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    If you don't see your remote. Let us find it for you.

    Helpful HINTS:

    Try refining your search
    EX. Instead of putting: “Hitachi remote CLU-692GR” put: “CLU692GR

    Make sure you are putting the right model number into the search; the model numbers are usually located on the front/back or under batter cover of the remote control.

    Don’t get confused with the letter “O” and the number “0” (zero).

    If above doesn’t work than look for the model/part number of your TV, DVD, VCR, Cable box, Sat, Aux, etc. device and try searching with it.

    If their aren't any or you can't find any model numbers on your remote control try searching in our miscellaneous remotes category.

    If all else fails you may call us at 336-924-8787 and we will be glad to help you!

    You May Also Try:

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