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ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning 4-Device Universal Remote Control


ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning 4-Device Universal Remote Control
Part Number: RRU401

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

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New with Version 4

• More extensive code database

The Anderic RRU401 4-Device Universal Remote control is great for combining up to 4 remotes into one for your home entertainment use. The RRU401 can easily be programmed to work most all brands using the provided instructions. The RRU401 is a 4-Device Universal remote and can be programmed for use with up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your TV like APPS (if applicable), CC, Sleep, Menu and of course, all other buttons for normal operations.

• Download FREE manual at http://www.anderic.com/rru401
• Programs for TVs, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Sat Boxes, Set-top-boxes, Audio equipment, Roku and more.
• Smart keys for HOME, NETFLIX, APPS
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
Macro ability
Learning ability
• Full key Back-lighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Large easy to read buttons
• Can individually assign any keys to automatically punch-through to the mode of your choosing
• Can program for multi-unit combine POWER off/on of multiple devices with the single press of the POWER key
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty by Anderic.com

Pre-programmed for the following:
TV - LG (2698)
DVD - Samsung (3229)
STB - Motorola (5260)
Audio - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

Quick Reference Guide for Programming to Roku Enabled TVs:
Note: The following codes must be programmed under TV mode, and disabling "ROKU PUNCH-THROUGH (no D-Pad)" is required (see instructions in manual).

  • TCL TVs with Roku - Code 2654 (RC280) - (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)
  • Hisense Roku TVs - Code 2722 (EN3A32, EN3B32HS, HU-RCRUS-18)
  • Insignia Roku TVs - Code 2723, 2724 (NS-RCRUS-16, NS- RCRUS-17, NS-RCRUDUS-17, NS-RCRCA-17, NS-RCRUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-19, )
  • Sharp Roku TVs - Code 2725 (LC-RCRUS-16, LC-RCRUS-17, LC-RCRUS-18, EN3B32R)
  • LG Roku TVs - Code 2726 (LF-RCRUS-16)
  • Haier Roku TVs - Code 2654 (HTRR01)
  • Hitachi Roku TVs (101018E0002, 101018E0003)

Note: When programming to a DirecTv box, you may have to change the settings for the remote control to IR. Using DirecTv remote, press MENU > Settings & Help > Settings > Remote control, then find the option to change from RF to IR mode.


Dish Hopper 3 (but will work all other Dish boxes, IR only)
Roku Stick/TV (but will work all other Roku boxes that accept IR)
Amazon Fire Stick

Model: RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning
Part Number: RRU401
Catalogue No.: 196618
This remote control controls units : 4-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Dimensions: 3.60 x 9.10 x 1.60 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following 4-Device Universal models:

Compatible with 4-Device Universal models: 00G08RPBAB02, 00G174CCAA02, 00G176BAA01, 00H174CCAA01, 00M176SAAA01, 00RG4172BK01, 00RG4172BK03, 00RG9172BK01, 00T071AJMA01, 00T216JGPH01, 00T238AJMA01, 00T374AHGA01, 00T374AHGA02, 00T374AHGA03, 00T374AHGA04, 00Y147KBAA01, 010505, 010505HI, 022806, 022806/A1, 02538, 03, 03517, 07660MP010, 076B0MQ010, 076B0MQ030, 076D0KH050, 076D0MG010, 076D0MN010, 076N0EH020, 098003050020, 098003053030, 098003054010, 098003059001, 098003059003, 098003059005, 098003060012, 098003060940, 098003061060, 098TRABD1BTPHR, 098TRABD4BEPHR, 1.5, 1000, 100005395, 100005396, 100005397, 100005842, 100005843, 100007147, 100012584, 100012585, 100012586, 100012587, 100012589, 100012590, 100018971, 100024699, 101305/A1, 101305A1, 102040, 1023000148, 102RW, 10505, 1056B01, 114697, 1146970001, 1146970002, 1146970003, 1146970004, 1152960001, 115297, 1152970001, 1152970002, 1152970003, 1152970004, 123, 1240014712, 1240014713, 1240019113, 1240020301, 1240020505, 1240020601, 1240020609, 1240021209, 1240021235, 1240021237, 12400213, 1240021304, 1240021323, 1240023101, 1240023103, 12400233, 1240023301, 12419203, 124233, 1252970001, 1252970002, 1252970003, 1252970004, 13010, Show more models

13010, 13A20, 13A21, 13A21C, 13a22, 13A23, 13A23W, 13A24, 13A25, 13A25C, 13A26, 13A26C, 13GP411F01, 13KM100, 13KM150, 13LM100, 13LM100B, 13LM150, 13LM150B, 13NM100, 13NM100B, 13NM150, 13NM150B, 13PR12C, 13PR12C221, 13R200, 13R20001, 13R200C1, 13R200C101, 13S221, 13S221C101, 13S250, 13S250C1, 13TH30, 13TVF100, 13V420T, 13VTCK10, 13VTCL10, 13VTCN10, 13VTCR10, 13VTH60, 13VTJ100, 13VTJ150, 13VTK100, 13VTK150, 13VTL100, 13VTL150, 13VTL200, 13VTN100, 13VTN150, 13VTN200, 13VTR100, 13VTR150, 13X60100AA, 14128, 14228, 14247, 14367, 14370, 14415, 14527, 147932711, 147943811, 147943812, 147960411, 147960412, 147968611, 147982711, 148061611, 148061612, 148061613, 148061711, 148061712, 148072211, 148718031, 148771011, 148776712, 14AF41, 14AF41C, 14AF42, 14AF43, 14AF44, 14AF45, 14AF46, 14AF46C, 14AS20, 14D60, 14DL74, 14DL74M, 14F512T, 14G60, 14LK20, 14LK22, 14MJ10, 14ML10, 14MN10, 14UFM1, 14VL43U, 1500100, 152133, 152200, 15410, 15510, 15CV100U, 15CV101U, 15DL15, 15DL75, 15LV505, 15LV505T, 15LV506, 15LV506T, 15MF227, 15MF227B, 15MF227B/27, 15MF227B/27B, 15MF227B/27E, 15MF227B27, 15MF227B27B, 15MF227B27E, 15MF237, 15MF237S, 15MF237S/27, 15MF237S/27B, 15MF237S/27E, 15MF237S27B, 15MF237S27E, 160HD4, 16H70, 170HD, 1911Y7, 191M100B, 197461, 19A10, 19A20, 19A21, 19A24, 19A25, 19A25C, 19A26, 19A30, 19AV500, 19AV50019AV501U, 19AV500U, 19AV501, 19AV501U, 19AV505U/TV, 19AV505UTV, 19AV51U, 19AV600, 19AV600U, 19AV600UZ, 19C100U, 19C1019C100, 19C10U, 19C140, 19CV100U, 19EG07, 19HFL3330D, 19HFL3340D, 19HM100, 19HM100S, 19HM150, 19HM150S, 19HM60, 19HM60S, 19JM100, 19JM100S, 19JM150, 19KM100, 19KM100S, 19L402, 19L4200, 19L4200U1, 