RCA F36649YX51CA9, RCA F36649YX71CA12, RCA F36650, Proscan-RCA F36668YX51, RCA F38310, RCA FF32645, Proscan-RCA FP52820, RCA G27400WK, RCA G27646, RCA G27646YX1, RCA G27646YX1AX, RCA G27646YX2, RCA G27646YX2AX1, RCA G27647, RCA G27647YX1, RCA G27647YX1AX, RCA G27647YX3, RCA G27647YX3AX, RCA G27647YX4, RCA G27647YX4AX1, RCA G27648, RCA G27648YX1, RCA G27648YX1AA, RCA G27648YX51, RCA G27648YX51AA5, RCA G27648YX51AA9, RCA G27648YX52, RCA G27648YX52AA5, RCA G27648YX52AA9, RCA G27649, RCA G27649YX1, RCA G27649YX1AA, RCA G27649YX51, RCA G27649YX51AA5, RCA G27649YX51AA9, RCA G27649YX52AA5, RCA G27649YX52AA9, RCA G27701YX51, RCA G27750WKA, RCA G32695, RCA G34170AT, RCA J27530, RCA J27530TX52AJ9, RCA J27530YX1, RCA J27530YX1AJ, RCA J27530YX52, RCA J27530YX52AJ5, RCA J32530YX1, RCA J32530YX1CJ, RCA J32530YX3, RCA J32530YX3CJ2, RCA J32530YX50CJ5, RCA J32530YX50CJ9, RCA J32530YX52CJ5, RCA J32530YX52CJ9, RCA J32530YX54, RCA J32530YX54CJ6, RCA J32530YX58, RCA J32530YX58CJ6, RCA J32530YX9CJ, RCA J36530YX1, RCA J36530YX1CJ, RCA J36530YX52, RCA J36530YX52CJ5, RCA J36530YX52CJ9, SONY KV27TS27, SONY KV27TS31, SONY KV27TS35, SONY KV27TW75, SONY KV27TW76, SONY KV32TS20, SONY KV32TS35, SONY KV32TW75, SONY KV32TW76, KENWOOD KVT915DVD, RCA M4390, RCA M50WH185, RCA M50WH185YX1, RCA M50WH185YX2, RCA M50WH187, RCA M50WH187YX1, RCA M50WH72SYX2, RCA M61WH185, RCA M61WH185YX1, Proscan-RCA NWP7610, Proscan-RCA P36600, RCA P46720, RCA P46720LV, RCA P46721LV, RCA P467253K, RCA P46725F, RCA P46725SK, RCA P46725WK, RCA P46726BA, RCA P46726BADX1, RCA P46728WKLG1, RCA P46729BADX1, RCA P46729BALG1, RCA P46730WKLG1, RCA P46731ATDX1, RCA P46731ATLG1, RCA P46732BADX1, RCA P46732BALG1, RCA P46738, RCA P46738AT, RCA P46738ATLG1, RCA P52720, RCA P52720BA, RCA P52720LV, RCA P52721LV, RCA P52725SK, RCA P52731EK, RCA P52738, RCA P52738WK, Proscan-RCA P527400, Proscan-RCA P527500, Proscan-RCA P527500K, RCA P52939, RCA P52940, RCA P52960, RCA P52965, Proscan-RCA P53, Proscan-RCA P532600, Proscan-RCA P53660, Proscan-RCA P536600, Proscan-RCA P536605, Proscan-RCA P536700, Proscan-RCA P550700, Proscan-RCA P556700, Proscan-RCA P561700, RCA P56720, RCA P56720LB, RCA P56926YX1, RCA P56926YX4, RCA P56927, RCA P5720, Proscan-RCA P5VR74, Proscan-RCA P60700, RCA P60923BLYX1, RCA P61310, RCA P732500, Proscan-RCA PA61700, Proscan-RCA PCVR72, Proscan-RCA PR42300, Proscan-RCA PRP36, Proscan-RCA PRVR71, Proscan-RCA PS20700, Proscan-RCA PS21700, Proscan-RCA PS232500, Proscan-RCA PS24700, Proscan-RCA PS2600, Proscan-RCA PS26700, Proscan-RCA PS2700, Proscan-RCA PS27000, Proscan-RCA PS27115, RCA PS2720LV, Proscan-RCA PS27300, Proscan-RCA PS27400828421, Proscan-RCA PS27400C, Proscan-RCA PS27410, Proscan-RCA PS27410YX1, Proscan-RCA PS27410YX1AX, Proscan-RCA PS27440, Proscan-RCA PS2750, Proscan-RCA PS27500, Proscan-RCA PS27500YX1, Proscan-RCA PS27500YX1AD3, Proscan-RCA PS27500YX1AD4, Proscan-RCA PS27500YX2, Proscan-RCA PS27500YX2AN, Proscan-RCA PS27500YXI, Proscan-RCA PS27510, Proscan-RCA PS27510YX1, Proscan-RCA PS27510YX1AN, Proscan-RCA PS2760, Proscan-RCA PS27600, Proscan-RCA PS27600YX1, Proscan-RCA PS27600YX1AL4, Proscan-RCA PS27600YX1AL5, Proscan-RCA PS27600YX2, Proscan-RCA PS27600YX2AP, Proscan-RCA PS27600YXI, Proscan-RCA PS27610, Proscan-RCA PS27610YX1, Proscan-RCA PS27610YX1AP, Proscan-RCA PS27610YX1AR, Proscan-RCA PS27810, Proscan-RCA PS27810JX1, Proscan-RCA PS27810JX1GBE, Proscan-RCA PS3210O, Proscan-RCA PS3250, Proscan-RCA PS32500, RCA PS325000, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX1CM, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX1CM3, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX2, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX2CM2, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX9, Proscan-RCA