Magnavox 483521837172 Remote Control

Notice: The original Magnavox 483521837172 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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Magnavox 483521837172 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 483521837154, 483521837155, 483521837172, 483521837174, 483521837184, 483521837206, CC131AT, CC191AT, CCU131, CCU131A, CCU131AT, CCU131AT01, CCU131AT02, CCU131AT03, CCU131AT99, CCU191, CCU191A, CCU191AT, CCU191AT01, CCU191AT02, CCU191AT03, CCU192AT01, CCU192AT02, CCU192AT03, CCU194, CCU194AT, CCU194AT01, CCU991AT, CCV134AT01, CCV191AT32, MAGCCU191AT, N0300UD, UREMT32SR020, VRU262AT, UREMT30SR005, CCU131AT03/TV, CCU191AT02/TV, CCU131AT03/TV, CCU191AT02/TV

Compatible with models: 483521837206, 483521837288, CC2134AT, CC2194AT, CC2254AT, CC254A1, CC254AT, CC7254AT, CCF254AT, CCT090, CCT090AT, CCT090AT01, CCT090AT02, CCT090AT98, CCT090AT99, CCT132, CCT132AT, CCT132AT01, CCT132AT02, CCT132AT99, CCT133, CCT133AT, CCT134ATOL, CCT190, CCT190A02, CCT190AT, CCT190AT01, CCT190AT02, CCT192, CCT192AT, CCT192AT01, CCT192AT02, CCT19OAT, CCU191AT, CCU192AT01, CCU192AT02, CCU192AT03, CCZ134, CCZ134AT, CCZ134AT01, CCZ190AT31, CCZ190AT32, CCZ194AT, CCZ194AT31, CCZ194AT31/TV, CCZ194AT32, CCZ199AT, CCZ245AT, CCZ252AT32, CCZ254, CCZ254AT, CCZ254AT31, CCZ25AT, CCZZS4AT, CTT190, FW358C, GCCT132AT, LCT134AT, M0100UD, MAGCCT132AT, MAGCCT190, MAGCCX194AT, N0300UD, N0400UD, N0410UD, PS1964C, SX2754HK

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

MODEL: 483521837172,

Associated Models: UREMT30SR005, 483521917612, 60814A, Remote Control

Model: 483521837172
Part Number: 483521837172
Catalogue No.: 4741
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Bought it for my friend that still uses her tv/VCR . Remote looks brand new.

    by Anonymous on October 04, 2013.
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