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DirecTv RC66RX Satellite Remote Control

DirecTv RC66RX Satellite Receiver Satellite Remote Control
Part Number: RR66RX

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Product Description:

The original DirecTv RC66RX Satellite Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original DirecTv RC66RX Satellite Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

•Original RC66RX IR DirecTV remote controls.
•The RC66RX remote control will work on DirecTV Receivers: H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, R15, R16, R22 and D12.
•The RC66RX also can be programmed to operate 3 additional devices such as: TV, DVD, and CD or audio systems.
•The RC66RX remote replaces the RC-16, RC-23, RC-32, RC-64, RC-65, RC-66, RC66X, RC64R, RC65R and RC65RX.

The RC66RX is DirecTV's newest model RF Remote Control. The RC66RX offers more codes than the RC65R and RC64R.



Model: RC66RX
Catalogue No.: 200424
Battery Required : 2 AA

DirecTv RC66RX Satellite Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Satellite Receiver models:

Originally supplied with Satellite Receiver models: DirecTv DirecTV Receiver D12, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver H21, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver H22, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver H23, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver H24, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver H25, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR20, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR21, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR22, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR23, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR24, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver HR34, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver R15, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver R16, DirecTv DirecTV Receiver R22, DirecTv DirecTV Receivers H20

Compatible with Satellite Receiver models: HITACHI 61HDX98B, DirecTv D12, DirecTv DRD 503RB, RCA DRD102RW, RCA DRD203RW, DirecTv DRD301RA, RCA DRD302RA, RCA DRD303RA, RCA DRD403RA, RCA DRD430RGA, RCA DRD431RG, RCA DRD435RH, RCA DRD440RE, RCA DRD450RG, RCA DRD450RGA, RCA DRD451RA, RCA DRD451RG, RCA DRD455RH, RCA DRD460RE, RCA DRD480RE, RCA DRD485RG, RCA DRD485RGA, DirecTv DRD486RG, RCA DRD486RH, RCA DRD502RB, RCA DRD505RB, RCA DRD515RB, RCA DRD523RB, RCA DRD703RA, DirecTv DRD705RB, DirecTv DRS700/17, DirecTv DSHD800R, RCA DSM735RH, DirecTv DSR6000, DirecTv DSR600R, DirecTv DSR704, DirecTv DSR708, TOSHIBA DST3000, TOSHIBA DST3100, DirecTv DSX5400, DirecTv DSX5500, DirecTv DTC100, RCA DTC210, DirecTv DTV1080, DirecTv DVR39, DirecTv DVR80, DirecTv DWD490RE, DirecTv DWD496RG, Hughes Network GAEB0, Hughes Network GAEB0A, DirecTv GCB0, Hughes Network GCEB0A, DirecTv GRD122GW, DirecTv GRD33G3A, SAMSUNG h20, DirecTv H21, DirecTv H23, DirecTv H24, DirecTv HDSAT520, Hughes Network HDVR2, Hughes Network HIRDE8, SAMSUNG HR20, DirecTv HR21, DirecTv HR22, DirecTv HR23, DirecTv HR24, DirecTv LSS3200A, RCA P52928YX1, DirecTv PRD8630A, RCA PRD8650B, RCA PSHD105, SAMSUNG R15, DirecTv R16, DirecTv R22, SONY SATHD100, DirecTv SATHD200, SONY SATHD300, DirecTv SATT60, SONY SATW60, DirecTv SDDV40, Hughes Network SDDVR120, Hughes Network SDDVR80, SAMSUNG SIRS300W, SAMSUNG SIRS310W, DirecTv SIRS4040R, DirecTv SIRS4080, DirecTv SIRS4080R, DirecTv SIRS4120R, SAMSUNG SIRS60W, SAMSUNG SIRS70, SAMSUNG SIRS75, SAMSUNG SIRTS160, DirecTv SIRTS360, DirecTv SRHD5

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    It is perfect and was easy to set up. Just as described.

    by Gordon on July 30, 2020.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Satellite Remote Control:

    DirecTV Receiver HR24 Operating Manual


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