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Anderic Generics AKB75095307 For LG TV Remote Control


Part Number: AKB75095307

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Product Description:

The original Anderic Generics AKB75095307 For LG TV Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Anderic Generics AKB75095307 For LG TV Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic Generic AKB75095307 is and exact replacement for the original LG AKB75095307 and will work right out of the package with no programming required. This remote will work for all the models listed but not limited to. Simply insert 2 x AAA batteries (not included). For instructions on using your remote control, please refer to your owner's manual. The AKB75095307 remote is for all LG models produced in 2017. The AKB75095307 remote also works with TV's that originally came with the AN-MR650A Magic Remote which is expensive to replace. The AKB75095307 offers the same remote features (except for Voice Mate™) at a fraction of the price. The rear battery cover is tethered to the remote body to prevent loss.
Compatible LJ Series TVs:
• (32") - 32LJ550B, 32LJ550B-UA, 32LJ550M, 32LJ550M-UB
• (49") - 49LJ550M, 49LJ550M-UB, 49LJ5500, 49LJ5500-UA, 49LJ5550, 49LJ5550-UC
• (55") - 55LJ550M, 55LJ550M-UB, 55LJ5500, 55LJ5500-UA, 55LJ5550, 55LJ5550-UC

Compatible UJ Series TVs:
• (43") - 43UJ6050, 43UJ6050-UC, 43UJ6200, 43UJ6200-UA, 43UJ6300, 43UJ6300-UA, 43UJ6350, 43UJ6350-UC, 43UJ6500-UB, 43UJ6560-UF
• (49") - 49UJ6050, 49UJ6050-UC, 49UJ6200, 49UJ620M, 49UJ620M-UA, 49UJ6200-UA, 49UJ6300, 49UJ6300-UA, 49UJ6350, 49UJ6350-UC, 49UJ6500-UB, 49UJ6560-UF
• (55") - 55UJ6050, 55UJ6050-UC, 55UJ6200, 55UJ6200-UA, 55UJ6300, 55UJ6300-UA, 55UJ6350, 55UJ6350-UC, 55UJ6520, 55UJ6520-UD, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6540-UB, 55UJ6580, 55UJ6580-UE
• (60") - 60UJ6050, 60UJ6050-UC, 60UJ6300, 60UJ6300-UA, 60UJ6350, 60UJ6350-UC, 60UJ6540, 60UJ6540-UB
• (65") - 65UJ6050, 65UJ6050-UC, 65UJ6200, 65UJ6200-UA, 65UJ6300, 65UJ6300-UA, 65UJ6350, 65UJ6350-UC, 65UJ6520-UD, 65UJ6540-UB, 65UJ6580-UE
• (70") - 70UJ6520-UA, 70UJ6570-UB, 70UJ657A-UC
• (75") - 75UJ6470-UC, 75UJ6520-UA, 75UJ657A-UB
This man not be a full list.

Associated Part/ Reference Number(s): AGF76631064

Model: AKB75095307 For LG
Catalogue No.: 177690
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2797 (click here for programming instructions)

Anderic Generics AKB75095307 For LG TV Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: LG 32LJ550B, LG 32LJ550B-UA, LG 32LJ550M, LG 32LJ550M-UB, LG 32LK540BPUA, LG 32LK610BBUA, LG 32LK610BPUA, LG 42LS5600, LG 43LJ5500, LG 43LJ5500-UA, LG 43LJ550M, LG 43LJ550M-UB, LG 43LJ5550, LG 43LJ5550-UC, LG 43LK5400PUA, LG 43LK5700BUA, LG 43LK5700PUA, LG 43LK5750PUA, LG 43UJ6050, LG 43UJ6050-UC, LG 43UJ6300, LG 43UJ6300-UA, LG 43UJ6350, LG 43UJ6350-UC, LG 43UJ6500, LG 43UJ6500-UB, LG 43UJ6560, LG 43UJ6560-UF, LG 43UK6090PUA, LG 43UK6200PUA, LG 43UK6250PUB, LG 43UK6300BUB, LG 43UK6300PUE, LG 43UK6350PUC, LG 43UK6500AUA, LG 43UK6550PUB, LG 49LJ5500, LG 49LJ5500-UA, LG 49LJ550M, LG 49LJ550M-UB, LG 49LJ5550, LG 49LJ5550-UC, LG 49LK5400PUA, LG 49LK5700BUA, LG 49LK5700PUA, LG 49LK5750PUA, LG 49SK8000PUA, LG 49SK8050PUA, LG 49UJ6050, LG 49UJ6050-UC, LG 49UJ6300, LG 49UJ6300-UA, LG 49UJ6350, LG 49UJ6350-UC, LG 49UJ6500, LG 49UJ6500-UB, LG 49UJ6560, LG 49UJ6560-UF, LG 49UK6090PUA, LG 49UK6200PUA, LG 49UK6250PUB, LG 49UK6300BUB, LG 49UK6300PUE, LG 49UK6350PUC, LG 49UK7500PUA, LG 49UK7700AUB, LG 49UK7700PUD, LG 50UK6090PUA, LG 50UK6300BUB, LG 50UK6300PUE, LG 50UK6350PUC, LG 50UK6500AUA, LG 50UK6550PUB, LG 55LJ5500, LG 55LJ5500-UA, LG 55LJ550M, LG 55LJ550M-UB, LG 55LJ5550, LG 55LJ5550-UC, LG 55SK8000AUB, LG 55SK8000PUA, LG 55SK8050PUA, LG 55SK8550PUA, LG 55SK9000PUA, LG 55SK9500PUA, LG 55UJ6050, LG 55UJ6050-UC, LG 55UJ6300, LG 55UJ6300-UA, LG 55UJ6350, LG 55UJ6350-UC, LG 55UJ6520, LG 55UJ6520-UD, LG 55UJ6540, LG 55UJ6540-UB, LG 55UJ6580, LG 55UJ6580-UE, LG 55UK6090PUA, LG 55UK6200PUA, LG 55UK6250PUB, Show more models

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    Works as anticipated

    by John on December 20, 2019.
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    Excellent product is exactly what I needed. Thank you for being there for me

    by Elizabeth on September 05, 2019.
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