19L4200UM, 19LA30RQ, 19LA30RQD, 19LB30Q, 19LB30RQ, 19LB30RQD, 19LD340NZA, 19LD340ZA, 19LD341NZB, 19LD341ZB, 19LD348ZA, 19LD350, 19LD350C, 19LD350CZA, 19LD350NZA, 19LD350UA, 19LD350UB, 19LD350ZA, 19LD351NZB, 19LD351ZB, 19LD358ZA, 19LD359ZB, 19LE30Q, 19LE3300ZA, 19LE3308ZA, 19LE330NZA, 19LE3310ZB, 19LE331NZB, 19LE5300UE, 19LED30QA, 19LF10, 19LF10UA, 19LG30, 19LG30UA, 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37HFL5581V/27, 37HFL5581V/F7, 37HFL5682D, 37HFL5682D/F7, 37HFL5682DF7, 37HFL5682L, 37HFL5682L/F7, 37HFL5682LF7, 37HFL5880D/10, 37HFL7561A/10, 37HL17, 37HL57, 37HL66, 37HL67, 37HL67S, 37HL86, 37HL95, 37HLC56, 37HLV66, 37HLX95, 37HLX99, 37LA30RQ, 37LA45RQ, 37LB4D, 37LB4DS, 37LB4DSUA, 37LB5D, 37LC2D, 37LC45Q, 37LC50C, 37LC50CB, 37LC5DC, 37LC5DC1, 37LC5DCB, 37LC7D, 37LD310H, 37LD320H, 37LD325H, 37LD330H, 37LD333H, 37LD340H, 37LD345H, 37LD350, 37LD420CZA, 37LD420NZA, 37LD420ZA, 37LD421NZB, 37LD421ZB, 37LD428ZA, 37LD450, 37LD450C, 37LD450C173UA, 37LD450CUA, 37LD450CZA, 37LD450NZA, 37LD450UA, 37LD450ZA, 37LD458ZA, 37LD650H, 37LD655H, 37LD665H, 37LE4500ZA, 37LE4508ZA, 37LE450NZA, 37LE5300, 37LE5300UC, 37LE5300ZA, 37LE5308ZA, 37LE530NZA, 37LE5310ZB, 37LE5318ZB, 37LE531NZB, 37lg10, 37LG10UM, 37LG30, 37LG30DC, 37LG30DCUA, 37LG30UA, 37LG30UD, 37LG50, 37LG50UA, 37LG50UG, 37LG60, 37LG60UA, 37LG60UG, 37LG700H, 37LG700HUA, 37LG700HUB, 37LG710H, 37LG710HUA, 37LH20, 37LH200C, 37LH20UA, 37LH250H, 37LH255H, 37LH260H, 37LH265H, 37LH30, 37LH30UA, 37LH40, 37LH40UA, 37LH55, 37LH55UA, 37LP620H, 37LP645H, 37LP645HUH, 37LT560C, 37LT560E, 37LT670H, 37LT670HUA, 37LT770H, 37LT770HUA, 37LT777H, 37LT777HUA, 37LV555H, 37LV555HUA, 37LX96, 37MD311B, 37MD311B/F7, 37MD350B, 37MD350B/F7, 37MD350F, 37MD359B/F7, 37MD359BF7, 37MF301B/F7, 37MF301BF7, 37MF337, 37MF337B, 37MF337B/37, 37MF337B/37B, 37MF337B/37E, 37MF337B37, 37MF337B37B, 37MF437, 37MF437B, 37MF437B/37B, 37MF437B/37E, 37MF437B37, 37MF437B37B, 37MF437B37E, 37PF5320, 37PF7320, 37PF7320A, 37PF7320A/37, 37PF7320A/37B, 37PF7320A17, 37PF7320A37, 37PF7320A37B, 37PF7321D, 37PF7321D/37, 37PF7321D37, 37PF9431D, 37PF9431D/37, 37PF9431D/37B, 37PF9431D37, 37PF9431D37B, 37PFL5322D, 37PFL5322D/37, 37PFL5322D37, 37PFL5332D, 37PFL5332D/37, 37PFL5332D/37B, 37PFL5332D/37E, 37PFL7332D, 37PFL7332D/37, 37PFL7332D/37B, 37PFL7332D/37E, 37PFL7332D37B, 37PFL7422, 37RV525R, 37RV525RZ, 37RV52R, 37RV530U, 3800, 3900, 3913LC, 3930R Express, 39HFL3684S, 39HFL3684S/F7, 39K3, 39L1350, 39L1350U, 39L1350UC, 39L22, 39L22U, 39L2300, 39L2300U, 39L4300, 39L4300U, 39L4300UC, 39LB45RQ, 39LB5800, 39LB5800UG, 39LN5300, 39LN5300UB, 39LN5700, 39LN5700UH, 39LP620H, 39LP620HUH, 39LP645H, 39LP645HUH, 39LY340H, 39LY560H, 39LY570H, 39LY760H, 39PFL2608, 39PFL2608/F7, 39PFL2708, 39PFL2708/F7, 39PFL2908, 39PFL2908/F7, 3C5230Z, 3DPW9817, 3SDX89B, 4000, 400018400, 400UX, 400UXNUD2, 400UXUD, 40A3, 40C301, 40C311, 40E20, 40E200, 40E200U, 40E200U2, 40E20U, 40E210, 40E210U, 40E210U1, 40E220, 40E220U, 40E31, 40FS3750, 40FS3800, 40FS3850, 40FS4610R, 40FT1, 40FT1U, 40FT2, 40FT2U1, 40G300U, 40H4, 40H4C, 40H4C1, 40H4C2, 40H4D, 40H5, 40H5B, 40H80, 40HFL2082D/F7, 40HFL2082DF7, 40HFL3683S/F7, 40HFL4683S/F7, 40HFL5573D/10, 40HFL5783D, 40HFL5783D/F7, 40HFL5783DF7, 40HFL5783H, 40HFL5783H/F7, 40HFL5783L, 40HFL5783L/F7, 40hfl5783lf7, 40HFL5783X/F7, 40HFL7382A/10, 40HFL9561A/10, 40K366W, 40K366WN, 40L2200, 40L2200U, 40L2400, 40L2400U, 40L310U, 40L3400, 40L3400U, 40L3400UC, 40L5200, 40L5200U, 40L5200U1, 40LA45RQ, 40LC45Q, 40LD45Q, 40LD45QC, 40LE45Q, 40lh5000, 40LX560H, 40LX570H, 40MF401B/F7, 40MV324X, 40MV324X/F7, 40PFL1708, 40PFL1708/F7, 40PFL3000/F8, 40PFL3505D/F7, 40PFL3505DF7, 40PFL3705D, 40PFL3705D/F7, 40PFL3705DF7, 40PFL3705DF7YA1, 40PFL3706/F7, 40PFL3706F7, 40Pfl4609, 40PFL4609/F7, 40PFL4609/F7A, 40PFL4706, 40PFL4706/F7, 40PFL4708, 40PFL4708/F7, 40PFL4907, 40PFL4907/F7, 40PFL4908, 40PFL4908/F7, 40PFL4909, 40PFL4909/F7, 40PFL5505D, 40PFL5505D/F7, 40PFL5705D, 40PFL5705D/F7, 40PFL5705DV/F7, 40PFL5706/F7, 40PFL7505D, 40PFL7505D/F7, 40PFL7705D, 40PFL7705D/F7, 40PFL7705DV, 40PFL7705DV/F7, 40RF350, 40RF350U, 40RV525R, 40RV52U, 40S303, 40S305, 40S51U, 40SL412, 40SL500, 40SL500U, 40UL605, 40UL605U, 40UX600, 40UX600U, 40XV640U, 40XV648U, 4100, 41905, 41909, 427S11, 427S12, 427V, 42AS41, 42AV500, 42AV500U, 42CS530, 42CS560, 42CS560UE, 42CS560UE.AUSYLHR, 42CS570, 42DPC85, 42EDT41, 42EDT41A, 42FD9932, 42FD993299, 42H81, 42H82, 42H83, 42HDS52, 42HDS52A, 42HDS69, 42HDS69/DW2U, 42HDS69S, 42HDT20, 42HDT20A, 42HDT20M, 42HDT50, 42HDT50M, 42HDT52, 42HDT52A, 42HDT52A/DW1UA, 42HDT55, 42HDT79, 42HDT79/DW2U, 42HDX52, 42HDX60, 42HDX60M, 42HDX62, 42HDX62A, 42HDX62A/DW1UA, 42HDX82, 42HDX99, 42HDX99/DW2U, 42HDXA62A, 42HF7544D, 42HF7544R, 42HF7945D, 42HF995S, 42HFL3016D/10, 42HFL3233D/10, 42HFL3684S, 42HFL3684S/F7, 42HFL4372D/10, 42HFL4373D/10, 42HFL4482F, 42HFL4482F/F7, 42HFL4482FF7, 42HFL5581L/27, 42HFL5581V/27, 42HFL5682D, 42HFL5682D/F7, 42HFL5682DF7, 42HFL5682H, 42HFL5682H/F7, 42HFL5682HF7, 42HFL5682L, 42HFL5682L/F7, 42HFL5682LF7, 42HFL582H, 42HFL5850D, 42HFL5850D/10, 42HFL5860D/27, 42HFL5860S, 42HFL5860S/27, 42HFL5880D/10, 42HFL7406D/10, 42HFL7580A/27, 42HFL9320A/10, 42HL117, 42HL167, 42HL17, 42HL196, 42HL57, 42HL67, 42HL67U, 42HL67US, 42HM66, 42HM95, 42HP16, 42HP66, 42HP86, 42HP95, 42HPX95, 42K3, 42L6200U, 42LA45RQ, 42LA6200, 42LA6205, 42LB1DR, 42LB1DRA, 42LB1DRUA, 42LB45RQ, 42LB4D, 42LB4DS, 42LB4DSUA, 42LB5800, 42LB5D, 42LB5DC, 42LB5DF, 42LBX, 42LC2D, 42LC2DUD, 42LC5DC, 42LC7D, 42LD320H, 42LD340H, 42LD400, 42LD420CZA, 42LD420NZA, 42LD420UA, 42LD420ZA, 42LD421NZB, 42LD421ZB, 42LD428ZA, 42LD450C, 42LD450C173UA, 42LD450CUA, 42LD450CZA, 42LD450NZA, 42LD450UA, 42LD450ZA, 42LD452C, 42LD458ZA, 42LD470UA, 42LD520UA, 42LD550, 42LD550NZC, 42LD550UB, 42LD550ZC, 42LD551NZA, 42LD551ZA, 42LD558ZC, 42LD559ZA, 42LD630UC, 42LD650H, 42LD655H, 42LD665H, 42LE4500NZA, 42LE4500ZA, 42LE4508ZA, 42LE5300, 42LE5300UC, 42LE5300ZA, 42LE5308ZA, 42LE530C, 42LE530CUC, 42LE530NZA, 42LE5310ZB, 42LE5318ZB, 42LE531NZB, 42LE5350UB, 42LE5400, 42LE5400UC, 42LE5500, 42LE5500UA, 42LE7300, 42LE7300UA, 42LE7500, 