PHILIPS 996500043779 Remote Control

PHILIPS 996500043779 Remote Control
Part Number: 996500043779
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Product Description:


Model: 996500043779
Part Number: 996500043779
Catalogue No.: 57430

PHILIPS 996500043779 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: 19MD357B/37

Compatible with models: 15MF227, 15MF227B/27, 15MF227B/27B, 15MF227B27, 15MF227B27B, 15MF227B27E, 15MF237, 15MF237S, 15MF237S/27, 15MF237S/27B, 15MF237S/27E, 15MF237S27B, 15MF237S27E, 19MF337, 19MF337B, 19MF337B/27, 19MF337B/27B, 19MF337B/27E, 19MF337B27, 19MF337B27B, 19MF337B27E, 19PFL5402D/27, 22PFL3505D/F7, 26MF337, 26MF337B, 26MF337B/27, 26MF337B/27B, 26MF337B/27E, 26MF337B27, 26MF337B27B, 26MF337B27E, 32MF337B, 32MF337B/27B, 32MF337B/27E, 32MF337B27, 32MF337B27E, 32PFL5332D, 32PFL5332D/37B, 32PFL5332D/37E, 32PFL5332D37B, 32PFL7332D37, 32PFL7332D37B, 37MF337, 37MF337B, 37MF337B/37, 37MF337B/37B, 37MF337B/37E, 37MF337B37, 37MF337B37B, 37MF437, 37MF437B, 37MF437B/37B, 37MF437B/37E, 37MF437B37, 37MF437B37B, 37MF437B37E, 37PFL5332D/37E, 37PFL7332D/37E, 42MF337, 42MF337B, 42MF337B/37, 42MF337B/37B, 42MF337B/37E, 42MF337B37B, 42MF437B, 42MF437B/37E, 42MF437B37B, 42MF438BF7, 42PFL5432D/37, 42PFL5432D/37B, 42PFL5432D/37E, 42PFL5432D37B, 42PFL5432D37E, 42PFL7422D/37, 42PFL7603D/27, 42PFP5332D, 42PFP5342D/37, 47MF437B, 47MF437B/37, 47MF437B/37B, 47MF437B/37E, 47MF437B37, 47MF438B27E, 50PFP5332D/37E, 50PFP5342D, 52PFL7422D/37E, AVHP74080DVD, AVHP7480, AVHP7480DVD, AVHP7480DVD/UC, AVHP7490, AVHP7490DVD, AVHP7490DVD/UC, AVMP8000R/UC, AVMP9000R/UC, AVXP7300DVD/UC, CCA191, CCA191AT31, CU0AV100, CUAV100, Show more models

CUAV100, CXB9291, EUR643806, KLV23S200, KLV23S200A, KLV26S200, KLV26S200A, KLV32S200, KLV32S200A, KLV40S200, KLV40S200A, KLV46S200A, KLVS200AT, N0267UD, N9309UD, RMYA006, SLPD888, SLPDAA8, SVA104AT21, SVA106, VR611AT, VRA211AT, VRA411, VRA411AT, VRA411AT21, VRA611, VRA611AT, VRA611AT21, VRA611AT22, VSA700/SD, VSA910, VSA910/KUC, VSA910/SD, VSA9103