Haier HTRA18M TV Remote Control

Haier HTRA18M TV TV Remote Control
Part Number: 8142024570005

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Product Description:

The original Haier HTRA18M TV Remote Control is available for special order.
The original Haier HTRA18M TV Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: HTRA18M
Catalogue No.: 177625
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Dimensions: 2.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

Haier HTRA18M TV Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: Haier 24F2000A, Haier 24G2000A, Haier 32G2000A, Haier 32G2000B, Haier 39F2000A, Haier 39G2000A, Haier 43UF2500A, Haier 43UF2500B, Haier 43UG2500A, Haier 48E2500B, Haier 48E2500C, Haier 48E2500D, Haier 49UF2500A, Haier 49UF2500B, Haier 49UF2500C, Haier 49UF2500D, Haier 49UG2500A, Haier 49UG2500B, Haier 55E5500UA, Haier 55E5500UB, Haier 55E5500UC, Haier 55E5500UE, Haier 55E5500UF, Haier 55E5500UG, Haier 55E5500UH, Haier 55UFC2500A, Haier 55UFC2500B, Haier 55UG2500A, Haier 55UG2500B, Haier 55UG2500C, Haier 55UGX3500A, Haier 55UGX3500B, Haier 65UF2505A, Haier 65UF2505B, Haier 65UF2505C, Haier 65UF2505D, Haier 65UF2505E, Haier 65UF2505F, Haier 65UF2505I, Haier 65UFC2500A, Haier 65UFC2500B, Haier 65UG2500B, Haier 65UGX3500A, Haier 65UGX3500B, Haier 65UGX3500C, Haier 75G2500A, Haier 75UF2500A, Haier 75UGX3550A, Haier 75UGX3550B

Compatible with TV models: Haier 32D2000A, Haier 32D3005A, Haier 32D3005B, Haier 32D3005C, Haier 32D3005D, Haier 32D3005E, Haier 32D3005F, Haier 32D3005G, Haier 39D3005A, Haier 39D3005B, Haier 40D3505A, Haier 40D3505B, Haier 42D3500A, Haier 43UG2500, Haier 48D3505A, Haier 48DR3505A, Haier 48DR3505B, Haier 50D3505A, Haier 50D3505B, Haier 50D3505C, Haier 55DA5550A, Haier 55DR3505A, Haier 65UG6550G, Haier LE19B3320A, Haier LE22F33800A, Haier LE24F33800A, Haier LE24H3380A, Haier LE32F32200A, Haier LE32F32200B, Haier LE39F32800A, Haier LE46H32800B, Haier LE50H3280C, Haier LE55F32800A, Proscan PLDED5030ARK