42LE7500UC, 42LF11, 42LF5500UA, 42LF5600UB, 42LF5800, 42LF5850, 42LF5850DE, 42LF5850SE, 42LF585T, 42LF585TDE, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG30DCUA, 42LG30UA, 42LG30UD, 42LG30UDLG, 42LG50, 42LG500H, 42LG500HUA, 42LG500HUB, 42LG50DC, 42LG50DCUG, 42LG50UA, 42LG50UG, 42LG50UGAUSHLHR, 42LG50UGAUSQLHR, 42LG60, 42LG60UA, 42LG60UG, 42LG61, 42LG61UA, 42LG70, 42LG700H, 42LG700HUA, 42LG700HUB, 42LG70LG, 42LG70UA, 42LG70UG, 42LG710H, 42LG710HUA, 42LGX, 42LH20, 42LH200C, 42LH250H, 42LH255H, 42LH260H, 42LH30, 42LH30UA, 42LH30UALG, 42LH40, 42LH40UA, 42LH50, 42LH50UC, 42LH55, 42LK530, 42LK550, 42LK550UA, 42LM5800, 42LM6200, 42LM6400, 42LM6400SA, 42LN5300, 42LN5300UB, 42LN5400, 42LN5400UA, 42LN541C, 42LN5700, 42LN5700UH, 42LP560M, 42LP620H, 42LP620HUH, 42LP621HUA, 42LP645H, 42LP645HUH, 42LS3400, 42LS3400UA, 42LS349C, 42LS5600, 42LS5700, 42LS5750, 42LT560C, 42LT560E, 42LT670H, 42LT670HUA, 42LT770H, 42LT770HUA, 42LT777H, 42LT777HUA, 42LV3700, 42LV5400, 42LV5400UB, 42LV5500, 42LV5500UAAUSDLHR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLHR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 42LV555H, 42LV555HUA, 42LW5000, 42LW5000UC, 42LW5300, 42LW5300UC, 42LW5600, 42LW5700, 42LX177, 42LX196, 42LX6500UB, 42LY340H, 42LY560H, 42LY570H, 42LY760H, 42LY970H, 42LZ196, 42MF337, 42MF337B, 42MF337B/37, 42MF337B/37B, 42MF337B/37E, 42MF337B37B, 42MF437, 42MF437B, 42MF437B/37B, 42MF437B/37E, 42MF437B37, 42MF437B37B, 42MF438B, 42MF438B/27, 42MF438B/27B, 42MF438B/27E, 42MF438B/F7, 42MF438B27B, 42MF438B27E, 42MF438BF7, 42MF439B, 42MF439B/F7, 42MF439BF7, 42PA30RQ, 42PA4500, 42PA4500UF, 42PB4DA, 42PC1RV, 42PC3D, 42PC3DC, 42PC3DV, 42PC5D, 42PC5DC, 42PC5DUC, 42PC5DUL, 42PF5320, 42PF5321D, 42PF5321D/37, 42PF5321D/85, 42PF5321D37, 42PF5321D85, 42PF5421D/37, 42PF5421D37, 42PF5620, 42PF7220, 42PF7220A, 42PF7220A/37, 42PF7220A/37B, 42PF7220A37, 42PF7220A37B, 42PF7320, 42PF7320A, 42PF7320A/37, 42PF7320A/37B, 42PF7320A37, 42PF7320A37B, 42PF7320Z, 42PF7321D, 42PF7321D/37, 42PF7321D37, 42PF7420, 42PF7421D, 42PF7421D/37, 42PF7421D37, 42PF7520Z, 42PF9431D, 42PF9431D/37, 42PF9431D37, 42PF9630, 42PFL332D, 42PFL3403, 42PFL3403D, 42PFL3403D/27, 42PFL3403D/27B, 42PFL3403D/27E, 42PFL3403D/F7, 42PFL3403D27B, 42PFL3403D27E, 42PFL3603D, 42PFL3603D/27, 42PFL3603D/27B, 42PFL3603D/27E, 42PFL3603D/37, 42PFL3603D/F7, 42PFL3603D27, 42PFL3603D27E, 42PFL3603DF7, 42PFL3704D, 42PFL3704D/F7, 42PFL3704DF7, 42PFL3704F7, 42PFL5203, 42PFL533237, 42PFL5332D, 42PFL5332D/37, 42PFL5332D/37B, 42PFL5332D/37E, 42PFL5332D37, 42PFL5332D37E, 42PFL5403, 42PFL5403D, 42PFL5403D/85, 42PFL5403D85, 42PFL5432D/37, 42PFL5432D/37B, 42PFL5432D/37E, 42PFL5432D37B, 42PFL5432D37E, 42PFL5603D, 42PFL5603D/27, 42PFL5603D/F7, 42PFL5603D27, 42PFL5603DF7, 42PFL5704D, 42PFL5704D/F7, 42PFL6704D, 42PFL6704D/F7, 42PFL6704DF7, 42PFL7332D, 42PFL7332D/37, 42PFL7332D/37B, 42PFL7332D/37E, 42PFL7332D37, 42PFL7332D37B, 42PFL7332D37E, 42PFL7403, 42PFL7403D, 42PFL7403D/27, 42PFL7403D/27B, 42PFL7403D/27E, 42PFL7403D/F7, 42PFL7422, 42PFL7422D, 42PFL7422D/37, 42PFL7422D/37B, 42PFL7422D/37E, 42PFL7422D37, 42PFL7422D37B, 42PFL7603, 42PFL7603D/27, 42PFL7603D/F7, 42PFL7603DF7, 42PFL7704D, 42PFL7704D/F7, 42PFL7803, 42PFP5332D, 42PFP5332D/37, 42PFP5332D/37B, 42PFP5332D/37E, 42PFP5332D37, 42PFP5332D37B, 42PFP5342D, 42PFP5342D/37, 42PFP5342D37, 42PG10, 42PG20, 42PG20C, 42PG20CUA, 42PG20UA, 42PG20UAAUSALHR, 42PG20UAAUSALJR, 42PG20UAAUSLLJR, 42PG20UAAUSRLHR, 42PG20UAAUSRLJR, 42PG25, 42PG60, 42PG60C, 42PG60UA, 42PJ250, 42PJ250UA, 42PM4700, 42PM4700UB, 42PM4M, 42PM4MWA, 42PN4500, 42PQ10, 42PQ20, 42PQ20UA, 42PQ30, 42PQ30C, 42PQ30CUA, 42PQ30UAAUSBLHR, 42PQ30UAAUSNLHR, 42PQ60, 42PT350, 42RV530U, 42RV535U, 42SL417, 42SL417U, 42SL800A, 42SL90, 42TA6488X/S7, 42TA6488XS7, 42TA648BX, 42TA648BX/37, 42TA648BX/37B, 42TA648BX/37E, 42TA648BX/F7, 42TA648BX37E, 42TA648BXF7, 42TL515U, 42UL863, 42V515, 42V525, 42V710, 42V715, 42XV540U, 42XV545U, 42ZV650U, 42ZV655U, 430WX10B, 432S11, 432S12, 432V, 4341506, 437S11, 437V, 43A10, 43A1043A10R, 43A61, 43A62, 43AX60, 43AX60A, 43DX01B, 43E4500R, 43E4500RA, 43E4500RB, 43EDX10B, 43F300, 43FD01B, 43FDX01, 43FDX018, 43FDX01B, 43FDX01B1, 43FDX01D, 43FDX108, 43FDX10B, 43FDX11B, 43FDX15B, 43FDX20B, 43FOX01B, 43FP110, 43FWX2013, 43FWX20B, 43G31, 43GX01B, 43GX10B, 43GX10BTW, 43H420D/H4, 43H4D, 43H5C, 43H6D, 43H70, 43H71, 43H72, 43H7C, 43H7C2, 43HX71, 43L310U, 43L310UB, 43L420U, 43L511U18, 43L621U, 43LED2160P, 43LF421U19, 43LF5100UA, 43LF5400UB, 43LF5900, 43LF621U19, 43LF621U21, 43LF711U20, 43LH5500UA, 43LH5700UD, 43LH570AUE, 43LJ5500, 43LJ5500UA, 43LJ550M, 43LJ550MUB, 43LJ5550, 43LJ5550UC, 43LK5400PUA, 43LK5700BUA, 43LK5700PUA, 43LK5750PUA, 43LX560H, 43LX570H, 43P834, 43P8341, 43P834199, 43P8341A, 43P8341A37, 43P8341A99, 43PFL4609, 43PFL4609/F7, 43PFL4909, 43PFL4962/F7, 43PP92, 43PP9202, 43PP920201, 43PP920217, 43PP920217F, 43PP920284, 43PP920284F, 43PP920299, 43R5, 43R50, 43R7E, 43R80, 43RFDX10B, 43RZ5, 43S303, 43S305, 43S403, 43S405, 43S421, 43S515, 43S517, 43S525, 43SWX20B, 43TP60H, 43UDX10B, 43UF6400UA, 43UF6700UC, 43UF6800, 43UF6900, 43UF7300, 43UH6030, 43UH6030UB, 43UH6030UD, 43UH6100, 43UH6100UH, 43UH610A, 43UH610AUJ, 43UH630UD, 43UH6500, 43UH6500UB, 43UH7500, 43UH7500UA, 43UJ6050, 43UJ6050UC, 43UJ6300, 43UJ6300UA, 43UJ6350, 43UJ6350UC, 43UJ6500, 43UJ6500UB, 43UJ6560, 43UJ6560UF, 43UK6090PUA, 43UK6200PUA, 43UK6250PUB, 43UK6300BUB, 43UK6300PUE, 43UK6350PUC, 43UK6500AUA, 43UK6550PUB, 43UP120, 43UP130, 43UW10B, 43UWX10B, 43WX20B, 442V, 44355, 44PL95, 44PL9522, 44PL9522/17, 44PL952217, 44PL9523, 44PL9523/17, 44PL952317, 44PL952399, 44PL9773, 4500, 452LZ196, 46/40/55S41U, 460CX2, 460DXN2, 460UX, 460UX2, 460UXM, 460UXN, 460UXN2, 460UXNUD2, 464055S41U, 46CP10, 46CP10W, 46CP10W199, 46EX3B, 46F500, 46F500/A, 46F500A, 46F510, 46FX01B, 46G300U, 46G300U1, 46G30U, 46G310U, 46GW947, 46GW947YX1, 46GW947YX2, 46GW947YX6, 46GX01B, 46H14, 46H83, 46H84, 46H84C, 46HFL3683S/F7, 46HFL3683SF7, 46HFL3684S, 46HFL3684S/F7, 46HFL4382D/10, 46HFL5573D/10, 46HM15, 46HM84, 46HM85, 46HM94, 46HM94P, 46HM95, 46HX83, 