Hewlett-Packard RC1314609/00 Desktop PC Media Center System Remote Control

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Hewlett-Packard RC1314609/00 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Desktop PC Media Center System models: A1355C, A1357C, M7650N, m7657c, M7659N, M7660E, m7664x, m7667c, M7674N, m7680n, M7680Y, m7684n, M7690E, m7690n, M7690Y, PP147AA, PW522AA, m7350n, A1487C, a1547c, s7220n, m7434n, m7480n, m7658n, PJ466AAABA, PJ466AABA, PJ467AA, PJ467AAABA, PJ473AA, PJ473AAABA, PJ475AA, PJ622AV, PJ697AV, PJ720AV, PN065AA, PP083AA, PP083AAABA, PP132AA, PP132AAAB, PP132AAABA, PP132AAR, PP133AA, PP134AA, PS107AA, PS501AA, PS501AAABA, PS501AAR, PS502AA, PS503AA, PS580AA, PS588AA, PS590AA, PS590AAABA, PS591AA, PS593AA, PU060AV, PU061AV, PU108AV, PU127AV, PU183AV, PU184AV, PW784AA, PW784AAABA, PX153AV, PX154AV, PX189AV, PX192AV, PX721AA, PX721AAABA, PX722AA, PX724AA, PX724AAR, PX725AA, PX727AA, PX733AA, PY063AA, PY169AV, PY198AVR, RB029AV, RB046AV, RB047AV, RB103AA, RC640AA, RC641AA, RC643AA, RC643AAR, RC644AA, RC647AA, RC647AAABA, RC647AAR, RC648AA, RC648AAR, RC649AA, RC649AAABA, RC649AAR, RC650AA, RC667AA, RC673AA, RE501AA, RF158AV, RF159AV, RF243AA, RF243AAABA, RF243AAR, RF254AA, RF254AAABA, RF254AAR, RK505AA, RK505AABA, RN638AA, RN638AAABA, RN638AAR, RN650AA, Z540, z555, z556, RE500AA, ED843AA, ED845AA, ED848AA, EG630AA, EG640AA, EG642AA, EG642AAABA, EG651AA, EG651AAR, EG652AA, EG652AAABA, EG667AA, EG705AA, EK408AA, EK425AA, EK464AV, EK465AV, EL406AA, EL406AAR, EL407AA, EL409AA, EL412AA, EL412AAR, EL543AA, ER101AA, ER101AAR, ER859AA, ER859AAR, ER879AA, ER881AA, ER883AA, ER884AA, ER884AAABA, ER884AAR, ER885AA, ER885AAABA, ER885AAR, ER901AA, ER906AA, ER908AA, ER908AAR, ER958AA, ES001AA, ES002AA, ES003AA, ES003AAR, ES007AAR, EW100AA, EW174AV, EW176AV, EX283AA, EX283AAR, EX327AA, EX329AAR, EX331AA, EX331AAABA, EX331AAR, EX332AA, EX333AA, EX333AAABA, EX33AAR, EX505AA, EX505AAABA, EX505AAR, ED842AA, m7570n, m7590n, PJ466AA, M7567CB, PJ466AAABA, PJ467AAABA, PJ473AAABA, PP132AAAB, PP132AAABA, PS501AAABA, PS590AAABA, PW784AAABA, PX721AAABA, RC647AAABA, RF243AAABA, RF254AAABA, RK505AABA, ED842AAABA, EG642AAABA, EG652AAABA, ER884AAABA, ER885AAABA, EX331AAABA, EX333AAABA, EX505AAABA, A1467C, A1477C, a1587c, A1587CB, A1647C, A1657C, ED798AA, ED842AAABA, M1050E, M1050Y, M1160N, M1170N, m1171n, M1180N, M1195C, M1264N, M1265C, m1270n, M1277C, M1280N, M1295C, M1297C, M7050E, M7050Y, m7060n, M7063W, M7067C, M7070N, M7077C, M7087C, M7100E, M7100Y, m7160n, M7163W, M7167C, m7170n, M7177A, M7177C, M7183C, M7246N, M7248N, M7250N, M7257C, M7259C, m7260n, M7265C, M7267C, M7277C, M7287C, M7300E, M7300Y, M7330N, m7334n, M7357C, m7360n, M7360Y, M7363W, M7367C, M7457C, M7463W, M7467C, m7470n, m7490n, M7500E, M7500Y, M7557C, M7560N, M7560Y, m7567c, M7571A, m7580n, M7600E, M7600Y, m7640n

Compatible with Desktop PC Media Center System models: D7222G, D7222P, D7223L, D7223M, DM163A, DM163AAB, DM163AR, DM164A, DM164ARABA, DM165A, DQ170A, DQ170AR, DQ171A, DQ172A, DQ172AABA, DT068A, DT068ARABA, DT095A, m1070n, m1072n, m1082n, m1090n, M370N, M380NB, m390n, M470N, M480N, m490n, PC098A, PC099A, PC100A, PC103A, PE556A, PE556AABA, PE557A, PE557AABA, PJ622AV, PJ697AV, PJ720AV

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original Hewlett-Packard RC1314609/00 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Hewlett-Packard RC1314609/00 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


MODEL: RC1314609/00
PN: 50698344, 313922865531

Model: RC1314609/00
Part Number: 50698344
Associated Number: 313922865531
Catalogue No.: 60527
This remote control controls units : Desktop PC Media Center System
Battery Required : 2 AA

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