Panasonic N2QAYB000570 TV Remote Control

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Panasonic N2QAYB000570 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: TC32LX34, TC50PX34, TCL3232C, TCL32E3, TCL32U3, TCL37E3, TCL37U3, TCL42E30, TCL42U30, TCP42E3, TCP42S30, TCP42X3, TCP46S30, TCP46X3, TCP50S30, TCP50X3, TCL19C30, TCL42E3X, TCL32U3, TCL37U3, TCL42U30, TCL32E3, TCL42E30, TCL37E3, TCP42S30, TCP50S30, TCP46S30, TCP42X3, TCP46X3, TCP50X3, TC42PX34, TC60PS34, TCL24C3, TCL32C3, TCL42E3, TCP60S30, TC32LX44S, TCL32C3S, TCL32X30, TC60PS34UA, TCP4232C, TCP46ST30, TCP60S30UA, TCP60S30X, TCP42ST30, TCP50ST30, TCP55ST30

Compatible with TV models: N2QAYB000120, N2QAYB000485, NAQAYB000103, PT50LCX7, PT50LCZ7, PT50LCZ70, PT56LCX7, PT56LCX70, PT56LCZ7, PT56LCZ70, PT61LCX7, PT61LCX70, PT61LCZ7, PT61LCZ70, TC26LE70, TC26LX14, TC26LX70, TC26LX85, TC32LE70, TC32LX14, TC32LX14N, TC32LX24, TC32LX70, TC32LX700, TC32LX70N, TC32LX85, TC32LX85N, TC32LZ800, TC37LZ800, TC37LZ85, TC42LD24, TC42LS24, TC42P1, TC42PC2, TC42PS14, TC42PX14, TC42PX24, TC50PS14, TC50PS24, TC50PX14, TC50PX24, TC54PS14, TC58PS14, TC58PS24, TC65PS14, TC65PS24, TC65PST34, TCL22X2, TCL26X1, TCL32C12, TCL32C12K, TCL32C12N, TCL32C22, TCL32DT30, TCL32G1, TCL32LX1N, TCL32S1, TCL32U22, TCL32X1, TCL32X2, TCL37C22, TCL37D2, TCL37DT30, TCL37G1, TCL37S1, TCL37U22, TCL37X1, TCL37X2, TCL42D2, TCL42E5, TCL42U12, TCL42U22, TCL42U25, TCP42C1, TCP42C2, TCP42G10, TCP42G15, TCP42S1, TCP42S2, TCP42ST30, TCP42ST30L, TCP42U1, TCP42U2, TCP42X1, TCP42X2, TCP46C2, TCP46G10, TCP46G15, TCP46S1, TCP46S2, TCP46ST30, TCP46U1, TCP50C1, TCP50C2, TCP50G10, TCP50G15, TCP50GT30, TCP50S1, TCP50S2, TCP50ST30, TCP50U1, TCP50U2, TCP50V10, TCP50X1, TCP50X1C, TCP50X2, TCP54G10, TCP54S1, TCP54S2, TCP54V10, TCP55GT30, TCP55GT31, TCP55ST30, TCP55VT30, TCP58S1, TCP58S2, TCP58V10, TCP60GT30, TCP60ST30, TCP60ST30UA, TCP65GT30, TCP65S1, TCP65S2, TCP65ST30, TCP65V10, TCP65VT30, TH32LRH30U, TH32LRU20, TH32LRU30, TH32LRU5, TH32LRU50, TH37LRU20, TH37LRU30, TH37LRU5, TH37LRU50, TH42LRU20, TH42LRU30, TH42LRU5, TH42LRU50, TH42PC77U, TH42PE7, TH42PE77U, TH42PE7U, TH42PX75, TH42PX75U, TH42PX75X, TH42PX77, TH42PX77U, TH42PX80, TH42PX80U, TH42PX80UA, TH42PZ700U, TH42PZ700UA, TH42PZ77, TH42PZ77U, TH42PZ80, TH42PZ800U, TH42PZ80Q, TH42PZ80U, TH42PZ80UA, TH42PZ85U, TH46PZ80, TH46PZ800U, TH46PZ80U, TH46PZ80UA, TH46PZ85U, TH46PZ85UA, TH50PC77U, TH50PE700U, TH50PE700UA, TH50PE77U, TH50PE8U, TH50PX75, TH50PX75U, TH50PX77, TH50PX77U, TH50PX80, TH50PX80U, TH50PX80UA, TH50PY700H, TH50PZ700, TH50PZ700U, TH50PZ700UA, TH50PZ750, TH50PZ750U, TH50PZ77, TH50PZ77U, TH50PZ80, TH50PZ800U, TH50PZ80Q, TH50PZ80U, TH50PZ80UA, TH50PZ85U, TH50PZ85UA, TH50VX100, TH50VX100U, TH55LRU50, TH58PE75U, TH58PZ700, TH58PZ700U, TH58PZ750, TH58PZ750U, TH58PZ800U, TH65PZ750, TH65PZ750U, TH65VX100, TH65VX100U, THC42FD18, THC42FD18A, THC42HD18, THC42HD18A, THC46FD18, THC46FD18A, THC50FD18, THC50FD18A, THC50HD18, THC50HD18A, THM50HD18

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Product description

The original Panasonic N2QAYB000570 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Panasonic N2QAYB000570 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: N2QAYB000570
Part Number: N2QAYB000570
Catalogue No.: 66451
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Their great to do business with!

    by Anonymous on April 10, 2015.
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    works fine

    by Edward on October 13, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    by Salvador on September 26, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    My television is several years old and this replacement remote is working perfectly!

    by Marcia on August 23, 2016.
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    I have full confidence in Replacement Remote and will recommend this service to anyone in the wide world . excellent service.

    by Chandar on May 16, 2016.
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    Highly recommend !

    by Anonymous on April 02, 2015.
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    Works perfect. no set up--love that!!!

    by Anonymous on March 17, 2014.
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    Quality of remote is superb. Anyone needing a remote for a worn out one or replacement, this is definitely the site to buy from. ALL functions of remote works GREAT.

    by Anonymous on September 26, 2013.
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