ALLEGRO MBC500PL TV Remote Control

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Product description


Model: MBC500PL
Part Number: 12419009
Associated Number: 124-190-09
Catalogue No.: 27349
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    I am an avid collector of Zenith remotes (and Allegro, etc clones) that use the 124-19x-xx platform (190-01 through 192-??). Almost all of the remotes that fall into that part number range, use the same housing (case) platform, but vary in button functions/text/number of buttons, programmability, and device capability. I do not (yet) have each model/number in my collection, nor have I discovered every variation Zenith has made. Why do I collect these particular Zenith remotes? Well there is a lot behind it, but mainly due to childhood memories/experiences, the fact that these remotes both are comfortable to use, and simplistic in ease of use, and that Zenith has always had the highest respect from me. What makes the Allegro MBC500PL (aka 124-190-09) the top remote to have from that group, is the fact that EVERY button (except the Learn and Mode buttons) can be custom programmed. What that means, is that you can clone ANY button from ANY original infrared remote, into the MBC500PL. The MBC500PL can store up to 112 different clones. Zenith labeled these type of remotes as "Learning Remotes". Ever used a basic universal remote, and found out that you still needed your original remote because it had some special button? That is the biggest pitfall with the average universal remote. With the MBC500PL, you simply clone that special button and wala!, problem solved. I use my MBC500PL every day, and I have yet to use up the 112 possible clones. Its really simple to clone a button. You need both the MBC500PL, AND the remote from the device that you want to clone. 1. Press and hold learn, until one of the mode lights stays on solid. 2. Tap mode button, until the light for the mode you want is lit 3. Using number keys tap in "99", then tap enter button. You will see all four lights lit up, then the light for the mode you selected will flash on and off 4. Tap the button you want to custom program. 5. On the DEVICE's remote control, press and hold the button you want the MBC500PL to learn 6. The mode light for the mode you selected will turn on solid, indicating the MBC500PL has accepted the clone. 7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each additional button you want to clone. Press learn to exit programming. One important thing to remember is the mode descriptions say "TV, VCR, CABLE, AUX", but, that does NOT mean that is the only kind of clone that can go into that mode. Instead, you should consider the different modes as different profiles. Each physical button (except learn and mode) on the MBC500PL can have up to 4 different clones, one for each mode(profile) For instance, for TV mode, you can clone the power button for your TV, and the volume up/down/mute buttons for your surround sound amp. There are literally hundreds of combinations you can do. This customizability makes time irrelevant, and future proofs the MBC500PL, at least, until the day that infrared is no longer used and gets replaced by some new remote control technology. Of course, the one downfall, is that you cannot change the label on the remote, or what is printed on the buttons, so as long as you can memorize what you programmed, your good to go. The MBC500PL is a great way to get this level of custom control for a great price, and a very easy to use platform. ALSO - There is another model that has similar cloning capabilites, it is 124-190-17. It has "Zenith" logo on the remote, and 24 cloning stores (NOT confirmed personally by me, yet). I hope to soon confirm the 124-190-17 model, as well as complete my collection. If you are looking for retro, functionality, and/or ease of use, these remotes are a great buy.

    by Whispering on March 19, 2012.
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