Harmony 550 Super
(No Longer Available)

Logitech Harmony 550 Advanced Universal Remote Control

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The original Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control is substituted by Ray Super remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Advanced Universal models: 9662080403, HARMONY550, 10AB3408WE02, 10AB3409WE01, 10AB3409WE02, 10AB4408, 10AB4408WE01, 10AB5402, 10AB5402VF01, 10AB5402VH01, 10AB5403EF01, 10AB5403EH01, 10AB5406WF01, 10AB5406WH01, 10ABK413, 10ABK413W, 1100MB, 114080, 114696, 1146960001, 114696001, 114697, 1146970, 1146970001, 1146970002, 1146970003, 1146970004, 115297, 1152970001, 1152970002, 1152970003, 1152970004, 115297W, 115298, 1152980001, 1192D, 123S80144, 12TVR70, 12TX3512, 12TX351201, 12TX351217, 12XB8104TC02, 12XB9102SC01, 12XB9102SC02, 12XB9102SD02, 12XB9102SE03, 12XB9102SF04, 12XB9103VC01, 12XB9103VC02, 12XB9104TC01, 12XB9104TD02, 12XB9104TE03, 12XB9104TF04, 12XB9104VC01, 12XB9104VC02, 12XB9104VD02, 12XB9104VE03, 12XB9104VF04, 12XB9104YC01, 12XB9104YC02, 12XB9112RC01, 12XB9112RC02, 12XB9112RD02, 12XB9112RE03, 12XB9112RF04, 12XB9113WC01, 12XB9113WC02, 12XB9113WD02, 12XB9113WE03, 12XB9113WF04, 12XB9114WC01, 12XB9114WC02, 12XB9114WD02, 12XB9114WE03, 12XB9114WF04, 12XB9115WC01, 12XB9115WC02, 12XB9115WD02, 12XB9115WE03, 12XB9115WF04, 12XB9121BC01, 12XB9121BC02, 12XB9122, 12XB9122BC02, 12XB9122BD02, 12XB9122BE03, 12XB9122BF04, 12XBK117W, 12XBK117WC01, 12XBK117WD01, 12XBK117WE02, 12XBK117WF03, 12XBK123B, 12XBK123BC01, 12XBK123BD02, 12XBK123BE03, 12XBK123BF04, 12XE2102SA01, 12XE2104TA01, 12XE2104VA01, 12XE2112WA01, 12XE2114WA01, 12XE2122XA01, 12XEK117WA01, 12XEK125BA01, 12XF3104S, 12XF3114W, 12XG3122W, 12XJ4104S, 12XJ4114W, 12XK4122W, 12XQ5122WA01, 12XQA, 12XR5104SA01, 12XR5114WA01, 12XR5204XM01, 1333TG, 135MM, 135MN, 137571, 137LM, 13A20, 13A21, 13A21C, 13a22, 13A23, 13A23W, 13A24, 13A25, 13A25C, 13A26, 13A26C, 13A29, 13A304, 13A305, 13A31, 13A35, 13A401, 13A63, 13AA9502VE01, 13AA9504R, 13AA9505W, 13AA9506K, 13AC0502V, 13AC0503W, 13AC0504W, 13AC0505WB01, 13AC0505WC01, 13AC0505WD01, 13AC0505WE02, 13AC0505WE03, 13AC0506W, 13AC0507WB01, 13AC0520W, 13AC0520WB01, 13AC1502VC01, 13AC1502VD01, 13AC1503WC01, 13AC1503WD01, 13AC1504, 13AC1504W, 13AC1504WC01, 13AC1504WD01, 13AC1504WE02, 13AC1506, 13AC1506WC01, 13AC1506WD01, 13AC1512WC01, 13AC1542W, 13AC1542WC01, 13AC2502VD01, 13AC2502VE02, 13AC2502VE03, 13AC2503WD01, 13AC2503WE02, 13AC2503WE03, 13AC2504W, 13AC2504WD01, 13AC2504WE02, 13AC2504WE03, 13AC2505WF02, 13AC2506WE02, 13AC2506WE03, 13AC2542, 13AC2542W, 13AC2545W, 13AC2545WF02, 13AC3502VF01, 13AC3502VF02, 13AC3503WF01, 13AC3503WF02, 13AC3504WF01, 13AC3504WF02, 13AC3506WF01, 13AC3506WF02, 13AC3516WE02, 13AC3516WF01, 13AC3516WF03, 13AC3542, 13AC3542W, 13AC3542WF03, 13AC4516, 13AC4516WF01, 13AC4516WH01, 13AC4542W, 13AC4542WF01, 13AC4542WH01, 13AC4546, 13AC4546W, 13AC4546WF01, 13ACB516W, 13ACB547W, 13ACB547WH01, 13ACH, 13ACK509W, 13ACK509WA01, 13ACK509WB01, 13ACK509WC01, 13ACK509WE02, 13ACK509WE03, 13AM050, 13AM100, 13AM150, 13AM50, 13B22, 13B32, 13B32A, 13B36, 13B50, 13BC5502, 13BC5502EA01, 13BC5504W, 13BC5509XM01, 13BC5509XN01, 13BC5540W, 13BC5540WA01, 13BC5550W, 13BC5550WA01, 13BCA, 13BCM, 13BCN, 13BTJ100, 13C23, 13C23A, 13C23B, 13C33, 13C33A, 13C37, 13CM100, 13D34, 13D34A, 13D38, 13D38A, 13E21, 13E25, 13E35, 13E39, 13E8007584, 13EM100, 13EM150, 13EM40, 13EM50, 13F20, 13F22, 13F30, 13F36, 13F38, 13F39, 13F40, 13FM100, 13FM150, 13FM40, 13FM50, 13G23, 13G23A, 13G25, 13G37, 13G45, 13GA1, 13GA1B, 13GA1BA, 13GM100, 13GM150, 13GM60, 13GM80, 13GP010, 13GP110, 13GP203, 13GP204, 13GP204C03, 13GP210, 13GP210B, 13GP210BC04, 13GP210BF04, 13GP210BF14, 13GP210C03, 13GP210C04, 13GP210F03, 13GP210F04, 13GP211, 13GP211A, 13GP211AC15, 13GP211AC25, 13GP211AF15, 13GP211AF25, 13GP211ATB, 13GP211C04, 13GP211F03, 13GP211F04, 13GP228, 13GP229, 13GP231, 13GP232, 13GP234, 13GP234C01, 13GP234F01, 13GP234F02, 13GP234F03, 13GP235, 13GP235C01, 13GP235F01, 13GP235F02, 13GP235F03, 13GP236, 13GP236C01, 13GP236C03, 13GP236F01, 13GP236F02, 13GP236F03, 13GP237, 13GP237C01, 13GP237C03, 13GP237F01, 13GP237F03, 13GP239, 13GP239A, 13GP239AF15, 13GP239ATB, 13GP239C, 13GP239C03, 13GP239C04, 13GP239CTB, 13GP239F03, 13GP239F04, 13GP240, 13GP240A, 13GP240AF15, 13GP240ATB, 13GP240C03, 13GP240C04, 13GP240F03, 13GP240F04, 13GP241, 13GP241TB, 13GP243, 13GP243TB, 13GP244, 13GP244TC, 13GP300, 13GP301, 13GP340, 13GP341, 13GP341A, 13GP344, 13GP344E, 13GP410, 13GP410F01, 13GP411, 13GP411F, 13GP411F01, 13GP413, 13GP413F01, 13GP415, 13GP415F01, 13GP430, 13GP430F01, 13GP430F02, 13GP431, 13GP431C01, 13GP431F01, 13GP431F02, 13GP433, 13GP433C, 13GP433C01, 13GP433C02, 13GP701, 13GP701H, 13GP711, 13GP711H, 13H2, 13H22, 13H24, 13H42, 13H44, 13H44B, 13HM100, 13HM150, 13HM15D, 13HM60, 13J11, 13J15, 13J31, 13J33, 13J350, 13J370, 13J41, 13JM1, 13JM100, 13JM150, 13KM05, 13KM100, 13KM15, 13KM150, 13KM35, 13KM55, 13LM100, 13LM100B, 13LM150, 13LM150B, 13LM16, 13LM56, 13LT010L/35, 13LV56, 13LV56A, 13LV56ABK, 13LV56ABL, 13LV56AP, 13LV56AW, 13LV56AY, 13LV56B, 13LV56BK, 13LV56BL, 13LV56P, 13LV56W, 13LV56Y, 13MF50, 13MM17, 13MM17B, 13MM17D, 13MM57, 13MM67, 13MM67B, 13MM67BG, 13MM67P, 13MM67W, 13MM67Y, 13MT1431/17, 13MT1431/17B, 13MT1432/17, 17, 13MT1433/17, 13MT143S, 13MT143S99, 13MT1532/17, 13MT1532/17B, 13MT1533/17, 13MT1533/17B, 13NF78, 13NF78BG, 13NF78BK, 13NF78BL, 13NF78GY, 13NF78P, 13NF78W, 13NM100, 13NM100B, 13NM150, 13NM150B, 13NM48, 13NV10, 13NV58, 13NV68, 13P220, 13P220C121, 13P220C122, 13P220C123, 13P60500AA, 13PF5508, 13PF5510, 13PF5551, 13PF6500, 13PF6504, 13PF6545, 13PF7835/17, 13PP5555W, 13PR10G121, 13PR10G199, 13PR11M121, 13PR11M199, 13PR12, 13PR12C1, 13PR12C121, 13PR12C221, 13PR12W, 13PR12W121, 13PR12W199, 13PR15C1, 13PR15C121, 13PR15C122, 13PR18C1, 13PR19C121, 13PR20C121, 13PR96X, 13PR96X1, 13PR97, 13PR97X121, 13PR97X122, 13PRC1, 13PRC10122, 13PRC10123, 13PRC10125, 13PRC20121, 13PSC60121, 13PSC60123, 13PT30, 13PT30L, 13PT30L121, 13PT30L601, 13PT30L699, 13R200, 13R200C101, 13R210, 13R400TD, 13RM519, 13RM59, 13RV21, 13RV629, 13RV649, 13RV659, 13RV69, 13S221, 13S221C101, 13S250C1, 13S250C101, 13S36, 13S408, 13SB50, 13TF30, 13TG30, 13TH30, 13TVF100, 13TVR01, 13TVR03, 13TVR40, 13TVR43, 13TVR45, 13tvr60, 13TVR60C01, 13TVR60F01, 13TVR62, 13TVR68, 13TVR70, 13TVR70C01, 13TVR70F01, 13TVR72, 13TVR90, 13V110TD, 13V400T, 13V401, 13VR10B, 13VR3B, 13VTF100, 13VTF40, 13VTG100, 13VTG120, 13VTG60, 13VTG80, 13VTH100, 13VTH150, 13VTH60, 13VTJ100, 13VTJ150, 13VTK100, 13VTK150, 13VTL100, 13VTL150, 13VTL200, 13VTR100, 14269N01, 14AF41, 14AF41C, 14AF42, 14AF43, 14AF44, 14AF45, 14AF45C, 14AF46, 14AF46C, 14AR21, 14AR22, 14AR23, 14AS20, 14DLV75, 14F400T, 14F512T, 14G255Z, 14KV445, 14KV455, 14KV465, 14KV475, 14LJ16, 14LJ160121, 14LK100021, 14LK20, 14LK22, 14LL100121, 14LL100131, 14LL16, 14LL160121, 14LL17, 14LL190121, 14LL191121, 14LQ161199, 14LV66, 14LV66S, 14LV76, 14LW102221, 14LW17, 14LW192221, 14LW193221, 14LX100121, 14LX17, 14LX190321, 14MJ10, 14ML10, 14MR10, 14MS2331/17, 14MS2331/17B, 14N21D1, 14PT3132/85R, 14PT6441/37, 14PT6441/37B, 14RF50S141, 14RF50S171, 14RF50S3, 14RF50S399, 14S11A1, 14TL1400, 14TR1425, 14UFM1, 14VL43U, 14VR70M, 15A45, 15B44, 15B48, 15DL15, 15DL72, 15DL75, 15DLV16/TV, 15DLV76, 15FT3210/35, 15FT3230/35, 15FT9955/35, 15FT9975/35, 15H450, 15H450B, 15LA6R, 15LC1RBMG, 15LCD35, 99, 15LW1R, 15MF050V, 15mf205, 15MF400T37, 15MF500T, 37, 15PF5120, 15PF7835, 15PF7835/17, 15PF8946, 15PF894637, 37B, 15PF9925, 15PF992517S, 15PF9936/37, 15PF9945/37, 15PV1022, 15TR1525, 15XB215WC01, 15XB215WD02, 15XB215WE03, 15XB9202BB01, 15XB9202BC01, 15XB9202BD02, 15XB9202BE03, 15XB9211WB01, 15XB9211WC01, 15XB9211WD02, 15XB9211WE03, 15XB9212WB01, 15XB9212WC01, 15XB9212WD02, 15XB9212WE03, 15XB9213WB01, 15XB9213WC01, 15XB9213WD02, 15XB9213WE03, 15XB9226VB01, 15XB9226VD02, 15XB9226VE03, 15XBK215WB01, 15XBK227BB01, 15XBK227BD02, 15XBK227BE03, 16F92, 174626001, 174626011, 174626021, 174626031, 174626291, 174626AA1, 174626B24, 1755, 17AC0601WC01, 17AC0602WC01, 17AC1601WC01, 17AC1602WC01, 17AC1642, 17AC1642W, 17AC1642WC01, 17AC2602WD01, 17AC2606, 17AC2606WD01, 17AC2642W, 17AC2642WD01, 17AC3602WE01, 17AC3602WE02, 17AC3602WF02, 17AC3606WE01, 17AC3606WE02, 17AC3606WF02, 17AC3642W, 17AC3642WE01, 17AC3642WE02, 17AC3642WE03, 17AC3642WF03, 17ACC685WB01, 17ACC685WC01, 17ACC685WD01, 17ACC685WD02, 17BC4602, 17BC4602W, 17BC4642W, 17BC4642WA01, 17BC5602WA01, 17BC5603WA01, 17BC5652, 17BC5652W, 17BC5652WA01, 17BC5654W, 17BC5654WA02, 17BC5654WA03, 17D50, 17FW9955/35, 17FW9975/35, 17HM8801, 17MW9010/37, 17PF5602, 17PF5652, 17PF5652W, 17PF5654, 17PF5670, 17PF8946/37, 17PF8946A/37, 17PF9936, 17PF9936/37, 17PF9945/37, 17PF9946/37, 1802254, 180226001, 180226011, 180226021, 180226022, 180226031, 180226032, 180226AA1, 180226B24, 180228001, 180228002, 180228011, 180228012, 180228021, 180228022, 180228031, 180228032, 180228191, 180228202, 180228292, 180228AA1, 180228AA2, 180228B24, 180228B25, 18MC205T, 18MP67, 18MP67BK, 18MP67W, 191M100B, 192LP, 192MPA, 1952TG, 195860, 195B620, 195LP, 195MP, 195MPR, 195NP, 19874, 19A10, 19A20, 19A21, 19A24, 19A25, 19A25C, 19A26, 19A26C, 19A30, 19A61, 19A61A, 19A63, 19A63A, 19A63B, 19A65, 19A69, 19A83, 19A87, 19AM050, 19AM100, 19AM100R, 19AM150, 19AM150R, 19AN050, 19B62, 19B62A, 19B62B, 19B66, 19B66A, 19B66B, 19B70, 19B70A, 19B70B, 19B72, 19B74, 00, 00P1320RC101, 05GP005, 05GP008, 05GP009, 07GP001, 09GP101, 09GP103, 09GP104, 09GP104C01, 09GP104C02, 09GP104F, 09GP104F01, 09GP104F02, 09GP105, 09GP105F01, 09GP105F02, 09GP106, 09GP106C02, 09GP106C03, 09GP106F02, 09GP106F03, 09GP107, 09GP107C03, 09GP107F02, 09GP107F03, 09GP108, 09GP108C03, 09GP108F03, 09GP109, 09GP109C24, 09GP109LB, 09GP110, 09GP110KB, 09GP220, 09GP221, 09GP222, 09GP223, 09GP341, 09GP341K, 09GP344, 09GP344J, 09GT108C03, 09PS10, 09PS10C, 10AB0402T, 10AB0402V, 10AB0404W, 10AB0405K, 10AB0406K, 10AB0408W, 10AB0409, 10AB0409W, 10AB0410W, 10AB0411W, 10AB1402V, 10AB1402VC01, 10AB1405, 10AB1405K, 10AB1405KC01, 10AB1406, 10AB1406KC01, 10AB2402VD01, 10AB2405WD01, 10AB2406WD01, 10AB2408WD01, 10AB2408WD02, 10AB3402V, 10AB3406, 10AB3406W, 10AB3406WE01, 10AB3406WE02, 10AB3406WE03, 10AB3408WE01