PS32500YX9CM2, Proscan-RCA PS32500YXL, Proscan-RCA PS3250D, Proscan-RCA PS3250U, Proscan-RCA PS32510, Proscan-RCA PS32510YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32510YX1CM2, Proscan-RCA PS3260, Proscan-RCA PS326000, Proscan-RCA PS32600BM, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX1CK, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX1CK3, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX2, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX2CK2, Proscan-RCA PS32600YX9CK2, Proscan-RCA PS32610, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX1CK2, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX1CS, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX3, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX3CS1, Proscan-RCA PS32610YX9CS, Proscan-RCA PS32700, Proscan-RCA PS32700YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32700YX1CJ3, Proscan-RCA PS32700YX1CJ5, Proscan-RCA PS32700YX2, Proscan-RCA PS32700YX2CJ4, Proscan-RCA PS32710, Proscan-RCA PS32710YX1, Proscan-RCA PS32710YX1CJ4, Proscan-RCA PS32710YX1CJ5, Proscan-RCA PS32710YX1CT, Proscan-RCA PS32800HRJX1, Proscan-RCA PS32810, Proscan-RCA PS32810JX1, Proscan-RCA PS32810JX1GCE, Proscan-RCA PS34000JX1, Proscan-RCA PS34000JX2, RCA PS3500, RCA PS35151, Proscan-RCA PS35700, Proscan-RCA PS3600, Proscan-RCA PS36109, Proscan-RCA PS3610YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36190, Proscan-RCA PS36500, Proscan-RCA PS365000, Proscan-RCA PS36500YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36500YX1CM, Proscan-RCA PS36500YX1CM3, Proscan-RCA PS36500YX2, Proscan-RCA PS36500YX2CM2, Proscan-RCA PS36510, Proscan-RCA PS36510YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36510YX1CM2, Proscan-RCA PS3660, Proscan-RCA PS36600, Proscan-RCA PS36600FM1CK, Proscan-RCA PS36600YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36600YX1CK, Proscan-RCA PS36600YX1CK3, Proscan-RCA PS36600YX2, Proscan-RCA PS36600YX2CK2, Proscan-RCA PS36605, Proscan-RCA PS36605LM1CK, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX1CK, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX1CK3, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX2, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX2CK, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX2CK3, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX3CK2, Proscan-RCA PS36605YX4CK2, Proscan-RCA PS36610, Proscan-RCA PS36610YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36610YX1CK2, Proscan-RCA PS36610YX1CS, Proscan-RCA PS36615, Proscan-RCA PS36615YX1CK2, Proscan-RCA PS36615YX2, Proscan-RCA PS36615YX2CK2, Proscan-RCA PS366600, Proscan-RCA PS36700, Proscan-RCA PS36700YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36700YX1CJ3, Proscan-RCA PS36700YX1CJ5, Proscan-RCA PS36700YX2, Proscan-RCA PS36700YX2CJ4, Proscan-RCA PS3670D, Proscan-RCA PS36710, Proscan-RCA PS36710YX1, Proscan-RCA PS36710YX1CJ4, Proscan-RCA PS36710YX1CJ5, Proscan-RCA PS36710YX1CT, Proscan-RCA PS36800, Proscan-RCA PS36800HRJX1, Proscan-RCA PS36810, Proscan-RCA PS36810JX1, Proscan-RCA PS36810JX1GCE, Proscan-RCA PS36T00, Proscan-RCA PS37700, Proscan-RCA PS38000JX1, Proscan-RCA PS38000JX2, Proscan-RCA PS500700, Proscan-RCA PS50670, Proscan-RCA PS50700LG1, Proscan-RCA PS50700LG1FL F, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX1, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX1FL F, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX2, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX2FL F, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX3, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX3F3L F3, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX4, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX4F2L F2, Proscan-RCA PS50700YX5F2L F2, Proscan-RCA PS50710, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX1, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX1TL T, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX2, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX2T01L T, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX4, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX4T1L T1, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX5, Proscan-RCA PS50710YX5T16L T1, Proscan-RCA PS52690, Proscan-RCA PS527400, Proscan-RCA PS52800JX1, Proscan-RCA PS52810, Proscan-RCA PS52810JX1, Proscan-RCA PS52810JX1G, Proscan-RCA PS532500, Proscan-RCA PS550700, Proscan-RCA PS56670, Proscan-RCA PS56700LG1, Proscan-RCA PS56700LG1FP F, Proscan-RCA PS56700YX1, Proscan-RCA PS56700YX1FP F, Proscan-RCA PS56700YX2, Proscan-RCA PS56700YX2FP F, Proscan-RCA PS5700, DirecTv PS61000, Proscan-RCA PS61700, Proscan-RCA PS61700LG1, Proscan-RCA PS61700LG1FT F, Proscan-RCA PS61700YX1, Proscan-RCA PS61700YX1FT F, Proscan-RCA PS61700YX3, Proscan-RCA PS61700YX3F2T F2, Proscan-RCA PS61710, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX1, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX1TT T, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX2, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX2T01T T, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX4, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX4T1T T1, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX5, Proscan-RCA PS61710YX5T16T T1, Proscan-RCA PS61800, Proscan-RCA PS61810, Proscan-RCA PS61810JX1, Proscan-RCA PS61810JX1G, Proscan-RCA PS65000JX2, Proscan-RCA PS6700, Proscan-RCA PS86500, Proscan-RCA PSDR72, Proscan-RCA PSDR73, Proscan-RCA PSF0700, RCA PSHD105, Proscan-RCA PSN27400, Proscan-RCA PSN27500, Proscan-RCA PSN32600, Proscan-RCA PSN32700, Proscan-RCA PSN50700, Proscan-RCA PSNKVSR72, Proscan-RCA PSNPS27500, Proscan-RCA PSNPS27600, RCA PSNPS32500, Proscan-RCA PSNPS32600, Proscan-RCA PSNPS36500, Proscan-RCA PSNPS36605, Proscan-RCA PSNPS50700, Proscan-RCA PSNPS5600, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVR70, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVR71, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVR72, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVR73, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVR74, Proscan-RCA PSNPSVRR73, Proscan-RCA PSNVR74, Proscan-RCA PSP42300, Proscan-RCA PSRV71, Proscan-RCA PSRV72, Proscan-RCA PSRV74, Proscan-RCA PSRVR71, Proscan-RCA PSS2600, Proscan-RCA PSS36605, Proscan-RCA PSUR70, Proscan-RCA PSUR72, Proscan-RCA PSV174, Proscan-RCA PSV71, Proscan-RCA PSV72, Proscan-RCA PSVDR73, Proscan-RCA PSVER72, Proscan-RCA PSVP71, Proscan-RCA PSVR22, Proscan-RCA PSVR57, Proscan-RCA PSVR70, Proscan-RCA PSVR71, Proscan-RCA PSVR72, Proscan-RCA PSVR72L, Proscan-RCA PSVR72VCR, Proscan-RCA PSVR73, Proscan-RCA PSVR74, Proscan-RCA PSVR75, Proscan-RCA PSVR79, Proscan-RCA PSVR85, Proscan-RCA PSVR87, Proscan-RCA PSVT73, Proscan-RCA PSVV73, Proscan-RCA PSZR71, Proscan-RCA PSZR73, TOSHIBA PT55F80, Proscan-RCA PVSR73, Proscan-RCA RC521SP, Proscan-RCA RC5225O, Proscan-RCA RC522OP, RCA RCA/RCU410MSL, RCA RCR160TCM1, RCA RCU800_codes, RCA RCU800M, RCA RM2100, SONY RM763, SONY RMY116, RCA RS2656, RCA RS35150, Proscan-RCA RSVR73, RCA S32645, RCA S32645XX1, RCA S36648, RCA S36665, RCA SP35652, RCA T20TF668, RCA T27TF668, TOSHIBA T50F60, TOSHIBA TO50F60, TOSHIBA TOSTP50F60, TOSHIBA TP0F60, TOSHIBA TP5060, TOSHIBA TP50F6, TOSHIBA TP50T60, TOSHIBA TP5580, TOSHIBA TP55F980, TOSHIBA TP5OF60, TOSHIBA TP61F80TV, TOSHIBA TPS0F60, TOSHIBA TPS5F80, Proscan-RCA TS32500, Proscan-RCA TS36600, TOSHIBA TS50F60, KENWOOD XXV05V

