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LG ANMR18BA TV Remote Control

LG ANMR18BA TV Remote Control
Part Number: AGF79298801

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Details for substitute (LG AN-MR19BA remote control):

Magic Remote controls home and TV from your couch.
Pick up the only remote you need. LG Magic Remote acts as a universal remote with auto device detection for most devices. And you can use voice commands, mouse-like control and click wheel to manage your entertainment and smart home.

OLED Models: W9, E9, C9, B9 series
NanoCell Models: SM99, SM95, SM90, SM86, SM81 series
4K UHD Models: UM80, UM75, UM73, UM71, UM6970 series

Instructions for using the Magic Remote control are in the TV manual. This remote uses RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infra Red). This remote will operate with 10m of the V and does not require it to be pointed at it.

This remote will work LG tv's 2018 and newer.


You must pair the Magic Remote with the LG webOS TV to use it.
Pair the Magic Remote prior to use as follows:

01: Turn on the TV. After about 20 seconds, point the remote toward the TV and then press the Wheel (OK) button.

02: The remote control will be registered automatically, and the pairing completion message is displayed on the TV screen.

- If the Magic Remote failed to register, turn the TV off and back on, and then try to register again.


If the Magic Remote's pointer does not appear on the TV, you must re-register it.

01: Hold the remote control towards the TV and long-press GUIDE button until the instruction appears.

02: The previously registered remote control is de-registered and the registered again.

Model: AN-MR19BA
Part Number: AGF80220501
Catalogue No.: 201633

The replacement for original LG ANMR18BA Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original LG ANMR18BA Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

LG AI ThinQ® Smart TV Magic Remote

Magic Remote is the perfect partner for your LG AI ThinQ® Smart TV because it lets you simply, point, click, scroll or use voice commands on your LG AI ThinQ® Smart TV. And that’s quite a lot.

OLED Models: W8, E8, C8, B8
Super UHD Models: SK9500, SK9000, SK8070, SK8000
UHD 4K Models: UK7700, UK6570, UK6500, UK6300

Product Highlights
Works with Select LG AI ThinQ Smart TVs
Dedicated Netflix and Amazon Buttons
Intelligent Voice Recognition
Mouse-Like Pointing with Scroll Wheel
Focus Button Zooms-In on Screen
Can Power TV and Set-Top Box
Powered by Two AA Batteries

Model: ANMR18BA
Part Number: AGF79298801
Associated Number: AN-MR18BA
Catalogue No.: 196639
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

LG ANMR18BA Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 43UK6300, 49SK8000, 49UK6300, 55SK8000, 55SK9000, 55UK6300, 55UK7700, 65SK8000, 65SK9000, 65SK9500, 65UK6300, 65UK7700, 70UK6570, 75SK8070, 75UK6570, 86UK6570, OLED55B8PUA, OLED55B8SUB, OLED55C8AUA, OLED55C8P, OLED55C8PUA, OLED55E8P, OLED55E8PUA, OLED65B8PUA, OLED65B8SUB, OLED65C8AUA, OLED65C8P, OLED65C8PUA, OLED65E8P, OLED65E8PUA, OLED65W8P, OLED77C8P, OLED77C8PUA, OLED77W8P

Compatible with TV models: 32LB5800, 32LB580B, 32LG500H, 32LN5300UB, 32LN5700, 32LN570B, 32LS5700, 39LB5800, 39LN5700, 40LF6300, 40LF6300UA, 40LF6350, 40LF6350DB, 40LF6350SB, 40LF635T, 40LF635TDB, 40UF7700, 42LA6200, 42LA6205, 42LA6650, 42LB5800, 42LB6300UQ, 42LB6500UM, 42LF6400, 42LF6400DA, 42LF6400SA, 42LF640T, 42LF640TDA, 42LF6450, 42LF6450DA, 42LF6450SA, 42LF645T, 42LF645TDA, 42LF6500, 42LF6500DB, 42LF6500SB, 42LF6500SD, 42LF6500UB, 42LF650T, 42LF650TDB, 42LG500H, 42LM6200, 42LM6200UE, 42LM6200UE.AUSWLJR, 42LM6200UE.AUSWLUR, 42LN5700, 42LS5700, 42LS5700173UA, 42LS5700UA, 42LS5750, 42LY970H, 42PG60C, 43LF6300, 43LF6300UA, 43LF6300UA 43LF6300UA, 43LF6350, 43LF6350DB, 43LF6350SB, 43LF635T, 43LF635TDB, 43UF6900, 43UF7300, 43UF7590, 43UF7600, 43UF7700, 43UH6030UB, 43UH6030UD, 43UH6100, 43UH6100UH, 43UH610AUJ, 43UH6500, 43UH6500UB, 43UH7500, 43UH7500UA, 43UJ6500, 43UJ6560, 47LA6200, 47LA6205, 47LA6900, 47LA6900UD, 47LA7400, 47LB5800, 47LB6100, 47LB6300UQ AUSWLJR, 47LB6300UQ BUSWLJR, 47LB6300UQAUSWLJR, 47LB6300UQBUSWLJR, 47LB6350UQ, 47LB6500UM, 47LM6200, 47LM6200UE, 47LM6400, 47LM6400UA, 47LM6700, 47LM6700UA, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLHR, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLUR, 47LM6700UA.AUSZLHR, 47LM6700UAAUSWLHR, Show more models