Compatible with Advanced Universal models: 13A23, 13A23W, CT836W

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Logitech Harmony 550 Advanced Universal Remote
There's finally a tool for the couch potato in all of us. The Harmony 550 remote takes the guesswork out of coordinating the multitude of A/V equipment you have for simple operation.

-> Controls up to 15 devices, including HDTVs, PVR/DVRs, laserdisc players, VCRs, lighting controls and more
-> Smart State Technology allows for simple one-touch activity control, so you can automatically set up your entertainment center without programming a macro
-> Interactive LCD display makes it easy to navigate your customer controls
-> Sound and picture buttons help tame tough configurations like switching picture aspect ratios and sound modes
Access your entire Home Entertainment system with just one button! Simply select an activity, and your Harmony universal remote will send the right commands so you don't have to juggle remotes or remember a sequence of buttons.Simple, one-touch activity control. Choose the "Watch a DVD" activity and the Harmony universal remote will power on your TV, DVD player, stereo receiver, set all the inputs, and even press "Play!" 4 customized media buttons: Two cable "A" and "B" buttons, plus "Sound" and "Picture" convenience buttons help you change picture aspect ratios and sound modes.Access the world's largest A/V Control Database--updated daily! Logitech's on-line database includes over 3,000 manufacturers and over 100,000 IR devices--everything from HDTV?s to PVR/DVR?s, from laserdiscs to VCRs--even lighting controls and more!Replace up to 15 remote control devices.Interactive LCD display and fully backlit keypad make it easy to navigate and manage your media in the dark.Batteries Sold Separately

Model: Harmony 550
Part Number: 9662080403
Associated Number: 866201-0000
Catalogue No.: 36197
This remote control controls units : Advanced Universal
Battery Required : 4 AAA

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