Philips-Magnavox N0314UD VCR Remote Control

Notice: The original Philips-Magnavox N0314UD remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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Philips-Magnavox N0314UD Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with VCR models: 141815431, 483521837272, 483521837273, 483521837288, CC13132AT, CC19B1MG01, CC8190AT, CCB092, CCB092AT, CCB092AT01, CCB092AT02, CCB092AT03, CCB092AT98, CCB092AT99, CCB130, CCB130AT, CCB130AT01, CCB130AT02, CCB130AT03, CCB130AT98, CCB130AT99, CCB130CN, CCB130CN01, CCB130CN99, CCB132AT01, CCB132AT02, CCB132ATOZ, CCB13AT, CCB190, CCB190AT, CCB190AT01, CCB190AT03, CCB190AT31, CCB190AT32, CCB190AT33, CCB190AT34, CCB190AT98, CCB190AT99, CCB192, CCB192AT, CCB193AT, CCB19AT, CCB252, CCB252AT, CCB252AT01, CCB252AT32, CCB252AT33, CCB252AT98, CCB252AT99, CCD192AT, N0312UD, N0410UD, RMTV266A, CCB132AT, CCB190CN, 483521837242, CCB132AT02/TV, CCB190AT32/TV, CCB190AT33/VCR, CCB190AT34/TV, CCB252AT33/TV, N0314UD

Compatible with VCR models: 483521837206, 483521837288, CC13132AT, CC2134AT, CC2194AT, CC2254AT, CC254A1, CC254AT, CC7254AT, CCB130AT, CCB132, CCB132AT, CCB132AT01, CCB132AT02, CCB132AT03, CCB132AT98, CCB132AT99, CCB132ATOZ, CCB13AT, CCB190AT, CCB192, CCB192AT, CCB192AT01, CCB192AT31, CCB192AT33, CCB192AT98, CCB192AT99, CCB193, CCB193AT, CCB193AT01, CCB193AT99, CCB19AT, CCD192AT, CCF254AT, CCZ134, CCZ134AT, CCZ134AT01, CCZ190AT31, CCZ190AT32, CCZ194AT, CCZ194AT31, CCZ194AT31/TV, CCZ194AT32, CCZ199AT, CCZ245AT, CCZ252AT32, CCZ254, CCZ254AT, CCZ254AT31, CCZ25AT, CCZZS4AT, M0100UD, MC092D, MC092DMG, MC092DMG01, MC092DMG02, MC092DMG98, MC092DMG99, MC132D, MC132DMG, MC132DMG01, MC132DMG98, MC132DMG99, MC192D, MC192DMG, MC192DMG01, MC192DMG99, MC19D1MG01, N0300UD, N0400UD, N0410UD, NE000UD, PS1964C

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

PN: N0314UD Replaced By: 483521837242 (N0266UD)




, Remote Control

Model: N0314UD
Part Number: 483521837272
Catalogue No.: 378
This remote control controls units : VCR
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    EZ to use.

    by Anonymous on June 16, 2013.
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