How to test your remote signal (infra-red remotes)





1. Make sure batteries are inserted correctly and that they are good working batteries.

2. Turn your digital camera on or if using a cell phone, open the camera app. Note: iPhone backside cameras do not work, you must use the front-facing camera instead. This may be true with other brands as well.

3. Point the top side edge of the remote where the IR Emitter is located towards the camera lens.

4. Press each button you want to test on the remote while viewing the IR emitter on the screen of the digital camera. While looking at the camera screen you will see the remote; If working, then you will see a flickering light coming from remote.

Buttons that will not work on any remote control:

• Device select buttons (i.e. MODE). Examples: TV / DVD / VCR / Cable / SAT buttons.

• Program or Setup buttons.

If the remote control WORKS you will see a flickering or steady light coming from the eye of the remote through the camera screen. Check every button on the remote to make sure they all work. If all buttons show a light than there is no need to repair or buy a new remote, this means that possibly your base device needs to be fixed. If remote is a universal then it may need to be reprogrammed.

Some buttons work and some don't?
If some of the buttons do not work, than your remote may also work for other modes and the other mode may need to be selected first in order for the corresponding buttons to emit a signal. If your remote has option to program to other modes, then this could be your problem. Simply press one of the other mode buttons first, then try again. 
However, if the remote PARTIALLY WORKS than you will see a light with only some of the buttons being pressed. Or you will not see a light until you press a button hard enough; this is do to the wearing of the remote keys. This problem is easily fixed.

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Most common buttons to not work do to the wearing of them:

• Power

• Channel up/down

• Volume up/down

• Keypad numbers

If the remote DOES NOT WORK at all you will not see a light for any of the buttons pressed.