LG EAD61273133 Component Adaptor TV Gender Cable

LG EAD61273133 Component Adaptor TV Gender Cable
Part Number: EAD61273133
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Product Description:

G/B/R RCA to 3.5MM adapter

SAME AS: EAD61273107

Model: EAD61273133 Component Adaptor
Associated Number: EAD61273107
Catalogue No.: 82378
This gender cable can be used with units : TV

LG EAD61273133 Component Adaptor Gender Cable is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: LG 19LD350, LG 19LD350C, LG 22LD350, LG 22LD350C, LG 26LE5300, LG 26LE5500, LG 32LD320, LG 32LD350, LG 32LD550, LG 32LE5300, LG 32LE5400UC, LG 32LS5700, LG 37LD450, LG 37LE5300, LG 42GA6400, LG 42LD450C, LG 42LD550, LG 42LE5300, LG 42LE530C, LG 42LE5400UC, LG 42LE5500UA, LG 42LE7300, LG 42LE7500, LG 42LK530, LG 42LK530UC, LG 42LK550, LG 42LK550UA, LG 42LM6200, LG 42LM6200UE, LG 42LS5700, LG 42LS5700UA, LG 42LS5750, LG 42LV3700, LG 42LV3700UD, LG 42LV5400, LG 42LV5400UB, LG 42LV5500, LG 46LD550, LG 47G2, LG 47G2UG, LG 47GA6400, LG 47GA6400UD, LG 47GA6450, LG 47GA7900, LG 47LD450, LG 47LD630, LG 47LD650, LG 47LE5300, LG 47LE530C, LG 47LE5350, LG 47LE5400, LG 47LE5400UC, LG 47LE5500, LG 47LE5500UA, LG 47LE7300, LG 47LE7500, LG 47LE8500, LG 47LE8500UA, LG 47LK530, LG 47LK530UC, LG 47LM6200, LG 47LM6400, LG 47LM6400UA, LG 47LM6700, LG 47LM6700UA, LG 47LM6700UA.AUSWLHR, LG 47LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, LG 47LM6700UA.AUSZLHR, LG 47LM7600, LG 47LM7600UA, LG 47LM7600UAAUSWLUR, LG 47LM8600, LG 47LM8600UC, LG 47LS5700, LG 47LS5700UA, LG 47LS5750, LG 47LV3700, LG 47LV3700UD, LG 47LV5400, LG 47LV5400UB, LG 47LV5500, LG 47LV5500UA, LG 47LW5600, LG 47LW5600UA, LG 47LW5700, LG 47LW5700UE, LG 47LW6500, LG 47LW6500UA, LG 47LX6500, LG 50GA6400, LG 52LD550, LG 55G2, LG 55G2UG, LG 55GA6400, LG 55GA6400UD, LG 55GA6450, LG 55GA7900, LG 55LD650, LG 55LE5300, LG 55LE530C, Show more models

Compatible with TV models: LG 26LD35026, LG 32CS460-UC, LG 32LD450, LG 32LK330UB, LG 32LK330UH, LG 32LS3400-UA, LG LD350UB

Operating Manuals Available for This Gender Cable: