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Liftmaster Stinger 390LMPB1V is an 81LM for liftmaster Garage Door Opener Remote Control


Part Number: 390LMPB1V
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Product Description:

Stinger 390LMPB1V garage door opener

The Stinger transmitter is a very small (1-5/8" x 3" x 1/2") visor style remote operating at 390 MHz. The Stinger achieves its small size by using state-of-the-art, surface mount components. Completely replaces the 81LM Liftmaster billion code series remotes. It has been designed for use with; Chamberlain, LiftMaster and Sears garage door openers with GREEN programming buttons. Works with Liftmaster 1992 to 1997 Billion code.
  • Find the "learn" button on your existing garage door opener (the unit with the motor located on the ceiling of your garage).
  • Press and hold this "learn" button for 2 seconds and the release. The LED light located beside the "learn" button will go on.
  • Then press the button on your new transmitter remote for 1 second and then release to activate it.
  • The LED light on your existing garage door opener will flash, then go off.
  • Your remote transmitter is now programmed into your existing garage door opener and will operate your garage door.
Once the codes are set to match the transmitter codes, you may test the system. Ensure the gate or door is visible and clear before testing.
Step 1- Push the Stinger's button from a distance of about ten feet. If the receiver activates, the switches are properly set.
Step 2- Test the transmitter from several locations to discover any "blind spots" caused by interference.
Slide front cover down to reach battery compartment. Be aware of battery polarity when replacing the A23 battery.
Operating Frequency- 390 MHz
Number of Buttons- 1
1 ea. Long lige12V A23 Battery
Number Combinations- Lots :-)
Operating Temperature- -20F - 100F
Overall Dimensions- 1/2" x 3" x 1-5/8"
Weight- 1 oz.

Visor Clip included

Model: Stinger 390LMPB1V is an 81LM for liftmaster
Catalogue No.: 90663
Dimensions: 3.00 x 2.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

Liftmaster Stinger 390LMPB1V is an 81LM for liftmaster Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Garage Door Opener models:

Compatible with Garage Door Opener models: Liftmaster 139.53225, Liftmaster 139.53225SR, Liftmaster 139.53225SRT, Liftmaster 139.53325, Liftmaster 139.53325SRT, Liftmaster 139.53335SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53425, Liftmaster 139.53425SRT, Liftmaster 139.53479, Liftmaster 139.53491, Liftmaster 139.53525, Liftmaster 139.53525SRT, Liftmaster 139.536141SR, Liftmaster 139.536151SR, Liftmaster 139.536181SR, Liftmaster 139.536191SR, Liftmaster 139.536251SR, Liftmaster 139.53626, Liftmaster 139.536261SR, Liftmaster 139.53627, Liftmaster 139.536271SR, Liftmaster 139.53628, Liftmaster 139.53628SRT, Liftmaster 139.53629, Liftmaster 139.53629SRT, Liftmaster 139.53635, Liftmaster 139.53635SRT, Liftmaster 139.53636, Liftmaster 139.53636SRT, Liftmaster 139.53637, Liftmaster 139.53637SRT, Liftmaster 139.53638SRT, Liftmaster 139.53640, Liftmaster 139.53640SRT, Liftmaster 139.53641, Liftmaster 139.53641SRT, Liftmaster 139.53645, Liftmaster 139.53645SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53645SRT3, Liftmaster 139.53646, Liftmaster 139.53646SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53646SRT2, Liftmaster 139.53648, Liftmaster 139.53648SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53648SRT2, Liftmaster 139.5365, Liftmaster 139.53650SRT, Liftmaster 139.5366, Liftmaster 139.53660SRT, Liftmaster 139.53660SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53669, Liftmaster 139.53669SRT, Liftmaster 139.53678, Liftmaster 139.53678SRT, Liftmaster 139.53779, Liftmaster 139.53800, Liftmaster 139.53800SRT, Liftmaster 139.53824, Liftmaster 139.53824SRT, Liftmaster 139.53834, Liftmaster 139.53834SRT1, Liftmaster 139.53879, Liftmaster 139.53915SRT, Liftmaster 139.53927SRT, Liftmaster 139.53960SRT, Liftmaster 139.53970, Liftmaster 139.53970SRT, Liftmaster 139.53971, Liftmaster 139.53971SRT, Liftmaster 139.53973, Liftmaster 139.53973SRT, Liftmaster MODEL 1270

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    Worked great! Thank you.

    by Ty on April 10, 2019.
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    Works fine. I bought the extra battery but apparently it comes with one.

    by Steven on January 21, 2019.
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