RCA CRK74BA3 TV Remote Control

RCA CRK74BA3 TV Remote Control
RCA CRK74BA3 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 241036
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Product Description:

P/N: 241036


Model: CRK74BA3
Part Number: 241036
Catalogue No.: 11210
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

RCA CRK74BA3 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 20AB2B, 20GT324, 2265746, 238545, 25GC722, 27001UX1, 2700UX1, 27122, 27GT622FE1, 29520BE1, 29520UX1, 29521UX1, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX10B, 31DX20, 31DX21B, 31DX31B, 31KX8K, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32632SB, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 33683UX1, 33684UX1, 37683UX1, 37684UX1, 46UX11KA, 631642, 6852507M, A26CD, C21521BX1, C21521RX1, C27520FE1, C27520FE1AD, C27521BX1, C27521BX1AD, C27521YX1, C27521YX1AD, C29400, C29400BX1, C29400BX1BN, C29400YX1, C29400YX1BN, CRK70G1, CRK70VCL1, CRK74BA3, CRK830PL1, CRK83BA3, CRK83C1, CRK84A1, CRK84A2, CRK84AA3, CRK84B1, CRK84B2, CRK84C2, CTC177BH2, CVE27510FE1, CVE27510FE1AB, E32632SB, ET0WSRXML01, F19253, F19253BC, F19253BCJX1, F19253BCTX1N, F19253BCTX1N2, F19253BCTX1N4, F19253BCYX1N, F19253BCYX1N2, F19253BCYX1N4, F20352, F20352SF, F20352SFFB1, F20352SFFE1, F20352SFJX1, F20352SFTX1, F20352SFTX2, F20352SFYX1, F2035SF, F20601, F20601SE, F20601SEFA1, F20601SEFA2, F20601SEJX1, F20601SEJX2, F20601SETX1, F20601SETX2, F20602SE, F20602SEJX1, F20602SEJX3, F20602SETX1, F20602SETX3, F20602SETX4, F20603BCTX1, Show more models