47LM6700UAAUSWLHR, 47LM6700UAAUSWLJR, 47LM6700UAAUSWLUR, 47LM6700UAAUSZLHR, 47LM7600, 47LM7600UA, 47LM7600UAAUSWLUR, 47LM8600, 47LM8600UC, 47LN5600, 47LN5700, 47LN5710, 47LN5750, 47LN5750UH, 47LN5790, 47LS5700, 47LS5700173UA, 47LS5700UA, 47LS5750, 47LS579C, 47LY970H, 49LF6300, 49LF6300UA, 49LF6350, 49LF6350DB, 49LF6350SB, 49LF635T, 49LF635TDB, 49LF6400, 49LF6400DA, 49LF6400SA, 49LF640T, 49LF640TDA, 49LF6450, 49LF6450DA, 49LF6450SA, 49LF645T, 49LF645TDA, 49LF7700, 49UB8200, 49UF6400, 49UF6400173UA, 49UF6490, 49UF6800, 49UF6900, 49UF7300, 49UF7590, 49UF7600, 49UH6030UB, 49UH6030UD, 49UH6090, 49UH6090UJ, 49UH6100, 49UH6100UH, 49UH610A, 49UH610AUJ, 49UH6500, 49UH6500UB, 49UH7500, 49UH7500UA, 49UH7700, 49UH7700UB, 49UJ6500, 49UJ6560, 49UJ7700, 50LA6200, 50LA6205, 50LA6900, 50LA6900UE, 50LA6970, 50LA6970UE, 50LB5800, 50LB6100, 50LB6500UM, 50LF6500, 50LF6500DB, 50LF6500SB, 50LF6500SD, 50LF6500UB, 50LF650T, 50LF650TDB, 50LN5600, 50LN5700, 50LN5710, 50LN5750, 50PB6600, 50PB6600UA, 50PB6650, 50PB6650UA, 50PM4700, 50PM9700, 50PM9700UA, 50UF8300, 50UH5500, 50UH5500UA, 50UH6300, 50UH6300UA, 55EA9800, 55EF9500, 55EG9100, 55EG9200, 55EG9600, 55LA6200, 55LA6205, 55LA6205UA, 55LA6900, 55LA6900UD, 55LA6970, 55LA7400, 55LA7400UD, 55LA8600, 55LA9650, 55LA9700, 55LB5800, 55LB6100, 55LB6300UQ, 55LB6350UQ, 55LB6500UM, 55LB7200UB, 55LF6300, 55LF6300UA, 55LF6350, 55LF6350DB, 55LF6350SB, 55LF635T, 55LF635TDB, 55LF6500, 55LF6500DB, 55LF6500SB, 55LF6500SD, 55LF6500UB, 55LF650T, 55LF650TDB, 55LF7700, 55LM6200, 55LM6200UE, 55LM6400, 55LM6400UA, 55LM6700, 55LM6700UA, 55LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 55LM6700UAAUSWLHR, 55LM6700UAAUSWLJR, 55LM6700UAAUSWLUR, 55LM7600, 55LM7600UA, 55LM8600, 55LM8600UC, 55LM9600, 55LM9600UC, 55LN5600, 55LN5600UI, 55LN5700, 55LN5710, 55LN5710UI, 55LN5750, 55LN5790, 55LS5700, 55LS5700173UA, 55LS5700UA, 55LS5750, 55LY970H, 55SJ8000, 55SJ8000UA, 55SJ800AUB, 55SJ8500, 55SJ8500UB, 55UF7300, 55UF7590, 55UF7600, 55UF8500, 55UF8600, 55UF9500, 55UG8700, 55UH6030UC, 55UH6090, 55UH6090UF, 55UH6150, 55UH6150UB, 55UH615A, 55UH615AUC, 55UH6550, 55UH6550UB, 55UH7500, 55UH7500UA, 55UH7650UA, 55UH7700, 55UH7700UB, 55UH8500, 55UH8500UA, 55UJ6520, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6580, 55UJ7700, 55UJ7700UA, 58UF8300, 58UH6300, 58UH6300UA, 60LA6200, 60LA6205, 60LA7400, 60LA7400UA, 60LA8600, 60LB6100, 60LB6300US, 60LB6500UP, 60LB7100UT, 60LF6300, 60LF6300UA, 60LF6350, 60LF6350DB, 60LF6350SB, 60LF635T, 60LF635TDB, 60LF6390, 60LF6390UA, 60LF6500, 60LF6500DB, 60LF6500SB, 60LF6500SD, 60LF650T, 60LF650TDB, 60LM6700, 60LM7200UA, 60LN5600, 60LN5700, 60LN5710, 60LN5750, 60LS5700, 60LS5700173UA, 60LS5700UA, 60LS5750, 60LS5750173UB, 60LS5750UB, 60LS579C, 60LY970H, 60PB6600, 60PB6600UA, 60PB6650, 60PB6650UA, 60PB6900, 60PB6900UA, 60PH6700, 60PM9700UA, 60SJ8000, 60SJ8000UA, 60SJ800AUB, 60SJ8500UB, 60UF7300, 60UF7650, 60UF7690, 