BN5901043A RR00784C SAMSUNG
(No Longer Available)

SAMSUNG BN5901043A TV Remote Control

The original SAMSUNG BN5901043A Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR00784C SAMSUNG remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $19.95

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR00784C SAMSUNG/RR00784C
    RR00784C SAMSUNG Remote Control


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SAMSUNG BN5901043A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: LN46C750, LN46C750R, LN46C750R2F, LN46C750R2FXZA, LN55C750, LN55C750R, LN55C750R2F, LN55C750R2FXZA, LN55C750R2FXZX, PL50C7000, PL50C7000YF, PL50C7000YFXZX, PN50C7000, PN50C7000YF, PN50C7000YFXZA, PN50C8000, PN50C8000YF, PN50C8000YFXZA, PN58C7000, PN58C7000YF, PN58C7000YFXZA, PN58C8000, PN58C8000YF, PN58C8000YFXZA, PN63C7000, PN63C7000YF, PN63C7000YFXZA, PN63C8000, PN63C8000YF, PN63C8000YFXZA, LN55C750R2FXZASQ01, PN50C7000YFXZAN002, PN58C7000YFXZAI001, PN63C7000YFXZAI001

Compatible with TV models: LT23A750ND/ZA, LT23A950ND/ZA, LT27A750ND/ZA, LT27A950ND/ZA, PL50C8000, PL50C8000YF, PL50C8000YFXZX, PN50C680, PN50C680G, PN50C680G5F, PN50C680G5FXZA, PN50C8000YFXZA, PN51D6450, PN51D6450DF, PN51D6450DFXZA, PN51D6500, PN51D6500DF, PN51D6500DFXZA, PN51D6500DFXZC, PN51D7000, PN51D7000FF, PN51D7000FFXZA, PN51D8000, PN51D8000FF, PN51D8000FFXZA, PN58C680, PN58C680G, PN58C680G5F, PN58C680G5FXZA, PN58C8000YFXZA, PN59D6450, PN59D6450DF, PN59D6450DFXZA, PN59D6500, PN59D6500DF, PN59D6500DFXZA, PN59D6500DFXZC, PN59D7000, PN59D7000FF, PN59D7000FFXZA, PN59D8000, PN59D8000FF, PN59D8000FFXZA, PN63C8000YFXZA, PN64D7000, PN64D7000FF, PN64D7000FFXZA, PN64D8000, PN64D8000FF, PN64D8000FFXZA, T23A750, T23A950, T27A750, T27A950, UN32D5550RF, UN32D5550RFXZX, UN32D6000, UN32D6000SF, UN32D6000SFXZA, UN32D6000SFXZX, UN32D6500, UN32D6500VF, UN32D6500VFXZA, UN32D6500VFXZX, UN40C7000, UN40C7000WF, UN40C7000WFXZA, UN40C7000WFXZX, UN40D5550RF, UN40D5550RFXZA, UN40D6000, UN40D6000SF, UN40D6000SFXZA, UN40D6000SFXZC, UN40D6000SFXZX, UN40D6050TF, UN40D6050TFXZA, UN40D6050TFXZX, UN40D6300SF, UN40D6300SFXZA, UN40D6400, UN40D6400UF, UN40D6400UFXZA, UN40D6450, UN40D6450UF, UN40D6450UFXZA, UN40D6450UFXZX, UN40D6500, UN40D6500VF, UN40D6500VFXZA, UN40D6500VFXZC, UN40D6500VFXZX, UN46C7000, UN46C7000WF, UN46C7000WFXZA, UN46C7000WFXZX, UN46C7000WR, UN46C7000WRXSR, UN46C7100, UN46C7100WF, UN46C7100WFXZA, UN46C8000, UN46C8000XF, UN46C8000XFXZA, UN46C8000XFXZX, UN46D6000SF, UN46D6000SFXZA, UN46D6000SFXZC, UN46D6050TF, UN46D6050TFXZA, UN46D6050TFXZX, UN46D6300, UN46D6300SF, UN46D6300SFXZA, UN46D6300SFXZC, UN46D6400, UN46D6400UF, UN46D6400UFXZA, UN46D6400UFXZX, UN46D6450, UN46D6450UF, UN46D6450UFXZA, UN46D6500, UN46D6500VF, UN46D6500VFXZA, UN46D6500VFXZC, UN46D7000, UN46D7000LF, UN46D7000LFXZA, UN46D7000LFXZC, UN46D7000LFXZX, UN46D7050, UN46D7050XF, UN46D7050XFXZA, UN46D7500, UN46D7500XF, UN46D7500XFXZA, UN46D7900, UN46D7900XF, UN46D7900XFXZA, UN46D8000, UN46D8000YF, UN46D8000YFXZA, UN55C6400, UN55C7000, UN55C7000WF, UN55C7000WFXZA, UN55C7000WFXZX, UN55C7000WR, UN55C7000WRXSR, UN55C7000WRXZL, UN55C7100, UN55C7100WF, UN55C7100WFXZA, UN55C8000, UN55C8000XF, UN55C8000XFXZA, UN55C8000XFXZX, UN55C8000XR, UN55C8000XRXSR, UN55D6000, UN55D6000SF, UN55D6000SFXZA, UN55D6000SFXZC, UN55D6050TF, UN55D6050TFXZA, UN55D6300, UN55D6300SF, UN55D6300SFXZA, UN55D6300SFXZC, UN55D6400, UN55D6400UF, UN55D6400UFXZA, UN55D6450, UN55D6450UF, UN55D6450UFXZA, UN55D6450UFXZX, UN55D6500, UN55D6500VF, UN55D6500VFXZA, UN55D6500VFXZC, UN55D7000, UN55D7000LF, UN55D7000LFXZA, UN55D7000LFXZC, UN55D7000LFXZP, UN55D7000LFXZX, UN55D7050, UN55D7050XF, UN55D7050XFXZA, UN55D7500, UN55D7500XF, UN55D7500XFXZA, UN55D7900, UN55D7900XF, UN55D7900XFXZA, UN55D8000, UN55D8000YF, UN55D8000YFXZA, UN55D8000YFXZC, UN60D6000, UN60D6000SF, UN60D6000SFXZA, UN60D6400, UN60D6400UF, UN60D6400UFXZA, UN60D6450, UN60D6450UF, UN60D6450UFXZA, UN60D6500VF, UN60D6500VFXZA, UN60D7000, UN60D7000VF, UN60D7000VFXZA, UN60D7050, UN60D7050VF, UN60D7050VFXZA, UN60D8000, UN60D8000YF, UN60D8000YFXZA, UN65C8000, UN65C8000XF, UN65C8000XFXZA, UN65D8000, UN65D8000XF, UN65D8000XFXZA

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SAMSUNG BN5901043A Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original SAMSUNG BN5901043A Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: BN5901043A
Part Number: BN5901043A
UPC: samsung
Associated Number: BN59-01043A
Catalogue No.: 65307
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    Good ergonomics : comfortable buttons, feels solid in the hand. A BIG plus compared to competitors providing remotes with their LCD TV : it's backlit! I got this remote bundled with the LN46C630 LCD HD TV, and it's the sole brand offering a backlit remote in the same price/category range (at least amongst the big brands out there, including LG and Sony). The only drawback is the buttons positioning, which is not as intuitive as I'd like : I still need to look at the remote so as to make sure that I'm pressing the correct button, after almost a month use...

    by Frederic on February 25, 2011.
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