46K360M, 46KP30, 46KP65, 46L5200, 46L5200U, 46LA45RQ, 46LA45RQLK0DZ1C0283, 46LA45RQLK460D3HA59, 46LA45RQLK460D3HB29, 46LA45RQLTA460HA07, 46LA45RQLTA460HJ01, 46LA45RQLTA460HM02A, 46LA45RQLTA460HM03, 46LA45RQLTA460HM03A, 46LA45RQLTA460HN01, 46LA45RQT460HW02V5, 46LA45RQT460HW03V1, 46LA45RQT460HW03V1C, 46LA45RQT460HW03V4, 46LA45RQT460HW03VBB, 46LA45RQT460HW03VFA, 46LA45RQT460HW03VG, 46LA45RQT460HW03VJ, 46LA45RQT460HW03VM, 46LA45RQT460HW03VMA, 46LA45RQT460HW08V0, 46LA45RQV460H1L07A, 46LA45RQV460H1L08A, 46LA45RQV460H1L08C, 46LA45RQV460H1L09A, 46LA45RQV460H1LH5C, 46LA55R120Q, 46LB45RQ, 46LD550, 46LD550NZC, 46LD550UB, 46LD550ZC, 46LD551NZA, 46LD551ZA, 46LD558ZC, 46LD559ZA, 46LP40, 46LP40FR, 46LX177, 46M84D, 46PFL3505D/F7, 46PFL3505DF7, 46PFL3608, 46PFL3608/F7, 46PFL3705, 46PFL3705D/F7, 46PFL3705DF7, 46PFL3706/F7, 46PFL3706F7, 46PFL3706F7VM1, 46PFL3708, 46PFL3708/F7, 46PFL3908, 46PFL3908/F7, 46PFL4706, 46PFL4706/F7, 46PFL5505D, 46PFL5505D/F7, 46PFL5705D, 46PFL5705D/F7, 46PFL5705DV/F7, 46PFL5706/F7, 46PFL5706F7, 46PFL7505D, 46PFL7505D/F7, 46PFL7705D, 46PFL7705D/F7, 46PFL7705DV, 46PFL7705DV/F7, 46PP93, 46PP9302, 46PP9302/17, 46PP930201, 46PP930217, 46PP930217F, 46PP930284, 46PP930284F, 46PP930299, 46PP9302H, 46PP9302H/17, 46PP9302H17, 46PP9352, 46RF350, 46RF350U, 46RV525R, 46RV525RZ, 46RV525U, 46RV535U, 46RV53CU, 46RV560U, 46SL412, 46SL417, 46SL417U, 46SL500, 46SL500U, 46SL800A, 46SV670U, 46UL605, 46UL605U, 46UL610U, 46UL863N, 46UP40, 46UP40W, 46UP40W101, 46UP40W104, 46UX10, 46UX10B, 46UX10BF, 46UX11K, 46UX11KA, 46UX11KF, 46UX21X, 46UX24B, 46UX25K, 46UX2OB, 46UX2UB, 46UX321K, 46UX50B, 46UX51K, 46UX600, 46UX600U, 46UX78B, 46UX78K, 46W500, 46WL800A, 46XF550U, 46XV540U, 46XV545U, 46XV640UZ, 46XV645U, 46XV648U, 4702abj1, 47CS570, 47HFL4381D/10, 47HL167, 47L6200U, 47L7200U, 47LA6200, 47LA6205, 47LA6900UD, 47LB5800, 47LB5D, 47LB5DF, 47LB6100, 47lb9df, 47LBX, 47LC7DF, 47LD420CZA, 47LD420NZA, 47LD420UA, 47LD420ZA, 47LD421NZB, 47LD421ZB, 47LD428ZA, 47LD450, 47LD450CUA, 47LD450CZA, 47LD450NZA, 47LD450UA, 47LD450ZA, 47LD458ZA, 47LD500, 47LD520UA, 47LD630, 47LD630UC, 47LD650, 47LD650H, 47LD650UA, 47LE5300, 47LE5300UC, 47LE5300ZA, 47LE5308ZA, 47LE530C, 47LE530CUC, 47LE530NZA, 47LE5310ZB, 47LE5318ZB, 47LE531NZB, 47LE5350, 47LE5350UB, 47LE5400, 47LE5400UC, 47LE5500, 47LE5500UA, 47LE7300, 47LE7300UA, 47LE7500, 47LE7500UC, 47LE8500, 47LE8500UA, 47LEX8UA, 47LF11, 47LF11UA, 47LG20, 47LG50, 47LG50DC, 47LG50DCUA, 47LG50DCUG, 47LG50UA, 47LG50UG, 47LG50UGAUSPLJM, 47LG50UGAUSQLVM, 47LG60, 47LG60UA, 47LG60UG, 47LG70, 47LG70UA, 47LG70UG, 47LG90, 47LG90UA, 47LGX, 47LH30, 47LH300C, 47LH30UA, 47LH40, 47LH40.UAAUSULHR, 47LH40UA, 47LH50, 47LH50UC, 47LH55, 47LK530, 47LK550, 47LM4600, 47LM5800, 47LM6200, 47LM6200UE, 47LM6400, 47LM6400SA, 47LM6700, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLHR, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 47LM6700UA.AUSZLHR, 47LM7600, 47LM7600UAAUSWLUR, 47LM8600, 47LM8600UC, 47LN5200, 47LN5200UB, 47LN5400, 47LN5400UA, 47LN541C, 47LN5600, 47LN5700, 47LN5700UH, 47LN5710, 47LN5750, 47LN5790, 47LP645H, 47LP645HUH, 47LS4500, 47LS4500UD, 47LS4500UD.AUSZLHR, 47LS4600, 47LS4600UA.AUSWLUR, 47LS5700, 47LS5750, 47LT560E, 47LT770H, 47LT770HUA, 47LT777H, 47LT777HUA, 47LV3700, 47LV3700UD, 47LV5400, 47LV5400UB, 47LV5500, 47LV5500UAAUSYLHR, 47LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 47LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 47LV555H, 47LW4500, 47LW5300, 47LW5300UC, 47LW5600, 47LW5600UAAUSYLHR, 47LW5600UAAUSYLJR, 47LW5600UAAUSYLUR, 47LW5600UAAUSZLHR, 47LW5600UAAUSZLJR, 47LW5600UAAUSZLUR, 47LW5700, 47LW6500, 47LW6500UAACCYLUR, 47LW6500UAAUSYLHR, 47LW6500UAAUSYLUR, 47LW9800, 47LX196, 47LX6500, 47LX6500UB, 47LX9500UA, 47LY340H, 47LY560H, 47LY570H, 47LY760H, 47LY970H, 47LZ196, 47MF437, 47MF437B, 47MF437B/37, 47MF437B/37B, 47MF437B/37E, 47MF437B37, 47MF438B, 47MF438B/27, 47MF438B/27B, 47MF438B/27E, 47MF438B27, 47MF438B27E, 47MF439B, 47MF439B/F7, 47MF439B/F7B, 47MF439B/F7E, 47PFL3603/F7, 47PFL3603D, 47PFL3603D/27, 47PFL3603D/27B, 47PFL3603D/27E, 47PFL3603D/F7, 47PFL3603D27, 47PFL3704D, 47PFL3704D/F7, 47PFL5403, 47PFL5422D/37, 47PFL5422D37, 47PFL5432D, 47PFL5432D/37, 47PFL5432D/37B, 47PFL5432D/37E, 47PFL5432D37B, 47PFL5432D37E, 47PFL5603D, 47PFL5603D/27, 47PFL5603D/27B, 47PFL5603D/27E, 47PFL5603D/F7, 47PFL5603D27E, 47PFL5603DF7, 47PFL5704D, 47PFL5704D/F7, 47PFL5704DF7, 47PFL6704D, 47PFL6704D/F7, 47PFL6704DF7, 47PFL7403, 47PFL7403D, 47PFL7403D/27, 47PFL7403D/27B, 47PFL7403D/27E, 47PFL7403D/F7, 47PFL7403DF7, 47PFL7422, 47PFL7422D, 47PFL7422D/37, 47PFL7422D/37B, 47PFL7422D/37E, 47PFL7422D37, 47PFL7422D37E, 47PFL7432D, 47PFL7432D/37, 47PFL7432D37, 47PFL7603D/27, 47PFL7603D/F7, 47PFL7603D27, 47PFL7603DF7, 47PFL7704D, 47PFL7704D/F7, 47TA648BX, 47TA648BX/37, 47TL515U, 47TP60, 47UP70, 47UP70G101, 47UP72, 47UP72G104, 47UP72G198, 47WV30BA, 47WV30BAAL, 47WV30BAAM, 47ZV650, 47ZV650U, 482221910647, 482221910695, 483421917656, 483521917267, 483521917326, 483521917336, 483521917349, 483521917394, 483521917481, 483521917503, 483521917531, 483521917544, 483521917559, 483521917561, 483521917589, 483521917602, 483521917613, 483521917668, 483521917669, 483521917684, 483521917699, 483521917703, 483521917706, 483539517303, 48C6, 48D70, 48FS3700, 48FS3750, 48FS4610R, 48H4, 48H4C, 48H4C1, 48H5, 48VP41, 48WP43, 48WP43C, 48WP44, 48WP44C, 48XP43, 48XP43C, 48XP43C101, 4913CLT, 4913LT, 4913LTV, 4919CLT, 4919LT, 49C61, 49E30, 49E301, 49E30A, 49E4500R, 49E4500RA, 49FP110, 49L310U, 49L420U, 49L510U18, 49L621U, 49LF421U19, 49LF5100UA, 49LF5400UB, 49LF5500UA, 49LH5700UD, 49LH570AUE, 49LJ5500, 49LJ5500UA, 49LJ550M, 49LJ550MUB, 49LJ5550, 49LJ5550UC, 49LK5400PUA, 49LK5700BUA, 49LK5700PUA, 49LK5750PUA, 49LX560H, 49LX570H, 49PFL4609, 49PFL4609/F7, 49PFL4909, 49PFL4909/F7, 49R50, 49R80, 49RH1, 49S303, 49S305, 49S403, 49S405, 49S515, 49S517, 49SK8000PUA, 49SK8050PUA, 49UB8300, 49UF6400, 49UF6400UA, 49UF6430, 49UF6430UB, 49UF6490, 49UF6700UC, 49UF6800, 49UF6900, 49UF7300, 49UH6030, 49UH6030UB, 49UH6030UD, 49UH6090, 49UH6090UJ, 49UH6100, 