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LG ANMR600 magic Remote Control

LG ANMR600 magic Remote Control
Part Number: ANMR600G

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RRMR600 for LG Smart TV Without Voice Function remote control):

The Anderic RRMR600 will replace all LG Smart TV remotes. It will do all functions as the original remote will operate except for VOICE Functionality. Simply plug the USB dongle into one of the USB ports on the back of the TV and remote will pair just like the original remote. You will have the full functionality of the default on-screen cursor. You can access your smart apps, inputs and more. This remote can also program to a Set-top-box for controlling your Cable or Satellite box.

- Full functionality for all LG Smart TV (except voice control)
- Includes: RRMR600 remote, Receiver dongle, and instructions
- Replaces all LG smart remote controls

If the mouse pointer will not register using the USB dongle.
1. Try unplugging TV, and then powering it back on. You may need to Pair remote again.
2. Try a different USB port in the back of your TV. Remove dongle and plug it into another USB port.

If the POWER key continuously blinks.
1. Batteries installed are weak. Replace batteries.

WARNING - This remote will not do VOICE COMMANDS

Model: RRMR600 for LG Smart TV Without Voice Function
Part Number: RRMR600
Catalogue No.: 197416

The replacement for original LG ANMR600 magic Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original LG ANMR600 magic Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


SAME AS: ANMR600 magicG

Model: ANMR600 magic
Catalogue No.: 90391
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

LG ANMR600 magic Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: LG 43UH6030-UB, LG 43UH6030-UD, LG 43UH6100, LG 43UH6100UH, LG 43UH610A-UJ, LG 43UH6500, LG 43UH6500-UB, LG 43UH7500, LG 43UH7500-UA, LG 49UF6400, LG 49UF6400173UA, LG 49UF6490, LG 49UF6900, LG 49UH6030-UB, LG 49UH6030-UD, LG 49UH6090, LG 49UH6090-UJ, LG 49UH6100, LG 49UH6100UH, LG 49UH610A, LG 49UH610A-UJ, LG 49UH6500, LG 49UH6500UB, LG 49UH7500, LG 49UH7500-UA, LG 49UH7700, LG 49UH7700-UB, LG 50UH5500, LG 50UH5500-UA, LG 50UH6300, LG 50UH6300-UA, LG 55EG9100, LG 55UH6030-UC, LG 55UH6090, LG 55UH6090-UF, LG 55UH6150, LG 55UH6150UB, LG 55UH615A, LG 55UH615A-UC, LG 55UH6550, LG 55UH6550UB, LG 55UH7500, LG 55UH7500-UA, LG 55UH7650-UA, LG 55UH7700, LG 55UH7700UB, LG 55UH8500, LG 55UH8500UA, LG 58UH6300, LG 58UH6300-UA, LG 60UH6030-UC, LG 60UH6035-UC, LG 60UH6090-UF, LG 60UH6150, LG 60UH6150-UB, LG 60UH615A, LG 60UH615A-UC, LG 60UH6550, LG 60UH6550UB, LG 60UH7500, LG 60UH7500-UA, LG 60UH7650-UA, LG 60UH7700, LG 60UH7700UB, LG 60UH8500, LG 60UH8500-UA, LG 65UH5500, LG 65UH5500-UA, LG 65UH6030-UC, LG 65UH6150, LG 65UH6150UB, LG 65UH615A, LG 65UH615A-UC, LG 65UH6550, LG 65UH6550UB, LG 65UH7500, LG 65UH7500-UA, LG 65UH7650-UA, LG 65UH7700, LG 65UH7700UB, LG 65UH8500, LG 65UH8500-UA, LG 65UH9500, LG 65UH9500-UA, LG 70UH6330-UB, LG 70UH6350, LG 70UH6350-UB, LG 75UH6550, LG 75UH6550-UB, LG 75UH8500, LG 75UH8500-UA, LG 75UH8500-UD, LG 86UH9500, LG 86UH9500-UA, LG 98UH9800, LG 98UH9800-UA

Compatible with models: LG OLED55B6PU, LG OLED65B6PU

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    Works perectly

    by Gary on November 16, 2017.
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    Excellent product. I was a bit worried about purchasing something that was refurbished, but I am very happy with the product. Works great.

    by Sargon on October 04, 2017.
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    Can't Believe I went 2 months without a remote . It's a must have since I purchased my tv without a remote 5 stars guys

    by Damon on September 11, 2017.
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    The remote works great.

    by Stevens on August 17, 2017.
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    Received only a few days after ordering (with standard shipping) and it worked great right out of the box. Glad to have spent ~$20 on this rather than $50-$60 on a brand new one from LG.

    by Sean on July 09, 2017.
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    Works as it is supposed to.

    by Kenneth on May 03, 2017.
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