Customer Reviews:


    I was very satisfied with everything

    by Anonymous on November 21, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Exact replacement for the one I have, which failed after 15 years, LOL! Fair price, fast service, it's all good!

    by JC on November 26, 2019.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Works great

    by James on November 22, 2018.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    This remote is exactly the same as the original and works perfectly. Was surprised to find this remote since the tv is so old. Very reasonably priced I'll shop here again if I need another remote for any tv.

    by DARREN on August 11, 2018.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Happy it's still available.

    by Mira on July 02, 2018.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Remote works excellent.

    by leachuin on May 03, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    can not get the sound on some channels

    by milton on February 19, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Worked perfectly with my TV - so glad I could get a new one!

    by Maryalice on November 30, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    This item was horrible it does not work with my unit at all and they said it would be 100% compatible. I had to spend more money on another remote from somewhere else.

    by Colleen on October 17, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    This product was for are RCA TV. It is used all of the time.

    by Anonymous on April 18, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    The remote control is for an old model TV. It works great and I would encourage anyone in need of one to give Replacement Remotes a try.

    by Anonymous on January 01, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Great quality, works original equipment

    by Anonymous on December 17, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    replacement remote works great!

    by Anonymous on December 05, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Anyone who needs a new RCA Remote would be equally satisfied.

    by Anonymous on May 14, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    The Quality of this remote is perfect. Brand new, from the original manufacturer

    by Anonymous on February 26, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    I use this product to change channels, program tv ect.

    by Anonymous on December 10, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    What can I say, it is a replacement

    by Anonymous on June 28, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Great quality.

    by Anonymous on June 19, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Satisfied - what I am used to'

    by Anonymous on June 12, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    I am trying to us it for my TV. Yes I would.

    by Anonymous on April 15, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

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