49UH6100UH, 49UH610A, 49UH610AUJ, 49UH6500, 49UH6500UB, 49UH7500, 49UH7500UA, 49UH7700, 49UH7700UB, 49UJ6050, 49UJ6050UC, 49UJ6300, 49UJ6300UA, 49UJ6350, 49UJ6350UC, 49UJ6500, 49UJ6500UB, 49UJ6560, 49UJ6560UF, 49UK6090PUA, 49UK6200PUA, 49UK6250PUB, 49UK6300BUB, 49UK6300PUE, 49UK6350PUC, 49UK7500PUA, 49UK7700AUB, 49UK7700PUD, 4B1, 4VV27820, 500, 500c, 504616183, 50A11, 50A50, 50A50R, 50A51, 50A60, 50A60A, 50A61, 50A62, 50AX60, 50AX60A, 50C10, 50C10E, 50C20, 50C20A, 50C301, 50CX29B, 50DX, 50DX01, 50DX015B, 50DX01B, 50DX01BA, 50DX01DA, 50DX10, 50DX10B, 50DX20B, 50EX01, 50EX01B, 50EX01BA, 50EX01EA, 50EX10B, 50EX12B, 50EX12BX, 50EX13K, 50EX13KX, 50EX14BV, 50EX15K, 50EX16B, 50EX1B, 50EX20B, 50EX39B, 50FS3800, 50FS3850, 50FX18B, 50FX19K, 50FX20B, 50FX30, 50FX300, 50FX30B, 50FX30D, 50FX48B, 50G500, 50GX10B, 50GX20B, 50GX30, 50GX30B, 50GX30BA, 50GX49B, 50H12, 50H13, 50H4, 50H4C, 50H4C1, 50H4D, 50H5C, 50H5G, 50H5GB, 50H6B, 50H6D, 50H71, 50H72, 50H7GB, 50H7GB1, 50H7GB2, 50H81, 50H82, 50H8C, 50HDA39, 50HDT50, 50HDT50M, 50HDT55, 50HDT55M, 50HDX60, 50HDX82, 50HFL3683S, 50HFL3683S/F7, 50HM66, 50HM67, 50HMX96, 50HP16, 50HP66, 50HP86, 50HP95, 50HPX95, 50HX81, 50K23DGW, 50K316DW, 50K366W, 50K610GW, 50K610GWN, 50L1350, 50L1350U, 50L1400, 50L1400U, 50L1450, 50L1450U, 50L2200, 50L2300, 50L2300U, 50L2400, 50L2400U, 50L3400, 50L3400U, 50L3400UC, 50L420U, 50L4300, 50L4300U, 50L4300UC, 50L5200, 50L5200U, 50L711M18, 50L711U18, 50L7300, 50L7300U, 50L7300UC, 50LA6200, 50LA6205, 50LB45RQ, 50LB5800, 50LB6100, 50LED2160P, 50LF5800, 50LF6000UB, 50LF6090, 50LF6100, 50LF621U19, 50LF621U21, 50LF711U20, 50LH5730UA, 50LN5100, 50LN5100UB, 50LN5200, 50LN5200UB, 50LN5400, 50LN5400UA, 50LN5600, 50LN5600UI, 50LN5700, 50LN5700UH, 50LN5710, 50LN5750, 50LN5750UH, 50M90W, 50MV314X, 50MV314X/F7, 50P8241, 50P834, 50P8341, 50P834199, 50P8341A, 50P8341A37, 50P8341A99, 50P8341C, 50P8342, 50P834299, 50P8342A37, 50P8342A99, 50PA30RQ, 50PA4500, 50PA4500UF.AUSLLHR, 50PA4500UFAUSLLUR, 50PA5500UA.AUSLLHR, 50PB4DA, 50PB6600, 50PB6600UA, 50PB6650, 50PB6650UA, 50PC1DR, 50PC1DRA, 50PC1DRAUA, 50PC1DRUA, 50PC3D, 50PC5D, 50PC5DC, 50PC5DUC, 50PC5DUL, 50PF7220, 50PF7220A, 50PF7220A/37, 50PF7220A/37B, 50PF7220A37, 50PF7220A37B, 50PF7320, 50PF7320A, 50PF7320A/37, 50PF7320A/37B, 50PF7320A37, 50PF7320A37B, 50PF7321D, 50PF7321D/37, 50PF7321D37, 50PF9431D, 50PF9431D/37, 50PF9431D37, 50PFL3707F7DS1, 50PFL3708, 50PFL3708/F7, 50PFL3807, 50PFL3807/F7, 50PFL3908, 50PFL3908/F7, 50PFL4909, 50PFL4909/F7, 50PFP5332D, 50PFP5332D/37, 50PFP5332D/37B, 50PFP5332D/37E, 50PFP5332D37, 50PFP5332D37B, 50PFP5332D37E, 50PFP5342D, 50PFP5342D/37, 50PFP5342D37, 50PG10, 50PG20, 50PG20C, 50PG20CUA, 50PG20UA, 50PG20UAAUSALHR, 50PG20UAAUSALJR, 50PG20UAAUSLLJR, 50PG20UAAUSRLHR, 50PG20UAAUSRLJR, 50PG20UAAUSVLHR, 50PG20UAAUSVLJR, 50PG25, 50PG30, 50PG30C, 50PG30F, 50PG30FUA, 50PG60, 50PG60F, 50PG60FUA, 50PG60UA, 50PG70, 50PGHS31, 50PK250, 50PK250UA, 50PK540, 50PK540UE, 50PK550, 50PK550UD, 50PK750, 50PK750UA, 50PK750UF, 50PK950, 50PK950UA, 50PK950UF, 50PM4700, 50PM4700UB, 50PM4M, 50PM4MWA, 50PM6700, 50PM6700UB, 50PM9700, 50PM9700UA, 50PN4500, 50PN4500UA, 50PN5300, 50PN6500, 50PN6500UA, 50PP241, 50PP24199, 50PP92, 50PP9202, 50PP9202/17, 50PP9202/99, 50PP920201, 50PP920217, 50PP920217F, 50PP920284, 50PP920284F, 50PP920299, 50PQ10, 50PQ20, 50PQ20UA, 50PQ30, 50PQ30C, 50PQ30CUA, 50PS11, 50PS30, 50PS30UB, 50PT350, 50PV400, 50PV400UB.AUSLLHR, 50PV400UBAUSZLHR, 50PV450, 50PX2DC, 50PX2DCUD, 50PX950, 50PX950UA, 50PX950UF, 50PY3D, 50PZ750, 50PZ950, 50PZ950U, 50PZ950UA, 50PZ950UAAUSLLHR, 50R5, 50R8, 50S421, 50S525, 50SBX01, 50SBX01B, 50SBX70B, 50SBX78B, 50SX8B, 50TP50G, 50UH5500, 50UH5500UA, 50UH5530, 50UH6300, 50UH6300UA, 50UK6090PUA, 50UK6300BUB, 50UK6300PUE, 50UK6350PUC, 50UK6500AUA, 50UK6550PUB, 50UP120, 50UP130, 50UWX10BA, 50UX10, 50UX10B, 50UX11K, 50UX22B, 50UX26B, 50UX27K, 50UX52B, 50UX53K, 50UX57B, 50UX58B, 50UX58K, 50UX8W, 50V500, 50V500A, 50V500E, 50V500G, 50V525E, 50V710, 50V715, 50V720, 50V820, 50V920, 50VF720, 50VF820, 50VG825, 50VS69, 50VS69A, 50VS810, 50VS810A, 50VX500, 50X01BA, 50YP43, 50YP43C, 50YP43C101, 50YP43C102, 512, 5150, 51DX20B, 51F500, 51F500A, 51F510, 51F520, 51F59, 51F59A, 51F59A 51F59J, 51F59J, 51F710, 51F710A, 51F710E, 51F710G, 51F710S, 51FS10, 51G500, 51G500A, 51G500S, 51GWX20B, 51H83, 51H84, 51H84C, 51H85C, 51H93, 51H94, 51HC85, 51HX83, 51HX93, 51HX94, 51M200, 51M200A, 51PP93, 51PP9303, 51PP9303H, 51PP9303H/17, 51PP9303H/17B, 51PP9303H17, 51PP930H17, 51PP9363, 51PP9363/17, 51PP9363H, 51PP9363H/17, 51PP9363H/17B, 51PP9363H17, 51PW93, 51PW9303, 51PW9303/17F, 51PW930317F, 51PW930399, 51PW9363, 51PW9363/17, 51PW936317F, 51PW936399, 51S500, 51S700, 51S715, 51SUX20B, 51SWX20, 51SWX20B, 51SWXX20B, 51TWX20B, 51UW20B, 51UWX20B, 51VWX20B, 51XW20B, 51XWX20B, 5200, 522, 5220P, 5230Z, 5231Z, 5250, 52750WK, 527S11, 527S12, 527V, 52FDX01B, 52gw947, 52GW947YX1, 52HFL5580D/27, 52HFL5581L/27, 52HFL5581V/27, 52HFL5581V/F7, 52HL167, 52HM16, 52HM84, 52HM85, 52HM94, 52HM95, 52HMX94, 52HMX95, 52KP75, 52LB5D, 52LB5DF, 52LBX, 52LD550, 52LD550NZC, 52LD550UB, 52LD550ZC, 52LD551NZA, 52LD551ZA, 52LD558ZC, 52LD559ZA, 52LG50, 52LG50DC, 52LG50DCLG, 52LG50DCUA, 52LG50DCUG, 52LG50UA, 52LG50UG, 52LG60, 52LG60UA, 52LG60UG, 52LG70, 52LG70UA, 52LG70UG, 52LP50, 52LP50SA01, 52LP50SA02, 52LP50SA03, 52LP50SA04, 52LP52, 52LP52SB, 52LP52SB01, 52LP52SB02, 52LP52SB03, 52LX177, 52MF438B, 52MF438B/27, 52MF438B/27B, 52MF438B/27E, 52MF438B/F7, 52MF438B27, 52MF438B27E, 52MP51B1, 52PFL3603D, 52PFL3603D/27, 52PFL3603D/27B, 52PFL3603D/27E, 52PFL3603D/F7, 52PFL3603D27, 52PFL3603D27B, 52PFL3603DF7, 52PFL3704D, 52PFL3704D/F7, 52PFL5403, 52PFL5603D, 52PFL5603D/27, 52PFL5603D/27B, 52PFL5603D/27E, 52PFL5603D/F7, 52PFL5603D27, 52PFL5603D27B, 52PFL5603D27E, 52PFL5603DF7, 52PFL5704D, 52PFL5704D/F7, 52PFL5704DF7, 52PFL6704D, 52PFL6704D/F7, 52PFL7403, 52PFL7403D, 52PFL7403D/27, 52PFL7403D/27B, 52PFL7403D/27E, 52PFL7403D/F7, 52PFL7422D, 52PFL7422D/37, 52PFL7422D/37B, 52PFL7422D/37E, 52PFL7422D37E, 52PFL7704D, 52PFL7704D/F7, 52PFL7803, 52RV530U, 52RV535U, 