PHILIPS 483521917502 Remote Control

PHILIPS 483521917502 Remote Control
Part Number: UR12
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Product Description:

PHILIPS 483521917502 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: MS2010, MS2126, TP2782C102

Compatible with models: 19PRC10199, 19PRC23121, 25TRC10101, CC2537, CC2538, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A4, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P, CR4524P4, CR4524P401, CT2524, CT2524C4, CT2524C802, CT2733, CT2733C, CT2733C4, CT2733C402, CT3233, HD1905, HD1926, HD1926C401, HD1926C421, HD1926C422, HD1926C802, HD1926C822, HD2506, HD2506C4, HD2506C401, HD2506C8, HD2506C802, HD2515C, HD2763, HD2763C, HD2763C4, HD2763C802, MD2603, MD2603C, MD2603C3, MS2010C3, MS2010C321, MS2126C3, PR2041, PR2041P101, PR2041P102, PR2046, PR2046P101, PR2052, PR2052P101, RR1338, RR1338C4, RR1338C401, RR1342, RR1342C, RR1342C4, RR1342C401, RR1342C805, RR1350, RR1352, RR1352C4, RR1352C403, RR1352C8, RR1352C805, RR1943, RR1943C, RR1943C401, RR1943C421, RR2530, RR2535, RR2535W8, RR2535W802, RR2541, RR2541A104, RR2541A4, RR2541A40, RR2541A401, RR2541A8, RR2541A802, RR2741, RR2741A4, RR2741A402, RR2741A802, RS1365, RS1365C4, RS1365C404, RS1365C805, RS1962, RS1962B, RS1962B401, RS1962B421, RS1962B802, RS1962B822, RS1966, RS1966B4, RS1966B421, RS2051, RS2051C4, RS2051C401, Show more models