ANDERIC RR3720 Universal with Learning Projector Remote Control


Part Number: RR3720

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RR3720 Universal with Learning Projector Remote Control is available for special order.
The original ANDERIC RR3720 Universal with Learning Projector Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RR3720 is a universal projector remote control. You can program this remote to most brands and manufacturers of projectors. This remote comes with the programming instructions. If you have your original remote you can also learn the keys following the instructions in the instruction book provided.

Model: RR3720 Universal with Learning
Catalogue No.: 274642
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Frequency Type : IR
Dimensions: 2.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RR3720 Universal with Learning Projector Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Compatible with Projector models: SANYO 0OXLT6000, SANYO 0OXLT6000E, RCA 111050, RCA 111051, RCA 111102, RCA 111103, RCA 111104, RCA 111105, RCA 111106, RCA 111108, SONY 147910511, PHILIPS 17, Epson 1700c, Epson 1705c, Epson 1710c, Epson 1975W, Epson 1980WU, Epson 1985WU, NEC 24012784, SAMSUNG 320PX, Panasonic 3500000, Panasonic 3500INT, Viewsonic 40615A, NEC 42VP4G, NEC 42XM2G, JVC 43D1680, JVC 43D1800, JVC 43D1810, JVC 43D1820, JVC 43D1850, JVC 43D2100, JVC 43UDD1800, InFocus Systems 4800, JVC 49A6000, JVC 49D1200, JVC 49D1291, JVC 49D1600, JVC 49D1680, JVC 49D1800, JVC 49D1820, JVC 49D1850, JVC 49GA1600, JVC 49S6600, JVC 49S6600C, JVC 49SUHD, JVC 49UHD18, Epson 5010, Epson 5010e, JVC 50D1200, JVC 50D1200F, JVC 50D1400, TOSHIBA 50HP82, TOSHIBA 50XP26H, TOSHIBA 50XP26K, TOSHIBA 50XP26R, HITACHI 53, Epson 55, Epson 5500c, JVC 55A6000, JVC 55D1600, JVC 55D1680, JVC 55D1800, JVC 55S6600, SHARP 55UWP7H, Epson 5600p, InFocus Systems 5700, Epson 6010, Epson 61p, SHARP 61UWP7H, Epson 62, TOSHIBA 7130, TOSHIBA 7160, TOSHIBA 7171, InFocus Systems 7200, TOSHIBA 7201, InFocus Systems 7205, Epson 720c, InFocus Systems 7210, TOSHIBA 7231, TOSHIBA 7260, Epson 73, Dell 73011230, Epson 732c, Epson 737c, Epson 740c, Epson 745c, Epson 7500C, Epson 750c, Epson 755c, Epson 7600p, Epson 760c, Epson 765c, Epson 7700p, HITACHI 8045, HITACHI 8049, HITACHI 8055, HITACHI 8063, HITACHI 8100, Epson 8100i, HITACHI 8101H, Show more models