52RV53U, 52TA648BX, 52TA648BX/37, 52TA648BX37, 52TP52, 52TP54, 52WH73YX39, 52XF550U, 52XV540U, 52XV545U, 52XV645U, 52XV648U, 5313x, 532B12, 532H, 532V, 5350, 535BX01B, 535BX01BA, 535SBX01B, 537H, 53AX61, 53AX62, 53BX01B, 53BX01BA, 53BX59B, 53DX01B, 53F300, 53FBX20B, 53FDX01B, 53FDX01BA, 53FDX0B, 53FDX15B, 53FDX20B, 53FX01B, 53H71, 53HX71, 53IDX01B, 53SBC01B, 53SBX01, 53SBX01B, 53SBX01BA, 53SBX10, 53SBX10B, 53SDX01B, 53SDX101B, 53SDX20, 53SDX20B, 53SDX20BB, 53SDX898, 53SDX89B, 53SDX89BA, 53SDXD1B, 53SWX01B, 53SWX01W, 53SWX101W, 53SWX10B, 53SWX12B, 53SWX1OB, 53TP30, 53TP60, 53TP60C, 53TP60C103, 53TP60C105, 53UDX10B, 53UDX10BA, 53UP70, 53UP72, 53UWX10B, 53UWX10BA, 53UWX1OB, 53UX10B, 53UX10BA, 542, 542B11, 542I, 54CP40W, 54PP70, 54PP70A, 54VP32, 54VP32C1, 54VP41, 54WP43, 54WP43C, 54WP52C, 54XP43, 54XP43C101, 54XV71C, 5500/5540, 55A10, 55A10A, 55A60, 55A60A, 55A60R, 55B55R120Q, 55C807, 55DMX01W, 55DMX01W FULL MANUAL, 55DMX01WD, 55E31, 55E4500R, 55E4500RA, 55E4500RB, 55EA8800, 55EA9700, 55EA9800, 55EA9850, 55EX15K, 55FS3700, 55FS3750, 55FS3850, 55FS4610R, 55FX20B, 55FX48A, 55FX48B, 55G300U, 55G310, 55H4, 55H4C, 55H4D, 55H5C, 55H6B, 55H6D, 55H70, 55H7B, 55H7B2, 55H7C, 55H8C, 55H9B2, 55HDS52, 55HDS52/DW1U, 55HDS69, 55HDT52, 55HDT52/DW1U, 55HDT79, 55HDX52, 55HDX62, 55HDX62/DW1U, 55HDX99, 55HFL5573D/10, 55HT1, 55K3201GUWUS, 55K610GW, 55K610GWN, 55L310U, 55L310UB, 55L421U, 55L510U18, 55L6, 55L6200U, 55L621U, 55L711M18, 55L711U18, 55L7200U, 55LA55R120Q, 55LA6200, 55LA6205, 55LA6205UA, 55LA7100, 55LA7400UD, 55LA9650, 55LA9700, 55LB5800, 55LB6100, 55LB6100UG, 55LD520C, 55LD520C173UA, 55LD520CUA, 55LD520UA, 55LD630UC, 55LD650, 55LD650H, 55LD650UA, 55LE5300, 55LE5300UC, 55LE5300ZA, 55LE5308ZA, 55LE530C, 55LE530CUC, 55LE530NZA, 55LE5310ZB, 55LE5318ZB, 55LE531NZB, 55LE5400, 55LE5400UC, 55LE5500, 55LE5500UA, 55LE7300UA, 55LE7500, 55LE7500UC, 55LE8500, 55LE8500UA, 55LED2160P, 55LEX8UA, 55LF5500UA, 55LF5700, 55LF5700UA, 55LF5800, 55LF5850, 55LF5850SE, 55LF6000UB, 55LF6090, 55LF6100, 55LF621U19, 55LF711U20, 55LH40, 55LH50, 55LH50UC, 55LH55, 55LH5750UB, 55LH575AUE, 55LH95UA, 55LJ5500, 55LJ5500UA, 55LJ550M, 55LJ550MUB, 55LJ5550, 55LJ5550UC, 55LK530, 55LM4600, 55LM5800, 55LM6200, 55LM6400, 55LM6400SA, 55LM6700, 55LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 55LM6700UAAUSWLUR, 55LM7600, 55LM8600UC, 55LM9600, 55LM9600UC, 55LN5100, 55LN5200, 55LN5200UB, 55LN5400, 55LN5400UA, 55LN541C, 55LN5600, 55LN5600UI, 55LN5700, 55LN5700UH, 55LN5710, 55LN5710UI, 55LN5750, 55LN5790, 55LP645H, 55LP645HUH, 55LS4500, 55LS4600, 55LS4600UA.AUSWLUR, 55LS5700, 55LS5750, 55LV3700, 55LV5400, 55LV5500, 55LV5500UA, 55LV5500UAAUSYLHR, 55LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 55LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 55LV555H, 55LV9500, 55LV9500UA.AUSWLHR, 55LV9500UA.AUSYLHR, 55LW4500, 55LW5000, 55LW5000UC, 55LW5300, 55LW5300UC, 55LW5600, 55LW5600UAAUSYLHR, 55LW5600UAAUSYLJR, 55LW5600UAAUSYLUR, 55LW5600UAAUSZLHR, 55LW5700, 55LW6500, 55LW6500UAAUSYLHR, 55LW9800, 55LX570H, 55LX6500, 55LX6500UB, 55LX9500, 55LX9500UA, 55LY340H, 55LY570H, 55LY760H, 55LY970H, 55MV314X, 55MV314X/F7, 55P8241, 55P8271001, 55P8271002, 55P8271003, 55P8271004, 55P8271005, 55P8288, 55P834, 55P8341, 55P834199, 55P8341A, 55P8341A37, 55P8341A99, 55P8342, 55P834299, 55P8342A37, 55P8342A99, 55P834S, 55P916, 55P916004, 55P9161, 55P9161001, 55P9161002, 55P9161003, 55P9161004, 55P9161098, 55P9161099, 55P927, 55P9271, 55P9271001, 55P9271002, 55P9271003, 55P9271004, 55P9271005, 55P9271099, 55P9401, 55PFL3907/F7, 55PFL4609, 55PFL4609/F7, 55PFL4706, 55PFL4706/F7, 55PFL4909, 55PFL4909/F7, 55PFL5505D, 55PFL5505D/F7, 55PFL5705D, 55PFL5705D/F7, 55PFL5705DV/F7, 55PFL5706, 55PFL5706/F7, 55PFL5706F7, 55PFL7505D, 55PFL7505D/F7, 55PFL7705D, 55PFL7705D/F7, 55PFL7705DV, 55PFL7705DV/F7, 55PL9223, 55PL9223/17, 55PL922317, 55PL9223ST, 55PL9224, 55PL9224F, 55PL9523, 55PL9523/17, 55PL952317, 55PL9524, 55PL9524/37, 55PL952437, 55PL9773, 55PL9774/17, 55PL977S, 55PP241, 55PP24199, 55PP401, 55PP6363, 55PP930, 55PP9352, 55PP9352/17, 55PP935201, 55PP935217, 55PP935299, 55PP9363, 55PP9363/17, 55PP9363H, 55PP9363H/17, 55PP9363H/17B, 55PP9363H17, 55PP94, 55PP9401, 55PP940199, 55PP95, 55PP950105, 55PP9502, 55PP950201, 55PP950217, 55PP950284, 55PP950299, 55PP950S, 55PP97, 55PP9701, 55PP970101, 55PP970102, 55PP970103, 55PP970104, 55PPS401, 55PW6363, 55PW93, 55PW9363, 55PW9363/17, 55PW936317F, 55PW936399, 55PW9383, 55PW9383/17, 55PW938317F, 55PW938384, 55PW938399, 55R615, 55R617, 55R7, 55R80, 55RH1, 55RW9515/35, 55RW951535, 55S401, 55S403, 55S405, 55S41, 55S41U, 55S421, 55S525, 55SK8000AUB, 55SK8000PUA, 55SK8050PUA, 55SK8550PUA, 55SK9000PUA, 55SK9500PUA, 55SL412, 55SL412UB, 55SL417, 55SL417U, 55SL500, 55SL500U, 55SV670U, 55TL515U, 55UB8200, 55UB8300, 55UF6430, 55UF6430UB, 55UF6450, 55UF6700UC, 55UF6790, 55UF6800, 55UF7300, 55UH6030, 55UH6030UC, 55UH6090, 55UH6090UF, 55UH6150, 55UH6150AUC, 55UH6150UB, 55UH615A, 55UH615AUC, 55UH6550, 55UH6550UB, 55UH7500, 55UH7500UA, 55UH7650, 55UH7650UA, 55UH7700, 55UH7700UB, 55UH8500, 55UH8500UA, 55UJ6050, 55UJ6050UC, 55UJ6300, 55UJ6300UA, 55UJ6350, 55UJ6350UC, 55UJ6520, 55UJ6520UD, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6540UB, 55UJ6580, 55UJ6580UE, 55UK6090PUA, 55UK6200PUA, 55UK6250PUB, 55UK6300BUB, 55UK6300PUE, 55UK6350PUC, 55UK6500AUA, 55UK6550PUB, 55UK7500PUA, 55UK7700AUB, 55UK7700PUD, 55UL605, 55UL605U, 55UL610U, 55UP120, 55UP130, 55US57, 55US5800, 55UX600, 55UX600U, 55VF820, 55VG825, 55vs59, 55VS69, 55VS69A, 55WL800A, 55YP43, 55YP43C, 55YP43C101, 55YP43C102, 55YP43C103, 55YP43C104, 55YP43C199, 55YP45C, 55ZV650, 55ZV650U, 55ZV655U, 56H80, 56HM16, 56HM195, 56HM66, 56HM95, 56HMX96, 56MX195, 56WP74AH, 57F500, 57F500A, 57F510, 57F520, 57F59, 57F59A, 57F59J, 57F59J 65F59, 57F710, 57F710A, 57F710E, 57F710G, 57F710S, 57G500, 57G500A, 57GWX20B, 57H81, 57H82, 57H83, 57H84, 57H84C, 57H85C, 57H93, 57H94, 57HC85, 57HDX82, 57HL83, 57HLX82, 57HM117, 57HM167, 57HX81, 57HX83, 57HX93, 57HX94, 57LX177, 57S500, 57S700, 57S715, 57SWX20B, 57T500, 57T500/A, 57T500A, 57T600, 57twx20b, 57UWX2, 57UWX20B, 57UXWX20B, 57VWX20B, 57WWX20B, 57X500, 57XWS20B, 57XWX20B, 5800., 58HFL9582A/10, 58HFL9956D/10, 58L1350, 58L1350U, 58L1350UB, 58L4300, 58L4300U, 58L4300UB, 58L4300UC, 58L5400, 58L5400U, 58L5400UC, 58L7300, 58L7300U, 58L7300UB, 58L7300UC, 58L7300UM, 58L7350U, 58L8400U, 58L9300, 58L9300U, 58PFL4609, 58PFL4609/F7, 58PFL4909, 58PFL4909/F7, 58UH6300, 58UH6300UA, 59VG825, 5X36F67, 6.0, 6000. 