MBR3457Z RR3457 Zenith
(No Longer Available)
RR3457 Zenith

ZENITH MBR3457Z Remote Control

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The original ZENITH MBR3457Z Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $12.95

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  • RR3457 Zenith/RR3457
    RR3457 Zenith Remote Control


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ZENITH MBR3457Z Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: B27A34Z, B27A34ZF, SAR2953Y, SAR2953Y7, SG5739W, SG5749BG, SJ2573D6, SJ2743LK, SJ2775BG, SJ7775BG, SL2733LK, SL2743LK, SL3285BG, SM2518RK, SM2773BT, SM2789BT8, SMS2568S, SR1327S, SR1327X, SR1943Y, SR1943YM, SR2047X, SR2049DT, SR2049DTM, SR2053S, SR2053SM, SR2075DT, SR2075DTM, SR2504BW, SR2504BW1, SR2504BW6, SR2506N, SR2506N1, SR2518RK, SR2518RK1, SR2568S, SR2568S1, SR2568SFH, SR2569S, SR2569S1, SR2569SM, SR2569SM1, SR2569X, SR2571DT1, SR2571DTM1, SR2571DTM6, SR2573DT, SR2573DT1, SR2722MK, SR2722RK, SR2723BW, SR2725N, SR2728RK, SR2728RKM, SR2738RK, SR2738RKM, SR2739EC, SR2745MK, SR2745RK, SR2765S, SR2765SM, SR2767S, SR2768, SR2768S, SR2768SM, SR2769DT, SR2771S, SR2771SM, SR2773DT, SR2773DTM, SR2787DT, SR3238RK, SR3247RK, SR3273DT, SR3273DTM, SR3288DT, SR3289DT, SR3543RK, SR3587DT, SR7571DT6, SR7942Y, SR9935Y, SR9943Y, SY2572DT, SY2572DTM, SY2725N, SY2738RKM, SY2739RK, SY2772BT, SY2772DT, SY2772DTM, SY2781DT, SY3238RK, SY3238RKM, SY3272DT, SY3272DTM, SY3538RK, SY3538RKM, SY3572DT, SY3572DTM, SY3581DT, SY7772DT, TVR4663RK, VRL4110, Z25X31D, Z25X31D8, Z25X31DM, Z27H32D, Z27H32DM, Z27X31D, Z32X31D, Z32X31DM, Z32X84R, Z36H32D, Z36H41D, Z36H50D, Z36X31D, Z36X31DM, Z46Z83D, Z46Z83D7, Z46Z83D8, Z46Z83DM, Z50Z83D, Z50Z83D7, Z50Z83D8, Z50Z83R, Z50Z83R7, Z50Z83R8, Z56Z83D, Z56Z83D7, Z56Z83D8, Z56Z83R, Z56Z83R8, Z60Z83D, Z60Z83D7, Z60Z83D8, Z60Z83R0, ZB3294S, ZB5283RK, ZLG50Z83DM8, B32A34Z, B32A34ZF, B36A34Z, B36A34ZF, C27A24T, C27A30T, 46M84D, A27B33W, FR1327X, H2511BT, H2511BT7, MBR3457, MVR3455, PR04662D, PRY466ZDT, PUY5263DT, PV44662DT, PV4655LK, PV4657BG, PV4661LK, PV4662BG, PV4663RK, PV4671H, PV5257RK, PVR4663RK, PVR4664DT, PVR4664RK, PVR4669RK, PVR5263DT, PVR5263RK, PVR5264RK, PVR5269DT, PVR6069RK, PVY4661DT, PVY4661DTM, PVY4662DT, PVY5263DT, PVY5263DTB, PVY5263DTM, PVY5263MK, PVY5263RK, PVY5264DT, PVY5265DT, PVY5265MK, PVY5265RK, R246Z83D, R756283R, RA46M84D, RA46M84D9, RA50M84D1, RA50M84W, RC56Z83R, RZ46Z830, RZ46Z83D, RZ46Z83D7, RZ46Z83D8, RZ50Z83D, RZ53Z83R, RZ56783R, RZ56Z83D, RZ56Z83D7, RZ56Z83D8, RZ56Z83R, RZ56Z83R7, RZ56Z83R8, SAR2035BT7, SAR2035Y, SAR2035Y7, SAR2149BT, SAR2149Y, SAR2149Y7, SAR2653Y, SAR2653Y1, SAR2653Y7

Compatible with models: 1QB27FW, 1QB36B42W, A20A22D, A23B41W, A25A22BT, A25B33, A25B33W, A27B33, A27B33W, A27B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A32386R, A32841W, A32B41, A32B41D, A32B41W, A32B84, A32B84D, A32B84R, A32B84W, A32B8612, A36841W, A36B41, A36B41D, A36B41W, B25A11Z, B25A11Z6, B25A11ZF, B25A24Z, B25A24Z6, B25A24ZF, B25A74LK, B25A74R, B25A76R, B27A11Z, B27A11Z5, B27A11Z6, B27A11Z65, B27A11ZC, B27A11ZC5, B27A11ZF, B27A24Z, B27A24Z5, B27A24Z6, B27A24Z65, B27A24ZF, B27A24ZF5, B27A40Z, B27A44Z, B27A74R, B27A74R5, B27A76R, B27A76R5, B27B240Z, B27B40, B27B40Z, B32A24Z, B32A24Z6, B32A24ZF, B36A24Z, B36A24Z6, B36A24ZF, C25A24T, C27A24T, C32A26F, CB25A25Z, CB25A25Z6, CB27A25Z, CN29Q14P, H2500BG1, H2546DT, H2547DT, H2746DT, H2747DT, H3246DT, H3247DT, H3646DT, H3647DT, I2B33B42W, IBB36B42W, IBQ32B42W1, IQ2793BT, IQ3253RK, IQ3293BT, IQ3553RK, IQ3590BT, IQ3593BT, IQ5270DT, IQB27FW, IQB36C95W, IQC27F46G, IQZ27Z45D, IQZ32Z45D, IQZ36Z46D, IQZ36Z98C, IQZ56Z97D, IQZ60Z97D, IQZ60Z97D7, KDOPV5265, KDOPV5275, KDOPV5275W, LGB26A11ZM, LGB26A11ZM6, LGB29A11ZM, LGB29A11ZM5, LGB29A24ZM, LGB29A24ZM5, LGZ5210DT, PRO853X, PV4555P, PV4657BG, PV4667RK, PV4667RK8, PV5257RK, PV5267RK, PV5267RK7, PV5267RK8, PV5267RK87, PV5268RK, PV6067RK, PV6067RK7, PV6067RK8, PV6067RK87, PVR4669RK, PVR5269DT, PVR6069DT, PVR6069RK, PVY4662DT, PVY4665, PVY4665DT, PVY4665MK, PVY4665RK, PVY5265DT, PVY5265MK, PVY5265RK, PVY5270DT, PVY5270RK, PVY6067DT, PVZ4661DT, PVZ4663DT, PVZ6063, QB361342W, RZ56Z83D7, SB2513G, SC1995W, SD2735P, SD5533G, SE5277S7, SG5759S, SJ2599, SJ2745TR, SJ2779BG, SL2743LK, SL2743LK7, SL2743LK8, SL2784BT, SL2784BT7, SL2784BT8, SL2787BT8, SL2787BT87, SL2799S, SL3243LK, SL3243LK8, SL3243RK, SL3243RK8, SL3285, SL3285BG, SL3285BG8, SL3541RK, SL3543RK, SL3543RK8, SL3585BT, SL3585BT8, SLS1323S, SLS1323SM, SLS1917S, SLS1917SM, SM2571BT, SMS1943S, SMS1943S7, SMS1943SM, SMS2518RK6, SMS2553S, SN3589DT, SR2745MK, SR2745RK, SR2768S, SR2786E, SR2789DT, SR3247MK, SR3247RK, SR3289DT, SR3547DT, SR3547RK, SR3589DT, SRX2793BT, SRX3253MK, SRX3253RK, SRX3293BT, SRX3293DT, SRX3553MK, SRX3553RK, SRX3593BT, SS1321S, SS1323S, SS1931S, SS1931S3, SS1935W, SS1937, SS2045, SS2045W, SS2045W7, SS2051, SS2051W, SS2051W7, SS2505TR, SS2562S, SS6043S, SS6045, SS6045W, SY2658, SY2745MK, SY2745MK3, SY2745RK, SY2745RK3, SY2788DT, SY2788DT3, SY2799DT, SY3247, SY3247MK, SY3247RK, SY3288DT, SY3289DT, SY3547DT, SY3547MK, SY3547RK, SY3588DT, SZ2745MK, SZ2745RK, SZ2789DT, SZ3247MK, SZ3247RK, SZ3289DT, SZ3647MK, SZ3647RK, VRE150, VRL2110, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X31D, Z27X74W, Z27Z45D, Z32Z45D, Z36H32D, Z50Z83D8, Z56Z83M, Z56Z95D, Z56Z95DM, Z60Z95D, ZB3294S, ZB5285BG, ZLG56Z95DM

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original ZENITH MBR3457Z Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ZENITH MBR3457Z Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: MBR3457Z
Part Number: 12423301
UPC: zenith
Catalogue No.: 28653

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