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FUNAI NB079UD DVD Player Remote Control

FUNAI NB079UD DVD Player Remote Control
Part Number: NB079UD
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Product Description:

Model: NB079UD
Part Number: NB079UD
Catalogue No.: 61901
This remote control controls units : DVD Player
Battery Required : 2 AA

FUNAI NB079UD Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following DVD Player models:

Originally supplied with DVD Player models: Magnavox DP100MW8, Magnavox DP100MW8B, Magnavox MWD200GA, Philco DP100HH8, Philco PVD1000

Compatible with DVD Player models: 1.5, 2200, 24SL415U, 300, 3800, 3900, 40S51U, 4500, 5800., 942, A328820, AV16N8, AV20121, AV20920, AV20921, AV20D304, AV21DMG3, AV27050, AV27115, AV27430, AV27432, AV27920, AV27D104, AV27D201, AV27D501, AV32015, AV32020, AV32430, AV32432, AV32980, AV32985A, AV32D201, AV32D501, AV35850, AV35955, AV36020, AV36050, AV36D501, AV60D501, C13110, C13111, C13911, C20110, CDVL700E, DISH322, DISH921, DP100FX4, DP100MW8BA, DP170SL8, DP170SL9, DVD1001F, DVL1000F, DVL1000G, DVL100E, DVL120E, DVL150G, DVL245G, DVL505, DVL515, DVL515SK, DVL700F, DVL700G, DVP3560K/F8, Emerson EWD71V5SK, EW32S3PW, EWD7004, EWD70V5SK, FVD0256, FVD2616, HCDEC70, HD56G787, HDZ56RX5, HDZ70RX5, KD32FS170, KLVS15G10, KLVS20G10, KV32FS120, KV32FV300, KV32XBR48, KV34XBR48C, KV35XBR48, KV35XBR88, KV36FV300, KV37XBR48M, LC37GP1U, LD4655VX, LT19D210, LT19D210/AAR, LT19D610, LT19D610/AAR, LT32D200, LT32DV20, LT32E710, LT32P510, LT32X887, LT42P510, LT42PM51, LT46P510, LTV27W6, LTV27W6HD, Show more models

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    My DVD player is an older model so only refurbished remotes were available. The remote arrived on time, works perfectly, and looks brand new!

    by Anonymous on March 19, 2015.
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