6100, 602UIB3, 60425, 60CX29B, 60DX01B, 60DX10B, 60EX013, 60EX01B, 60EX01BA, 60EX10B, 60EX38B, 60EX39B, 60EX601BA, 60EXD1B, 60FX20B, 60FX32B, 60LA6200, 60LA6205, 60LA7400UA, 60LB5800, 60LB6100, 60LD550, 60LD550NZC, 60LD550UB, 60LD550ZC, 60LD551NZA, 60LD551ZA, 60LD558ZC, 60LD559ZA, 60LEX9UA, 60LF5850, 60LF5850SE, 60LF6000UB, 60LF6090, 60LF6100, 60LM6700, 60LN5400, 60LN5400UA, 60LN5600, 60LN5600UB, 60LN5700, 60LN5710, 60LN5710UB, 60LN5750, 60LN6150, 60LN6150UB, 60LP645H, 60LP645HUA, 60LS5700, 60LS5750, 60LY970H, 60P8241, 60P8288, 60P828899, 60P8288A, 60P8288A37, 60P8288A99, 60P834, 60P8341, 60P834199, 60P8341A, 60P8341A37, 60P8341A99, 60P8341C, 60P8342, 60P834299, 60P8342A37, 60P8342A99, 60P916, 60P9161, 60P9161001, 60P9161002, 60P9161003, 60P9161004, 60P9161099, 60P927, 60P9271, 60P9271001, 60P9271002, 60P9271003, 60P9271004, 60P9271005, 60P9271098, 60P9271099, 60PA5500, 60PB4DA, 60PB6600, 60PB6600UA, 60PB6650, 60PB6650UA, 60PB6900, 60PB6900UA, 60PC1D, 60PC1DC, 60PG20, 60PG30, 60PG30C, 60PG30FC, 60PG30FCUA, 60PG30FUA, 60PG30UA, 60PG60, 60PG60F, 60PG60FUA, 60PG70, 60PK200, 60PK200UA, 60PK250, 60PK250UA, 60PK540, 60PK540UE, 60PK550, 60PK550UD, 60PK750, 60PK750UA, 60PK750UF, 60PK950, 60PK950UA, 60PK950UF, 60PM4M, 60PM4MWA, 60PM6700, 60PM6700UB, 60PM9700, 60PN5000, 60PN5300, 60PN5700, 60PN5700UA, 60PN6500, 60PN6500UA, 60PP24, 60PP241, 60PP24199, 60PP73, 60PP92, 60PP9202, 60PP9202/17, 60PP9202/17F, 60PP920201, 60PP920217, 60PP920217F, 60PP920299, 60PP9352, 60PP935201, 60PP935217, 60PP935299, 60PP9363, 60PP9363/17, 60PP9363H, 60PP9363H/17, 60PP9363H/17B, 60PP9363H17, 60PP938317F, 60PP94, 60PP940, 60PP9401, 60PP940199, 60PP94C1, 60PP95, 60PP9502, 60PP950201, 60PP950217, 60PP950299, 60PP96, 60PP9601, 60PP960101, 60PP960102, 60PP960103, 60PP960199, 60PP960N3, 60PP9660N, 60PP9701, 60PP970101, 60PP970102, 60PP970103, 60PP970199, 60PS11, 60PS11UA, 60PS60C, 60PV250, 60PV250UBAUSZLHR, 60PV250UBAUSZLUR, 60PV400, 60PV450, 60PW93, 60PW9363, 60PW9363/17, 60PW936317F, 60PW936399, 60PW9363H, 60PW9383, 60PW9383/17, 60PW938317F, 60PW938399, 60PX950, 60PX950UA, 60PX950UF, 60PY3D, 60PZ750, 60PZ750UG, 60PZ760, 60PZ760UG, 60PZ950, 60PZ950U, 60PZ950UA, 60PZ950UAAUSLLHR, 60PZ950UAAUSZLHR, 60R70, 60RH2, 60SBX72B, 60SDX88B, 60SDX88BA, 60SX12B, 60SX13K, 60SX2B/K, 60SX2K, 60SX32B, 60UF6700UC, 60UF7300, 60UH6030, 60UH6030UC, 60UH6035, 60UH6035UC, 60UH6090, 60UH6090UF, 60UH6150, 60UH6150UB, 60UH615A, 60UH615AUC, 60UH6550, 60UH6550UB, 60UH7500, 60UH7500UA, 60UH7650, 60UH7650UA, 60UH7700, 60UH7700UB, 60UH8500, 60UH8500UA, 60UJ6050, 60UJ6050UC, 60UJ6300, 60UJ6300UA, 60UJ6350, 60UJ6350UC, 60UJ6540, 60UJ6540UB, 60UK6090PUA, 60UK6200PUA, 60UK6250PUB, 60UX54B, 60UX55K, 60UX57B, 60UX58B, 60UX58K, 60V500, 60V500A, 60V500E, 60V525E, 60V710, 60V715, 60V820, 60VF820, 60VG825, 60VS810, 60VS810A, 60VX500, 60W9363, 60XP43, 60XP43C, 60YP43, 60YP43C, 60YP43C101, 60YP43C102, 60YP43C103, 60YP43C104, 6100BC0N03R, 6102298550, 6131349551, 6131367982, 615BX01B, 615BX01BA, 615SDX01B, 61A60, 61A60A, 61A60R, 61A61, 61A62, 61H70, 61h71, 61HDX98B, 61LP60, 61LP60SA, 61LP60SA01, 61LP60SA02, 61LP60SA03, 61LP60SA04, 61SBK01BA, 61SBX01, 61SBX01B, 61SBX01BA, 61SDX01B, 61SEX01W, 61SWX01, 61SWX01B, 61SWX01W, 61SWX10B, 61SWX12B, 61SX10B, 61UBX10B, 61UDX10B, 61UWX10B, 61UWX10BA, 62654528790, 62654528791, 62HM116, 62HM14, 62HM15, 62HM15A, 62HM195, 62HM196, 62HM84, 62HM85, 62HM94, 62HM95, 62HMX94, 62HMX95, 62MX195, 62MX196, 62PL9524, 62V569A, 62VS69, 62VS69A, 6309CC, 6309CD, 6309CE, 6313CC, 6313CC/TV, 6313CD, 6313CE, 6319CC, 6413CTA, 6413CTB, 6413CTC, 6413TA, 6413TB, 6413TC, 6413TC6413TD, 6413TD, 6413TE, 6413TEA, 6413TEY, 6413TG, 6419CTA, 6419CTB, 6419CTC, 6419TA, 6419TB, 6419TBF, 6419TC, 6419TD, 6419TE, 6419TEA, 6419TEY, 6419TG, 6420FB, 6420FD, 6420FE, 6420FF, 6420FG, 6420FMG, 6424FF, 6424TF, 6424TFS, 6427CTA, 6427CTB, 6427CTC, 6427CTF, 6427FB, 6427FD, 6427FE, 6427FF, 6427GFF, 6427GFG, 6427GFGA, 6427GG, 6427TA, 6427TB, 6427TD, 6427TE, 6427TEL, 6427TF, 6427TFY, 6432FE, 6432GCA, 6432GG, 6432GGA, 6432TD, 6432TE, 6432TF, 6432TFY, 6450068515, 6450068522, 6450068546, 6450068553, 6450126390, 6450126406, 6450126413, 6450126420, 6450126468, 6450183621, 64P834, 64P8341, 64P834199, 64P8341A, 64P8341A37, 64P8341A99, 64P8342, 64P834299, 64P8342A37, 64P8342A99, 64P8347, 64P8432, 64P916, 64P9161, 64P9161001, 64P9161002, 64P9161003, 64P9161004, 64P9161005, 64P9161006, 64P9161099, 64P927, 64P9271, 64P9271001, 64P9271002, 64P9271003, 64P9271004, 64P9271005, 64P9271006, 64P9271007, 64P9271099, 64P927198, 64P927199, 64P9371, 6509DD, 650TS, 6513DD, 6513DE, 6513VD, 6519DD, 6519VD, 6520FDE, 6520FDF/TV, 655WX20B, 65F59, 65F59A, 65F59J, 65F710, 65F710A, 65F710S, 65G500, 65H10B, 65H14, 65H6D, 65H7B, 65H80, 65H81, 65H82, 65H83, 65H84, 65H85C, 65H8CG, 65H93, 65HC15, 65HC85, 65HDX82, 65HLX83, 65HM117, 65HM167, 65HT2, 65HT2UB, 65HX81, 65HX83, 65HX93, 65L310U, 65L350U, 65L5400, 65L5400U, 65L5400UC, 65L6, 65L621U, 65L7300, 65L7300U, 65L7300UB, 65L7300UC, 65L7300UM, 65L7350U, 65L9300, 65L9300U, 65L9400U, 65LA9650, 65LA9700, 65LB6190, 65LF5700, 65LF5700UA, 65LM6200UB, 65LW6500, 65LW6500UAAUSDLUR, 