INSIGNIA NSRC02A12 TV Remote Control

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INSIGNIA NSRC02A12 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: NS32E740A12E32BAZNKANBFNNX, NS32E740A12E32BAZNKANBYNNX, NS37L760A12, NS37L760A12E37BAZNKW1BYNNX, NS42L780A12, NS42L780A12E42BAZNKW1BYNNX, NS42L780A12E42BGZNKW1BYNNX, NS46E790A12E46BAZNKB6BFNNX, NS46E790A12E46BAZNKB6BYNNX, NS46L780A12, NS46L780A12E46BSZNKW1BKNNX, NS46L780A12E46BSZNKW1BYNNX, NS55L780A12, NS55L780A12E55BAZNK5XBFNNX, NS55L780A12E55BAZNK5XBYNNX, NS55L780A12E55BGZNK5XBYNNX, NS42L780A12E42BAZNKW1BFNNX, NS37L760A12E37BAZNKW1BFNNX, NS42E760A12, NS32E740A12, NS37L760A12, NS39L700A12, NS42L780A12, NS46E790A12, NS46L780A12, NS55E790A12, NS55L780A12

Compatible with TV models: 845042PDP42BDYNH, DX32L130A10, DXL4010A, DXPDP4209, NS15E720A12, NS15E720A12A, NS19E720A12, NS19E720A12A, NS19E720A12B, NS20LCD, NS22E730A12, NS22E730A12A, NS24E730A12, NS24E730A12A, NS24E730A12B, NS32E740A12, NS37L760A12, NS39L700A12, NS42L780A12, NS46L780A12, NS55E790A12, NS55L780A12, NSLCD20

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original INSIGNIA NSRC02A12 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original INSIGNIA NSRC02A12 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Original Equipment Remote Control

Model: NSRC02A12
Part Number: 098GRABDRNEBYJ
UPC: 25944889
Associated Number: NS-RC02A-12
Catalogue No.: 75110
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    I used this remote control to replace the original one that came with TV. The price was excellent and above all, I received the item with 3 days of ordering. Many thanks for the outstanding service.

    by Anonymous on June 16, 2013.
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    The placement remote Insignia NSRC02A12 arrived on time and works great

    by Sally on October 13, 2016.
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    Works great - love having a second remote on my side of the living room.

    by Denise on September 22, 2016.
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    Perfect replacement,

    by Anonymous on July 05, 2014.
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