HITACHI 8101H, HITACHI 8103H, HITACHI 8110H, HITACHI 8111H, Epson 81p, Epson 8200i, Epson 821p, Epson 82c, Epson 830p, Epson 835p, HITACHI 8755C, HITACHI 8755D, HITACHI 8755DRJ, HITACHI 8755E, HITACHI 8755G, HITACHI 8755GRJ, HITACHI 8755H, HITACHI 8755J, HITACHI 8755JRJ, HITACHI 8755K, HITACHI 8770, HITACHI 8776, HITACHI 8776RJ, HITACHI 8776W, HITACHI 8781, HITACHI 8782, HITACHI 8783, HITACHI 8785, HITACHI 8786, HITACHI 8788, DUKANE 8791HW, HITACHI 8911, HITACHI 8912, HITACHI 8912H, HITACHI 8913, HITACHI 8913H, HITACHI 8913W, HITACHI 8915, HITACHI 8916H, HITACHI 8917H, HITACHI 8918, HITACHI 8919H, HITACHI 8919HRJ, HITACHI 8920H, HITACHI 8921H, HITACHI 8922H, HITACHI 8922HRJ, HITACHI 8923H, HITACHI 8923HRJ, HITACHI 8924HRJ, HITACHI 8935, HITACHI 8936H, HITACHI 8940, HITACHI 8942, HITACHI 8943, HITACHI 8943A, HITACHI 8944, HITACHI 8948, HITACHI 8949H, HITACHI 8950P, HITACHI 8951P, HITACHI 8952P, HITACHI 8953H, HITACHI 8954H, HITACHI 8957HWRJ, HITACHI 8958HRJ, HITACHI 8959HRJ, Epson 9100i, HITACHI 9135, HITACHI 9136, BenQ 99.J9377.B91, HITACHI 998LH, BenQ 99j8477b66, Ask A1100, Ask A1200, Ask A1300, Infocus A3300, SHARP ANS422, SHARP ANSD1, SHARP AQUOSPGF320W, SHARP AQUOSXGC435X, AVerMedia AVERKEY3, HITACHI AXC22, HITACHI AXC22UC, HITACHI AXC8, HITACHI AXC8UC, HITACHI AXC8W, HITACHI B50M90W, HITACHI B55M90W, LG BD430, LG BD450, LG BD460, SANYO BL3600, SANYO BL3600A, SANYO BL3600AE, SANYO BL3650, SANYO BL3650E, SANYO BL3650M, SANYO BL3650N, SANYO BL6000, SANYO BL6000E, SANYO BL6001, SANYO BL6001E, SANYO BL6001M, SANYO BL6001N, SANYO BL9600, SANYO BL9600E, SANYO BL9601, SANYO BL9601E, SANYO BL9601L, SANYO BLCP10T, SANYO BLCP10TE, SANYO BLMP20T, SANYO BLMP30T, SANYO BLTMP30, SANYO BLTMP30T, SANYO BOXLT3600, SANYO BOXLT3600A, SANYO BOXLT3650, SANYO BOXLT3650E, SANYO BOXLT6000, SANYO BOXLT6000E, SANYO BOXLT6001, SANYO BOXLT6001M, SANYO BOXLT6001N, SANYO BOXLT9600, SANYO BOXLT9600E, BenQ BW7635, BenQ BX8730ST, SANYO BXLCP11T, BOXLIGHT BXLCP15T, SANYO BXLCP5T, SANYO 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TXK2060X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK2067, SAMSUNG TXK2067X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK2566X, SAMSUNG TXK2566X/XA, SAMSUNG TXK2567, SAMSUNG TXK2567X, SAMSUNG TXK2567X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK2766, SAMSUNG TXK2766X, SAMSUNG TXK2766X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK2767, SAMSUNG TXK2767X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK2768X, SAMSUNG TXK2768X/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK3267, SAMSUNG TXK3276, SAMSUNG TXK3279, SAMSUNG TXK3279C, SAMSUNG TXK3279C/XAA, SAMSUNG TXK3279XA, SAMSUNG TXK3676, SAMSUNG TXL2091, SAMSUNG TXL2091F, SAMSUNG TXL2091FX, SAMSUNG TXL2091FX/XAA, SAMSUNG TXL2791, SAMSUNG TXL2791F, SAMSUNG TXL2791FX, SAMSUNG TXL2791FX/XAA, SAMSUNG TXL3267, SAMSUNG TXL3676, SAMSUNG TXM2091, SAMSUNG TXM2091F, SAMSUNG TXM2091FX, SAMSUNG TXM2091FX/XAA, SAMSUNG TXM2790, SAMSUNG TXM2791, SAMSUNG TXM3292, HITACHI TXN2670WHFXX, TOSHIBA TXP450, TOSHIBA TXP451, TOSHIBA TXP650, TOSHIBA TXP651, TOSHIBA TXP670, TOSHIBA TXP671, SAMSUNG TXR3079WHX/XA, SAMSUNG TXR3080WHX/XAA, TOSHIBA TYG5, TOSHIBA TYG5U, TOSHIBA TYG7U, Epson V11H046020, Epson V11H068920, Epson V11H106020, Epson V11H112020, Epson V11H112020N, Epson V11H161020, Epson V11H170920, Epson V11H230120, Epson V11H252020, Epson V11H252M20, Epson V11H254220, Epson V11H254Q20, Epson V11H255020, Epson V11H259220, Epson V11H259220MM50, Epson V11H279020, Epson V11H283220, Epson V11H283420, Epson V11H283620, Epson V11H284420, Epson V11H303020, Epson V11H304020, MITSUBISHI VL2000, HITACHI VMH100LA, HITACHI VMH620A, HITACHI VMH71, HITACHI VMH71A, HITACHI VMH81A, MARANTZ VP-12S1, MARANTZ VP-12S2, MARANTZ VP11S1, MARANTZ VP11S1H, MARANTZ VP11S1L, MARANTZ VP11S1LH, MARANTZ VP11S2, MARANTZ VP11S2L, MARANTZ VP12S3, MARANTZ VP12S3L, MARANTZ VP12S4, MARANTZ VP12S4B, MARANTZ VP12S4L, MARANTZ VP12S4S, MARANTZ VP13S1, MARANTZ VP15S1, MARANTZ VP15S1L, MARANTZ VP8000, MARANTZ Vp8100, MARANTZ VP8600, MARANTZ VP8600BL, SONY VPHD50, SONY VPHD50HTU, SONY VPHD50Q, SONY VPHD50QM, SONY VPHV20U, SONY VPL-EX221, SONY VPL500Q, SONY VPLAW10, SONY VPLAW15, SONY VPLBW5, SONY VPLBW7, SONY VPLCS1, SONY VPLCS10, SONY VPLCS20, SONY 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XL5950LU, MITSUBISHI XL5950U, MITSUBISHI XL5980U, MITSUBISHI XL5U, MITSUBISHI XL8U, MITSUBISHI XL9U, SHARP XR10S, SHARP XR10X, SHARP xr10xl, SHARP XR11XC, SHARP XR1S, SHARP XR1X, SHARP XR20S, SHARP XR20X, SHARP XR30S, SHARP XR30X, SHARP XR32X, SHARP XR40X, SHARP XR41X, SHARP XR55XL, PIONEER XRA330, PIONEER XRA660, SHARP XV370P, SHARP XVC10U, SHARP XVH30, SHARP XVH30U, SHARP XVH30UP, SHARP XVH35, SHARP XVH35UA, SHARP XVH37, SHARP XVH37U, SHARP XVH37UA, SHARP XVH37UAP, SHARP XVH37UP, SHARP XVH37VUA, SHARP XVP15U, SHARP XVS55, SHARP XVS55U, SHARP XVS80U, SHARP XVS95, SHARP XVS95U, SHARP XVS95UB, SHARP XVS96, SHARP XVS96U, SHARP XVZ10000, SHARP XVZ10000U, SHARP XVZ12000, SHARP XVZ12000MARKII, SHARP XVZ12000U, SHARP XVZ2000, SHARP XVZ20000, SHARP XVZ2000U, SHARP XVZ200E, SHARP XVZ200U, SHARP XVZ201E, SHARP XVZ3000, SHARP XVZ3000U, SHARP XVZ7000E, SHARP XVZ7000U, SHARP XVZ90, SHARP XVZ9000E, SHARP XVZ9000U, SHARP XVZ90U, LG Z32LC2DA

Product documentation available for free download:

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