F20603BCTX1, F20603BCTX1M, F20603BCTX1M2, F20603BCTX1M3, F2060SETX1, F20631, F20631SE, F20631SEFB1, F20631SEFX1, F20632SE, F20632SEFE1, F20632SEYX1, F20633SE, F20634WH, F20634WHFB1, F20637ET, F20638WH, F24631SF, F25211BC, F25211BCTX1, F25211BCTX1AA, F25211BCTX1AA2, F25211BCTX1AA3, F25217, F25217BC, F25217BCTX1, F25217BCTX1AB, F25217BCTX1AB2, F25217BCTX1AB3, F25254, F252546Y, F25254GYFE1, F25254GYJX1, F25254GYYX1, F25255, F25255BCFE1, F25255WN, F25262TX1, F25262TX1AA4, F25371SE, F25650BL, F25650BLFE1, F25650LFE1, F25651BL, F25651BLFE1, F25651BLJX1, F25652BL, F25652BLFE1AB, F25652BLJX1AB, F25653BC, F25653BCFE1, F25653BCFE1AB, F25653BCJX1, F25653BCJX1AB, F25653ET, F25654BC, F25654BCFE1, F25654BCFE1AB, F25654BCJX1, F25654BCJX1AB, F25655, F25655BC, F25655BCYX1, F25655BCYX1AB, F25671SEFE1, F26631, F26631SE, F26631SEF1, F26631SEJX1, F26632SE, F26632SEFE1, F26633SF, F26633SFFE1, F26634, F26634SF, F26634SFFE1, F26634SFFE1AB, F26634SFJX1, F26634SFJX1AB, F26634SFYX1, F26634SFYX1AB, F27230, F27243BCTX1, F27243BCTX1AB, F27243BCTX1AB2, F27243BCTX1AB3, F27244BCTX2, F27244BCTX2AB, F27244BCTX2AB2, F27244BCTX2AB3, F27252, F27252GYFE1, F27252GYJX1, F27252GYTX1, F27252GYYX1, F27252SG, F27253GY, F27253GYFE2, F27255BC, F27255BCTX1, F27255BCYX1, F27442, F27442TX1AD, F27630, F27630SFFE1, F27631, F27631SF, F27631SFFE1, F27631SFJX1, F27632S, F27632SE, F27632SEFE1, F27632SEJX1, F27634, F27634ET, F27634ETFE1, F27634ETFE1BJ, F27634ETJX1, F27634ETJX1BJ, F27636BC, F27636BCFE1, F27636BCFE1AB, F27636BCJX1, F27636BCJX1AB, F27636BCYX1, F27636BCYX1AB, F27636FT, F276383BC, F27638BC, F27638BCFE1, F27638BCJX1, F27638ET, F27641, F27641BC, F27641BCYX1, F27641BCYX1AB, F27672ETJX1, F27677, F2767SBC, F31226NM1, F31325ET, F31325ETJX1, F31325ETJX1CK, F31631, F316315E, F31631SE, F31631SEFM1, F31632ET, F31632ETFM1, F31632ETFM1CK, F31632ETJX1, F31633513, F316335B, F31633SB, F31633SBFM1, F31633SBFM1CN2, F31633SBFM2, F31633SBFM2CN2, F31633SBFM3, F31633SBJX1, F31633SBJX1CN2, F31671SEJX1, F31700, F322632SB, F32632, F3263225B, F32632513, F326325B, F32632AB, F32632DB, F32632FB, F32632SB, F32632SBFM1, F32632SBFM1CN3, F32632SBFM3, F32632SBFM3CH3, F32632SBJX1, F32632SBJX1CN3, F32632SBYX1, F32632SBYX1CN3, F326525B, F32672, F32672SB, F32672SE, F32690, F326Z2SB, F35670MB, F35670MBFM1, F35670MBFM1CN3, F35670MD, F3567OMB, F36670, F36670BC, F36670BCYX1, F36670BCYX1CN3, G25361BK, G25361BKCX1, G25361BKKM1, G26661CK, G27212TN, G27302AT, G27302ATDX1, G27302ATKF1, G27302ATLF1, G27302HP, G27303HP, G27303HPLM1, G27303HPYX1, G27304DT, G27304DTKF1, G27304DTLF2, G27304DTYX1, G27304FY, G27346, G2734AT, G27665WK, G27665WKLM1, G27666AT, G27666ATLM1, G27666ATLM1BH, G27668, G27668WKLM1, G27668WKLM1AH, G27668WKYX1, G27668WKYX1AH, G3161CK, G31641, G31641CK, G31641CKLX1, G31641CKOAK, G31642, G31642CK, G31642CKLX1, G31642CKLX1CK, G31642SK, G32642, G32642SKLM1, G32642SKLM1CN3, G32643, G32643SK, G32643SKLX1, G32643SKLX1CN3, G32643SKYX1, G32643SKYX1CN3, G3264SK, G35310, M21500, M27500, M27500FE1, M27500FE1AB, M27501BX1, M27501BX1AB, M27501YX1, M27501YX1AB, MDG12PDAAW, MG31526YX2, MR25515, MR25515YX1, MR25515YX1AY, MR25515YX2, MR25515YX2AY1, MR25515YX2AY7, MR27315, MR27315TX1, MR27315TX1AX, MR27315TX2, MR27315TX2AX1, MR27325, MR27325YX1, MR27325YX1AY, MR27325YX1AY6, P20631E, P36665, P46720B, P46720BA, P52720UV, P52923YX2, P52924YX1, P52937YX1, P52950YX4, P56950YX2, P60752, P61926, P935680, PS25123, PS257123, PS27121, PS2715, PS31208, PS3210B, PS35150NM2, PS35560, PS36127, PS36130FM4CJ2, PS56662, PSNPS32109, PSNPS35652, R25216, R32632SB, RBA27500UX1, RBA27500XFB1, RBA29550BE1, RBA29550XBF1, RBA29551BE1, RBA29551UX1, RBA33693XBM1, RBA33694UX1, RBA37693XBM1, RBA37694UX1, RCA27001UX1, RCA2700UX1, RCA29520BE1, RCA29520UX1, RCA29521UX1, RCA33683UX1, RCA33684UX1, RCA37683UX1, RCA37684UX1, S20631SE, UR27000YX1, UR29000YX1, UR33000YX1, UR37000YX1, VR0212A, VR0313

Compatible with TV models: 25GC732KF1, 25GT510FE1, C21521YX1, CRK70VK, CRK71A1, F19442, F19442TX1, F20345, F20620WFN01, F20631SEJX1, F20633, F20633S, F20633SEFB1, F20633SEJX1, F25671SE, F25672, F25672SE, F25672SEFE1, F25673, F25673FT, F25673GYJX1, F2567GY, F26620WN, F26671, F26671FT, F26671FTJX1, F26672FT, F26672FTJX1, F27253GYFE1, F27255BCFE1, F27630SF, F27671, F27671SE, F27671SEFE1, F27671SEJX1, F27672, F27672ET, F27672ETFE1, F27672ETJX2, F27672FE1, F27673, F27673SE, F27673SEFE1, F27673SEFE2, F27674, F27674ET, F27675, F27675BC, F27675BCFE1, F27675BCJX1, F27676, F27676BC, F27677BC, F27690BCYX1, F31631SEJX1, F31671SF, F31671SL, F31672ET, F35672, F35673, F35673MB, G25681WK, G25681WKKF1, G26661, G26661CKCX1, G26661CKKF1, G26681CK, G26681CKKF1, G26682, G26682CK, G26683, G26683CK, G26683CKCX1, G26683CKKF1, G26685, G26685TKCX1, G26685TKKF1, G26685WK, G26686, G26686WK, G27302ATLF01, G27303, G27303HPLF1, G27346AT, G27347HP, G27350, G27351AT, G27351ATDX1, G27351ATLP1, G27352, G27352DT, G27352DTCX1, G27352DTKF1, G27665, G27680, G27681, G27681CK, G27683HP, G27684, G27684HP, Show more models

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: