Philips-Magnavox 00T217JGPM01 TV Remote Control

Philips-Magnavox 00T217JGPM01 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483521917694

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 for Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 for Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original Philips-Magnavox 00T217JGPM01 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Philips-Magnavox 00T217JGPM01 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

MODEL: 00T217JG-PM01
PN: 00T217JGPM01

This remote is identical to, and replaces:

00T216JGPH01 / T216JGPH01, 00T216JG-MA01 / 483521917642, 00T216FG-MA01 / 483521917641

Model: 00T217JGPM01
Associated Number: 00T217JG-PM01
Catalogue No.: 4565
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

Philips-Magnavox 00T217JGPM01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: PHILIPS 13PR12C221, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14C, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14C2, PHILIPS 19PR14C221, PHILIPS 19PR14C222, PHILIPS 19PR14C225, PHILIPS 19PR14C227, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14D227, PHILIPS 19PR17C, Philips-Magnavox 19PS52, PHILIPS 19PS52C2, PHILIPS 19PS52C222, PHILIPS 19PS52C3, PHILIPS 19PS52C325, PHILIPS 19X60800AA, Philips-Magnavox 19X618, PHILIPS 19X61900A, PHILIPS 19X62200AA, PHILIPS 25TR12C2, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C1, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C101, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C102, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C107, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C121, Philips-Magnavox 25TR15C122, PHILIPS 25TS52C3, PHILIPS 25TS52C303, PHILIPS 25TS52C321, PHILIPS 25TS52C4, PHILIPS 25TS52C408, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54C, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54C1, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54C107, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54C121, Philips-Magnavox 25TS54C122, Philips-Magnavox 26LL570121, Philips-Magnavox 26LL571121, Philips-Magnavox 26LW572221, Philips-Magnavox 26LW573221, PHILIPS 27PS52, PHILIPS 27PS52C1, PHILIPS 27PS52C2, Philips-Magnavox 27PS52C202, PHILIPS 27TS52, PHILIPS 27TS52C, PHILIPS 27TS52C1, PHILIPS 27TS52C101, PHILIPS 27TS52C103, PHILIPS 27TS52C121, PHILIPS 27TS52C2, PHILIPS 27TS52C202, PHILIPS 27TS52C204, Philips-Magnavox 29LL670121, Philips-Magnavox 29LL671121, Philips-Magnavox 2SB800, Philips-Magnavox 32PS53C101, Philips-Magnavox 483521917634, Philips-Magnavox 483521917642, Philips-Magnavox 7S3258C, PHILIPS AV1977A2, PHILIPS AV1977A201, PHILIPS AV1977A299, Philips-Magnavox CCX194AT, Philips-Magnavox CT1934, Philips-Magnavox CT2516, PHILIPS CT2516C10, Philips-Magnavox EP7027C1, PHILIPS HD1906C, PHILIPS HD1906C2, PHILIPS HD1906C221, PHILIPS HD1906C222, PHILIPS HD2516, PHILIPS HD2516C1, PHILIPS HD2516C101, PHILIPS HD2516C102, PHILIPS HD2516C123, PHILIPS HD2516C2, PHILIPS HD2516C221, PHILIPS HD2716C2, PHILIPS HD2716C221, PHILIPS HD2716C3, PHILIPS HD2716C305, Philips-Magnavox MAGPR1316C, Philips-Magnavox MAGPR1916, Philips-Magnavox MAGTR2516C, Philips-Magnavox MAGTS2553C, Philips-Magnavox MAGTS2554C, Philips-Magnavox PA1953C, PHILIPS PL6119C121, PHILIPS PR1316, PHILIPS PR1316C, PHILIPS PR1316C1, PHILIPS PR1316C121, PHILIPS PR1357B, PHILIPS PR1357B121, PHILIPS PR1357C, Show more models

PHILIPS PR1357C, PHILIPS PR1397X, PHILIPS PR1914C, PHILIPS PR1915C221, PHILIPS PR1915C222, PHILIPS PR1916, PHILIPS PR1916C, PHILIPS PR1916C1, PHILIPS PR1916C121, PHILIPS PR1916C122, PHILIPS PR1916C125, PHILIPS PR1916C127, Philips-Magnavox PR1916Z, PHILIPS PS1953, Philips-Magnavox PS19536, PHILIPS PS1953C, PHILIPS PS1953C1, PHILIPS PS1953C121, PHILIPS PS1953C122, Philips-Magnavox PS19553, Philips-Magnavox T217JGPM01, Philips-Magnavox T52554C, Philips-Magnavox TP2575, PHILIPS TR2516, PHILIPS TR2516C1, PHILIPS TR2516C121, Philips-Magnavox TR2517, Philips-Magnavox TR2517C, Philips-Magnavox TR2517C1, Philips-Magnavox TR2517C121, Philips-Magnavox TR2517C122, PHILIPS TR2712C221, Philips-Magnavox TS2254C, Philips-Magnavox TS23258C, PHILIPS TS2552C4, PHILIPS TS2552C408, PHILIPS TS2553, PHILIPS TS2553C1, PHILIPS TS2553C101, PHILIPS TS2553C103, PHILIPS TS2553C121, PHILIPS TS2553C2, PHILIPS TS2554, Philips-Magnavox TS25540, Philips-Magnavox TS25546, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C1, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C101, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C102, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C107, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C121, Philips-Magnavox TS2554C122, PHILIPS TS2573C1, PHILIPS TS2752C3, PHILIPS TS2752C321, PHILIPS TS2752C4, PHILIPS TS2752C408, PHILIPS TS2753, Philips-Magnavox TS2753C0202, PHILIPS TS2753C1, PHILIPS TS2753C103, PHILIPS TS2753C121, PHILIPS TS2753C2, PHILIPS TS2753C202, Philips-Magnavox TS2754, Philips-Magnavox TS2775C, PHILIPS TS3253, PHILIPS TS3253C, PHILIPS TS3253C1, Philips-Magnavox TS3254C, Philips-Magnavox TS32582, PHILIPS TS3258C, Philips-Magnavox TS3524C, PHILIPS TS3544, PHILIPS TS3553, PHILIPS TS3553C1, Philips-Magnavox TS3658C, Philips-Magnavox TSW2553C, Philips-Magnavox TX27753101, Philips-Magnavox VH5685, PHILIPS XR1914C222, PHILIPS XS2552C3, PHILIPS XS2552C321, PHILIPS XS2552C4, PHILIPS XS2552C406, Philips-Magnavox XS2554, Philips-Magnavox XS2554C, Philips-Magnavox XS2554C1, PHILIPS XS2773C4, PHILIPS XS2773C407, PHILIPS XS3253, PHILIPS XS3253C1, PHILIPS XS3253C101

Compatible with TV models: Magnavox 19P60100AA, Magnavox CC2752, Magnavox CC2752A101, Magnavox CT1322C1, Magnavox CT1924, Magnavox CT1924C, Magnavox CT1924C1, Magnavox CT1924C121, Magnavox CT1924C122, Magnavox CT1924C221, Magnavox CT1924C222, Magnavox CT1934C, Magnavox CT1934C1, Magnavox CT1934C121, Magnavox CT1934C122, Magnavox CT1934C221, Magnavox CT2516C1, Magnavox CT2516C101, Magnavox CT2516C102, Magnavox CT2516C1201, Magnavox CT2516C2

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