LG 82410070 Master Commercial TV Remote Control

LG 82410070 Master Commercial TV Remote Control
Part Number: 12421307
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Product Description:

ZENITH / LG 124-213-07 Installer Remote Control, Space Command 824-10070, For use with H20J55DT and other TVs, Healthcare Setup Remote with Digital Channel Access (12421307 124213-07 124-21307 82410070_Master) Will do two TV's in one room.

To Be Used With LG 604412, 604413, 604414

Model: 82410070 Master
Part Number: 12421307
Associated Number: 124-213-07
Catalogue No.: 64126
This remote control controls units : Commercial TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

LG 82410070 Master Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Commercial TV models:

Originally supplied with Commercial TV models: EKY2067Y, EKY2067Y2, EKY2167Y, EKY2167Y2, EKY2667Y, H20J55DT, JTY2550S, JTY2552S, JTY2768S, KZY2087Y, KZY2087Y2, KZY2687Y

Compatible with Commercial TV models: 20LH1DC1, 26LH1DC1, 32LH1DC1, H20J54DT, L20V54S, L26W58HA, M3701CBH, M4210CBH

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: