137180 3.2IR DISH211
(No Longer Available)

Dish-Network 137180 3.2IR Satellite Receiver Remote Control

The original Dish-Network 137180 3.2IR Remote Control is substituted by Dish-Network DISH211 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $39.95

New items are brand new, unopened and unused.
Notice: this item is a special order item. Usually ships in 3-5 days.
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We recommend the following replacement

  • DISH211
    DISH211 Remote Control


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Dish-Network 137180 3.2IR Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Satellite Receiver models: 259724, 271150, 271190, 271470, 271471, 271490, 271491, 279370, AG15538A, AG17542STA, AG185H42STA, AG22H42STA, DPR20H46STA, DPR20H46STB, DPR22H46STA, DPR22H46STB, DPR22H48STA, DPR22H48STB, DPR22H48STC, EHP1642A, PC1338A, PC14542A, PC14542B, PC14542C, PC14542D, PC1538A, PC1538B, PC1538C, PC1538D, PC1742STA, PC1742STB, PC17H42STA, PD1842STA, PD18542STA, PD185H42STA, PD185H42STB, PD18H42STA, PD18H42STB, PD2042STA, PD20H42STA, PD20PH42STA, PD20PH48STA, PD20PH48STB, PD20PH48STC, PD22H42STA, PD22PH48STA, PD22PH48STB, PD25PH48STA, PD25PH48STB, PD25PH48STC, PDB1842STA, PDB18H42STA, PDC18H42STA, PDGT26H48A, PDGT26H48B, PDGT26H48C, PDGT26H54A, PO13T38A, PO14542A, PO14542B, PO14542C, PO14542D, PO14542E, PO14542F, PO1538A, PO1538B, PO1538C, PO1538D, PO15538A, PO15538B, PO16542A, PO16542B, PO165H42A, PO165H42C, PO165H42STA, PO165H42STB, PO1742STA, PO1742STB, PO1742STC, PO17542STA, PO175H42STA, PO17H42STA, PO17H42STB, PO1842STA, PO18H42STA, POGT20H48STA, POGT20T48STA, PP1338D, PPR1742STC, PPR17H42STC, PPR2042STA, PPR2042STB, PPR2042STC, PPR20H42STA, PPR20H42STB, PPR20H42STC, PR1642STA, PR16H42STA, PR16H42STB, PR1742STA, PR1742STB, PR1742STC, PR1742STD, PR1742STE, PR1742STF, PR17542STA, PR17542STB, PR17542STC, PR17H42STA, PR17H42STB, PR17H42STC, PR17H42STD, PR17H42STE, PR17H42STF, PR1842STA, PR1842STB, PR1842STC, PR1842STD, PR18542STA, PR18542STB, PR18542STC, PR185H42STA, PR185H42STB, PR185H42STC, PR185H42STD, PR185H42STE, PR185H42STF, PR185H42STG, PR185H42STH, PR2042STA, PR20H42STA, PR20H42STB, PR20H42STC, PR20H42STD, PR20PH42STA, PR20PH42STB, PR20PH42STC, PR20PH42STD, PR22H48STA, PR25PH48STA, PR25PH48STB, PR25PH48STC, PRGT2046A, PRGT2046B, PRGT22H48A, PRGT22H50A, PRGT22H50B, PRGT22H50C, PRGT22H50D, PRGT25H48A, PRK17G42STA, PRK17G42STB, PRK17H42STA, PRK17H42STB, Q12538A, Q12538B, Q12538C, Q14542A, Q14542B, Q14542C, Q165H46A, Q165H46B, Q185H46A, Q185H46B, QGT2046A, QGT2046B, QP17H42STA, QP17H42STB, QP20H46A, QP20H46B, RA13538A, RK1742STA, RK17H42STA, S165H42A, S165H42C, S165H42D, SGT18H46A, SGT18H46B, SGT18H46C, SO1538A, SO1542A, SO15538A, SO1742STA, SO17542STA, SO17H42STA, SP185H42STA, SP18H42STA, SP20PH48STA, SP22H42STA, SP25PH48STB, SPGT25H48A, SPGT25H54A, WAGT20H48STA, WE12538G, WE12538H, WE12538J, WE12538K, WE12538L, WE12538M, WE12542F, WE1338A, WE13T38D, WE14542K, WE14542L, WE145H42F, WE1538A, WE1538B, WE1538C, WE16542D, WE16542E, WE165T42A, WE18542F, WET1338B, WET1742STB, WET17H42STA, WET2242STA, WET2242STB, WET2242STC, WET2242STD, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original Dish-Network 137180 3.2IR Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original Dish-Network 137180 3.2IR Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

MODEL: 137180 3.2IR, 137207
DISH 811

Model: 137180 3.2IR
Part Number: 137180
UPC: 14003493
Catalogue No.: 36086
This remote control controls units : Satellite Receiver
Battery Required : 4 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    The remote is a tv remote.....looks new....Yes, I would definitley recommend the remote place.

    by Anonymous on November 28, 2013.
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    The product work just great, use it daily, every day.

    by Anonymous on May 10, 2013.
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