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Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Panasonic TV

Simple Remote Control for Panasonic
Part Number: RRHP001A

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Product Description:

The original Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Panasonic is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Panasonic carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The RRHP001A remote will work for Panasonic TV's with simple features for uses in hotels, schools, and businesses. This remote has the action button that allows access to the menu. This remote does not need programming it is already set for your Panasonic TV.

Model: Simple Remote Control for Panasonic
Part Number: RRHP001A
Catalogue No.: 6609
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Panasonic is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: 021142, CI32G31, CT10G5B, CT1386, CT1386VYD, CT1386Y, CT1386YD, CT1387, CT1387VY, CT1387VYD, CT13R14, CT13R14U, CT13R15, CT13R15U, CT13R16, CT13R16CV, CT13R16V, CT13R17, CT13R17B, CT13R17R, CT13R17V, CT13R18, CT13R18B, CT13R18CW, CT13R18W, CT13R19, CT13R23, CT13R23U, CT13R24DV, CT13R25, CT13R25DW, CT13R27, CT13R27W, CT13R28, CT13R28W, CT13R28WG, CT13R3, CT13R30, CT13R30A, CT13R30CA, CT13R31, CT13R37, CT13R37S, CT13R38, CT13R38S, CT13R4, CT13R40, CT13R41, CT13R5, CT13R50, CT13R50D, CT13R50DA, CT2005, CT2005SB, CT2010, CT2010H, CT2010S, CT2010SV, CT2010SV1, CT2011, CT2011S, CT2011SV, CT2012, CT2012FW, CT2012S, CT2012SW, CT2013, CT2013SA, CT2014, CT2020, CT2020H, CT2020HA, CT2022HE, CT2032SU, CT20611U, CT20612V, CT20613, CT20613W, CT20614A, CT206Y, CT2086, CT2086VYD, CT2086YD, CT2087, CT2087VY, CT2087VYD, CT20D10, CT20G11, CT20G11CU, CT20G11U, CT20G11U1, CT20G12, CT20G12DV, CT20G12U, CT20G12V, CT20G13, CT20G13DE, CT20G13DW, CT20G13W, CT20G13W1, Show more models

CT20G13W1, CT20G13XW, CT20G14, CT20G14A, CT20G14D, CT20G14DA, CT20G22, CT20G22V, CT20G23, CT20G24, CT20G3, CT20G33, CT20G34, CT20G3W, CT20G3W1, CT20G4, CT20G4A, CT20G5, CT20G5B, CT20G5CB, CT20G70F, CT20G7D, CT20G7DF, CT20G7DL, CT20R13U, CT20R14, CT20R14CV, CT20R14V, CT20R15, CT20R15CW, CT20R15W, CT20R15XW, CT20R16, CT20R16A, CT20R16CA, CT20R5, CT20R6CE, CT20R6E, CT20S16U, CT20SL14, CT20SL14J, CT20SL14TJ, CT20SL15, CT21G14, CT21G5, CT21R16, CT21R5, CT24G4, CT24SL14, CT24SL14J, CT24SL14UJ, CT2520, CT2520H, CT2520HA, CT2521HB, CT25G5, CT25G5B, CT27030, CT2720, CT2720H, CT273G, CT273W, CT2763, CT2764, CT2764A, CT2772, CT2786, CT2786VY, CT2786VYD, CT2786YD, CT2787, CT2787VY, CT2787VYD, CT2794, CT27C31V, CT27D11, CT27D11D, CT27D21, CT27D31, CT27G2, CT27G2U, CT27G2UV, CT27G2V, CT27G3, CT27G31/REMOTE, CT27G31I, CT27G31REMOTE, CT27G3UW, CT27G3UW1, CT27G3W, CT27G3W1, CT27G4, CT27G4A, CT27G4UA, CT27G5, CT27G5B, CT27G6, CT27G6E, CT27G75DF, CT27G7D, CT27G7SD, CT27G7SDF, CT27GA, CT27HL14, CT27HL14J, CT27HL14UJ, CT27SC14, CT27SC14G, CT27SC14J, CT27SC14MJ, CT27SC14MUJ, CT27SC14UJ, CT27SC15, CT27SL14, CT27SL14J, CT27SL14UJ, CT27SL15, CT27SL15N, CT29G5, CT29G6, CT323G4, CT324G4, CT325B, CT32634, CT3263U, CT3263W, CT3265, CT3274, CT32C34, CT32D11, CT32D31, CT32E131G, CT32E14, CT32E14J, CT32E14UJ, CT32G2, CT32G2UV, CT32G2V, CT32G3, CT32G31, CT32G3UW, CT32G3W, CT32G4, CT32G4A, CT32G4UA, CT32G5, CT32G5B, CT32G6, CT32G63, CT32G6CE, CT32G6E, CT32G6UE, CT32GS, CT32HC14J, CT32HC14UJ, CT32HXC14, CT32HXC14J, CT32SC14, CT32SC14J, CT32SC14UJ, CT32SC15, CT32SC15N, CT32SL14, CT32SL14J, CT32SL14UJ, CT32SL15, CT32SL15N, CT36D11, CT36D30B, CT36D31, CT36SL14, CT36SL14J, CT36SL14UJ, CTF2124, CTF2124L, CTF2134, CTF2134L, CTF2524, CTF2524L, CTF2924, CTF2924L, CTG2134, CTG2156, CTG2157, CTG2166, CTG2167, CTG2174, CTG2974, CTG3354, CTH1942R, CTL1360, CTL1360R, CTL1361R, CTT20R, CTZ1416, CTZ1417, CTZ1417A, CTZ1418, CTZ1426, CTZ1427, CTZ1428, CTZ2116, CTZ2117, CTZ2117A, CTZ2118, CTZ2126, CTZ2127, CTZ2128, CTZ2136, CTZ2137, CTZ2137A, CTZ2138, CTZ2146, CTZ2147, CTZ2148, CTZ2151U, CVT27G4, ET20G13W, EUR5011337, EUR501344, EUR501450, EUR5101450, GT20G13, LD02240341, PANCT20G11, PANCT20G12, PANCT20G13, PANCT27G3, PANCT27G4, SCT20G13, SP2030DW, TNQ2AE006, TNQ2AE0061

Customer Reviews:


    Television used in a bedroom and remote has a asleep timer

    by Anonymous on April 09, 2014.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • CT13R14UOM
    CT13R14U, CT13R15U Operating Manual


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  • CT13R23UOM
    CT13R23U, EUR501344 Operating Manual


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  • SP2719VOM
    SP3219 Operating Manual


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