60UF7700, 60UF8500, 60UH6030UC, 60UH6035UC, 60UH6090UF, 60UH6150, 60UH6150UB, 60UH615A, 60UH615AUC, 60UH6550, 60UH6550UB, 60UH7500, 60UH7500UA, 60UH7650UA, 60UH7700, 60UH7700UB, 60UH8500, 60UH8500UA, 60UJ6540, 60UJ7700, 65EF9500, 65EG9600, 65LA9650, 65LA9700, 65LB6190, 65LB6300UE, 65LB7100UB, 65LF6300, 65LF6300UA, 65LF6390, 65LF6390UA, 65LM6200, 65LM6200UB, 65SJ8000, 65SJ8000UA, 65SJ800AUB, 65SJ8500, 65SJ8500UB, 65SJ850A, 65SJ850AUC, 65SJ9500, 65SJ9500UA, 65UF6450UA, 65UF7300, 65UF7650, 65UF7690, 65UF7700, 65UF8500, 65UF8600, 65UF9500, 65UG8700, 65UH5500, 65UH5500UA, 65UH6030UC, 65UH6150, 65UH6150UB, 65UH615A, 65UH615AUC, 65UH6550, 65UH6550UB, 65UH7500, 65UH7500UA, 65UH7650UA, 65UH7700, 65UH7700UB, 65UH8500, 65UH8500UA, 65UH9500, 65UH9500UA, 65UJ6520, 65UJ6540, 65UJ6580, 65UJ7700, 65UJ7700UA, 65UK7700AUB, 70LB7100UC, 70LF7200, 70LF7200SA, 70UF7300, 70UF7650, 70UF7700, 70UH6330UB, 70UH6350, 70UH6350UB, 70UJ6520, 70UJ6570, 70UJ657A, 75SJ, 75SJ8570, 75SJ8570UB, 75SJ857A, 75SJ857AUC, 75UH6550, 75UH6550UB, 75UH8500, 75UH8500UA, 75UH8500UD, 75UJ6450, 75UJ6470, 75UJ6520, 75UJ657A, 79UF7700, 79UF9500, 84LM9600, 8570UB, 86SJ9570UA, 86UH9500, 86UH9500UA, 98UH9800, 98UH9800UA, AGF76578707, AKB73596502, EC9300, EC9700, EC9800, HTP50T, HTX250, LAP34X, LB5800, LB6100, LB6190, LB6300, LB6500, LB7100, LB7200, LF6300, NB3520, NB3530, NB4530, NB5540, ND5630, ND8630, OLED55B6P, OLED55B6PU, OLED55B7A, OLED55B7AU, OLED55B7P, OLED55C6P, OLED55C6PU, OLED55C7P, OLED55C7PU, OLED55E6P, OLED55E6PU, OLED55E6V, OLED55E7P, OLED65B6P, OLED65B6PU, OLED65B7A, OLED65B7AU, OLED65B7P, OLED65C6P, OLED65C6PU, OLED65C7P, OLED65C7PU, OLED65E6P, OLED65E6PU, OLED65E6V, OLED65E7P, OLED65G6P, OLED65G6PU, OLED65G7P, OLED65G7PU, OLED65W7, OLED65W7P, OLED65W7PU, OLED75G6P, OLED75G6PU, OLED77G7, OLED77G7P, OLED77G7PU, OLED77W7P, OLED77W7PU, PB6600, PB6650, PB6900, PF1500, UB8000, UB8200, UB8300, UB8500, UB9200, UB9500, UB9800, UF770T, UF850T, UF950T, UG870T

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Customer Reviews:


    The remote is perfect. It worked flawlessly right out of the package. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and great price!

    by Michael on December 29, 2019.
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    Works Great!!!

    by JOHN on June 19, 2019.
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    Works great, I just put in the batteries and it work just Fine

    by Richard on May 30, 2019.
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    This is a great replacement and arrived earlier than expected.

    by Mikel on April 27, 2019.
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    Works perfectly.

    by Chauncey on October 13, 2018.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • 75UK6570OM
    75UK6570, 43UK6200PUA Operating Manual


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