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CS2062R/A, CS2062RA, CS2063A, CS2063R, CS2063R/A, CS2063RA, CS2064A, CS2064R, CS2064R/A, CS2064RA, CS2070, CS2070R, CS2085R, CS2087R, CS20C25, CS20E26, CS20EX1, CS20H2SX/XSE, CS20H40X/BWT, CS20H4R, CS20RX1, CS20RX2, CS20SX1, CS20SXI, CS2183R, CS2184R, CS2190, CS2192, CS2193, CS2193UC, CS2572R, CS2590, CS2592, CS2593, CS2594, CS2594UC, CS25V5MCPX/XST, CS2610R, CS2610RC, CS2611, CS2611R, CS26201, CS26201/M, CS26201C, CS26201M, CS26301, CS2651A, CS2651R, CS2651R/A, CS2651RA, CS2653R, CS2654R, CS2655R, CS2656, CS2656R, CS2657R, CS2658R, CS2667R, CS2669R, CS2670R, CS2671, CS2671R, CS26EX1, CS2710, CS2710R, CS2710RA, CS2715R, CS2720, CS27200, CS27200A, CS27201, CS27201C, CS27205, CS2720R, CS2721, CS2721R, CS2722, CS2722R, CS2723R, CS2724R, CS2725R, CS27301, CS27303, CS27303K, CS27305, CS27401, CS27403, CS27701, CS2771R, CS27EX1, CS27F50, CS27MX1, CS27TX1, CS29D4S7X/AAG, CS29D8WT7X/AAG, CS29K10MQ, CS29K10MQBXXSE, CS29K5MHBX/AAG, CS29K5MT, CS29V10MCPXXST, CS29V10MNLXXST, CS29V5MHLX/AAG, CS29V5WT, CS3103R, CS3104R, CS3104RA, CS3104RR, CS3114R, CS3115, CS3115R, CS3120, CS3120R, CS3121, CS3121C, CS3121R, CS3125, CS3125R, CS3125SR, CS31301, CS3131, CS3131R, CS3135R, CS31AX1, CS31FX1, CS31MX1, CS32E60, CS3503, CS3503R, CS3504R, CS3505, CS3505R, CS3506R, CS3515, CS3515R, CS3520, CS35201, CS35201A, CS35203, CS35203CA, CS35205A, CS3520R, CS3521, CS3521C, CS3521R, CS3525, CS3525R, CS3526, CS3527, CS35301, CS3535R, CS35401, CS3540R, CS35601, CS35701, CS35AX1, CS35C50, CS35FX1, CS35MX1, CS35X7, CS40601, CS40FX1, CS40FX11, CS4535, CS4535A1, CS4535A101, CS4535A102, CS4536, CS4536P1, CS4536P101, CS4740, CS4740A, CS4740A101, CS4740A104, CS4741, CS4742A4, CS4750, CS4750A101, CS4750A102, CS4750AK01, CS4751, CS4752, CS4752A102, CS4753, CS4754, CS4756, CS4756PE01, CS5160, CS5160A, CS5160A1, CS5160A101, CS5160A102, CS5160A103, CS5161, CS53521R, CSF420G, CSL1505, CSR20027, CSR5027, CSS2123/F7, CSS2123B, CSS2123B/F7, CST204FE, CST245E, CST274FE, CST324E, CST419E, CST427G, CSTL1505, 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CT27SL14J, CT27SL14UJ, CT27SL15, CT27SL15N, CT27SX12MF, CT27SX12MUF, CT27SX32, CT27SX32F, CT27SX32U, CT27SX32UF, CT27V31V, CT2820, CT29B850F5, CT29D4WZ, CT29K10MQ, CT29K10MQLXXTW, CT29V10MQ, CT29V10MQKXXTC, CT29Z50M5, CT29Z57M5, CT29Z58M5, CT3000, CT3130, CT3210, CT3210B101, CT3220, CT323G31, CT32631, CT32631U, CT32632, CT32632V, CT32D32, CT32D32F, CT32D32FF, CT32D32UF, CT32E131G, CT32E14, CT32E14J, CT32E14UJ, CT32F22V, CT32G21U, CT32G22U, CT32G22V, CT32G31, CT32G310, CT32G31123, CT32G314, CT32G31U, CT32G32, CT32G32N, CT32G32U, CT32G32UV, CT32G32V, CT32HC14J, CT32HC14UJ, CT32HXC14, CT32HXC14J, CT32SC14, CT32SC14J, CT32SC14UJ, CT32SC15, CT32SC15N, CT32SL14, CT32SL14J, CT32SL14UJ, CT32SL15, CT32SL15N, CT32SX32, CT32SX32F, CT32SX32UF, CT32Z7P, CT3338VC/MXWCX, CT3338VC/SPWCX, CT3338VCX/XAP, CT3573, CT3573C, CT3573C1, CT3573C101, CT35E50, CT35G31, CT35G31U, CT35G31UU, CT36623W, CT36632, CT36D12DF, CT36D32, CT36D32F, CT36D32UF, CT36G26, CT36G32, CT36G32U, CT36G32UV, CT36G32V, CT36G63, 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G31750WKA, G31750WKALM, G31750WKALM1, G31750WKDX1, G31750WKLM1, G31750WOAK, G31850WKA, G32665YX1CX, G32665YX5, G32665YX5CH2, G32665YX6CH3, G32665YX7CH2, G32665YX8CH3, G32686LV, G32686LVLX1, G32695, G32695L, G32695LV, G32695LVYX1CL, G32695LVYX2CL, G32705, G32705YX0CL2, G32705YX10CL5, G32705YX11CL5, G32705YX12CL5, G32705YX13CL6, G32705YX14CL6, G32705YX15CL6, G32705YX16CL6, G32705YX19CL5, G32705YX1CL2, G32705YX2CL2, G32705YX3, G32705YX3CL3, G32705YX4CL3, G32705YX5CL4, G32705YX6CL4, G32705YX9CL2, G32710YX01CB1, G35030WK, G35100, G3510WKOAK, G35302, G35302HK, G35302LM, G35302LMI, G35302WK, G35302WKLM1, G35302WKLX1, G35303, G35303SK, G35303SKLM1, G35311CK, G35311CKLM1, G35311CKLX1, G35665, G35665YX1, G35665YX1CX, G35665YX2CX1, G35830AT, G35830OWK, G35830W, G35830WK, G35830WKDX1, G35830WKDX2, G35830WKLM1, G35830WKLM2, G35830WKOAK, G3583AT, G3583OWK, G35850, G35850CK, G35850CKLM1, G36695LV, G36695LVYX1CL, G36695LVYX2CL, G36705TV, G36705YX11CL5, G36705YX12CL5, G36705YX1CL2, G36705YX2CL2, 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H19F34DT, h20, H2010W, H2011W, H2011Y, H2011Y3, H2011Y7, H2013, H2013A, H2013A3, H2013W, H2013W3, H2013Y, H2013Y3, H2013Y7, H2014Y, H2014Y3, H2015A, H2015DT, H2015Y, H2017A, H2017W, H2017Y, H2017Y3, H2017Y7, H2021Y, H2021Y3, H2022Y, H2030Y, H2031DT, H2032Y, H2033DT, H2033Y, H2034DT, H2034Y, H2034Y3, H2035DT, H2037Y, H2050DT, H2050DT3, H2050DT33, H2050DT4, H2050DT6, H2051A, H2051H, H2051W, H2053, H2053W, H2053W7, H2055LG, H2055W, H2056W, H2057DT, H2058DT, H2059DT, H2059DT3, H2059DT8, H2060, H2060Y, H2060Y7, H2061Y, H2063A, H2063A2, H2063H, H2063H2, H2063Y, H2063Y2, H2063Y7, H2064H, H2065H, H2073, H2073A, H2073A2, H2073H, H2073H2, H2073H7, H2073Y, H2073Y2, H2074A2, H2075, H2075A, H2075A2, H2075H, H2075H2, H2075H7, H2075W, H2075Y, H2075Y2, H2075Y7, H2077A, H2077A2, H2077H, H2077H2, H2077Y, H2077Y2, H2079A, H2079A2, H2079H, H2079H2, H2079Y, H2079Y2, H2083A2, H2083H2, H2083Y2, H2092, H2093, H2093A, H2093W, H2093Y, H2093Y7, H2094, H2094A, H2094W, H2094Y, H2095A, H2095W, H2095W7, H2095Y, H2095Y7, H2097A, H2097W, H2097W7, H2097Y, H2097Y7, H2099A, H2099W, H2099W7, H2099Y, H2099Y7, H20C34DT, H20C34Y, H20C35DT, H20C50DT, H20D35DT, H20D50DT, H20E34Y, H20E35DT, H20E50DT, H20F34DT, H20H52DT, H20J54DT, H20J55DT, H21, H2133DT, H2134DT, H2135Y, H213AAAA01, H21NC, H23, H24, H24F36DT, H24F39DT, H25, H2500BG, H2500BG7, H2500BG8, H2501, H2501BG, H2501BG8, H2501S, H2501S5, H2505BR, H2505BT, H2505RK, H2505RK1, H2507BT, H2511BG, H2511BT, H2511BT7, H2520, H2520Y, H2520Y3, H2521, H2521Y, H2521Y3, H2522A, H2522DT, H2522Y, H2525, H2525Y, H2530E, H2530Y, H2531DJ, H2531DT, H2532Y, H2533DT, H2533Y, H2534DT, H2534Y, H2534Y3, H2534Y33, H2535DT, H2539Y, H2540BT, H2540DT, H2541DT, H2542DT, H2542DT8, H2543DT, H2546DT, H2547DT, H2551DT, H2573A, H2573A2, H2573DT, H2573H, H2573H2, H2573Y, H2573Y2, H2575A, H2575H, H2575Y, H2585, H2585A, H2585W, H2585Y, H25C34DT, H25C34Y, H25C35DT, H25C39Y, H25C46DT, H25C47DT, H25D34Y, H25D34Y2, H25D35DT, H25D46DT, H25E34Y, H25E35DT, H25E35DT8, H25E37Y, H25E39Y, H25E46DT, H25F34DT, H25F34DT3, H25F36DT, H25F36DT3, H25F39DT, H25W35DT, H2707DT, H2708DT, H2731DT, H2733DT, H2735DT, H2735DT3, H2740DT, H2741DT, H2742DT, H2742DT8, H2743DT, H2743DT8, H2746DT, H2747DT, H2751DT, H2763DT, H2771DT, H2773DT, H2777DT, H27C35DT, H27C46DT, H27C47DT, H27D35DT8, H27D35S8, H27D44DT, H27D46DT, H27D46DT8, H27E35DT, H27E35DT8, H27E35DT9,