Harbor-Breeze UC7082T Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Harbor-Breeze UC7082T Ceiling Fan Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Part Number: UC7082T

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC FAN35T for Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control):

100% Compatibility Guaranteed. The Anderic FAN35T remote will replace your original Harbor Breeze FAN35T original equipment remote. This remote has a dip-switch panel inside battery compartment for pairing with your ceiling fan receiver. It also has the option to learn via the learn button (only for the FAN30R receiver).

Pairing notes: Pairing is done by arranging the dip-switches inside the battery compartment to match those of the receiver. Learning button is not used unless you are pairing the FAN35T remote with the FAN30R receiver. Pairing via the learn button will not work for any other receiver that requires the pressing of the learn key. If your receiver inside fan does have dip-switches, the FAN35T for Harbor Breeze will work simply by aligning the dip-switches to match (no need to press learn button to pair). If your receiver has dip-switches, and your original 35T remote does not have dip-switches, but instead, only a Learn button, this remote will not work, you must purchase a new kit as we do not have the remote for you available (we recommend the RR7079TKIT Universal ceiling fan kit).

Color: Ivory


  • FCC ID: L3HFAN35T for Harbor Breeze

  • 303.9MHz Frequency


Programming instructions:
If the fan has a receiver with 4 dip-switches do the following steps to pair remote:
1. Align switches inside the battery compartment of remote to match the dip switches on the receiver (located in the fan)
You're done.
WARNING: If the receiver in the fan does NOT have dip-switches, this remote will not work (unless your receiver model is "FAN30R").

Below instructions is for Learning with FAN30R receiver pairing:
A. Align “DIP” switches on any pattern on FAN35T for Harbor Breeze remote.
B. Turn on the Ceiling Fan main power switch and within 30 seconds after Ceiling Fan power is on,
C. Then push “Learn” key for 3 to 5 seconds on FAN35T for Harbor Breeze.
D. Then the Lights on the Ceiling Fan will blink 2 times (or fan speed turns to MEDIUM speed). It means your setting is good. Test rest of button to make sure they work.
If above doesn't work, try pressing and holding the OFF and LIGHT keys simultaneously for up to 10 seconds, lights should blink to confirm pairing.

Note: Again, the FAN35T remote only works via the learning method if your fan comes with the FAN30R receivers installed. HOW TO TELL: If you have the original remote, and the original remote only has the learning key and no dip switches, then that is a good way to tell that this FAN35T remote will not be compatible with your fan.

If you have a second fan with the same remote:
A. Align DIP switches on FAN35T for Harbor Breeze to a different pattern than the first fan.
B. C. D. steps are the same as above.

Model: FAN35T for Harbor Breeze
Part Number: FAN35T
Associated Number: L3HFAN35T1
Catalogue No.: 87761

The replacement for original Harbor-Breeze UC7082T Ceiling Fan Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Harbor-Breeze UC7082T Ceiling Fan Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: UC7082T
Catalogue No.: 78619
Dimensions: 2.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)