6710V00144A MBR3447Z
(No Longer Available)

LG 6710V00144A Remote Control

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The original LG 6710V00144A Remote Control is substituted by ZENITH MBR3447Z remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

Refurbished Replacement $9.95

Refurbished items are in "like new" condition and are in 100% working order. We recommend saving money and purchasing our refurbished models. Refurbished comes with the same warranty and guarantee as our "New" items.
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We recommend the following replacements

  • MBR3447Z/124233
    MBR3447Z Remote Control


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  • RR3457 Zenith/RR3457
    RR3457 Zenith Remote Control


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LG 6710V00144A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: B32A24Z, A32B41W, B25A11Z, B25A11ZF, Z27H32D, A27B41, A32B41, A32B84, A36B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A32B41D, A32B84D, A32B84W, A36B41D, A36B41W, A32B84R, B27A11Z, B25A24Z, B27A24Z, B36A24Z, B25A74R, B27A74R, B25A76R, B27A76R

Compatible with models: 1QB27FW, 1QB36B42W, A20A22D, A23B41W, A25A12D, A25A22BT, A25A23W, A25A23W8, A25A23W9, A25A74R, A25B33, A25B33W, A27A12D, A27A23W, A27A74R, A27A76R, A27B33, A27B33W, A27B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A32386R, A32841W, A32B41, A32B41D, A32B41W, A32B84, A32B84D, A32B84R, A32B84W, A32B8612, A36841W, A36B41, A36B41D, A36B41W, B25A11Z, B25A11Z6, B25A11ZF, B25A24Z, B25A24Z6, B25A24ZF, B25A74LK, B25A74R, B25A76R, B27A11Z, B27A11Z5, B27A11Z6, B27A11Z65, B27A11ZC, B27A11ZC5, B27A11ZF, B27A24Z, B27A24Z5, B27A24Z6, B27A24Z65, B27A24ZF, B27A24ZF5, B27A34Z, B27A34Z6, B27A34ZF, B27A40Z, B27A44Z, B27A74R, B27A74R5, B27A76R, B27A76R5, B27B240Z, B27B40, B27B40Z, B32A24Z, B32A24Z6, B32A24ZF, B32A34Z, B32A34Z6, B32A34ZF, B36A24Z, B36A24Z6, B36A24ZF, B36A34Z, B36A34Z0, B36A34Z6, B36A34ZF, C25A24T, C27A24T, C32A26F, CB25A25Z, CB25A25Z6, CB27A25Z, CN29Q14P, H2540DT, H2541DT, H2542DT, H2543DT, H2546DT, H2547DT, H2741DT, H2742DT, H2743DT, H2746DT, H2747DT, H2763DT, H2773DT, H3240DT, H3241DT, H3242DT, H3243DT, H3246DT, H3247DT, H3263DT, H3273DT, H3540DT, H3541DT, H3642DT, H3643DT, H3646DT, H3647DT, I2B33B42W, IBB36B42W, IBQ32B42W1, IQB27FW, IQB36C95W, IQC27F46G, ISZ2155DT, ISZ2665DT, ISZ2965DT, KDUPRO840PAL, LGA26A12D, LGA26A23WM9, LGA29A12DM, LGA29A23WM, LGB26A11ZM, LGB26A11ZM6, LGB29A11ZM, LGB29A11ZM5, LGB29A24ZM, LGB29A24ZM5, PRO851X, PV4555P, PVY4662DT, QB361342W, RZ56Z83D7, RZ56Z83D8, SB2513G, SC1995W, SD2735P, SD5533G, SE5277S7, SF2023H, SF2023W, SF2027, SF2027W, SF2511, SF2511G, SF2511G2, SF2517, SF2517F, SF2517TR, SF2517TR2, SF2569, SF2569H, SF2569H2, SF2589, SF2589W, SF2589W2, SF2713, SF2713H, SF2713H2, SF2713H52, SF2715, SF2715H2, SF2715H52, SF2717, SF2717N, SF2717N2, SF2717N52, SF2719, SF2719T, SF2719TR, SF2719TR2, SF2769, SF2769H, SF2769H2, SF2769W, SF2789, SF2789W, SF2789W2, SF5227, SF5227W, SF5237, SF5277, SF5521, SF5529, SF5769, SG2031H, SG2031H7, SG2037W, SG2508H9, SG2509, SG2511, SG2705, SG2709, SG2713H, SG2715H, SG2719TR, SG2795BG, SG5759S, SJ2599, SJ2743LK, SJ2743LK7, SJ2745TR, SJ2779BG, SM2571BT, SM2767S, SMS1943S, SMS1943S7, SMS1943SM, SMS2053S, SMS2518RK6, SMS2553S, SMS2752G, SN2527P, SR2751Y, SR2768S, SS2031S, SS2503VK9, SS2505TR, SS2587, SS2715, SS6511, SS6511H2, SS6589, SS6589W2, SS6909, SS8769H2, SY1931SG, SY1949Y, SY1949YM, SY1951Y, SY1953Y, SY1953Y2, SY1953YM, SY2031S, SY2049DT, SY2049DTM, SY2049X, SY2053S, SY2053SM, SY2068DT, SY2068DTM, SY2068DYM, SY2500RK, SY2504BW, SY2506N, SY2518RK, SY2549S, SY2551S, SY2551SM, SY2552S, SY2568S, SY2568SM, SY2569S, SY2569X, SY2572DT, SY2572DTM, SY2577P, SY2658, SY2722RK, SY2723BW, SY2728RK, SY2728RKM, SY2731SM, SY2738RK, SY2738RKM, SY2739RK, SY2751Y, SY2765S, SY2765SM, SY2768S, SY2768SM, SY2772DT, SY2772DTM, SY3272DT, SY3272DTM, SY3572DT, SY3572DTM, SY3588DT, SY7249DT, SY7249DT2, SY7568S, SY7768S, SY7772DT, SY7949Y, TL4213W, TL4213Y, VRE150, VRF100, VRF160, VRF165, VRF250, VRF255, VRF300HF, VRL2110, VRL4110, VRS70, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X22SM, Z25X22SM9, Z25X31D, Z27X22D, Z27X22DM, Z27X74W, Z27X76R, Z27X76RM, Z36H32D, Z46Z70V, Z50Z83D8, Z56Z83D7, Z56Z83D8

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original LG 6710V00144A Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original LG 6710V00144A Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

The LG Electronics/Zenith 6710V00144A remote control allows easy operation for your compatible LG Electronics/Zenith model. The 6710V00144A is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The 6710V00144A controls all basic functions of the unit.Batteries Sold Separately

Model: 6710V00144A
Part Number: 6710V00144A
UPC: 64360
Catalogue No.: 67360

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