Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 TV Remote Control

Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483521917466
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Product Description:

P/N T103AGMA02
Supplied With MODEL, RR1333, 483521917531, NVSD420EU, EUR574835218371533T2,

Model: 00T103AGMA02
Part Number: 483521917466
Catalogue No.: 4691
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: RR1333, RR1333C, RR1333C4, RR1333C403, RR1333C805, RR1933, RR1933C401, RR1933C421, RR1933C422, RR1933C805, RR1933W, RR1933W102, RR1933W422, RR1933W8, RR1933W802, RR1933W822, T103AGMA02, XR1330, XR1333, XR1930, XR1933, XR1940, XR2541, XS2708, XS2744, XS2744A4

Compatible with TV models: 19PRC10199, 19PRC23121, 25TRC10101, CR4510, CR4520, CR4520A1, CR4520A101, CR4520A105, CR4521, CR4521P101, CR4521P104, CR4522, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A4, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P, CR4524P4, CR4524P401, CS4741, CS4752, CS4753, CS4754, CS4756, CS5160, CX9512, CX9512A101, CX9514, CX9514N101, CX9514PN01, CX9522, CX9526, CX9526P101, CX9526P103, HD1541, HD1905, HD1925, HD1926, HD1926C401, HD1926C421, HD1926C422, HD1926C802, HD1926C822, HD2025, HD2032, HD2038, HD2506, HD2506C4, HD2506C401, HD2506C8, HD2506C802, HD2515C, HD2762, HD2762C1, HD2762C101, HD2762C102, HD2762C401, HD2763, HD2763C, HD2763C4, HD2763C802, MD2603, MD2603C, MD2603C3, MS2010, MS2010C3, MS2010C321, MS2126, MS2126C3, PN2041, PN2046, PN2052, PN3052, PR2041, PR2041P101, PR2041P102, PR2046, PR2046P101, PR2052, PR2052P101, RLX310, RM8341, RM8341P102, RM8341T102, RM8346, RM8352, RM8352P101, RM8431P102, RR1338, RR1338C1, RR1338C101, RR1338C4, RR1338C401, RR1342, RR1342C, RR1342C4, RR1342C401, RR1342C805, RR1345, Show more models

RR1345, RR1345C1, RR1345C101, RR1350, RR1352, RR1352C4, RR1352C403, RR1352C8, RR1352C805, RR1390, RR1390X4, RR1938, RR1938C, RR1938W101, RR1938W121, RR1938W122, RR1940, RR1940W121, RR1940W122, RR1943, RR1943C, RR1943C401, RR1943C421, RR2530, RR2535, RR2535W8, RR2535W802, RR2540, RR2540A1, RR2540A101, RR2540A102, RR2540A104, RR2540A105, RR2540AI, RR2541, RR2541A104, RR2541A4, RR2541A40, RR2541A401, RR2541A8, RR2541A802, RR2740, RR2740A101, RR2740A102, RR2740A105, RR2740C, RR2741, RR2741A4, RR2741A402, RR2741A802, RS1360, RS1360C1, RS1360C101, RS1360C103, RS1365, RS1365C4, RS1365C404, RS1365C805, RS1960, RS1960W, RS1960W101, RS1960W121, RS1962, RS1962B, RS1962B401, RS1962B421, RS1962B802, RS1962B822, RS1965, RS1965B2, RS1965B222, RS1966, RS1966B4, RS1966B421, RS2045, RS2045W101, RS2045W121, RS2045W122, RS2050, RS2050W121, RS2051, RS2051C4, RS2051C401, RS2051C8, RS2051C802, RS2065, RS206504, RS2065C4, RS2065C8, RS2065C802, RS2085, RS2086, RS2555, RS2555A2, RS2555A205, RS2555A4, RS2555A402, RS2555A8, RS2555A807, RS2556, RS2556A4, RS2556A401, RS2556A602, RS2556A802, RS2560, RS2560A, RS2560A101, RS2560A102, RS2560A104, RS2563, RS2564, RS2564C4, RS2564C401, RS2564C602, RS2564C802, RS2565, RS2565B, RS2565B4, RS2565B802, RS2566, RS2566B4, RS2655, RS2655C1, RS2744, RS2744A, RS2744A4, RS2744A802, RS2745, RS2745C, RS2745C1, RS2745C101, RS2745C102, RS2745C103, RS2745C104, RS2745C2, RS2745C206, RS2745C207, RS2745C208, RS2755, RS2755W101, RS2755W102, RS2756, RS2756C, RS2756C4, RS2756C402, RS2756C802, RS2761, RS2761B4, RS2761B401, RS2761B802, RS3140, RS3140C202, RS3160, RS3161, SRW1950121, SRW196, SRW19694, SRW1969401, SRW1969421, SSP476, SSP47604, SWR523, SWR5230, SWR5230101, SWR5230102, T103AGSA02, T251AGMA01, XD1320, XD1925, XD1925C, XD2025, XD2038, XD2762, XR1338, XR1342, XR1345, XR1936, XR1938, XR2050, XR2542, XS1970, XS2555, XS2560, XS2565, XS2565B4, XS2746, XS2749, XS3160, XS3161C1, XS3161C101