Quasar EUR50343 TV Remote Control

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    RR1001 Simple TV Remote Control


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Quasar EUR50343 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: TL9839AP, TL9839XP, TL9839YP, TP3697BH, TP3947AE, TP3947AH, TP3947AW, TP3947XE, TP3947XH, TS9823AK, TS9833YU, TT5957, TT5957YW, TT6278A, TT9803AU, TT9803YU, TU9810AU, TU9815AD, TU9818AP, TU9820AK, TU9820XP, TU9821AK, TU9822AU, TU9823AK, TU9828AC, TU9828XP, TU9829AC, TU9940AK, TU9950YP

Compatible with TV models: CT1381VY, CT2081VY, CT2580VY, CT2581VY, CTH1463R, CTH1942R, CTH1949R, CTH2049R, CTH2053R, CTH2063R, CTJ1350R, CTJ1351R, CTJ1352R, CTJ1355R, CTJ1359R, CTJ1463R, CTJ1941R, CTJ1942R, CTJ2042R, CTJ2042R1, CTJ2053R, CTJ2053R1, CTJ2062R, CTJ2062R1, CTJ2560R, CTJ2561R, CTJ2567R, CTJ2570R, CTJ2579R, CTJ2770R, CTK1350R, CTK1351R, CTK1352R, CTK1942R, CTK2042R, CTK2052R, CTK2052S, CTK2053R, CTK2053R/ADP16, CTK2061S, CTK2063S, CTK2073S, CTK2580S, CTK2780ST, CTL1350R, CTL1350R1, CTL1351R, CTL1351R1, CTL1352R, CTL1352R1, CTL1353R1, CTL1355R, CTL1356R, CTL1360R, CTL1361R, CTL1552R, CTL1942R, CTL1942R1, CTL2042R, CTL2042R1, CTL2052R, CTL2052R1, CTL2053R, CTL2053R1, CTL2061S, CTL2520R, CTL2555R, CTL2571S, CTL2580S, CTL2580S1, M27, SL2534DK, SL2536DD, SL2538DP, SL2539DP, SP2030DW, TL9839AP, TL9839BP, TL9839CP, TL9839YP, TL9932AK, TL9932BW, TL9932CW, TL9940BK, TL9948BP, TL9951AK, TL9951BK, TL9951CK, TP1321DE, TP1321DW, TP1330DE, TP1330DH, TP1331DE, TP1331DH, TP1920DW, TP1920DW1, TP2020DW, TP3697BH, TP3947AE, TP3947AH, TP3947XE, TP3957BW, TP3967BE, TP3967BH, TP3967BT, TP3967BV, TP3967BW, TS9823BK, TS9823CK, TS9833YU, TT4278, TT4278XW, TT4278YW, TT5947AW, TT5947BW, TT5947CW, TT5948AW, TT5948BW, TT5957XW, TT5957YW, TT5958YW, TT6236CW, TT6237, TT6237CE, TT6248BW, TT6248BW1, TT6267AW, TT6267BW, TT6267BW1, TT6277A, TT6278A, TT6278XW, TT6288BE, TT9802XS, TT9803AU, TT9803YU, TT9804AU, TT980YU, TT9905AW, TT9909BE, TT9909CE, TU2513DK, TU2517DP, TU9810AU, TU9810BU, TU9810CU, TU9810XS, TU9810YU, TU9815AD, TU9818AP, TU9820AK, TU9820BK, TU9820CK, TU9820XP, TU9820YK, TU9821AK, TU9821BK, TU9821CK, TU9822AU, TU9822XS, TU9823AK, TU9824XS, TU9825BD, TU9825XD, TU9825XP, TU9825YD, TU9828AC, TU9828XP, TU9828YP, TU9829AC, TU9829BP, TU9829QS, TU9832YU, TU9839XP, TU9880BW, TU9940AK, TU9948AK, TU9951AK, TU9952AU, TU9980BW, WT5946BW, WU9625YD

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original Quasar EUR50343 Remote Control is available for special order.
The original Quasar EUR50343 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: EUR50343
Part Number: EUR50343
Catalogue No.: 11872
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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