00T103AGMA02 RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
(No Longer Available)
RR2573 Philips Master/Setup

Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 TV Remote Control

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The original Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $29.95

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR2573 Philips Master/Setup/RR2573
    RR2573 Philips Master/Setup Remote Control


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Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: XR1330, RR1333, RR1933W102, RR1933C805, RR1333C805, XR1930, RR1933, XR1940, RR1333C4, XS2708, T103AGMA02, RR1933C401, RR1933C421, RR1933C422, RR1933W, RR1933W422, RR1933W8, RR1933W802, XS2744, XS2744A4, RR1333C, RR1333C403, RR1933W822, XR1333, XR1933, XR2541

Compatible with TV models: 19PRC10199, 19PRC23121, 25TRC10101, CR4510, CR4520, CR4520A1, CR4520A101, CR4520A105, CR4521, CR4521P101, CR4521P104, CR4522, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A4, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P, CR4524P4, CR4524P401, CS4741, CS4752, CS4753, CS4754, CS4756, CS5160, CX9512, CX9512A101, CX9514, CX9514N101, CX9514PN01, CX9522, CX9526, CX9526P101, CX9526P103, HD1541, HD1905, HD1925, HD1926, HD1926C401, HD1926C421, HD1926C422, HD1926C802, HD1926C822, HD2025, HD2032, HD2038, HD2506, HD2506C4, HD2506C401, HD2506C8, HD2506C802, HD2515C, HD2762, HD2762C1, HD2762C101, HD2762C102, HD2762C401, HD2763, HD2763C, HD2763C4, HD2763C802, MD2603, MD2603C, MD2603C3, MS2010, MS2010C3, MS2010C321, MS2126, MS2126C3, PN2041, PN2046, PN2052, PN3052, PR2041, PR2041P101, PR2041P102, PR2046, PR2046P101, PR2052, PR2052P101, RLX310, RM8341, RM8341P102, RM8341T102, RM8346, RM8352, RM8352P101, RM8431P102, RR1338, RR1338C1, RR1338C101, RR1338C4, RR1338C401, RR1342, RR1342C, RR1342C4, RR1342C401, RR1342C805, RR1345, RR1345C1, RR1345C101, RR1350, RR1352, RR1352C4, RR1352C403, RR1352C8, RR1352C805, RR1390, RR1390X4, RR1933W, RR1938, RR1938C, RR1938W101, RR1938W121, RR1938W122, RR1940, RR1940W121, RR1940W122, RR1943, RR1943C, RR1943C401, RR1943C421, RR2530, RR2535, RR2535W8, RR2535W802, RR2540, RR2540A1, RR2540A101, RR2540A102, RR2540A104, RR2540A105, RR2540AI, RR2541, RR2541A104, RR2541A4, RR2541A40, RR2541A401, RR2541A8, RR2541A802, RR2740, RR2740A101, RR2740A102, RR2740A105, RR2740C, RR2741, RR2741A4, RR2741A402, RR2741A802, RS1360, RS1360C1, RS1360C101, RS1360C103, RS1365, RS1365C4, RS1365C404, RS1365C805, RS1960, RS1960W, RS1960W101, RS1960W121, RS1962, RS1962B, RS1962B401, RS1962B421, RS1962B802, RS1962B822, RS1965, RS1965B2, RS1965B222, RS1966, RS1966B4, RS1966B421, RS2045, RS2045W101, RS2045W121, RS2045W122, RS2050, RS2050W121, RS2051, RS2051C4, RS2051C401, RS2051C8, RS2051C802, RS2065, RS206504, RS2065C4, RS2065C8, RS2065C802, RS2085, RS2086, RS2555, RS2555A2, RS2555A205, RS2555A4, RS2555A402, RS2555A8, RS2555A807, RS2556, RS2556A4, RS2556A401, RS2556A602, RS2556A802, RS2560, RS2560A, RS2560A101, RS2560A102, RS2560A104, RS2563, RS2564, RS2564C4, RS2564C401, RS2564C602, RS2564C802, RS2565, RS2565B, RS2565B4, RS2565B802, RS2566, RS2566B4, RS2655, RS2655C1, RS2744, RS2744A, RS2744A4, RS2744A802, RS2745, RS2745C, RS2745C1, RS2745C101, RS2745C102, RS2745C103, RS2745C104, RS2745C2, RS2745C206, RS2745C207, RS2745C208, RS2755, RS2755W101, RS2755W102, RS2756, RS2756C, RS2756C4, RS2756C402, RS2756C802, RS2761, RS2761B4, RS2761B401, RS2761B802, RS3140, RS3140C202, RS3160, RS3161, SRW1950121, SRW196, SRW19694, SRW1969401, SRW1969421, SSP476, SSP47604, SWR523, SWR5230, SWR5230101, SWR5230102, T103AGSA02, T251AGMA01, XD1320, XD1925, XD1925C, XD2025, XD2038, XD2762, XR1333, XR1338, XR1342, XR1345, XR1936, XR1938, XR1940, XR2050, XR2541, XR2542, XS1970, XS2555, XS2560, XS2565, XS2565B4, XS2746, XS2749, XS3160, XS3161C1, XS3161C101

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Product description

The replacement for original Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Magnavox 00T103AGMA02 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N T103AGMA02
Supplied With MODEL, RR1333, 483521917531, NVSD420EU, EUR574835218371533T2,

Model: 00T103AGMA02
Part Number: 483521917466
Catalogue No.: 4691
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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