Magnavox RH6820/17 Audio System Remote Control

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Notice: The original Magnavox RH6820/17 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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Magnavox RH6820/17 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Audio System models: AK730M, AV1901, AV1977A1, AV1977A102, AV1977A201, AV1977A299, AV2500, AV2500B1, AV2500B101, AV2500B102, AV2500BK, MX4051AK, MX9428AK, TOJ233

Compatible with Audio System models: 13PR12C, 1731, 19PS52C2, 19PS52C221, 19PS52C222, 19PS52C3, 19PS52C325, 25TR12C2, 25TR12C221, 25TS52C3, 25TS52C303, 25TS52C321, 25TS52C4, 25TS52C408, 27PS52, 27PS52C1, 27PS52C2, 27TS52, 27TS52C, 27TS52C1, 27TS52C101, 27TS52C103, 27TS52C121, 27TS52C202, AH407, AH428M, AH529, AH818, AS400, AS4003701, AS400M, AS9403, AS9418, AS9419, AS94191701, AS94193721, AS9516, AS9517, AV1977A2, AV1977A201, AV1977A299, HD1906, HD1906C, HD1906C2, HD1906C221, HD1906C222, HD2516, HD2516C1, HD2516C101, HD2516C102, HD2516C123, HD2516C2, HD2516C221, HD2716, HD2716C2, HD2716C3, MX8185, MX8187, MX9428, MX9429, PR1316, PR1316C, PR1316C1, PR1316C121, PR1916, PR1916C, PR1916C1, PR1916C121, PR1916C122, PR1916C125, PR1916C127, PS1953, PS1953C, PS1953C1, PS1953C121, PS1953C122, SY3095, SY5961, SY5961AK, SY5961AK01, TR2516, TR2516C1, TR2516C121, TS2552C4, TS2552C408, TS2553, TS2553C, TS2553C1, TS2553C101, TS2553C103, TS2553C121, TS2553C2, TS2553C204, TS2752C3, TS2752C321, TS2752C4, TS2753, TS2753C, TS2753C1, TS2753C103, TS2753C121, TS2753C2, TS2753C202, TS3253, TS3253C, TS3253C1, TS3253C101, TS3544, TS3553, TS3553C1, TS3553C101, TS5900, TS5961, TS59611701, XS2552C3, XS2552C321, XS2552C4, XS2773C4, XS2773C407, XS3253, XS3253C1, XS3253C101

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

RH6820/00, RH6820/17

RH6820/17, SV249

Model: RH6820/17
Part Number: 483521817011
UPC: Philips
Catalogue No.: 8273
This remote control controls units : Audio System
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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