The answer is Yes, we do manufacture remote controls...
Please call us at 336-377-2220 for more details.
Let ReplacementRemotes manufacture your remote controls! The remotes can get as simple or complex as you like.

What we do:

  1. Allow you to place any logo on the remotes
  2. We will customize any buttons on the remote controls
  3. Allow you to give us a prototype of your remote
  4. Or you may choose from our selection of pre-molds to fit you exact needs
  5. You can select the frequencies on witch your remotes operate

Your remote Controls can include the following:

Call: 336-377-2220 for more information or help.

Contract (You (the purchaser) agrees to this contract when we do any kind of work for you):
If we (Replacement Remotes) in any way manufacture and work for you (the purchaser) on the construction and/or manufacturing of remotes, you agree that you will pay for the remotes at the given price that was agreed upon.

When we manufacture remotes for you, you must buy a minimum of 2000 remotes.